In this video I have a look at a ladies Chrysler Town and Country that has the big 4.0 in it. Her complaint was that it is hard to get it started and when you do it smells really strong of gas. It also has an engine light on with a ton of codes. Let's have a look.
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All right folks, we got us a Chrysler 2010. It's a town of country. uh money. Lights on.

it runs like poo. Turn it up. It kind of coughed and puked and carried on for a moment. There we got it in.

So I just did a scan on it. they haven't looked at it yet. It smells like gas too. and then I shut it off and tried to restart it and had a really long crank and ran like crap again.

Um oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Wow, that's interesting. I Would have swore we were gonna have misfire codes in here, but we have some evap problems and then you know your classic po128.

I Don't know if you guys got a glare there or not, but um, so it's interesting. It should have had a I Would have thought it would add a misfire code. Uh, the girl that dropped it off yesterday said the engine light was on and flashing and the throttle light had come on which is kind of interesting. So here let's just.

um, let's do this. Let's go start it up. that way you guys can see if it smells like gas to you. How's that work? What's this gasket? Come on baby.

you can do it. I Forgot to give her some shoe There She Goes Running It's really running like crap. They're kind of smooth out. It almost acts like it's got a bad injector.

What do you think? Does it stink? I think it's time to call it I Got some stinky snake. It smells like gas right? I know I Oh, it was pretty bad out here. Yeah I told the people I wanted to Stir It Up so they could smell it. So yeah I See it's got some nice body works.

It's got the clear tape, it's got the zip tie it's got ready. Yeah I guess she smoked the deer with it she said oh dang. So how about this before we run it, Let me set you guys down so I can get the old hood prop here. We've got all those coolant Center codes I Just want to look and see I Just wanted to make sure it had coolant in it just because you know, like I said, she did hit a deer before we go running it very much before.

Oh, you don't see that too often unless we have touring model. Okay, radiator's full, overflow is full. Let's just do a little bit of a visual. It is running insanely rich so indicated another unbiased opinion.

0.0 Let's get the 4-0 seeing if we've seen anything. just kind of weird jumping out. All right, let's set this cover down and uh, let's grab some scan data see if it is running rich. So I'm gonna go right into generic OBD2 So anytime you're looking at just base engine sensors, coolant temp, long term, short-term field trim O2 sensors map Barrow It's best just to go right to OBD2 You're not going to get substituted values.

We're going to learn some things like the monitors are all set, which that's good. but the main thing is there's no substituted values and and it's screens you're used to looking at. Well I Think that's going to be part of your problem lady, because I'm pretty sure we're a little warmer than the 17 degrees F outside. so that's that's good.

So that's part of our engine coolant temp issue. So yeah, our long-term fuel trim is pouring a cold to it. that's more like our temperature outside today: 77 degrees F So that's kind of a big deal. Barometric pressure looks right at the 14.
PSI So I guess that's a good place to start. your p0128 I guess is not always the thermostat. We can learn that right. 17.6 What was that code? Man I Think it was a coolant temp rationality code also, so that's let's see engine coolant temp sensor range performance below regulated thermostat The Yeah: this cooling system performance.

and then these are all pending codes. So I think the Oau defined it as rationality code so that's where it'll look at. like intake air temp and you know, like oil temp some other temp sensors and say hold up, wait a minute. Something ain't right.

So that's why it's running so rich. It thinks it's 17.6 degrees F outside to give her a little throttle to get started there. All right, So that makes sense to us. So I tell you what, before we even get it too warmed up, let's um, let's find that coolant sensor.

Make sure the wiring is good. It must be because I See, we're starting to come up in the temperature there, so it must be just skewed. would be my assumption. But let's find that little guy.

before we get this car too hot. come back in and do our live date. I Guess so now it's up to uh, 21 degrees. F So we'll just bring that there.

We'll graph her out and that way I Think it's down here. There's a coolant sensor right here I Don't know if you guys can see it right down here. I'm just gonna wiggle it. Nothing's happening.

Let me get a little pocket screwdriver. We'll take the lock out of it, we'll unplug it, see if it goes open circuit, see if we're looking at the right one. Maybe get our fingers to work here today. it's Ma'am so it went right to minus 40.

F So that's good, and then let's just take and short the circuit together and we'll see where that goes to 56 or something. So we're going to take one t-pin in that connector. I'll grab another t-pin here, put it in that connector, and our shorts are out at 374 degrees. F So I'm going to say our wiring is likely good.

Let me see if I can get a hold of a temp sensor for us and see if that cures the starting issue with this car. They haven't Finally showed up there. she has Saturn stock. it's your ts5805.

If my eyes are not deceiving me, there we go. We're not even gonna install it just yet. We're gonna take and just plug it up. Let's see down South.

All right. We got it plugged up. Let's turn this baby back on. Let's kick our key back on here and we should be reading.

you know, and man, whatever it is near 75 degrees or so, let's go back in here to live data. Wham Bam! Why do we got that up there? 82 degrees? So that's good. Let's see if it solves our starting issue or if we just fixed a problem because that'll be good to know. We definitely know that it's broke and I'm assuming it's going to start a stinky stink that we're having.
Maybe not. First go around because she still might be a little flooded. All right, so it's fired right up. I'm gonna turn the key back on and off and on off and on.

This is what I did the first time thinking it might have been a injector flooding out a cylinder and then we're gonna see if it starts good now. So that seemed to fix this ladies starting problem. However, it still has an EVAP issue. We'll have to check into that, but I'll get that coolant sensor put in there, which that shouldn't be too bad to do and we should be able to do that.

without uh, taking any of the coolant out of it. hopefully until I didn't want it to run very long. If I can get it unplugged again, maybe get a pocket screwdriver here. All right.

Feels like we're nearing the end. We just got easy so we want to get this one ready. We'll see if uh, we can reach down here like this. Perhaps not quite yet, Fella oh she just hit hit the ground.

Put this up in here before we lose too much coolant. Okay, get that one started I Want to make sure that I've got it started correctly? Okay, that one came hard all the way to the end. right down to the last thread. I Don't like that you get this sucker right here.

Yeah, this is all y'all plastic one. Interesting. So there's our Factory one. I'm gonna take him I'm gonna switch spots so you guys are gonna pull that out and get that.

Make sure I've got that started 100. Let's take I'm gonna fire it I want to let it warm up and uh, just kind of see. make sure everything seems cool I think it will be or the double check here. Okay, we did lose just a small amount of coolant so we're going to want to so I can pop that off four liter.

So I'm just as randomly as I'm 3.6 is that sounds terrible? All right. So now we have a working temp sensor. I'm just going to pull up all the pits I Just want to look at uh, look at our field trims here. We want to make sure that they're going to straighten out and it looks like they are short term on Bank two minus three.

So our total trim there is going to be close to zero plus two or so I think one. Uh, it's gonna be a little bit higher, but well within its operating limit. So I'm just going to look through this, let it warm up and then we're gonna have to look at evap problem here that seems to be, uh, seems to be going on there. We're mostly wanting to make sure that the thermostat's working like it should and that the car can warm up seemingly run well.

I'm gonna wait for this to warm up. we're going to gather some Clues I Went back in to do the OEM data see. we're starting to warm up. our Purge is working or our substance work and it's being commanded on.

but our Eason flip. so it's our mission system Integrity monitor. So the switch goes closed under vacuum in a tank. So assuming the purge is actually putting vacuum back there, we either have a massive leak or we have a bad Ethan switch.
so it's either super super common to fail. We've done lots of videos on those, but just something I wanted to show you that I was looking at while it's warming up here. Purge valve lives right here. gets supplied vacuum from the engine foreign, but sometimes you can feel them and then this.

This hose here goes back to the canister. So what we want to see first and foremost: Uh do we have vacuum there so we can kind of check that while we're waiting hopefully and get our hands back here and then I'm just going to give it the old finger test. Yep, and it has vacuum on it so it takes a second to build it up from the center. so we should have vacuum going back to the tank.

but these Purge valves are pretty pretty. failure phone also. so we're going to get that plugged back in now that we know it's actually opening two. I Came back here.

This is the esome switch on the back of the canister and I unhooked the rubber elbow off as it goes up to the fresh air and what I want to do is stick up something in here to make sure our vacuum's making it all the way back here. We're just going to use a vacuum gauge. Depending on how much fuel's in the tank, it might take a minute to display, but we just want to see this going here. That might take it a while, but let me let this sit here for a minute and see.

It took a few minutes but we do have that we're coming up on one inch. Let me? uh and you probably won't be able to hear it, but I'm gonna pull this off. We should hear it. We'll be able to watch the gauge move a little bit you ready and then you can hear the air sucking back through there so that's good.

That tells us a couple things. Uh, when I was waiting for this to build vacuum pan down I didn't see the problem. That's because we didn't get a visual inspection. but it's your classic sale piece and I'll show you I got the green crusties growing back? Girls Huh Okay, there she is.

So you can see on the back side of that connector. we're getting her to focus. come on you mother lover s. So yeah, on the back side of that connector, you guys can see the green pus growing out of it.

Usually it gets into the connector. let's pop that connector off. Did it? Well, that's better and get all my glasses. just hinge.

Just a tinge of green on the corner, but not too bad. So yeah, we get an eat some switch for that and that'll at least fix the fact that the eats and switch can work. It doesn't mean there's no leaks, but uh, we need to get that fixed. So I'm gonna go eat some lunch I'm gonna see if somebody has one of those and we'll get one cup.

Okay girl, what's up? There's somebody here for you. Oh okay. Napa has come through for us yet again. Second time today.
Go nap. We're gonna get this little guy out of here. They come off pretty easy and then we could probably get a better look at the green crusties coming out of there on the back side of this plug. They leak right through the front.

I've got my Lighting in a really crappy spot nobody can see. We're gonna take a little. Toyota Rubber Grease You can just use silk Glide if you have that, this just happens to be what I Grabbed sit back down. We've got the O-ring that comes with it and we just apply a little bit of grease to this just to the face of it here.

that'll help stick it where it needs to be stuck and then I put it. I Also put it on the other side too, so flip it around Slicker up on both sides and then you'll see where it goes right in the end of the canister. You can't. You can't mess that up really.

It sits right in there nicely. rub some lube around it, Grab your new some switch if you're calling to Napper to get one of these. They'll have no idea what you're talking about when you say eat some switch. The Eclin catalog and standard motor product still has it listed under a leak detection pump, which is the one thing it is not.

it is not. It is a leak detector, but it's in no way shape or form a pump like the old Chrysler Ldp systems. The actual leak detection pump systems that they made totally different than this. So just a word of advice.

if you're calling to get one, tell them you need a leak detection pump. don't know exactly what you're talking about Then sometimes maybe you'll find something to look up yourself. So now we have that and I'm gonna fire it up. We're gonna look at the purge.

We're gonna look at the eat some switch status. make sure when it goes under Purge that switch closes. That's what we expect to see I've mentioned in a lot of other videos. If you want an in-depth detail of how this how the Eason system works or Chrysler leak detection pump systems or their Nvld systems or their three main evap systems that they use uh, the Go: Tech garage uh Mike Becker over there Wells EV whatever you remember it as but I believe it's Go Tech garage.

Now for NGK over on YouTube He does a really great job on the Chrysler EVAP system. Search your videos. I'll see if I can find a link. put it there.

but if you want to know exactly how the system works, best explanation there. don't listen to me. All right. So our oh there we go.

sorry you guys just about missed our purge. solenoid just turned on as soon as it turned on. Seconds later, the Eason switch went closed. Uh, so that's good.

So it'll build and hold a certain amount of vacuum in the tank and then eventually the purge valve will shut off. The PCM will test it for a large leak which I think we can force run at least a large leak test, but we can at least see now that Eat Some Switch works. let me Shut the key off. so we shut it off I turn the key back on.
Of course we lost our data. You know, as soon as we killed the key here. let me see if I can pop in a live data, see if it saves it I don't know as if it does. no, it doesn't But we can search our eat some switch real quick here and see if it stayed closed and it's still closed.

So that tells us that we don't have. You know, at least the massive leak. because if I go back and take the gas cap off, we should watch that go open. but there's a certain amount of time that should remain closed depending on you know, fuel tank volume, volatility stuff like that.

But to make sure the switch works, let me go open the gasket. three two one. Okay, the Cap's open. it should have went open I can't see it, but it showed up I'll put the cap back on and that's that.

So hopefully it opened at that time. I'll figure it out when I'm editing the video but um I think maybe it's under system check we can do a gross evap leak. Yeah, because I think this is a special let's go system check EGR use enforce monitor test. So I had to do a couple other jobs here while I was waiting for us.

Got back on this I love this test run a couple times it comes up test complete but this largely monitor status. You know this says NL I don't know what that means I'm running it again. uh, some of the EVAP testing on Chrysler can be a little Hit or Miss I'll tell we should dig out the um the wide Tech to do this, but I'm pretty confident we have it. I mean the switch goes close almost immediately.

as soon as the purge hits, it stays close for a long time. Kion Engine off. I've gone ahead and cleared the codes out of it. um I think at this point I'm just going to let the customer go ahead and just take the vehicle.

Sometimes we got to do just that, folks. we just got to leave it at that. um I usually like to run a drive cycle before give it back customer, but in this case I'm going to give it back. This thing's got some other issues I mean it needs tires and a host of other things, but at least This way here.

the car will start and run without. you know Recon like gas and flooding itself out and you know we takes the EVAP problem there. you know it still has to go through and run the EVAP Monitor and you know, hopefully it doesn't set a code for you know for a small ink gross leak I know we've got fixed because that switch stays closed for a long time and you know I'll see what she wants to the rest of it. Obviously you know friends banged up need to, you know, needs a headlight and like they need some other work too so we're gonna leave it at that.

Hopefully you guys still got something out of this uh, video got to see. you know about the um, the coolant rationality code that it had in it leaning us towards you know, looking at the coolant temp sensor to see what that's doing and it was pretty surprising to me that it was flooding it out that bad. um because when I first started yeah I started ran like crap. um you know and then shut the key off back on I got way worse.
almost hacked it to me like it was, you know, had an injector. it's leaking down, but clearly that's not the case. You know it's just more or less a problem just with that coolant temp sensor. So but like I say we're going to keep on moving on.

Super Slam to work today So I gotta keep going. You guys go in. the comment section questions, concerns CNC The Facebook you know where to find us folks and discipline reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching foreign.

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