In this video I have a look at a customers GMC Yukon Denali with the big 6.2 that was towed in for a no start not crank. I have seen this enough times it's just as easy to take a guess rather than busting out the tools. Not to mention we already did a video on one of these.
UPDATE: Customer had me bypass the connector and throw away the module and the battery light went out after tightening up the positive terminal. I just had it resting on there when I went out in the lot to bring it in. Now he can go get a sticker on it and get it on the road 🙄
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That folks got us in 2007. It's a GMC it's a Yukon that's the Denali I Assume it's a 5-3 and there could be wrong. Uh, it doesn't run, doesn't crank, it doesn't do anything, and it's got an inspection that's a couple years overdue and it's not even registered on the road. Uh, the guy made the appointment.

There may be a lack of communication on my part. Um, but what I was told is that he put an oil pump in it and since then, uh, it's had electrical trouble and it's stuck in second gear. That's basically all the notes that I have on it when he made the appointment. um, tried calling him to see if this is a new symptom.

I See there's no parental display on the dash was there's a Prindles there, but there's no line under what gear it's in and again, it doesn't crank. it doesn't do anything. Uh, it was out my parking lot. the battery was unhooked I hooked the battery up.

battery seems to have a charge on it. You know you can move the shifter in and out. windows go up and down. horn honks that kind of stuff.

but that's it. so that's all I know. so let's get after it. Give me an idea here.

I come in to hook up the alltail figure I might better show you. um so key on engine off. We do have an engine light which is good. no Prindle display like I say I don't know if we got a I don't see a backup camera.

service, suspension system put open. what else was there? Park assist off but yeah, when I go to try to start it, nothing happens there. Pretty neutral. Nothing happened there like I said yeah we got a horn.

we've got headlights. you know? seems like we have everything like that. You know, power windows go up and down so no clicking? No nothing. what's up Miss though I got you a package.

Perishable, huh? All right. Well thank you I'm trying to let it Auto ID it's not happening. So we're going to type in the VIN number uh manually which this tells us basically that there is. you know, no, it's going to be a no communication situation.

Yeah there we go. Disadvent scan failed which I need so this is a 6.2 I should know him being at was the denial version. Uh so just my big fat guess going into it is the suspension control module is rotted out in the back. that's my big fat guess.

Um so anyways, let's figure it out the right way. So I'm going to let it go through a system scan here. I Think what we'll find is everything on the high speed data Network here is not going to function as we can see it's all grayed out but everything that runs off the class 2 or the low speed here I think it's class two on this is likely going to function and be tattletailing and they can't see. you know stuff on the high speed.

Network So we'll let that finish and then let you guys see what we see. It's all done we're going to go. to report: Skip that uh supplementary passenger presence module erratic loss come with radio past your presence high voltage, low voltage invariable serial data receives that's probably an airbag light on for a while I'm guessing uh, driver's doors problems lost kind of with HVAC All right, Well, we're just going to make note of these. Nothing really to worry about.
A lot of history codes and stuff in here. Those are all history codes like I Say with the battery being unhooked, probably had lots of dead batteries and yeah, because these are all past past all history codes. All right, let's focus on the fact that we have a no com with anything on the high speed. Network I think uh, probably pattern failures and experience is going to help us with this one.

Pop right in here. Pin 6 and 14 is what we want to look at for our high speed can and we can see we have nothing. It's at one and a half volts and just kind of chilling there. I'm on pin 14.

and that's at about I don't know. three quarters of a volt I would guess yeah, about 700 millivolts and then back on pin six and that one's sitting at 1.5 volts. Um, the low speed I Don't know what it is if it's pin two or pin seven I might we might have to look this up. thank you but that that one is talking anyways.

You know what is the J1850 Is that Pin two? No, it's not blinking. There we go. There's Pin One. Okay, so pin one's flashing at us all right and there's where we're communicating on our our low speed Network Um, so just in case you wanted to see that so there is com there.

But when we look at our our regular high speed on pin 6 and 14, nothing's happening. Uh like I say I've seen this enough on these Chevys to know that usually it's just a module that's gone Haywire on us and on the Denalis and the Escalades and stuff. it's typically the suspension module sometimes but not always I Think we did another one of these videos on a Yukon and I don't recall I don't remember what we finally looked back in the video. remember it's a maroon Yukon around the same era I Want to say that I always probably suspension module on that one too.

So let's um, before we dive too deep into this, let's just raise it up in the air, give this thing a visual inspection. It looks super rotted from up here and like say if it's been sitting a couple years. Boy that can that can add 10 years to a car Pretty quick. Welcome to New York baby, that's where your friend belongs.

Lady, this thing smoked. unless you ride it boy, gas lines and everything are ready to explode. She is rough. Front brakes are solid.

Rust looks like it got oil sprayed at some point in its life. But wait, can't hardly turn these wheels. She's rough. man.

cross members are running out of there. Thank you. There's our suspension control module. What's left of it? I Just slapped.

Uh, Pin Six here. Pulled up on our scope so we can see if only unplug this if our Network comes back to life. Nice part Bob. He's being all rocking out because uh, the module comes out nice and easy.
Nice and easy. It's got one rat hole through it, so that's usually a pretty tall tale sign. Looks like somebody's been here before though. Hot damn it broke.

Oh listen, bing bing bing. Oh, the whole connector fell apart. Oh yeah, somebody's got this thing jammed rightful. Dielectric Grease and stuff.

Of course. that's what we do. Bingo, Bingo, there's Pin Six. There's Pin 14.

we'll take and get a little more time on your screen here. All right, so we can see we have some data network communications restored. uh, without even looking a wiring diagram. I Do know that up here somewheres I'm as hard as usually is the other half of the resistor that's taped to the harness.

but the truck should probably still start and run without it. I'm just I'm Gonna Pop That connector apart and put this back together just in case we end up leaving this unplugged. Sometimes it's easier to fix a car with experience than it is actually looking. Of course, nobody really learns anything from this, but yeah, boy, they really got that thing.

Patrick Full of grease. Maybe they were trying to fix another problem probably the service suspension light that was coming on and off intermittently would be my guess. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that long ago that we actually did a video on one of these. Nobody ever fixes these.

Oh actually, well, this is where your compressor goes ladies. So yeah, so never mind. so nobody's fixing this one. I was gonna say the compressor is usually routed out and I don't know if we ever put up that video.

We did one of these where I think I mentioned in the video that it was the first time in all self-made Auto history. So we actually fixed the air suspension on one of these vehicles. Typically when these things come to me, they're they're done. It's smoked.

You know? it's like this one frame trotted. It's not worth doing anything with junk. and I think the one that we did in that video I think we just cut the network wires hooked them together. but uh, Anyhow, that was about this.

How about we exit out of here? Oops. Oh oh gosh, come on. Chase Let's go back to our Diagnostics or history and this is the work done. I think it's 07.

it should be able to talk to the high speed now even though that resistor is still unhooked in the back. Let's just go fault scan see if we have communications. Yep, we do. So now our our ECM is back online.

Tcm's back online I've got to wait till I hear from the customer to see what he wants to do. I mean obviously there's no sense in putting this in or you know, getting a new one because the compressor is missing and then there's really no sense in fixing this truck because it's completely rotted out, frame smoked, everything on its junk. But at least I don't have to pull it back outside with a lawnmower. I Guess Well it was littered right, full of no com codes and all kinds of codes in there.
Let's just take him for Grins and Giggles just start it, see if it's got its gears and then that. I've just gotta wait for the guy to call back. All right, we've got our printable display. These six twos are so awesome.

All right. Service suspension system of course we got reavers. hey. ABS Works Battery lights, Huh? Foreign? all right.

Beautiful. It doesn't seem to be stuck in second gear as he was mentioning. All right, Yeah! I Made a shift at least all the way up to Fourth There sounds like there's some Rust flying out of the back stop I Guess that's it. I'm not going to go any further with it.

It's obviously not charging, so wait to hear from this fella. It's kind of a short silly video folks, but it just goes to show that sometimes diagnosing stuff I guess if you will diagnosing we use that term lightly here or guessing at what a problem is can be helpful if you are familiar with some pattern failures of a particular brand or symptom. or you know, however you want to use the word there that I'm not using right? The fact of the matter is, this is probably the eighth or tenth one of these that I've seen come in with the same symptom and the same exact problem. So something like this is pretty easy.

Now if this had a spare tire in it and it was, you know, not a New York car and it wasn't all rotted out, we would approach this a lot different. but being that we'd seen under the hood like oh, this thing looks pretty rotted under the hood it's going to be smoked underneath which we saw, you know, the frames, rotted cross members Rod brakes, gas lines. that's that's junk cars junk So then we could go right for that thing. takes a you know a minute.

you guys seem to unplug it and see if we're right. If it wasn't then we're going to stop right there and do our our diagnosis like we should. Uh, you know the proper way. but sometimes pattern failures really help you and help you not waste a lot of time.

Uh, nothing more really saying this. I'm gonna wait till I hear from the guy I assume he's just gonna have us cut the wires Loop them together and you know Adios Muchacho! And I just sent them down the road but I don't know what he's going to do with the truck. probably have to get a look and stick them somewheres somewhere other in my shop. I'll tell you that and then I don't know if he's gonna drive it, but like I say with all the brake lines, gas lines, stuff ready to blow, it's just going to be an endless you know? Money Pit Not to mention the frames are added so that's it.

Comment Section: folks, questions, comments, concerns, see and see the Facebook you know where rat folks. Not a tick tock though jerk and just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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