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Does Brake Fluid go BAD?? Ford Transit 2.0
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All right. Moving around for kind of a closer view, we can see where this uh, this hose was rubbing on the AC line and if we look real close we can see that little pin holes right there. See that itty bitty little pinholes? Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here! I Know I'm glad to be here. Got a full shot today.

Uh, waiting on approval, waiting on some parts and those things out there, they're all waiting to come in here. Uh I want to knock one more car out today and actually get something done? So I'm going to go fetch the uh, the new view flooring van and uh, I'm gonna fix that power steering leak. Uh I Had this van in here, uh, not long ago. Uh, there's a video uh, onset van from our prior service.

I Will leave the link to that video in the description down below if you wish to check it out. We did a very thorough brake fluid exchange on that van and a couple other knick-knacky items. Speaking of floors and new views, New View has given me a new view on my floor because I no longer have title in here. So they tore out all the tile for us last week that got chucked in the dumpster hauled away.

We're going to we're going to go over this with like a scar of fire and clean it up. and then we'll continue the rehab project on the on the shop extension. but that's for another video. right now we're going to fix that power steering leak.

Uh, we found the leak. Uh, it turns out that uh, what had occurred is one of the hard lines for the power steering fluid was rubbing on one of the Ac lines and one of them had to lose. The one that decided it was going to lose was uh was the power steering return hose. So uh I've called.

Ford We've got a new one. It's a Motocraft. We're going to replace the power steering line in the 2013 Mini Baby transit connect with 122 061 miles on the odometer starting the engine kind of dark. Yeah I Hear that pump yelling at us? No Power steering? Yeah, this should be a nice quick and easy job.

And yes I said it I said should. This will be a nice quick and easy job. Let's knock this thing out. I Think we're just gonna nose her in right here behind the FJ Yota windows down parking.

Ziato Powering down. Now there is no popping of the hood because this is a mini baby. Transit Connect and I've learned I've learned through error that you flip up the little little circle guy there one and then two turns and then we can pull up on on our hood and it's released. That's how that works.

My first one took me forever to figure it out. Now you'll notice that Uh, well. I don't have any lifts available. These ones are both full.

So I'm going to do this job in the ground. uh what we need to do is get to power steering line which is way down yonder. We can actually see it a little better from over here. In the laying down position, there's our fluid and Blinded By the Light There's some more fluid and right up here.

See that right there. See that power steering line is rubbing on the AC line and it rubbed through and is leaking. This line runs all the way across the bottom of the engine and then it goes up. So let's swing around here.

we're gonna go up and I've already lost it but it comes and travels underneath of all of this. Ruger Barrel right here goes back and I believe it attaches way way down here. There you go, you can see to the steering gear. there's a one line.

see if I can't point out from here there's oh, hang on, bear with me, there's one of them and then there's one of them. There's two silver lines right there. It's one of those. so let's go ahead.

we'll dig out our new part. I Think we have to pull the battery, the intake some of this stuff right here and then we can get that line dug out and snuck around and we'll get the new one tossed in. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. I Have uh finished my replacement component.

It doesn't feel like metal, feels like a it feels like NASDAQ Anyway, yeah, this is our guy right here. so let's go ahead and get started. Okay, first things first: let's get our battery disconnected and we'll pull this thing out again. I'm going to try to do this from the top side: I'm about, uh, about 87 percent confident that this line can come out through the top here.

First things first: uh well, now we're not even on first thing, we're on like third or fourth or fifth thing. So next up, I'm gonna pull this, uh, this vent line out of this intake box. Which concerns me because it's got this big hose clamp on here and uh, it's not supposed to have that big hose clamp and I Fear Well I just have beer because I don't want to break it because it appears to already be kind of broken-ish I don't want to make it permanently broken because then I'm responsible for it I don't want to do that. Come on there.

I Don't even know if that's going to come out. You know what? We'll do that last. So next up, I'll pull the bass airflow sensor connector off. That's going to be in the way.

We'll pop the tabs for the air filter. Yeah, we're just going to skip right past that like it's not even foreign, like it doesn't exist. It is. No matter, not real.

It's a figment of our imagination. Must be getting late. I'm rambling. I'm rambling.

The weirdest of rambles. The most random of nonsensicals they're supposed to put you like over here. since you don't want to come out. please come out.

I don't I don't want to fight I just want to remove you. There we go. Good filter. Nice.

Okay, moving in a little closer here. we've got some connections to. uh, disconnect. There's this little wire right here.

Let's unclip this. Come out. Oh nope. It's uh.

reluctant. loud. It's reluctant to comply. Yeah, there we go.

Well, that's not okay. Look at that and there's some stuff I broke. Yeah, what's the deal with this? Yeah, the weather pack seal is stuck there. Sorry Blue thing, we don't need you anymore has unalived itself.

Okay, so I can start to see some of those hoses down there a little further. Uh. I think next. Okay, we'll pull this thing aside there.

I Don't need an air compressor disconnect wires? That's the primary chassis ground. Okay, let's uh. I'm gonna take this little ground wire off of here just so I can get this all the way out of the way. You can reattach that later.

Let's get that guy set aside there. now. What else do we have to uh contend with here? Well, I'm trying to see what my best, uh angle of attack is here. Okay, yeah, I'm gonna pull the battery out all the way.

I'm gonna need to need to get more access to down here and this battery is exactly right in the middle. There's another one here for that PCM bracket. Don't think. Put that up here and we'll go ahead and pull this guy out.

Come here. Battery: Big old thing, heavy. Okay, what do we got? Two 13 millimeter bolts and that tray will come out next. All right.

Loud noises coming in. Foreign. Okay. I was wrong.

There's something else holding this in. Oh, another bolt. Another: it's over here. Is that it that looks? come out? come out.

One Battery tray removed. I Didn't get much space but we got some in there. Okay, now, according to the size of my new hose, are flexible pieces. What about? Yay! Long, 18 inches or so 16 and we've got two hoses coming off of that steering gear.

Uh, the one on the left is very rubbery and long and the one on the right is. Well, there's more metal. That's what I was trying to say. See the Uh transitions right here from the rubber Parts metal part.

So I think that's the one we're looking at. which means way down here. it's gonna be the one bolted on on the left. Okay, that's the hard one to reach.

Okay, um, you need any now. What do I do? Okay, so first order of business is gonna be to disconnect those hoses from the steering gear. Get you guys in there so you can see what's going down and I'm gonna reach in on the right hand side here and we're gonna unbolt the bolt that holds the flange down that secures these lines into the steering gear. It's like a flat plate and then both lines pass through it and then the plate gets bolted down to the gear.

and uh, that Arrangement is what secures the lines to the clear rack and pinion. Not enough grabby I Just lost my wretchy. got it a little bit more on that? Bolt This will be fine as long as I don't start to drop things I think come on bolts. Oh come on, can't see very far.

My face is kind of master cylinder. I got the bolts out. Here's our little plate flange thing right here. See that foreign pop these lines out if I can get them which I can't because I think they're bolted to uh, the steering gear down there.

All right. let's come out of this hole. let's go down below and see what's holding those things on. Ah, I see it.

I See it. It's not a little uh, clamp thing right there. There's a a 5.5 millimeter Bolt running through it. a little guy.

That's what secures the two lines to the steering gear. I Need to sneak that little guy out. This probably would be easier if I had this on a lift, but I don't So we're doing this the hard way actually. I think I did some of my best work.

Uh, without a lift. That seems to be the consensus. You guys like the down and dirty kind of stuff. It didn't come out right.

Come on. Bolt don't have all day. Yeah, it's a forward thing with these 5.5 mils too. There's there's not many manufacturers that utilize the five and a half millimeter board.

Seems to like it. Okay, going back in with just the extension. I think I Can you just twist that out the rest of the way with the flanges or not? Yeah, I'm not even looking at it guys. I'm just kind of feeling it.

We're good. It's out of the bracket. Okay, let's get out of here. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and pull these lines out of the steering gear.

Now there's one. I Think that's the one we need. Yep, that's the one I needed. We'll leave that guy dangling out over here and we can, uh, start to disconnect it from its little brackets and mounts and whatnot.

There's two of them and then the thing is going to move. It goes forward here. Hey, I see it? DM is in the way slightly. I'm gonna maybe remove the CCM I Think foreign.

Not really. The bolts are far away. Yeah, it needs to happen. Let's let's pull the CCM out.

I Need to be able to get my hands and arms down in that location Down Yonder Oh, that's nasty gravity. We're gonna spread that out later. Yeah. I almost just have like some Hood gravity foreign right there.

That's our, that's our guy. I'm gonna unplug this transmission real quick because that wiring harness is kind of in the way. If I can get it apart, don't break, you don't want that. Oh got it.

Yep, a little bit more space. That's what I'm looking for. Here's the stay over there, connect with. Here's the line right here and I think I'm gonna need to remove this shifter cable.

also. Okay, Okay, so I still think this PCM is in the way shoe. Let me check that out right now if I can. I'll just pick it up and move it over to the side.

There's another bolt up here and probably another one somewhere else. it's not coming off. What's this problem? Well, there's a 13 on that bracket. I'll just take that one off and I think that's all we have left foreign myself.

I'm just gonna disconnect this. totally pulling myself unclicked. Yeah, here's our hose. Now we're getting somewhere.

We've got the space. Kind of okay. it's pretty much all free from up here. Let's go down below and we're gonna disconnect it from the cooler lines.

and I think we can pull it up and out through here. That's the idea. Okay, so uh, this thing might be kind of fun. Uh, it's got a connector on the uh, the not damaged side of this line and gravity flashlight in order to, uh, get that connector out.

I've got to release the clips and I don't know if I have the appropriate tool gravity squared I Don't know if I've got the appropriate tool here to actually get those uh, those connectors to come out. I'm gonna try it with yeah, that's not the one. Okay, yeah, my fuel line disconnect set is not fitting. Um, and it's stuck.

That's cool. Give it back like we're not. We're not doing this there. All right.

Yeah, trying to get in here I got another one. Maybe this one will fit I think it's actually a little bit too big and it's way too big. All right. Failure Failure squared.

Give it back I'm gonna get I'm gonna grow very weary of this exercise. Okay, round six: I'm gonna try it with the the plastic one. see if this, uh, this guy is gonna fit in here. Nothing else fits.

So I hope it does. Tight squeeze too. Get in there. Um, please get in there.

Yeah, there we go, you say? please? listened. Okay, so I've got it in there. Let's see if this is gonna come apart and we're golden. Look at that.

That's nice. Got some spillage. We're draining some fluid spillage and drains. Let's get that out of the way towels under there.

Okay, so this line should be completely disconnected. Now let me sneak it out from what we're hung up on and we can go ahead and pull this thing up and out through the top over there. So let's go ahead and climb out. Whoa.

And we're gonna fish this guy out and remember it's got to go like right through right through here. When we put it back, don't let me forget. Okay, because I will uh-huh Let's see how this goes and we're out junk coming in with the new line. we're just gonna compare these sizes and shapes and all that good stuff and all the bends we're looking good.

Yepper this is our guy. Okay new hose. going back in I'm Gonna Leave This uh. little piece of plastic on the end right here just so this doesn't scrape past any kind of dirt and then end up embedding the dirt into um, into the line so that'll just contaminate things and that'll be bad.

Okay, all right. new line going in, going down, going back, going around I Don't really know where it's going but it's going foreign. Well, it came out easier. It was kind of pointed the wrong way.

Foreign. Okay, we're hung up on the bottom. Let me go down there real quick and straighten things out. Okie Doke So down below.

I Got that handled. This thing is in a better position Now let me get it past all these little wiring harnesses and grounded properly and we can send this hose up and over the transmission and then back down. Now is a good time to take this off. Back down to the steering gear.

Uh, good. Send you down there and it's looking good up here. It's all routed properly. Yes, yes and yes.

Minor hang up over here. No worries, we got that. Okay, it's mostly in position. I'm going to, uh, put the transmission shift wave lever I said labor shift cable.

That's what you get when you try to say levered and cable at the same time. I'm going to put the shift labor back. No, I'm not because now it doesn't want to go. What have I done? No, seriously, what's the deal here there? got it.

Cable click and while I'm in that General vicinity I Think you know I was going to plug those connectors in. but I think I'll wait until I can clean up this uh, this little mess right here. There's a bunch of connectors and stuff that needs to get connected and now it may not be the time. Okay, okay, I got that sorted out.

I wanted this wiring harness behind the trans line or the trans cable and under this. uh, this line right here. So now I can connect these no problem. they're not stretched and they're not tugging on anything else and it's all in a nice, good, secure position.

Which is what I want I want it to be the way it's supposed to be. not. However, it fit together One time there we go, that's what we're looking for. Okay, now from the next trick, we're going back in to her uh, her deep deep nether regions here and I'm gonna go ahead and get this line reconnected and we'll bolt that thing back together that way.

Oh, you can't see the camera Rafael I'm terrible. Okay, let's get this line right here, plugged in, don't need that. We'll get this guy connected, re-secured, and then we'll work our way back forward again to the uh, the front of the vehicle and we'll put this thing inside of all of its brackets and uh, and then we'll connect it to the other end. It's gonna be a whole challenge all in and of itself.

I think oh I can't see I lost Uh I can't see the hole I'm trying to Connect into here. Bear with me. We're right. The tips like right there.

hang on. nobody can see I can't see you can't see any better. not really. Oh I think I got it.

we're close there. we go. Now it's in, moving that little plate over the line and then I can uh I can put the bolt into it. Yeah, that looks good.

Okay, foreign. okay. 10 mil bolt coming in and that's going to secure that little bracket plate thing to the uh, the steering gear which is in turn going to clamp the lines down. You guys can't see anything I'm doing I'm sorry, is that better? kind of.

Ah, come on a little bit more and clickage. Okay, just off to the right. We've got the little Mount and a 5.5 millimeter. We'll get that guy in next.

Can you guys see that one down there? Do I need to move you over some? Yeah I need to move I cannot see anything wrong. Okay, here's our little 5.5 and that's going to go down right on the other side here. Coming in five, five going down all the way down. That's it's a Thai squeeze fellas.

but I gotta get it in. It's not in me to leave both sitting out. never foreign or not. Yeah, there it is there it was I lost it again.

This is hard camera gravity. It's a guarantee people leave these things out. so I know that's not easy to get in. All right I Had to switch hands.

Okay I had to switch hands a little bit, but it's going in now I got it. I had the wrong angle on my dangle there. A little ratchet down here and we can run that guy down and then like I said, we'll move forward. Button up the rest of this thing.

Yeah, things like this are actually more important than what you'd assume because if that's not installed, then vibrations can end up causing, uh, some breakages in the future and that's just not good. So we really do want to try to install every every piece that we can. You know on one hand I curse Engineers for how they build things, but then on the other hand, the things that they build has some kind of a purpose even though we may not understand what it is because it's done in engineering terms coming out. Okay, so we're secured now at the steering gear.

uh, at the bracket and we've got a couple little Clips here. they're going to clip one line to another just so they don't vibrate into each other. There's one and there's two. there's these are the older ones and you know, just for fun.

I'll use the third one right here, which is one that came on the new line. Now we have extra clampages if that's gonna fit. which is, it's got to go forward. Foreign.

Get on there clamp and make a liar out of me. Aren't you what? Really, You know why? It's because I have it on the small hose. I Should have had it on the big hose first and then the small hose and take that guy off if you can. It's a two-handed operation.

Oh okay. big hose first click and then little hose. Now we have extra vibration protection. Okay, let's go ahead and get down low again and uh, just figure out how we're gonna send the rest of this line over to its home see that's supposed to connect onto that one so foreign s off and reconnect them using the old ones because the old ones are still on the uh, the line over there.

All right. So we're down here at the uh, the other end of this line and I'm trying to figure out how this is supposed to be routed I know the way that it we found it was not correct because it rubbed through so I need to figure out see it. it would want to fit that way but that's how what broke the first one. So I'm thinking we'll do it on the other side.

let me get this tape off of here. It's a tape nonsense I should have pulled this off earlier when uh I had the chance up top. Yeah and it's packing tape too. the grossest of all tapes.

and it's fluid covered packing tape which is even worse. Foreign nasty. Okay, let's get this thing plugged in. Let's see here we're gonna do this: I like it on this side better.

I'm not going to put it back where I found it because that was wrong or this uh AC hose is wrong I'm gonna bend that a little bit there. more clearance I don't want this to happen again. click hmm All right I think I've got it all kind of squared away so this is free to move around if it needs to. And I've got all the wires connected to it I Plugged in that little connector thing there.

so now there's space for all the components in here. they're all routed properly. Let's get out of here. so I'll have to lay in the ground anymore and get the rest of the stuff put back together.

What do you say? Battery: PCM Battery Tray Air Box All that good stuff. So the the line is installed, that section is complete. Let's finish up with the uh, the little details and we're gonna get out of here all right. Time for some reassembly action.

Start with the battery tray this time. we'll start from the back and just move our way forward. Sounds good to me, that's two nuts. Nut number three: Slide that down there dude.

let's get this thing tight. Then we'll put that PCM back on rusted, foreign. Let's put that battery down into the position here. I Think it'll be just fine there.

right there by itself. You know that reaches where's that negative cable and that reaches okay. Get the PCM and its bracket back in. Next, we've got the eight at the bottom, the 13 at the bottom.

Talking to myself, not not talking to you guys. Connect our connectors. They're kind of hard to reach three of those. that looks good.

Okay, where's that 13? Man, you guys couldn't even see what I was doing. It was terrible. Sorry, it's late. It's late.

in the evening. There's one of the eights and the other that I did not need to remove goes up here right there. Okay, let's secure this unit. Two clicks.

just note how you're tarting down Powertrain control module I'm doing it wrong. Okay, there's that little connector that's Halfway Broken No worries though, it'll function just fine. Ground wire, extra little ground wire thing. Not sure what that's for.

Okay, that guy's on. Tighten this thing down. Oh, you know what? I better take that off. Y'all will get mad at me.

We're connecting the ground first. I've learned in my lesson there. Now it's not connected. Let's tighten down this.

uh, this chassis ground over here and get our battery bracket installed. Next, it's one more eight mil for the PCM bracket, foreign for the battery and another 10 for the battery. Oh, it's not threading. What are you doing there? Good.

Give it back. That's why we can't have 10 millimeters. Yeah, here's something we haven't seen in a while. Battery terminal shiny polish that guy up a little bit.

Oh beautimous. Look at that. no longer. Rudy I Mean it wasn't that bad.

but since we're here, why not in the terminals? out with the other side? So this is a fancy tool. Uh-oh I have made an error. This is supposed to come up from over here on this side. Not this side.

redo. Epic failure. No worries. Foreign figured out without.

uh, disassembling everything. I Just assembled. I'll just run it up and behind. Yeah, this is going to be just fine.

It's coming up. it's coming in so you better get your engine started. Yeah, it's late. I'm losing my mind.

Oh what have I done next now here? Oh oh, hang on. begin PCM Removal again. this isn't right actually. I don't think it was right when I started.

but now I know it's not right. foreign. So I need this to come up over here and go here but it doesn't reach anywhere. How do I do this? I'm gonna run it behind.

Does it go there? Is that how this is gonna work? Hmm I don't like this. This isn't cool. Two, the problem is: I I don't know where these things go. This connector a little tab right here and another one below it.

It's supposed to hook up to something, but I don't know what that something is supposed to be. maybe here. I'm gonna try one different way to Route this cable. Yeah, we're gonna go under everything and then this way as far as possible.

Let me try that real quick here. All right. figured it out. I took it back and down and back further and I went all the way down uh again to where the power steering lines are and where it hooks up to the starter.

I Figured out how this is supposed to go so it's now pulled up in its proper location. That one Clips in right there. remember I mentioned these little clip things. this one Clips in right here and this one Clips in that one Clips in right there which gives us a good straight shot here to the terminal.

so solve that mystery. It was routed wrong and it is now routed right says I Anyway, back at it. let's put this cable back on. Get this thing connected.

it's both. PCM back in again, my radio turned off I wonder if I'm like all out of playlist I think I am. It's okay I'm almost out of work on this so I don't I'm not gonna go over there and turn it back on. We will work in silence, silence, and clicks.

That's the idea. Positive Connect or connected. Negative Connector Connected Clicked Good Good Good Good Good Good. That's all good.

Okay, let's back up again and we'll get the air box installed. Okay. Air box coming in It's Gonna slide down. It's got two grommets and those are pressed in I think I got you know I missed one I think I missed one.

Hang on. Nope, we're good. It is aligned and then two long eight mil bolts. Foreign.

All right. those are in air filter. Let's get that guy in good and intake. clip it in, set it down, plug it in, some, clamp it on two clamps and three clamps and then this little guy plugs in right now.

I need to fix that later. I Bet you that's an intake leak. Probably not a big one, but maybe enough to cause a lean code because the mass airflow is here. and if it leaks past that mass airflow, that means unmetered air is coming in so that that could that could cause a lean code.

What are you doing? It's not connecting, That's what you're doing. Did I Get it? No. What's this problem? Lack of lubrication? There, you're gonna go or what? there? That's it. See that one's tight I Think it was not enough I gave up halfway through to connect something else.

All right. now. that's tight. Let's get this little guy clamped on.

Although this is kind of too much clamp for, uh, the application in my estimation, but it'll work. Come on. Okay, that's that. except for power steering fluid.

Let's refill the reservoir and uh, check for leaks. Okay, power steering fluid incoming. Oh got it. I Can't there We go all the way up.

Whoop That was close. I almost had some spillage. Okay, I'm gonna toss the cap on this just so when I start it up, it doesn't fire that stuff out like a cannon. and uh, let's head into the cabin and restock the engine, remove the wheel around, get some fluid flow, and make sure we don't have any leaks.

And then this thing is good to go. There's the keys, they're in the hood I Left the keys in the yes, there it is. Oh my phone's ringing hi Bender which could be here I bet it's somebody calling to tell me I can't uh set up a differential properly restarting Z Engine ring Okay, need more fluid? There it goes. Okay, so that noise is going to keep going for a while because this fluid is aerated.

Yeah, it's full of bubbles in there. Well, all that bubbly action does not play well with the hydraulic pumps. So uh, for a day or so, we could probably expect to hear that little noise right there. It may go away quick quickly, but sometimes it'll hang out for a few days.

I Know when I uh was in the power steering service on my Silverado It made a whining and groaning noise for about three days until all the bubbles went away. The only thing we can do is operate the system, run it through heat cycles, and uh, just wait for the bubbles to clear out. Okay, take a peek down below make sure we're not leaking fluid everywhere and getting AC but I don't think so Looking good here. slowly.

No drips, no runs. That's all from earlier. Good to go All right guys. this is a success.

It flu is so full. Yeah we're good to go. So uh. that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know what's up. Let me know about that.

Bye tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video or think I should have done something differently, please feel free to register your comments and concerns in the comments section also down below. Foreign Ly Don't forget to have yourself a straight day. See you guys later in the power steering repair into Ford in the transmission in the bag in the video.


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    Well he didn't, so the only thing holding the new exhaust was the front and the rear hanger. You know where this is going. The stress of the road bumps and so forth broke that thing in half. So yep, the designers usually know what they need to accomplish.

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    We had a former GM engineer at our company. Our product runs were more specialized, maybe 5,000 a year. A penny saved on a design is not as critical, yet he would make penny saved design decisions that would bite us in the a$$ later instead of designing for the future. We always had to remind him in meetings that we were not making 250,000 units, and a penny in the design is not a big deal if it will save us headaches $$$$$$ (and hence money) later.

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