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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is the 2017. Chevrolet Silverado 56 211 miles on the odometer. Uh, customer has a brake vibration and uh, would like brakes replaced. We're doing front and rear pads and rotors. Uh, Copyright. Power Down All right. let's get out of here. Actually, we're gonna drive over to my truck because his parts are in the back of my truck and I don't want to carry them so we're going to back them or we're gonna back this truck up to my truck and then transfer as the pots. How does this thing work? Twist Lift Lift. There we go. Got it Figured that out. Rear rotors, front rotors, front and rear pads. That's what we need that on there. Moving on over next. Oh camera gravity. Hi guys! So I hope this is gonna work out. I don't even have an air compressor yet I mean I have one but it's not hooked up I should have brought my little one just in case. I Can't even check tire pressure yet. Oh no I think I'm gonna use uh, my Big Lift number one my little lift. There's stuff in the way and I like the big one better. Plus this is the truck we're using. the truck lift. That's how it's gonna be. and I get practice on swinging this turn right here because uh, that corner scares me. Come on. Well, if this truck fits I'm or if my truck fits I Know this truck fits. Let's get this thing in here All right. We made it. We're in Jesus right about and say here: Parking Seattle Let's get this party started here. Green subscribe button. uh no. hmm. Technical difficulties. Let's turn that breaker back on. We were doing some work in here yesterday. Maybe that was it I Hope that was it. Otherwise, uh I'm in trouble. okay and try again. There we go. Moving on up. All right. let's give it the safety shakes. I'd rather have it fall low than fall High Let's say right about here and on the locks for safety. you get a lock there we go fix right on post part hope I got enough battery I didn't bring an extra and I didn't bring a charger here now Lighting in here is terrible. Seriously, you see all the Shadows I need I need more more Newman's I'm gonna get I want to get some of those uh industrial shop lights. the big round ones. They're like two feet around. like the 10 000 Lumen I think I can get away with like three or four of them in here and it'd be good. Uh, these haven't been off there in a while and it's okay. Hit it with a hammer. it works up north. it'll work down here. The cast from North are like you serious? You thought that was bad? What do we got in here? Yeah, oh you could. you brought it close buddy. you're down to like one millimeter. Yeah, come here guys. We have no pad. It's almost metal. metal. nice. Got your money for it. Foreign job in history. I'm going so slow today. Seriously. Oh man, we're We're like two hours into it. and I haven't even taken the caliper off yet. That's terrible. Come here. Yeah. I'm out of practice. Took me like four attempts just to find the right socket to get these bolts default gravity. There it goes. Yeah, yeah, let's get this out of here. Kind of corroded. I'm just gonna pull the bracket off. Yeah, that one's in there. Okay bracket. What's that? an 18? Sure here. let's see here. that better be an 18.. Yep. Fun clicks. Oh no, it's tight. Super Target Point: Oh foreign. I Wonder if my little uh impact will fit in there? Let's find out. Yes, Come here. Come out all right there we go. Freedom Here let's get. uh, let's get this pad out of here. We have new hardware so these are going away and you just need lubricant. Nasty. Clean that one off Goodbye old grease. Okay so I've been wandering around and I can't find my my brake lubricant so I need to order some. So since we're on standby, let's go pull the rest of the the wheels off. I'll take more stuff apart. Impact gun can or not. strip lug nut cam ring. Let's see what these fronts look like. Uh no gravity. Well we got some crusty rust action. Uh yeah, these fronts they're down to about two three millimeters if it is time to pull this caliper off. Next there we go. Nice. more pry bar rare. Yeah where I'm making a rust Mist on the floor I'm out. Yeah, what do we got here? About three to four mils on this one? I'm giving this one a one or two. Yeah, that's pretty thin. cut it pretty close. Nice. These come out okay. sorry. okay, that's fine. Level Two escalation. All right. All right, let's get this rotor off of here there. Let's see if this little set screw is going to come out. You're gonna come out. You're gonna give me a hard time Said yes. Okay, cool, that was easy. Tink Tink Crusty, let's make this nice and shiny. Foreign. There we go. And now the moment you have all been waiting for I'm getting rusty I broke it. Hang on. I'm totally Rusty try that again and one more time there. shiny that wasn't shiny enough though. All right. new rotor coming in. let's see how this goes. Yep and I put these back some don't some do I do. All right. let's uh, depress these Pistons a little bit and then we'll move on to the next axle. The next wheel got a little ratcheting guy still waiting on that. uh on that lube. These are kind of tight. You gonna go? or do we need to put a caliper on this? You're Gonna Go It is my will. Yep, it's going all right. One more, two more. There we go. Let's move off to the right front. Spin that around. Good. You stay back for you later. The tire s cool, just like that. Tires off. Yeah. So what do we got here? Yeah, it's in similar condition. It's all those loud noises. Someone's making a mess on your clip. Please thank you. Brick Caliper disassemble. Oh, it almost got my foodie. This side did a little better. four millimeter pad thickness. maybe five, maybe six. brake pad click. Get out of there. I'll hammer you out later if you don't Yeah, it chooses violence. dust. Hang on. How do you turn the fan? I'm not breathing this. there we go. Airflow prevents respiratory illness. I'm upwind of the Dust Hello more shiny, all right rotor coming in right about. That's good. foreign, very nice. And one more caliper to compress. Oh, we have a caliper boot that's sticking out. Put that back. you go back. where you go Beautiful. Okay. one more corner to disassemble, then we'll put it all back together. Yeah. I'm getting back into the swing of things. Kinda big on there there. good, all right bracket. You're up. Come here. No. twice. Come on now. Come here. Oh noises obnoxiously loud noises. Got it? You gotta pull these little retainer. Clips Next I Didn't do the other side yet. those are Factory Clips So the rotors don't fall off well. the chassis are upside down. they're the frames. Rather, they're assembled. Uh, inverted. Fun fact: hammer that totally worked all right. Let's get uh, this one cleaned up. Kind of the worst one so far. Nice. beautiful, make it all nice and candy. Actual seals look good. Check those for leaks while we have the opportunity. Upsells and whatnot. Ah, another like I said I buy my great queen or or you guys send it to me by the cake one of the others. All right. New rotor, good fitment on the parking brake I Can feel it. Good to go. All right. my uh, my lubricant's here. so let's go ahead and we're gonna change directions and go counterclockwise. Uh, we'll go ahead and do these pads in this bracket and we'll move the front and then left. and then we'll finish where we started on the on the left rear. Sound like a plan? Sure, all right what we're gonna need. This caliper bracket right here pads out. A little rust jacked in there, just a little. Let's get these shims out. a new Shins I Think these are the ones yes, survey says they match Good Yeah, that's uh what. I was waiting on some caliper slide Lube I Have several bottles of this but it's still in my trailer and I forgot to unload it or I did unload it and it's here and I'm not organized enough yet to remember where it's at. That also could be the situation. Either way, I went and ordered a uh another. So now I have more. It's purple so you know it's good. Too much. it's all spilling out of the rim. There There we go. Not too much, not too little. Squeeze the air out, give it a Twist we're good. all right bracket coming in. Go Salt number two I Can hear that hurricane wind out there. it's picking up. the building was making creaking noises. Get down there. neutral drop here I'll finish it off with my wrench manual kicks. Thank you. Another okay taking uh the Old Pad We can see the witness marks on the uh, the piston and the caliper. and then there's the little Squealer tab. So I'm going to match that up with a new one. It tells me this is going to be the inboard pad on this axle. So let's get this guy in. and then we'll uh, slap the outboard pad in which has no shims on it. No, no shim here. no shim here. Like So all right, let's get our caliper in. Taking care to not twist the hose. it happens. Dip that in, squeeze that pin in. Good. Feels good. It must be good. Let's get it bolted down, two lined up. good spinning. He's got friction in all the wrong places. It's okay. Got tools for that and same thing up top you guys can't see. Now you can more clicks there. We go Okay to the right front. Let's get out of here. Okay, we are back at the right front. Let's uh, let's get these guys out of here and then into here. Come out and that's in there too. Please come out there. You go. Got it? Come on. Corrosion? Let go Two. Uh, where's my little scrubby? Where? oh where have I lost my wire brush? There it is. Let's get some of this trash out of here. You know this is cool. I'm starting to actually feel like I got a job again because I'm breaking clean this one up right here. Good yeah. and then when I'm when I'm done with this job I can I gotta get back to uh supplying the store I need to I still need office equipment, more stuff. There's uh, so much to do before I can really really start taking in customers that's nasty. Look at that. Let's bring that off of there. It was almost to the point of no return. Yeah I Need a need a bench grinder? That's next. Bench grinder, wire wheel I Need a bench? I've got my tool boxes but I don't think uh yeah I don't have really a bench to work off of because I'm going to need a vise. it's not cutting it for me. Yeah. Bench of Ice Flat Tabletop which I Guess that's a bench. Need a computer and there's all kinds of stuff? It's not even what I brought this for I brought it for this. What am I thinking Shiny. Almost shiny. We're getting there. Yeah, that's better. Much more better. Earth Where's that other one in it? It's still in here. That one's good. We're in good shape here. All right. Let's get it lubed up and shimmed up and uh, prepared for install. Go next. This one cleaned up pretty good. It's a little bit pitted, but not on the sliding surface so this one can stay good. Shins, Shim shims, Get out of your bag. we don't need you. Shapes and colors. don't forget. Ray I forgot it. Yeah, um, no, that's gotta be it. Just like that. Yeah. click it went in. It's good. Tight squeeze though. I'll tell you that. Get on there making sure it's flat, flat, and flat. Sometimes the Taps can bend and then it'll kind of push the shim out and then the uh, the pad will bind. That's not what we want to do as long as it sits good and flush and it's okay. See how that one's off center? That's what we don't want. Hope you can see lighting is still terrible from working on it. Please Click. Foreign got it. That's our inboard side inboard pad. according to the Old Pad So that one's going in right there, how's the fitment gonna gonna work out? We're gonna go. Yes, it's kind of close there it is. Give it a love tap. Hmm or not, it's starting to bind a little bit one more time from the do the opposite way. Bottom side. In first, there's a little tab that's bent out on these shims that kind of digs into the bracket and the pad is not having a good time getting past that little tab. Got it? Okay, other side, let's get this pad in next past the clip. Everybody slides freely. You gotta check that, especially on these rusted boys because they can bind up and then cause premature padware. You know we don't want that. We want normal pad wear. It's good. Okay, back at the right front, let's go ahead and hang this bracket with its pads. Scooch over please. Very good lining up. Kinda get in there. What are we doing? We're not lining up. Why? Why are we not lining up? Because my pads are not in the right spot. Pressed in too far. Let's back it up. Okay I Actually pulled this pad out and sanded a little bit more at The Mating surface because it was binding up at the end of its throw just a wee bit and I didn't like it. but now we're good to go. Put that in. cool incoming loud noises. slick that one's good, that was good and caliper foreign. Taking care to not twist the uh, the brake hose. That would be bad. All right. Two are done. Two more to go. Let's clean up. my fingerprints missed a spot. foreign track is like 20 years old I used to listen to this in high school. Yeah, weird. be rusting foreign that up. it's just a flat wheel I Know there's better tools, but I don't have them right now, nor do I have a vise. So I'm doing this uh, the hard way. gross, not shiny. twice or purple lubricant. go. one numeral dose and we're starting to get contaminated. The old Lube is mixing in with the new Lube it's inevitable. There we go. All right shapes and colors and I'm gonna figure this out. no oh, these are for the rears. Some dumb okay, try again. that's twice that I did that two times. clickage see how these are going to fit? There we go. It's a little tight, foreign, just a little bit. okay. normally I would do this with my flat uh sanding wheel, but it's air powered and my little compressor is not here and my big compressor is not uh, wired up yet. we're slimming it there we go. Back to Basics Now if it was Basics I would have like a file I've done it. past the tab. That's better lubricant. Let's see. how's this one gonna fit Too tight, too loose, just right. Services a little tight I Can't like it Foreign coming with me I Got kids I Can ignore anything. That's how I'm ignoring you. That's making the final edit by the way. Laughs Okay, yeah, it's actually the wrong tool. I'll do impact fix so you know it's good and caliper coming in not twisting the hose. thank you. These pins have already been greased just in case you missed it. Two more bolts to hold the caliper to its bracket. We can finish off with the left rear. Okay, nice. okay foreign fight. Oh I Still have to finish prepping this side. Got ahead of myself now I'm behind myself. Come here. Come on you. My welding Pliers are not the right tool for this. Don't look. You don't want to watch me smash your truck with a hammer King Foreign. Get in there foreign. ER Coming in shiny, you guys move over here. Okay, one more piston to compress my tool is not gonna fit. uh-oh but this one will just must be done carefully. So I put a side load on that piston I could damage it or crack it and that would be bad customer waiting there. There we go. Noise Okay Bracket pads coming in. foreign. now you can there. it is a little bit more. There we go. Torqueage Round two. That one's not right there. Okay, let's get our caliper on. Now that's good. Everybody's bolted in, lined up ready to rock. Come here. Bottom one, get on. Foreign. There we go. All right. Yeah, we're about there. Nice. Yeah, uh. very straightforward than the fronts. I Cross coming to the back. Yep. What? There we go. All right. Let's uh, let's hop in here and get this thing on its way for a test drive. claiming in starting Z engine you can't see because it's kind of dark. but uh. I'm pumping the brake pedal to collapse the Pistons in the calipers. That way they make contact with the pads and then the pads can make contact with the rotors and backing out. Ziato hunks for safety. Some things don't change, some things do, and we've cleared all obstructions except for that. uh Ford engine block back there. Let's not run into that looking good. Yeah, I'm getting the hang of this little 45 degree turn into the shop. but I do need to readjust pulling forward. There we go thing. Fries are done okay. Final check: I'm gonna be listening for uh, any noises, squeaks, squeals, scrapes. uh Parts falling off things of that nature. We don't want to have any noises going on. Uh, we're gonna go out and test drive it. I'm gonna initiate a couple break events that is going to burnish the pads and mate them to the rotors. I'm also going to be looking for vibrations or like a pulse of left to right anything abnormular because uh, we just cannot have that All right guys hitting the road. Uh, my GoPro battery is at four percent so I could lose you guys at any given moment. So uh, that being said, I will go ahead and uh, thank you guys for watching this video right now as always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please let me know about that by tap that like button down below. Uh, feel free to constructively criticize me on my format and how everything went here today I am aware that the lighting is terrible and I need to uh to adjust on that um but anything any thoughts you guys might have I'm totally open for uh for a suggestion and I look forward to reading your comments. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! I'll see you guys later intersection. Nice good soft braking event that felt good I like it. Oh by the way I failed to mention it because um I can do this now. We used O'reilly's uh, premium pads and rotors I forget I think they're a premium select or something like that, but it was their their top tier product. that's what we used. A little bit pricier than uh than the mid-range or low range stuff, but we like quality around here. not so much uh, uh, inexpensive components because you get what you pay for in my estimation. So let me know if you'd like me to also let you guys know uh, what parts we use and where they come from. No. I'm not going to tell you how much money things cost I Don't talk about money on the internet, that's just how it is. but again, I'm open to your your suggestions and constructive criticisms and thank you for uh, rendering your opinion as well. Good place for a u-turn with that truck there driving through the grass I made it and on the brakes feels pretty good. I did notice like a slight oomph to the right, like it just slightly wants to creep right when you initially initially depress the pedal. Watch this. There it goes and then it evens out. I'm recalling that left front caliper that was kind of rough depressing it. I'm wondering if that thing's got a sticking piston. Hmm, perhaps we'll be doing a more brake work on this in the future. We'll see. I'll see how my guy likes it anyway. I'm rambling and I'm out of battery. We're down to one percent. Thanks for watching. See you guys later! Really appreciate being here I Really appreciate you being here. Have a great day. end of transmission.

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