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PT1: Hybrid EV: Phantom Engine Squeal | Lexus Rx400
PT2: DO NOT DAMAGE the Crankshaft! Lexus RX400h Bonus: SCAM Trolling
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I'm glad to be here. This is day Three Video three of this 2008 Lexus RX 400h for hybrid. The first two videos of this vehicle have pretty much been tear down. Uh, it came in for an oil leak on the back valve cover.

We spent the first video pulling the valve cover off and resealing it. Second video: we did the second or the front valve cover and then we went around and pulled off the entire Timing System and water pump. Now we can see that there is not much space to work with in here uh, with all the vehicle in the way and whatnot. But we did manage to get everything apart on this thing.

and I've already got the uh, the water pump mating surface prepped on the Block the gaskets in place, and uh, we're gonna go ahead and unbox the timing components, fetch the water pump and get that thing bolted on. Once that guy's on, we can do the uh, the front timing covers. We'll put the cam gears and everything back together. then we can set up the belt tensioner and tensioner pulleys and that'll start to button up the front side of this engine.

I'd like to get this done today. I'm hoping this isn't going to be a four day job, but uh, let's see, there's a lot to do So let's get started right. Mural: And like I said, I've already prepped that block surface and I've got the gasket in position. almost.

Oh, it fell. Look, it could have been bad. It's supposed to ride on that little pin right there. Okay, so new pump is in hand.

We're just gonna slip this guy up into its home here. Get it over the dowel pins and over the studs and we'll bolt this guy on next. there we go. Okay, a couple nuts here now.

some of the bolts for this are down here on the bottom side and some of them are up on the top side. So we're going to do the up and down thing like we were doing in the last video. Also, if you uh, missed the last video or even the first video, have no fear. you can just check the links down in this video's description.

uh and it'll take you back in time to the Uh to the other videos on this truck. Okay, there's one bolt going in, there's another one right here, and then uh I don't know if I can reach that third one from here. I mean I can reach it, but I can't see it. so let's get it from up tops.

Yeah, real easy from the top side right there. I'm gonna try to move through this video as quickly as possible. Uh, like I said, there's a lot of work to do so. I'm not sure how quickly we can get through this, but I'm gonna try to make this as efficient and streamline as possible.

Click uh one more night Way Down Yonder and one more Bolt Good to go. All right. So far so good. The water pumps bolted on.

Let's get this upper front cover on. The reason we had to pull this off is because the water pump kind of sits behind it a little bit and I wasn't able to get the pump out without removing this cover. Kind of annoying. A lot of extra work for yes, didn't have to be that way.

No worries though, we got through it. It's good. This guy bolted in Blinded By the Light and we'll get one in the back. that's gonna locate and align the part and now I can just get the rest of these little bolts in and as always, I'm going to put them all in by hand before applying any torque to them.

We don't want to get in a situation where the things are kind of binding and the thing isn't aligned and then I can't get the remaining bolts in so always do them hand tight first. Well, not always. I mean like let's call it 99 of the time. if I say always, that actually means 99 because you can't ever guarantee 100 percent.

That's just not realistic. That's why I don't like the phrase you know giving 110 to 110 effort because by definition you've achieved 100, then you can achieve no more. So by that logic I Don't like when someone says you know we need 110 effort, you know, let's let's get it done 110 percent. Okay, while we're here, let's go ahead and put the new uh timing idler pulley on.

There's the old one. There's our new one. It's green so you know it's good. We'll get this guy bolted on right? Yeah, throw that in and let's definitely make sure to get this tight.

We do not want this guy coming off later on. That would be bad. Click Very nice. And now for the part that I kind of dread getting these uh camshaft sprockets tightened.

this thing was a bear to remove that required a very large amount of torque and I had to hold the gear in position while I broke it Loose I Couldn't get in there with a tool or an impact and there's actually a special tool designed to hold these which I don't have. So I had to make one out of an angular pry bar and some bolts and a welder and a Sawzall blade. It was a DeWalt Sawzall blade. You could tell because it's yellow, not a sponsored.

That's just what I have. So anyway, let's get this one threaded on and then we'll come through and uh, and torque the Daylights out of these things because that's how we found them. That's how I'm gonna put them back. Nick Okie Dokes We're kind of all set up here with our special tool torque wrench in the socket I've got the tool in the spokes on the gear and the bottom end of that pry bar tool that I made is resting on the water pump pulley.

So I'll be able to apply torque pulling towards me in my direction to tighten this. Fastener right here. I Just looked it up and we're looking for 92 foot pounds of torque. I Got to tell you.

putting 92 pounds of torque back in that little hole sideways is A. It's a difficult proposition, but we're going to do it. Actual clicks. That was a good one.

Let's do it again. It's 92 pounds. All right. that one's tight.

Now this is the oh, that was bad. Okay, this is the easy one because there's plenty of space to manipulate things. Let's get the tool out of here and we're gonna go back and get the rear next. Okay, tough to see but the tools in there.

it's set up. See that right there and we're ready to go ahead and make the pole. 92 pounds and a kick for the win. There we go.

Nice, nice music to my ears. Okay, let's head back down below and go to work on some of those rear covers and then we'll go ahead and get the belt set up. Okay, down here on the bottom, let's go ahead and get the tensioner in or the tensioner pulley rather. I've already put the stud back into it and I put a little bit of grease inside of there to ensure a smooth, long life.

Let's get this guy threaded in and torqued and then we'll go ahead and load the uh hydraulic tensioner. Oh no I just realized something like I thought I checked it but I didn't check it properly. This is not the right tensioner. Oh no Ah that's the wrong stuff.

Okay, Oops, All right. Well, um I'm dead in the water on this. uh for the time being because the part stores do not have any other timing components uh, available local. so I had to order one which is I think it's in like Tallahassee or something or Jacksonville it's far away from where I am, so that's going to take another day to get that.

so I can't do anything else with the timing. However, we're not totally dead in the water exactly because I did get those missing missing ignition coils one and two. there's two of those I got those today. so what we can do is throw those coils back in on the back side over here and then we can re-gasket that intake manifold and get the intake back on.

So although we're kind of stuck We're Not Dead in the Water all the way, it's just not really how I wanted to do this regardless. Um, we have work to do so let's keep going here. Yeah, you see, half the battle is just, uh, improvising when these little situations show up and not freaking out over it because freaking out is not going to make the parts show up. She's gonna make me, well, freak out and we don't want to do that.

Like I said earlier, there's already spark plugs down inside of these holes, so we just need to plug these coils in and bolt them down and then we can. uh, get the intake back on. You know? Curious. The connectors on the back side of this engine did not break when I removed them, but the connectors on the front side.

Every one of them broke off. Flashback: Now we're gonna do it. Nice and easy One: There's those broken Clips See that one I Just I touched it and it broke right off. Look at that.

I.E It's a Toyota thing. Anyway, as I was saying, we're moving forward to the easy clip braking section here as soon as you move it to depress. Yep, snapped right off. Look at that.

All three live on camera. me breaking customers. Vehicles How about that and a flashback. The connectors on the front side.

Every one of them broke off when I tried to remove the clip. which I find that odd because I would figure that back here there would be more heat than up in the front, thus deteriorating the plastic and the connectors faster. That appears to not be the case. Who knew? Kick! Okay, all three coils are in.

Uh, let's go ahead and back up some and uh, we'll get this intake manifold installed. Okey doke. So here's what we're gonna do. Go and get this intake kind of set up here.

and I'm gonna pull this old gasket out because we got a new one. These are kind of reusable, but this one's uh, it's been here a while so we're gonna change it out with a new one. We don't want this thing to develop a leak later and then we gotta do it all again. So gaskets on.

Let's go ahead and set that down in there. And if you recall earlier, we had two studs and like four bolts or whatever. So let's go fetch the hardware. Okay, now there's this little bracket that goes on.

It's just going to provide some uh, mounting points for other hardware and it also adds a bit of rigidity to, uh, this assembly right here. Oh, where's my studs? Let me find my studs. Be right back. Okay, I found them.

They were hiding so the studs go in the two corners. If I recall, we'll get those things started, thread it in back on that corner and then the rest of the bolts let you out. Let's run these studs down. We don't have to make them super tight, they just need to thread in and then and then stop.

Stud click, Foreign one nut right there. Nut number two. Okay, let's drive these uh hex bolts in. Next, Nothing's tight, we're just running it all down.

Come here. Okay, okay, let's get the nuts. There we go. I Love it.

When we make it to the part of getting everything done, that's the best part. I Shouldn't forget the Two Nuts in the back. clicks. Okay, Manifold bolts it on.

I'm going to reach around the back and get a hold of uh or get the bolts installed for those vertical bracket braces. Uh, once that's done, Um, we'll go ahead and get that intake horn back on and then we can bolt this throttle body back together. Okie Dokes. Uh, I've got that little bracket installed and uh and bolts it on back there.

So we're gonna go ahead and move on and get our little intake corn slash elbow reinstalled here. It's already got the bolts kind of hanging out in it and I'm just going to slip it right over its stud right here and we're gonna do that without dropping these bolts. That's the plan. Is it gonna work? or am I being a little too overzealous I Think I Am Yeah, I better just pull some of these up.

So I Don't drop them. No, there's one. Okay, yeah. I recovered the one I dropped it fell away back there.

we got that. Let's go ahead and uh, get this thing bolted on. It's five bolts in this, which seems like a lot, but it is a weird shape I Guess that makes sense even clamping, force and whatnot. There's four and then fives around the back, which is kind of hard to get because there's another bracket in the way.

but I'll get it in there. We got her and uh I'm about to drop it. Hang on two hands for the for the win. Okay, back bolt started.

I'm going to tighten that hardness to reach one first. unless I got the wrong size tool. Again, there's one. Give me about my tools please.

Thank you. And just like a tire, we're gonna go in a star pattern or close to it. Click nice. There's one more 12 mil that goes in that little bracket right there.

Let's get that guy started. Hear what? I said bracket. There we go. Yeah, it heard me.

There we go. Nice. Beautiful. and it looks like this little thing right down there.

Clips Onto that hose. So we're getting somewhere for sure. Four bolts for that throttle body? That's where that thing is going to live. We'd be lost without wobbly.

They're the best. Okay, so I don't remember if this thing plugs in right here or not. so we're just going to leave that uh, this hose aside for now. We'll get that later, but you can connect a throttle body.

I Also went in there and cleaned that thing out with some throttle body spray. See that. Okay, next up, we have these emissions package solenoids here. Yeah, let's see that's gonna Eclipse on here.

that Clips in there. So let's put the wiring harness together, connect it. There's going to be two 10 mil nuts that secure it and I was right about that hose because it looks like this hose plugs into the vacuum Source right there. So that's where that goes and that means this one plugs in right here.

Glad I wasn't too hasty on that. There we go. All right. two 10 mil nuts.

Actually, it's going to be three because I have a ground wire over here to attach. Remember that one from earlier? Right there we go. Okay, two nuts coming in. the little ones.

little 10 mils become kicked now Connected connected. injectors in the back are connected. Let's see, this is not connected properly. I have the the routing that goes up here into that clip right there.

That's how we did that was wrong. You can't see I still can't see? Yeah I had to move this thing. It was down over here, hanging out and under that. So I pulled it up and around and connected it to its little bracket right there.

Okay, well, there's really nothing I can do except get the wiper cowling stuff back on. I'm reluctant to do that because I still need to get back there to get access to that rear camshaft. Um, kind of risky I think because I don't know if I needed to pull that wiper cow out in order to do the timing I I don't think so I think I can manage as long as I'll be able to reach in and get the bolts for it, which pretty sure I could. Yeah, yeah.

I'm gonna go ahead and proceed. I'm gonna I'm gonna finish putting some of this stuff together. uh, the wiper cowl is going to be next. Also, I found that these were not installed properly last time somebody was here because if you recall, I found this harness just kind of dangling down so we're gonna put that back where it goes I think someone forgot that step.

No worries I remembered for them. it happens there. Okay, wiring harness is now secure Let's uh, let's move on. uh on putting this wiper assembly back together.

Yeah. I think this is kind of unfortunate because I'd hate to be wrong and have to take all this apart again, but at the same time I hate to just sit around and not, uh, not get any work done on the vehicle either. I've got this backwards redo. so yeah.

I'm gonna go ahead and just take the risk and proceed. and uh, we're gonna see how this works out. I should be able to do that timing stuff without having to pull this thing out again. Should hope I'm right there.

Just like that. It's hot guys! Okay, so part of what secures this uh, metal piece right? here are two of the strut bolts. There's three that. come through two.

Pass through this metal piece. Loud. We're gonna get those right now. Then we'll get all the 10 mils to secure this thing to the firewall.

It's not one of them. Grab the wrong nut and we're gonna do the same thing with the 10 mil nuts. We're just going to run down the line and get all the tens secured. Click.

Get in there again. The wobblies are kind of saving the day. Love the Wobblies! I Missed one on you guys side. I'll be back.

It's down here off to the right I See it, it's hiding. Okay, now we're gonna back up and get the wiper, transmission and motor installed next. Big giant wiper assembly coming in. I'm gonna slip this guy in without hitting the windshield glass.

Amazing. Breaking glass is not fun I've done it once or twice. I was actually afraid I was going to break the glass and I was trying to break those cam gears loose because I was pushing up on the uh on the ratchet and had it let go I realized the ratchet was within the swing of the edge of the glass and that would have for a certain broke in the glass. That would have really wrecked my day because then I would have had to buy a windshield and I still would have had to doing all this work.

and we just don't like to do this kinds of things. That's bad. So we got five. I think it's five Fasteners that secures this transmission.

They used to call these linkage like a it was like a wiper linkage assembly. I Don't know if they're still called linkages or not, but I do know that they're called Transmissions now. Also, it's got a new one kicks and of course you have to run our wire back through the hole here and secure it, making sure to properly fit. The Grommet So uh, water doesn't come in there.

we go and of course you got to plug her back in. otherwise wipers won't work okay. plastic pieces coming in. this is mostly, uh, all, just kind of clip in I have to slip this under the glass and then push it back and up.

which is kind of hard. It's not hard, it's just. you know, meticulous and you've gotta. you gotta work your way down the thing.

kind of bend it and stick it in there. Not a situation where brute force is the answer goes a long way though. And where's that other clip? There's another one in there. foreign or point of view.

Rather, this, this job's kind of out of the window. so I'm just gonna try to put together whatever I can manage to put together next and button this up as much as possible. I think I'm running into a position where I'm about to be dead in the water though, because I can't really put any of the intake stuff back together because there are brackets that have been removed over here in order to get the timing stuff apart and I can't put the brackets on because if I put all the bracket and stuff on, then I won't won't be able to. uh.

gravity I will be able to get the uh, the timing belt back together. So I'm kind of kind of getting stuck here. Uh, regardless, I'm gonna do what I can do and uh, we'll see how it works out right now. Wipers are going on.

That's the nut that I just swung across the floor. see that one goes right there. I Don't want to lose it, bro, because uh, these are decorative nuts and we don't want to replace a nice shiny decorative knot with just any random nut. This won't look good I just find that, uh, funny and interesting that uh, I can put the decorative stuff back together without completing any of the serious work.

That's the cool part. But yeah, we're done on this side. So I see no reason to not put these things back together except for that blue towel that fell down. There was that comment relevant? Not in the slightest, but it's what came to mind.

So there. Okay, those are clipped on. We can get the bottom side of this little cover in. Put that guy right there.

It's got two more little push clips there we go. actually I think this bottom cover was a mistake because I've got that horn for uh for the intake that goes there. um well, you know what? I think that other than some of this mess that I'm going to clean up next, I'm pretty much dead in the water. Uh, until I can get a replacement timing set.

So um yeah. I just don't see I don't see what else I can really do here. It's it's all prepped and ready to go. Water pumps in covers, tight cams are torque that pulley's on I need another tensioner and uh, and another hydraulic actuator? Um yeah guys, that's uh, that's gonna be a wrap for this one I Guess there's really nothing more we can do until the smart show up.

and I'm not going to get them today. So uh, I have no choice but to close this one out. I Guess this video will offset yesterday's video which was a little bit long so we can. We'll do a medium video and then the long one which is part two and then a shorter one which is part three.

but that's the video you're watching right now. Uh, again, if you missed part one or two, have no fears. Just check the links down in this video's description or the one up here at the upper right or the one all the way at the end in the center of the screen. Either one of those will take you back in time to part one and again in chronological order.

They will be listed in the description so you can select which one you, uh, you choose to view if you need to catch up. Anyway, that's enough. Shameless Self-promotion for me for one day. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching this video.

And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! End Of: Lexus Hybrid Nightmare.

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