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I screwed up i walked past and my ankle side swipe to battery and it it it really hurts hi. Everybody good day to you and welcome back if this your first time here just welcome. I'm glad you're here. I know i'm glad to be.

Here this is a 2007 volkswagen jetta 25. Liter. Another manual shifting transmission. It's my second volkswagens this week.

This particular vw has 145 212 miles on the odometer customer states check the brakes. They think the right rear caliper is hanging up it makes a noise. When you release it i don't hear that i'm not hearing anything out of the right rear. Just yet okay.

We're gonna need some clickage here to start with we're headed off to take our preliminary test drive. It seems that i have lost a scene that contains me rambling on about brakes and a lack of pulsation. So let's just go ahead and fast forward midway through the test drive one more breaking event to a full stop. I didn't feel any pulsation at lower speeds either that's good pokey dukes.

Let's get this little perfect nougat up in the air take a look at her in other regions. Popping z. Hood. Well.

I can't see anything with this cover in the way. So let's make this go away. Easier said than done. Oh.

This is the whole intake isn't it yeah. That cover is not just a cover. Oh yeah all right well some disassembly required. Yeah.

Let's just get right to the reach around phase here and disconnect that now i should be able to pull this unit out it come should it's stuck there we go wow hot. We're looking pretty good in here. We noticed one interesting and unique feature about this particular. Volkswagen is it's a five cylinder count.

The coils looking good. We've had some crispy critters in here hey look. It's another one of those green subscribe buttons beginning wheel disassembly procedure now stay all right what do we got going on here very very thin rear pads they're not gone yet. But they're not not the greatest about three millimeters.

Looking like wow. These are actuated calipers. You can see here that the caliper is hydraulically actuated. And it has a cable for the parking brake so when you pull the cable.

It squeezes the pads when you hit the pedal. It turns hydraulic pressure in also squeezes the pads. It's a way to get two functions out of one singular component that way we don't have to have parking brake shoes and a service brake. We can just have a service brake with an integrated parking brake.

Very clever let's see moving around to the left rear uh. We're in similar shape about three millimeters maybe four ah the m board never mind that inboard pad. We're down to one millimeter. Maybe even less see it right right there yeah.

That pad's gone all right left front that's a five or a six that one's good uh. The inboard. We're gonna call that a actually that's quite thick on that inboard pad. It's like an eight let's check the right front.

We're calling that one a six yeah we're calling that one an eight. Okay. We do have a fairly decent lip worn on to these fronts as well okay now realistically. I'm gonna say we can uh.
We can put pads on the rear machine. The rotors and then maybe something similar to the front. I can i can recommend it well it if we service anything it'll be pads and machine uh. Probably all the way around the rears are a little bit more critical at this point than the fronts are they're quite a bit lower especially that left rear.

So these ones are going to take priority and then the front ones. So we'll do pads machine. And suggest pads and machine on the front ones. If they would like to do the fronts.

So options. We have options here. I like to give out options one super common failure point for some of these volkswagens are the uh. The bushings for the lower control arms.

They like to tear. This is all rubber right around through here and uh over time that stuff uh weakens and it starts to tear away. And then the control arm will flippity flop around and make a bunch of noises uh. We do not have that condition present on this car at this time.

So this is good we can see a little bit of tearing starting to occur right here. But that's nothing major it's uh nowhere near the point. Where a replacement would be required oh yeah yeah this thing's actually pretty clean tires are in good shape too we'll give our guy a call and see what we're gonna do stay tuned uh look at what i found i was doing a light check on it and i found that uh these front markers are inoperative. You see there's supposed to be a bulb right.

There let us uh. Let's see if i can't dig that guy out of there and see if it's the bulb or not let's find out i brought two bulbs with me just in case. Um. No become detached.

Please all right well. If i can't get the light off. I'll just take the lens out that's what i'll do i'll just pop that guy right out of there. I didn't get very far did i that's no good.

But that's okay i brought a new one let there be light. Uh. Negative. No light.

There it is lens gravity. Oh. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Lumens there we go now we're looking like what we're supposed to be looking like oh. It's more safer earth let's do the other side. Too well. I'm not reaching through the wheel well to get that one am.

I oh wait no no i can see i can see a piece of it way back there i'm i'm going in i don't know if i can reach it but i'm gonna try if i can get my finger on that tab. I'll i can pop it out and see i think i got it i got it here hold this thank you that's all victory. Yeah you just hold it all day like that's what i want you to do just all day. If somebody asks you to do something you're like i can't i'm holding this.

Yeah. Just do that let's shut all this off before i kill our battery here powering down. We're gonna end up doing uh pads and rotors on this thing uh. We are gonna replace the rotors you heard me mention earlier that uh.
These are machinable. Which they are however they're going to be replaced because uh as the numbers work out it's actually more cost effective to replace these rotors than it is to machine them so we're just going to put new ones on so if we move around to the back side of this caliper. You can see we've got we've got one caliper bolt. Here one more right here and then we'll get the caliper off of its bracket.

Now. There's not much space back here to tinker with especially on this bottom one. So i'm just going to pull all this stuff. Apart manually with my ratcheting wrench.

You know i'm starting to think the hardest part about this whole job is going to be the lighting. See there's a whole lot of light behind us. It's a little late in the day and we're looking into a dark area right here. So it's really really hard to see what we're doing.

It's even harder to see what we're doing on camera. But i have lots and lots of leds. We'll figure it out with great efficiency as well and i said it there's my jinx that's nasty look at that one razor thing. What are you babbling about this one's even worse right here in the center.

We almost went metal to metal almost and it wasn't even uh riding evenly you can see the bottom is a little bit thicker in the top part of it yeah caliper go over there and stay there for a minute. We don't need you let's go ahead and get this bracket removed next and lucky for me. It's uh held together with triple square fasteners. Which i happen to have a set of triple squares.

They're named such because they are shaped out of three squares. This is an atd kit. I bought this years ago and i rarely used it but then all of a sudden i find myself using it all the time anyway uh it is part number atd 13782 um. In case you guys are interested i will look for an amazon link for these and uh.

If i find one i'll post it down in this video's description that way if you want some you don't have to hunt. It down. Because i didn't work for you that one's tight it's not going in i think that's the one fit down there yeah. It fits that one okay.

This has got to be the right one it does fit. It's pretty tight. Though it works it's a m14 that's the size these pair nicely with electric ratchets like cheese and wine click action there it is flashlight see the female side of the fastener triple square love them or you hate them most of us hate it we don't know why we hate them maybe because many folks see them as unnecessary. Because there's already plenty of fasteners that can do the same job.

We don't need special fasteners plus look at this one. This thing is all stripped out and chewed up on the inside. See now i got to use a pry hammer. Good yeah.

It still fits as long as i don't round it off any further should be all right reverse clickage of course. It's over tight. What come on ratchet was flexing too much and the body was hitting this control arm. So let's get a smaller tool in there.
We'll use the smaller tool first to get everything loosened up and then we'll go in and finish. The job with the bigger tool. So the safest way to do this come on there. We go yeah.

Now we're cooking here. Everything is a hammer. When your hammer is far away all right. So let's go fetch the bracket.

There she is slide pins are super. Dry. That might have been the noise. They were hearing slide pins.

Flippy flopping around come on rotor you're going in the trash. What does this i see a bunch of build up on the wheel speed sensor can't have that make it nice and shiny beautiful rotary shiny. I can do this all day okay enough screwing around let's get back to work. Let's go pull that other side apart give me back my socket.

It's okay. It's survived. It's reusable to the other side rolling rolling rolling keep them two cards rolling okay two more caliper bolts. I need to be careful.

I actually cut my thumb yesterday pretty bad at home and i don't want to contaminate it it's gotta. I know we can see yeah you can see it i cut it on one of those uh cutting clamp devices for uh pcb pipe. I actually had the thing sitting down the ground and i went to reach past it to grab something else and i ran my thumb down the blade. It was like it was a one in a million chance of doing what i did and i did it oh and it was it was bad.

It's a very very red afternoon and again triple square same story in the caliper bolts oh i neglected to remove the pads for inspection for closer inspection. Yeah we got three to four millimeters on that one and uh this one we got here about the same maybe four moving on reverse clickage. No no no no same story. The first one.

Too much flexing. Not enough leverage. Oh come on nails wiggle. It again until it fits.

There we go nice loose. All right give it back hello all right let's go fetch that bracket. I always put these guys back these little set screws a lot of folks don't put them back. I i like them to be there so i put them back.

Who knew another non shiny wheel. Speed sensor right there look at that and i choose left front driver side hello shop decoration jaguar train wreck. Yeah i think we're too close here we're a little too close let's get these anti rattle clips out of here. These things stick into the holes in the caliper and then they put some pressure against the caliper bracket that way the caliper can't be floppy around all willy nilly like it suppresses noise.

Let's give this turn or not okay. Let's give this a turn so we can better access our work here there we go. There's two bolts that hold this caliper to the bracket. They're under these covers and i believe they're a torx or a hex drive.
Let's see i got a torx 40. Here. That's a negative let's try the torx 50 or 45. Yeah.

45. That's the one. I think the evaporator is leaking you saw that die down there by the drain reverse click ho ho. I caught that one screw you gravity come off please that lip on the rotor is catching the pads.

We'll just open this caliper up a wee bit. There it is oh look volkswagen figured out how to run a wire to a brake pad. And i'm not kidding. Here.

Let's just get that little guy disconnected. We don't need that on there okay. And what do we need a 22 yet all right 22 coming in loud noises wrong way hey become unstuck. Okay.

I happen to have motivators for such situations here so far so good i'm just gonna hang this caliper so it can't fall down and break the hose and we'll go over to the other side. Just assemble one more corner all right three down one to go then we're halfway done. There's that flashlight let's get our little clip out of here um try not to ruin. These.

If you take them out because sometimes you have to reuse them. Sometimes your pad set comes with new ones flashlight. Sometimes it doesn't so i just hang on to them until later just in case. Because you can't let it roll without the clip.

It will make noise ow geronimo. I don't even know what that means how funny how funny would that be if they ordered a can really that shouldn't even be here in fact those are 134 cans shouldn't even exist. Why do i have to go get a license to handle refrigerant when anybody can just walk into walmart and buy it off the shelf. And then poke a hole in the can and let it all vent out anyway.

Where's greta thornburg when we need her it's thornbird right climate change chick. Please come off nicely. It's not listening to me. I tried to warn you all right progress.

Has been made hey. There's no wheel speed sensor right there all righty brake parts have arrived. I want to go ahead and just uh hit the surface with a wire wheel. Just to knock off any imperfections that might be there and we'll move on to reassembly all right we have our new rotor right now.

It's covered in oil. So it doesn't rust there we go stay. I can't use my right thumb i cut. It the other day and the brake clean will make it burn click let's go ahead.

And get the caliper bracket in oh i missed it twice. I am in here. Something's not right what's going on here hang on we have problems we have wrong roacher that's the problem here. We've got the wrong rotor here.

So i've got the hat of this rotor sitting on top of the edge of the new one they don't make contact here. This rotor is a larger diameter. I should have checked that first silly ray check this out fail wrong. One try again all right figure that out so.

The front rotors that i have are not the right ones. But the rear rotors that i have are the right ones so uh. We can just come back here. And do the rears.
Okay same procedure myself shiny and the caliper two while we're at it so you guys remember me. Mentioning earlier these were called actuated calipers. You cannot depress these like a normal caliper. You actually have to rotate this piston as it depresses.

And there's a special tool for such things. It's got the flat flange here. Which is going to act against these fingers on the caliper. Then we're going to hold this flange stationary with this large nut and then turn oh.

It's a little bound up again. There we go and then we're going to turn the shaft. And that's going to run in because it's threaded and it's also going to engage the piston on the caliper rotate. It and press.

It in simultaneously quite a nifty little device. There are other more simple devices than this one like the cube for example. This is just the one i happen to have so we're gonna hold the large nut stationary rotating the shaft and then it's going to turn in and press the piston if i can hold it you see it right there. There it goes ah loud screechy noises.

There it goes all right. I think. That's about it let's go ahead and back this off and make sure that the piston is flush. And it looks good caliper bracket time let us uh prep.

These calipers real quick while they're still here on the little bench. I'm gonna pull the shims off because my pad set has new shims and we're gonna re grease the slide bins too also i want to hit these with a wire brush real. Quick just to knock out any debris. It's uh hanging out right here in these channels.

There that's a shame a little bit of rust in there let's get rid of that nasty. Yeah. That's old crusty grease. Right there we don't need that it's purple.

So you know it's good foreign. So get that nice and lubricated slide pins are so often overlooked all right okey dokes. Now we're free to hang this caliper bracket. So we're gonna get this in position and uh.

I'm going to scooch around over here. We'll get this the old erico style. Reach around and get these bolts in right here. I got one number two two bolts started all right back down in her another regions.

Again. Oh wrong way wrong. Way ratchet. Oh.

No reverse click here. We go. Final torque on the triple square slip clickage. That's a new one there we go all right let's get out of here and hang the pads all right.

We have a set of pads and shims. How's this one go yeah. I got it backwards and flippy floppy. Not cool all right both pads in let's hang our caliper and that's in with the two bolts two manual bolts because i can't fit any power tools in that tight little space luggage begin threading now please last bolt.

There we go all right there good okay let's swing her over to the right rear and repeat. I'm gonna skip the part where i compress the caliper because it can get uh boring and i don't want to bore you guys because then you'll leave my video and then that's not good for me or my video. We don't want that okay. The bracket is shimmed lubed and prepped let's get this guy bolted in this should end up being the last reach around today.
One more turn and clickage got it all right back around on this side. We're going in with two pads again. If i can line them up come. Here nice and of course two bolts i have never seen a mac tool truck come here really nope i've never seen matt come over here mac isn't really anywhere.

I mean i know they exist. But they're like a unicorn they only exist in legend there we go clickage all right rear brakes are done let's do the fronts. Okay let's uh let's try this again. We got a new one okay we're back at the left front.

Remember how we left because we had the wrong rotor okay. Let's see if this bracket's gonna fit. Now it's already been brushed off and we fit flawlessly. This is good loud noises headphone warning.

Another new one a new new one right where are you there. It is okay all right caliper. You're coming with me got to fit our pad uh. Where is that pad there it is this pad has a wear indicator built into it oh ahead of myself.

What have i done we need to compress our piston. Oh come on go back. These clips sit inside of the piston to retain the pad. And then the outboard pad slips in like so.

What yeah. Oh hang on prepare that guys okay. I'm back. So i'm taking care to make sure that this wire stays right here so i can plug it back in and we're just going to slip the caliper over the other pad and line up the pins.

Let's try this one there we go gravity. Anyway. It's critical. We start these by hand the threads were very thin on the bracket and we do not want to cross thread.

These and strip those because then i have to buy a new bracket and i don't want to buy any bracket click double click and we won't forget the little caps and cover those up okay now right here. We've got our plug. So we just need to connect that and we're golden here. Then we'll go over and finish up the other side all right boys one more to go.

And this section is complete all right let's get out of here shiny. All right bracket next warning return of loud noises wrong way so there's our pad with our big clips. It's hard to do with a cut thumb said it or did i miss i missed. We're way off let's try this again.

I've got to pull this out some of the threads are out past. Where the uh. The hole is on the caliper for the caliper bracket. There we go try again all right back on schedule fix and i do have my little plastic caps.

Here those go back those prevent moisture ingress. There we go let's get our little clip in and that's gonna probably be a wrap for this video. I think we're running out of time. I do uh have some other work to do on this car.
I believe i'm going to be doing that engine oil pan to fix that leak if i do i'll probably make a second video on that so you can expect that in the future. Until then as always like thank you for watching hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video. You know the drill let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

If you did not enjoy this video. I'll try better next time so again as always thank you for watching. And most importantly don't forget to have yourself a great day. See you guys later you.

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  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Marks says:

    Your shot setups are ( IMO) pro quality. Great teaching vids. It's worth the time it takes you.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Dunn says:

    Maybe the manually actuated park brake lever was sticking in the rear brakes causing the noise in the rear did you check it?