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's so bad so bad can you hear that exhaust banging away at the chassis chassis wow customer states that the engine is running very rough after replacing the camshafts isn't even my car to work on. But now i'm just starting to get interested. It's been here for a while he's having a tough time. I guess customer states uh runs rough.

Yeah. Let's just see what the dealio is in here race car. No no i sure hope you guys can hear what i'm saying this thing is horrendously loud. If you can't i'll just dub over it or something board automatic id.

Yeah yeah yeah let's go it does have the uh check engine light on right here. There it is hey. While i'm waiting for the scan tool. Let's just follow.

A procedure here. Let's see 133 993 miles on the octometer. They get really bad gas mileage. We got a 2007 mustang four six three valve.

Oh my god intake cam phaser open bank. One tank two o2 sensors uh huh wow. It's fubar in everybody the problem is it's valve timing system there's an issue with the bbt okay. It's not mine to shut down.

But uh. This thing has a vbt problem. The o2 sensors aren't bothering me that much because they're just heater circuits. Yeah.

Cam sensor it's out of time they've got a tooth off or they have some aftermarket whatever stuff in there and uh. If this is not in time or it's got a problem with the phasers. It's probably got broken phasers. This guy here left the shop with this car.

Yesterday it pulled out on the road and went immediately to wide open throttle. So i know that they uh. They they riskily drive this car first time in history. I got an order of parts and i don't have a car.

I called up o'reilly's earlier little birdie told me that uh duramax service equipment's getting harder to get a hold of like fuel filters and especially oil filters. So i got one filter two this is a fuel filter right. There this is all that they had so they had one good fuel filter one it'll work fuel filter one good oil filter. One where's that other one at come here one better oil filter.

I think and then hey this one doesn't even have a box one bestest oil filter. So that will get me through my duramax engine oil needs for at least one year probably about a year. So i got a year's worth of all that good stuff. I didn't mention.

I've got 12 gallons of uh. A 1540 that i got from costco. So that's going to go in my my hoarding. Stash for car parts.

I already have some filters for my honda yeah if there's one thing that 2019. Taught me is it's always good to just have the stuff that you know you're gonna need that way when you need it and there is no more of it you don't care because you already have some let's see this one goes in because it's blue. So i know it's good and then the other ones can go up contact lens down. These are my backups all right my stash is complete there we go locked away forever.

Now you guys might think that's a tinfoil hat moment. But i beg to differ. Because i understand that the additive packages that are supposed to go into the diesel oil is produced by two companies and i also understand that neither of those two companies is producing said additives at this point in time therefore it's just a matter of time before diesel oil becomes in a short supply you see it's not that i have a tin foil hat or anything just a product of my environment. You stay there if you haven't guessed.

I'm still having a slow week. That's why i've been uh walking around today just putting random things away. That's not going to fit anywhere. No torque wrenches next go to your home clicks.

That one goes. There. That set is now a complete haul been looking for this eight millimeter hugo. Right.

There. Let's see that goes. There. Oh wait a minute this drawer is all wrong.

Yeah. That's the milwaukee drawer. This is the snap on slash. Other things drawer that one goes in there.

Oh i didn't tell you i i got farther into the uh milwaukee battery. Tools paradox. I uh. I got a weed eater.

The other day that uses the big m18 battery. And then i bought an extra battery. So i got two batteries for that weed eater. Which now opens up the door to the rest of the m18 series tools see i made a video about this long ago.

This is how it happens you get one tool. Which comes with one battery and next thing you know you own the whole set like 400 pokemon. I mean very clever marketing. I'll hand it to him that's a wreck i'd like to get a like a tray that organizes all these but none of my drawers with the exception of that one are deep enough to uh to house it so uh maybe for the next toolbox.

Let's see this one goes in here with its brother. I have two one with that in one with the straight in for like dually wheels and stuff. Let's see another addition to the snap on drawer. You go there one battery you go there the boredom is growing it's cool you guys know what that is right do you know what that is i know it's not car stuff.

But i want to know how many of you guys know the difference. Oh there it is if you know you know watch. I'm going to get like 400 comments and they're all going to say a bullet and probably because i said that there's going to be 500 comments that are just going to say a bullet and i accept this i open the door for that one literally. Oh.

The ramble ramblings are strong. Today hour 48. Nothing to do day. Two restlessness is growing minutes feel like hours let's see that guy can go right about there.

That's your new home for now. I'll organize this one day ooh one day let's see step drill bits you guys can live in there. What is there's a gap in that shelf. I never noticed that before okay move over true brand custom yeti cup.

Thank you guys the true brand for the free custom yeti cup. It's not sponsored because i have to move that over to make room for my jumper box. So you you live. There now oh i need to put these on one day dirty max.

You know what i want to do that right now. That one day can be right now those are actually replacement badges that go right here. But i don't know if i want to pull those off right now so i'm just going to put it on the hood right here. That way it can look like a newer generation dirty.

Max. Or even better you can mess with the boss's truck and put it like right here. Oh that's almost worth it you know i think it'd be funny. But i don't know if i want to waste my badges on a dodge or a ram or fiat or whoever makes them i'm just kidding dodge ram.

People we love you simultaneously all the dodge people that just saw this are all going. 12 valve. We make more power that doesn't really go there see if i put it here. Then i have to get rid of this badge.

Too yeah maybe later not today. I don't want to do it change my mind back in the stash. With you that'll be an early morning project. Before the coffee wears off i need to heat gun the badge and then peel it away and then use some goo gone or something to get rid of the adhesive let's do this right.

I'm not gonna rush loud noises not gonna rush this one back burner for you hello knife. Ah there's another one of those little little unique guys you go right. There. With your friend.

Oh. What was that it failed a fire yeah. It was yeah. This one was defective.

See that well. It's not fun. Oh. I gave away the answer not good.

Oh check it out failure. My battery is no longer any good it's giving me the red flashes 100 bucks. All right i think my 15 minute ramble rant has gone on long enough. And this is reasonably clean ish.

So i i think before i get too deep into my nonsensicals. I'm just gonna close this one right now thank you guys for watching see you guys later and most importantly have yourselves a great day bye.

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