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Total Transmission FAILURE? Circuit/Fault Codes? #mechanic
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Foreign. Hey, sorry to interrupt I need to interject a real quick Public Service Announcement As of the final editing of this video, the channel is at 499 966 subscribers on the odometer. That being said, I Would like to thank all one half of a million of you because I'm fairly certain that this particular video will push us over that threshold. I Never thought this would happen, but we're on our way to a million.

Thank you for being here. Now let's get back to the video. Blue 1994 Jeep Uh, XJ Grand Cherokee or regular Cherokee Yeah, regular Cherokee Sport four-wheel drive, four liter straight six. It runs so rich that I cannot even breathe the air in the same section of the vehicle.

So uh, we need to kind of troubleshoot it. It's a new purchase vehicle it's covered in Georgia Clay It's got the loud exhaust mod for extra high performances and uh, we're actually loading the parts cannon on this thing to try to make it run right. Uh, we cleaned out the uh, what you call it the idle air control little motor. We cleaned the pintle for that thing out, swapped out a known good map sensor because I wasn't sure about that.

uh. I'm speculating that we have an O2 sensor issue. Nothing works on this. Jeep Nothing works and it's going to be really hard to diagnose things when we can't really get a baseline.

It's OBD1 There's no trouble codes, but it's just pouring fuel smell out of the exhaust and not because there's a hole in it, just because it's actually running that Ridge it, runs so rich it likes to stall and then not restart. So uh, we're like I said, we're kind of troubleshooting it I'm I'm tossing in some parts that are the easiest that we can think of to or the most likely to cause the issue. One of which is the O2 sensor. Uh, we head to Parts Cannon a crankshaft position sensor in it earlier because it died while driving.

There's our crank sensor right there. It died while driving and had no restart condition. It just didn't run at all. So, uh, threw in the crank sensor.

The thing starts and reruns again, but now it runs horribly. horribly bad. and uh, it needs a lot of TLC So that's kind of what we're doing right now. All right.

So the new O2 sensor is on the way. Uh, what I need you to do is disconnect it right up here. there's your connector and then fetch. uh I think it's a 22 millimeter.

Break this thing loose with a 22 mil wrench and then we'll swap the new one in. Don't don't tear the wires out here. Let me see what you're trying to see here. How's your clip? Okay, yeah, unclip that part of that clip right there.

see how it kind of there you go? You got it? Yep, just finesse the thing to get it out. All right. So yeah, go to top drawer of my big box, find a 22 and we're gonna pull that thing out of there. we're learning today.

Yes Actually, we're learning every day. Um, what do you got there? Yeah, you can't really use that one because it's box end use. Uh, use the flank drive. Use that one.

that's the one you don't. Those ones are kind of specialty wrenches. I Don't use them much. Same thing with those.

Those are fairly standard used wrenches. Those are stubbies, which we really only need to use those if we need those. So yeah, that's that's your go-to right there. I Know that was a lot to take in.

Yeah, yeah, that's a lot of words. I I have a lot of words inside. I'm made of words. words of my superpower.

All right. So get that thing on there. Uh, negative. Ghost Rider Flip it around.

See ya? let me see it. See how? it's kind of got that that angle in that direction? Yeah, well. if you put that on there, then you pull it's It's encouraging it to slip right. but if you do that angle the one pointed towards you, it encourages it to bite in.

So come over here and grab this thing straight armed that all the way down drive to the bottom. keep your arms straight and just kind of pull pull towards you. People are good pullers. it's not pulling.

let me try it. You got to put some put your body behind it like see on my arm's straight. Use your body. You don't use your muscle arms because our our arms are weak and flabby.

but your body has a bunch of weight so you just rock your body into it and that'll break it loose and then you can spin the thing off. Why am I doing it? You do it Yeah I was about to say you do it that looks Let me see that I mean it's whatever Focus Yeah I mean we can't really tell the condition of this. uh based on what it looks like I know that doesn't look great I can tell you that. but uh, like I said, we're triagnosticing things so part scan in time.

hey check this out. what it is. what you got up there is there. Let me see.

Oh look at that. Yeah, you gotta give a cracked exhaust Branch Gravity That's not okay. No I don't think I don't think they make one for this, but that's very much not okay. The exhaust is coming out right here and that means that our O2 sensor is not getting to see all that exhaust.

Um, well. I'm gonna throw some welds on it. It's good for temporary solutions. I Guess there's really nothing I can do.

Let's see what it looks like on the top. The cracked all the way up. Oh man, it's broken all the way through. Okay, we need an exhaust manifold.

That's what we need and I don't have one. It's definitely a major part of your problem. We're going to weld it up anyway though. Yeah, it's time to weld it.

Uh, you can't see him haha They're like, what are you doing? No, but seriously. um I'm gonna put you on the spot because they've seen you and now they know and they seen you twice. So I'm gonna have to introduce you. Okay, actually, maybe you can do it.

You want to do it. You want to do it. Maybe later. Are you camera shy? a little bit? You're a little bit big.

Oh, we'll do it. Don't don't pick on them guys. Yeah, well. we'll do it later.

I'll just I'll put your nose in. Oh, there's a side frame we're gonna call you. uh. Cleveland codenames.

We'll come up with a code name later. I'm not very good at naming things. Yeah, you guys name him. let's see how that works out.

We're gonna reject all those, but it'll be fun. Comment: Generator All right. You know what I'm gonna do I'm I am gonna I'm gonna halfway. kind of try to weld that because it's got to be better than nothing.

Yeah I'd at least like to make this thing drive and ride. kind of. Does it have 300 something? Thousand Miles like the last Jeep 180 or 200 000 miles on the odometer? Yeah there. I got it out of the way.

We don't really know yet. Yeah, we can verify when we get in there. We'll do that later. This fuel Tank's leaking.

No way. I Smell it. It's leaking so you can write right there at the O-ring I Just did that. Well, you gotta do it again.

You need to learn to love your job. Now you're getting it. It's no big deal. We just pop the thing out and did you put a new seal in it? Yeah, it's brand new seal.

It may be off-center How much fuel is in this? Oh well. you're gonna drive it and get rid of some of that fuel. Well, it's not full anymore. It's all over the floor.

Yeah, drive it and run that fuel out because that's that is sealed right there and there is fuel behind it. Um, run some of the fuel out at least below half a tank and then we can pop that thing off and and Rio ring it. No worries. Anyway, back to what I was doing, which is welder.

We're gonna weld next to a fuel leak because of safety. Where is my welder There it is. I found you welder. All right and we'll throw this on the makeshift welding cart.

There we go. Okay, I'm ready to start to melt the metal. You can't hear me. I'm ready to start melting metal with electricity.

Forewarning: I'm literally just throwing some metal onto this I'm not going to be able to seal the leak all the way on the back side here or in between here, but I can kind of seal up as much here as I can and maybe a little bit on the top. I'm I'm just hoping to get enough of an improvement where this thing will become drivable. That's that's really the only goal at this time. This is not a normular repair.

I Probably wouldn't charge money for this, but it needs to kind of be fixed regardless. So we're going to attempt to, uh to make a fix on this. Uh, right about now. All right guys.

put your helmets on. We're uh, we're gonna attempt to do this. I don't know if it's gonna work or how well it's gonna work, but I'm gonna do it. You're getting welding now.

Oh, come on. too much dirt, foreign, a little too hot. burning holes in it. All right.

how's that looking? Yeah, better than nothing. There's a pinhole right here. Hang on one hole and a little bit better. Not much, but a little better.

Okay, I'm gonna try to get some of this from the top side if I can. It's gonna be tough to do, but I'm gonna reach around from here. come back this direction. We'll try to weld up that crack on the other side and then, uh, well.

I Guess we'll go from there. That sensor should should. Words: That sensor should show up at some point here. I Ordered it about 20 minutes ago.

so maybe by the time I'm done with this, we'll get our new sensor and then we can throw that thing in and see if this thing's gonna work. What do you think it's gonna work? I think he's like I hope so I need my Jeep he needs to run and let's move some. Newman's here I can't even see up there man this is gonna be so bad I really can't you know what? Um, let's let this down a little bit. I'm gonna try to get at it from in the real well.

Yeah. can you go over there, hit the lock and put her down? Some don't crush me please. No problem. I don't want to be smashed moving up.

gotta go up remember And then yep. off your lock slowly. bring her down. Whoa Stop.

go back up that lock over there caught. Did you hear it? Yep. Yep. go up a little more.

There you go. Pull that lever down real hard. There you go. slowly.

let her down. Now we're going up. Keep coming down. Keep coming.

keep coming. keep coming. We got plenty of space over here. Bring her down All right.

Hold it right there. Uh, let off your lock and then let it come down until it rests on your lock. Slow. There you go.

All right, you're good. Now we're safe. Maybe I'll try to come in through this wheel. well over here trying to take the wheel off.

now. it won't really help me much. I Just need to be able to stand somewhere. Yeah, I'm gonna come at it from from this angle.

like right here. Buzz it up a little bit. All right. I am totally going into this 100 blind and I don't even know if I can get the angles I don't even know if I can get an angle on that to actually weld it I Really don't let me try to reach from the front to the back.

Maybe? Yeah guys. I don't even know if I can put a put a weld on this. Tell you the truth. I'm gonna have to take it out.

That kind of won't work either. What to do, what to do, and how to do it? Maybe if I stick the gun way up there, this is gonna be a disaster. Maybe not, we're getting close. That kind of kind of fits in there.

Okay looky here we're back up top. Uh, that angle and all that stuff down below was not gonna work. So I'm gonna try to reach in through here and we can see the crack on that manifold right right at my fingertip. We can see the crack.

So I'm gonna try to get after it from up here and try to weld that up. That's uh, probably going to be more effectiveer than uh, trying to reach over blindly and then hope I actually make a weld Plus guaranteed. I'm probably going to be close to burning through and I won't be able to see what I'm doing from up here or from down there. so it's either don't do it, take the thing off, or try it from all the way up here.

So that's I'm gonna try from up here, see what happens? Yo thank you sir. Is that my sensor? You're the man. Appreciate it. Okay, we need some 13 millimeters I think one, two, three thirteens and then I got a kind of a good line of sight so to speak to reach in there and try to get the weld on.

Where's my 13s? No, they're over Yonder over here. that's tight. That's not gonna work. We're losing too many impacts with the extension from here.

Try it without the extension. See that now. an extension will not lose torque if you're doing it manually like. If I had a ratchet on this and I was just trying to break something loose, it would.

it would twist it, but it would still deliver the equal amount of force to the other side when they impact. Uh, you kind of. It will absorb your impacts and so your impact from the gun won't make it down to the socket because it's just kind of twisting up and back with the extension. Physics.

That's why physics are awesome. Stay in school kids! we like physics. Physics are cool. Hey, at least it's got a new air filter.

Yeah, see Now we can see what we're trying to see. Can you see what we're trying to see? I can see that Now you can see Anyway, we're going in. Uh I need my helmet but I think I think I can get some good welds. I'm not going to get all of it, but I can get the majority of it and that's that's sort of what I'm looking for here.

So let me set you guys up where you're going to be safe from flash burn and I'll grab my helmet. we'll go in there and Buzz that back together and then, uh, we'll go from there. All right. going in, can't see anything but I'm going in there anyway.

it's actually pretty good. What? I made a good weld. No. I'm not a welder.

That's not possible. but all the real welders are coming in. They're like, yeah, you're definitely not a welder and you're right. I'm not.

but maybe whoa. Whoa. Helmet gravity. Oh you guys couldn't even see that was terrible at me.

The camera fell down I Was Gonna Save Me by ammo welder because I am actually welding. So if I'm welding, does that make me a welder? What does it do? A little bit more? A little bit more I see a pinhole weld that up. We'll try to get down into the crack, see if I can't get a bead pulled up or that, uh, where the one weld is supposed to meet the other weld. You're gonna work or it's not okay I'd say that's uh, at least 60 percent of the cracked surface.

Maybe we can tape it. No tape is not a suitable car repair component ever unless you're uh in. NASCAR All right, that's about as good as my welding skills are going to do for not removing that thing from the car to weld it. So let's lift this thing back up and throw that sensor in.

220 6, 000 miles on the odometer. He said so yeah, go and raise her up. this is over there. we're gonna thread that thing in, plug it in and you know, since it's got the welder here, maybe I can fabric Cobble a piece of pipe to go in there.

Hey, is there any chance you have the pipe that was sawzalled out of here? Do you have the exhaust pipe? Yeah. Wow. Scrap: Okay, yeah. so I might I have another exhaust system at his house that I can just cut this section off of? Um, no.

or do you want to? Just it's all junk. Anyway, we're going to replace it later I Just kind of wanted to button that up so it wasn't loud. No worries, No problem, Whatever. All right, that's uh, that might work.

Hey, with enough weld, it'll work right. Let's put more weld in it. I'm actually kind of. It's sort of close ish.

We're totally gonna put this in here. I'm serious. like I'm gonna make this thing fit in here. it's going to work I need to cut this off like right around here somewhere.

Uh oh. Running out of steam? more battery needed? Ah, come here. Milwaukee Battery? Yeah, that one's that one's empty. Join me I am dead flash.

Ah, we have another. that one's full. See that begin re-cutting of the exhaust again. I'll probably be back for another cut later.

but I mean we kind of have something here to work with. so let's see if this is gonna work. So you gotta work where it's not. and by not, that means we need to weld it more.

See? that kind of fits. I'm thinking we'll go over there and then just kind of shove it in and wedge it and bend it somehow I'll figure it out. Okay, you guys are gonna love this. So here's what I've come up with.

it. took a couple cuts and I expanded this with a pipe bender or a pipe expander. I I think I'm close to making making it fit. so I just kind of stick it in right here and form the the band that I can fill these voids in and Hammer them down or whatever and maybe try to close that Gap a little bit.

but I I think this is better than? well, nothing it will be better than nothing. It's a temporary something. Yeah, this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna weld this in.

that's what's uh gonna happen here. Okay, this is my finalized uh solution I know it's ridiculous I've got a floor jack here pole Jack is holding this exhaust pipe up and the ratchet strap is pulling it over that is closing some of the gaps that uh, were left and I think I can fill that Gap I can Hammer that Gap close Hammer that got closed that I can fill those. So what I'm going to do is weld through the dirt on the other side. Once we get the dirt welded away, we can, uh, attempt to get a good good weld right in here.

We'll do one more here and then we'll start hammering these gaps and then welding them closed. It's going to be horrendous. It's going to be ugly, but it will work. What do you think? I think it's gonna work? Is it gonna work? I think it's gonna work.

He's like I don't care. what you do is okay. Well, that piece is attached. sort of.

Let's get this other side. at least make them all attached and then I can Hammer the pieces together. Okay, so as horrible as this is, it's better than air. Oh flashlight's dead.

Um, there are huge gaps in this I had to smash the pipe down with an impact hammer just to kind of squeeze it onto this pipe because this was more larger than this one. But uh, we do have a connection. sort of. It's welded.

sort of. It's going to direct some of the exhaust gases through the rest of the exhaust sort of. And uh, it's gonna work temporarily. So now what we need to do is go fetch the uh, the sensor, screw it in, plug it in, then we'll uh, we'll start this engine and see how it runs.

Let's go with that. You got your sensor. Oh, go get it here. You took it out.

You put it in begin sensors screwing. Now they came out wrong. Yeah, well. they came out really bad.

I'm bad at that. Yeah, just thread the thing in. dude. and then just one good pull, two, yeah, a little bit more.

Don't touch the welds, by the way. Oh, they're probably hot, aren't they? Yeah, a little bit. All right. You're good.

That's fine, and go ahead and plug it in. Where's the plug? the old plug and we're probably going to have to re-zip tie that connector to the little bracket up there. Yeah. I Think it broke when you took it apart? What are you doing trying to support? I Mean you're not taking it apart? You know? you should just go let me see.

Um, better be the right one. It should be two notches, Probably not. No. Hang on.

Okay, there's the connector. The old one. How's that Look in there? One: Two tangs. three.

There's four tangs. Six tangs, two opposing tanks. Seven tangs. There's a third Tang right there.

There's seven tangs in that. Okay, let's check our tankage on this one. What do you got in there? Yeah, that's seven tangs. Okay, that appears to be right.

let's see this thing. so that big Tang it's gonna go in that little Notch thing. Yeah, that's that's all right. Yeah, hang on here.

Hold the light. That's where you start holding a flashlight. Uh, let's see here. Just don't cuss me out like my dad did.

Yeah, don't worry about it I won't hurt you. Well, it's like mostly in what's the dealio. No, it's all there. It's that weather pack sealed.

It's jamming us up. We'll put some lubricant on it. We'll give it some Dielectric grease. Oh now I'm stuck.

What have I done I Need I Need pry driver now. Seriously, you see this thing I Tried the hot Cuts Owl and now it's mine. Eat these. it is mine.

Now this is nonsensical. Really wiggle there. Okay, try again. We need lubricant on the weather pack shielding.

That's a well it couldn't hurt thing. Just doesn't want to go on there. Just fill it all. Whatever.

just throw it in there. now. it's fully lubricated in excess. Now are you gonna plug in or it's the wrong one? Oh there.

Oh no there it goes. We got it. Wait, where's that? Yeah? Is that flipping seal that weather pack seal was wasn't very good at being a seal. your armpits in the shot can't do that.

All right. Let's let this thing down. Leah leave that alone. for now.

we'll zip tie it on later. We're interested in proof of concept at this point. Let's see if it runs or how it runs. We know it does run.

We want it to run more better. So let's clear the goodies out from the floor you ready and then go ahead and let her down. Yes sir. Okay, shall I start the engine? Or would you like to? Um, go for it.

It's your engine. Yeah, good. Go for it. Or we failed.

Yeah. start it again. and while it's running, we can put the air box back in. What do you say? All right? 13 if maybe I mean it doesn't solve horrendous right? kind of dude, Bro.

Just no. God you're way into that theater. Know it. Open the things sealed up enough where the O2 sensor can have an accurate reading.

So except over you got it. Well I mean I think it sounds better I know it sounds better, but I think it's better hear what the engine's doing. Uh, previously we couldn't hear it because all the way out of the exhaust pipes. so now we kind of hear what it's doing like I never knew I had a backfire.

do you feel it hit that pop? oh you think's so ragged out? next step I think we're gonna pressure wash this and get off all the Georgia I fix the stuff that's obvious the staring at us in the face. Uh, maybe if I continue to drive it around for a little while. Okay washer, you're waiting for the washer thingy broken Yeah? I want you to drive for a little while see if it starts to improve any? Um, yeah, that's what it is. Wow I know you can sell this to me I can put one ton axles under it and I can put a diesel up here with some turbos and then you don't have to worry about this engine.

See, you can't see we're thinking Noggin activity yeah you you think about that. I'll uh I'll think about this. all right. Uh, it's smoking out the shop probably because of a leaking valve stem seals or something.

so I'm pulling this thing out. it. uh, it appears to be idling and running a little bit better than uh, what it had uh, had did before. I mean it's still, it's still pretty rough.

It's got some problems I I don't know. but I guess we're well. we gotta narrow it down. It's it's suffered from years of neglect and pain and suffering and abuse and I'm trying to unabuse it or at least make it function again.

So I think we got somewhere with it It's a little bit but I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna see this thing uh one of these days in the in the nearest Future because it's a it's an ongoing project. it was the last time you all saw crank windows so uh, all that stuff being said uh I'm gonna go ahead close this video out right now and I will do that as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video then uh, let me know what you did not enjoy about it in the comment section also down below. I Expect the uh commentary on the welding to be just full of free and and you're right because that's not really well but it's better than air which is why I did it So anyway again and as always thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of Foreign.

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  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars m35a2ww says:

    Yeah, not a welder! Dodge Neon injectors work wonders in the 4.0 HO. I have a 1995 with 298k on it. For some reason, the older OEM metal body Bosch injectors don't work well any more. Been good to me, annual 500 mile off road trips on it since I have had it, 12 years. CPS, P/U in distributor, 02 sensors and crappy gas are their down falls. Coils go away often. Out here in Ca, mine only likes Chevron. Our gas is crap. Funny thing, Chrysler had a CARB legal upgrade to fuel injection on the 80's CJ's with the 252 in them to the intake and fuel system from the 1993-1995 XJ, 4.0 systems. They are bulletproof. I know a bunch of people that have them. Even have the CARB SMOG cert stickers on them!

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    Had a 89 yj, 3 time failure of the crank sensor that left me walking. Discovered a DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) distributor. It completely does away with the crank sensor. Bought one, installed it never had another issue that’s been 20 or more years ago

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