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Customer Customer States Mechanic Fails Engine Transmission Gas Diesel off road race 4x4 street car daily driver scam dealership dealer technician how to

Let's go drill a hole in a customer's car. Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I'm super glad to be here. This is a Toyota Sienna miniature van. It's the 2015 model.

It's badged as limited. It's got 105 336 miles on the odometer. Customer: States Engine oil leaking. So uh, we're gonna go ahead and swing this thing up into the shop here.

We're gonna lift it up on the little big rack, do an inspection check for an oil leak. Uh, there's a couple other things that they wanted to know about. Something about the right side mirror is not functioning. That one over there.

Uh, we can check that out later. Let's go ahead and get started All right. We're backing in, clearing the door of death in the corner of death. No worries on the door being opened.

Yes. I can close that door I Just choose to leave it open for uh, ventilation purposes. Anyway, we're backing in. we're almost there up.

cut it to the left a little too close to the left arm. There we go. So I hit the uh the mirror switch and the mirror appears to be functioning. But what I can see is that the glass is all discolored and uh, faded and it looks like it's got some cracks.

So I think the mirror is working but the glass is uh, is no bueno. So I think we can get away with just a glass replacement if that thing is uh, in fact, serviceable so that covers one section of our uh, our diagnostic. Oh, we're getting close to the wall back there. backing up, backing up.

See, there's our bumper. There's the Shelf There's the red line that says we're too close and I think I think barely. it's gonna fit in here in their reverse position. Go back a couple more inches.

There we go. Parking is the auto power and of course, what video would be complete without popping the hood? I Almost popped the gas lid. Oh, there is a complaint about the gas lid too. Uh, sometimes the gas tank door does not stay latched and when it's not latched, then the side slider door will not open and close.

So I need to take a look at that while we're here. And since I popped the gas tank door, let's take a look at the mechanism here and see what the what the Helio is. Oh, it's broken. Look, the hinges are, uh, hinges are broken off right here.

See that? Yeah, that's uh, that's probably got something to do with it. So I guess it doesn't stay closed or latched or stay latched. Okay, yeah, that's not okay. We'll Circle back to that later.

Let's get the hood open here, see what we've got to work with, see what we can do about an oil leak, and uh, and go from there here, let's pop the cover off. I I Think this is a 3-3 but I'm not seeing. uh, the sticker on it. Pretty sure that's what we're looking at here.

Oh maybe not. no, this might be something else. What displacement are you engine? I'll have to cross-reference the VIN and go check. Yeah, it's not on this sticker, that's the AC sticker.

I Don't know. Okay, put that down there. Oh, you know what? I Saw something over here. Fun fact: See how the VIN number is etched in the glass? Did you know that if you have been etchings of your number in your glass on your car and your insurance company does not know about it, you should call them and let them know because they'll give you a discount on your premium.

looking here at: Critters Oh look another little seashell thing. Yay! that's cute. Let's get rid of this. I know it's actually a snail I Know I know let's check the air filter while we're here.

Why not? Couldn't hurt? Uh, come here and survey says that's that's an acceptable filter. No need to replace at this current point in time. Put that back. So the oil leaks.

Oil leaks. Oil leaks. Now this right here that doesn't count. That's just spillage from people.

uh, spilling in some oil while trying to refill it during service. So uh, we're not going to have to worry about this right here. I Don't see anything leaking from the front valve cover. This is good, that's a non-issue The front of the rear valve cover also looks pretty good.

I Need to go and consult my computerizer I I Want to know what engine that is? It's just escaping me, but my computer will tell me. Scrolling down: 15 Toyota Sienna XLE that's the big Sienna 3.5 liter, not the 3.3 So that's the uh, the replacement for the 3-3 Now we know 3.5 All right. The rack is set, both sides, black subscribe button. Let's go ahead and raise this thing up.

Moving up, just check clearance back here on the wall and we are good. No obstructions, continuing to lift all the way up. Again, we're looking into an oil leak or a leak of some sort. Let's crack that down.

I've chosen some nice directional Michelin Tires Very good. Tires mean everything. All right all the way up. That's good.

a little shaky, shaky coming down on the locks. also good. Let's check for that leak action. All right.

A couple hours later I Really can't seem to find the leak anywhere I Don't know what's going on. Just kidding, that's the Jeep over there. Yeah, But seriously though. I'm looking around underneath this thing and I'm having a hard time locating any kind of oil leak dripping out of it.

I Don't think uh. it in fact has a, uh, a petroleum leak of any kind. Well wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait there it is. There's something leaking right there.

What's going on here? it? uh, definitely appears to be oil. see that right there. A little bit of leak right there. Hmm.

smells like oil. Tastes like oil. I Guess that's oil. So where is it coming from? It's either going to be coming from this.

uh, this line right here that banjo or it's leaking from the timing cover. There's a silicone sealant right here. It might be leaking out of that very small leak. Okay, hmm I wonder how they found out about it because it's not even really dripping unless somebody told him it needed some kind of a repair at another facility.

I don't know I'm just speculating. Oh, but what could that be I need to let this down a little bit farther so I can squeeze my Noggin up there slightly coming down again. There we go back on the lock for safety. Safety click begin.

Now there we go. Unlock! Okay, so here's what I want to do. We've got this, uh, banjo fitting right here. It's the pass-through bolt I'm just gonna put a little bit of torque on that slippage just to make sure that's good and tight and snug and I believe it is.

Oh yeah, I don't think that that thing is leaking that's actually really tight. Okay I don't think that's leaking I think that that oil is just seeping its way out uh, from the silicone right about here. Um, I'm actually gonna classify that as a non-issue the reason being the uh, it's not actually dripping and as per manufacturer or specifications, that is considered seepage and not a leak. Um I can estimate the the repair and the cost to uh to seal that up.

However, it is so minor that I believe that the cost outweighs the benefit of Uh performing at work at this time. Um, not to say I don't like making any money, but I don't think that that's fair to. you know, spend 10 hours worth of Labor to do a timing cover for something so small. So what I'm going to do is I will note that and I will uh I'll give my opinion on the matter and then kind of go from there.

but uh, at this time I really don't believe that? uh, that really needs to be serviced? Uh, what I will do is spray it off and make it clean. That way as time goes on, we can determine just how big and or small that leak actually is. Oh oh, I messed it all up. Hang on a second Shiny.

There we go. adding shining to the equations. clean all that off of there goodbye residual buildup oil. Yeah, I mean that stuff's not even dripping from the oil pan.

So I that's an observation in the future. All right, enough screwing around I need to let this thing down again. So while it's here, I am going to go ahead and do an oil service on it. but I can't do that from up top because I'm going to throw some cleaner in.

That is. my new standard. Protocol is to uh to add a little bit crank case cleaner before servicing the engine oil because it's the right thing to do. Looks like the car calls for zero winter 20 oil.

That's fine I have that let us migrate over to the additive and fluid cabinet. I still haven't officially named it yet. We're going to grab some Epr engine performance restoration and I'm gonna grab some MOA motor oil additive. that's the after treatment.

Uh I've got single cans over here. let's use those There it is. They come in a kit and then I end up breaking up the kit. so I had to buy some of these to make new kits.

Put this uh right about you. Okay, that's after treatment that goes in later. This is the cleaner it goes in right now. Yeah I know what you're thinking.

Oh my. God Another snake oil sales pitch. Oh no, don't worry I'm not selling it to you. Come here.

Dang you feelings. No suggestion. This is just what I use because that's what I use Pour that stuff in. Very good.

Now what I'm going to do since I threw some cleaner in there. we need to restart Z engine. Let this thing run. It's going to circulate this stinky cleaner for a little while.

It's going to go through, break up any sludge and varnish and deposits and things that we're not uh, not really, uh, looking to have inside of our engine. and then once that is complete, we can go ahead and drain the crank case and get all that nasty out of there. So uh, restocking Z engine. There we go.

That's the flashlight finger starting method. So we're just gonna let this thing run and hang out for 10-15 minutes. We'll Circle back to it in a moment, shut the thing down, drop the oil pan, drain all the oil out, and then we can. uh fine, where's my filter at? It's going to be down below.

Then we'll go ahead and change out the filter. Okie Dokes an x amount of time has passed. Let's reach in, power this thing down. Phew.

Go ahead and lift it up and we're gonna go ahead and fill the beans. We'll drain it out, pull the filter. I have uh I've located an estimated components to repair the gas tank door and the right front mirror. so I'm awaiting feedback on whether or not we are going to uh to service those two other items.

We will find out in just a moment. All right, All Drain Tote, you're coming with me. Let's head on over and spill the petroleum. It's like a 14 millimeter.

Yes, it is unclicked. There we go. actually. I should uh I should raise this up some unscrew that and I'll pick it up.

There we go. Now we have less room for spillages and whatnot. Lock her back down and we'll go ahead and pull out our little plug. here.

There we go. Let it ride. Now Our oil filter is encased in this uh piece of Avenue minimum right here. so we need a specialized tool to remove that filter.

Let's go fetch that while all this uh, nasty is draining out. Very nasty. I Haven't used that thing in a while I think I know where it is. Yes, there it is.

Got it. So what we'll do. Stick this guy on our ratchet, set it for the unclicking position. that's reverse and we'll set that guy up right here.

Take this thing loose while our oil drains out. Oh wow, look at that. Someone didn't put this thing on it at a like a thousand foot pounds of torque. They actually, uh, did it properly.

I did not expect that to happen. Must be my lucky day be the oral's about done draining. It's starting to glug a little bit hot and stinky. That cleaner makes the stuff stink something fierce.

Okay, there we go. Gravity. Ah, oil. gravity.

No worries. a little bit of wiping down. We're just fine. Just some splatters.

Let's go fetch our filter unit that's our old one. Looks pretty good. No chunks of anything in the pleats. I Can tell this vehicle is maintained regularly.

This is good. Let's see. Toyota Toyota Toyota 5047 There we go. That's the one.

I Believe let's see survey says that this one was the same as this one. The upper. that's the correct filter. Let's take our housing, get it out of here to the bench, and re-gasket it.

That goes there. There it goes there. pocket screwdriver. So we've got to pluck off this o-ring right here and place it with a new one.

Then we'll install the filter and put it back into the engine. Oh, you got a spell? You all right you guys? Okay workers. Comp there. Let's pluck this guy off real easy.

It's so easy. Nobody Does it. How about that? There's our new one in the wrapper. Slide that thing back down and make sure it goes into the groove.

It doesn't go in the groove. Oh, there you go again. If it does not go in the groove, it will most certainly leak everywhere. And uh, and that would be horrible.

We don't want to do that new filter going in. now. we may thread this back into the engine. Are we done draining almost whenever? I Use the cleaner Solutions on these engines I Let them drain for an extended period of time because I don't want you to because I don't want any of the contaminated oil to remain uh in the crank case I Mean naturally, some is going to remain in there, but we don't want.

uh, we don't want boat loads now. Set this to 500 foot pounds of torque or 30 inch pounds, whichever comes first. Okay, you know what's really cool about this situation is we get to have ourselves around too. Continuing Chinese Trail that old oil out of there.

We don't need that now. it's super giant. All right. This thing is about done.

drip drying as much as it's going to drip dry. So let me fetch that uh, drain plug that's in there somewhere. There it is. I See you? How's that? Uh oh, that's a really good washer.

Okay, throw this guy back in. it's out of the minimum washer. I'm going to reuse that one free. Oh my.

God You reuse the crock pot? No, seriously, it's okay I can do that. Give that some quickages. There we go. And round three.

Shiny. There we go. Get all that old grip out of there. very nice.

Let's flip this thing down. Go ahead and refill our crank case Checker level and all that good stuff. Back up off the locks coming down all the way down. Okay, back to our can of motor oil additive.

Let's pop this guy off. There we go like that. It's like the one-handed tool operating skills. There we go.

Kill that guy off I have failed I can't do it one-handed Maybe I can. Very cumbersome and awkward. but I did it. Yay! See, it's not that I'm actually one-handed I Just like to do things one-handed because it presents a challenge and I like a challenge.

especially when something's like nice and easy. Let's give that a pour. that's our additive. Throw that in there.

This is different than things like Lucas because Lucas is just like a thick base oil that actually is just an additive package. So I don't have Uh 520 in bulk. so I've got to get this stuff. uh I'm sorry.

0 20 in bulk I have 520 in bulk and I have 5 30 in bulk. but uh, the 0 20 I've been getting uh in the jugs. give that a good pour. think I can do it.

it's the wide my op fail. see that what? I tell you about spill and stuff I was going to attempt to pouring things but um no. I've already failed. So we're just gonna do this the conservative way so we don't lose.

You guys almost fell down. Whoa. There you go. Slowly falling.

Hang on here Testing my multi tasking abilities. These are gold. There we go. Now that we're at the end of the stream, we can get a little bit more dangerous.

There we go up and I spilled. Let's see. I'm way out of practice I cannot pour things without spilling things bad, right? This guy. back on begin ceiling system now.

Oh look at that doesn't uh, doesn't point the right way. We're doomed. Maybe if I will unthread it, try it. this way, you can point the right way.

Nope. it still goes the same way. Epic fail. Round four: Redemption There I've undid 100 000 miles of surgery.

not another. All right. Going back in for the restart here. You guys go down there and push the button.

Oh there you go. There's a brake pedal starting Z Engine I Know it was dark, you guys couldn't see. Sorry, Thanks for helping out. This is running.

No leakages. This is good. Let's shut her down and check our dip and stick real quick. Like now.

that was five quarts that I installed plus the 12 ounces I think that was in the can and it looks like I need to install more oil. dipstick's not even. uh, not even wet yet. So I think this is a six quart engine I could look it up but I won't.

Let's keep adding some until it's full I Think we're right on the money? Yeah, yeah, we're right here at that top mark. Very good. Okay engine oil is full, engine oil filter is full, oil is clean, good condition. All right.

Let's pop our cover back on. No need to have this thing removed right now. Put that back I Need to refill the Blue Water because the Washi fluid has no, uh, no food in it. Go find my jug.

Where are you jug of blue water? I think it's empty. there's The Jug Well, that was weird. what happened. The things just filled up.

Ah interesting. I Know it's The miracle of camera skills and editing and spillages and pouring things. It's not going so well. Fill it up there we go.

Washy fluid is now capable of doing some Washi action that's good to go. Still waiting on some word on the other stuff, but uh I'm pretty sure we're gonna go ahead and proceed. So I was looking uh through the parts catalog and I believe that I can just replace this glass right here and it's not actually glass. it's all plastic.

but I I believe this thing just pops off of here. Let's do this without breaking the mirror along with it on connect. I'm gonna break something. let's turn it back in this.

Oh I just snapped it back in. oh that's pretty. Look at that. I'm breaking it more.

Come on there we go. All right. So two of the connections are unconnected I need to go in there with like a like a pick or something to pull that off. Let me find.

uh, let's try. Oh here we go. Trim tool. let's try that.

The trim tool may do it I don't want to break it in case I have to give them the car back until the parts show up because I believe that stuff is uh, has to be ordered. it's not local. come out of there. Oh I see it just kind of slips down.

so it slips down, hinges back and then snaps in. Okay then we've got a connector and then two more connectors. This is for the heated mirror circuit and I think that this one these other other wires. one appears to be for the turn signal or a lane change departure indicator and then the others I don't know if that's an indicator or not I don't think it is.

Anyway, there's a bunch of circuits that go to the glass. Who knew, right? So let's see what the deal is with this gasket. Foreign. Now, if I had TIG welding skills, that's probably repairable.

What it looks like is I've got a drill I mean these are available I'll get a new, a new door and we drill these rivets out right here. Remove the door and then I can install the door. Um, a very skilled welder would be able to repair that. but I'm not a skilled welder nor do I have a welder that can weld things that are that small so are a real option.

Here is to replace this, uh, this mechanism and that's what we're going to do. Okey doke. So all the work that needs to be done on this car from down below has been completed. Let's go ahead and swing this thing out right now.

What I'm going to do since I don't have Parts at this exact moment is I'm going to go ahead and bring this thing out and stash it in the parking lot for a little while. That way I can bring something else in and do some other work. So uh, that being said, since I have approval on the other repairs, but I do not have components available just yet I'm going to put this back where it goes and we're just going to save these other two items for a future video because this one is nearly complete Oh Wrong corrosion, Hang on hang on. we're not done yet.

So like I was saying, uh, I'm not going to be able to service those other two units uh, just yet or those other two complaints. but I can clean this off and I'm gonna go ahead and save the rest of that stuff for a pizza content. Wow, there it is. good looking for this can Yeah I keep trying to end this video and then I as I try to thank you guys for watching I find something else to do and then I go and do that.

So I need to just get with the program and uh, go ahead and thank you guys for watching this video. Yeah, I Know this was kind of a mishmash of disorganized repairs and inspections, but you know not everything goes our way. So all that being said now I Really am going to end this video and as always, I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video, be on the lookout for part two because there will be one.

We have authorization to continue the remainder of the repairs, but uh, no parts available at this time so we're going to save that for uh for a part two. it's gonna be about a week that stuff was all out in California and that takes a long time for it to get here. But rest assured next week I will make those uh those other repairs in this car. So again and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Toyota Yeah we can see these things are they're riveted on and they must be drilled off in order to remove the Uh fuel tank door.

Begin drilling Now Drill came. Do I need a bigger bit? What? No, No, it's fine. Got it? Um.

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    Also, for the oil filter, if you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can apply a ratchet to the bottom plate first, then there's a plastic spout that comes with the new filter you can attach directly to the bottom which will drain the oil in filter housing, THEN you can unscrew the housing using the tool and not get it all over your fingers.

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  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CreatureOTNight COTN says:

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  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ahoy there mate says:

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  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ozemale6t9 says:

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  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Darkside1355 says:

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  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars L.A. Commander says:

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  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steveydent says:

    You are still missing a trick when removing oil filters!
    When you have drained the oil start the car for 5 seconds, this will drain the oil left in the filter into the pan and not into your arm pit. remove said filter and stay clean ! Just a little trick from across the pond.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elijah McTaggart says:

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