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In this video I have a look at customers 2012 Tacoma that came in with the engine light on for some cam sensor codes. Didn't take long to find the culprit. Seems to be a red squirrel made his little house inside this yota 🐿🥜
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There viewers welcome back to the south main auto channel working on the 2012. It it's a toyota it's the tacoma. It's the big 4 0. And's a low mileage like a 25k or so on this thing money lights on so be honest with you folks it did not take long to narrow this one down.

I had to i'd go over the other bait ridge and move it over here uh seriously long extended crank when i went to bring it in uh so initially. I assumed i can't crank sensor code. Something like that by cam sensor and sure enough. It was let me get the code list for you got your classic po340 cam sensor circuit.

343 cam sensor high input bank. 1. And then a p1604 startability fault. Because you got to crank the snout on this thing get it going so those are the current pending and history codes that we have and i'll show you what i seen right off.

I pop the lid off so i get a look at the cam sensor and problems. Obvious that right. There. Is your problem.

Lady uh. A mouse got in here and that's what i saw initially when i popped the plastic lid off i looked down in here seeing the mouse nest. I seen some more wiring there chewed up you can see the wire back on that fuel injector is chewed up uh. No coach for those uh looks like the evap hose well it's not an evap hose.

I guess. It's a hose that runs to that intake manifold tuning valve is mia. So i ate out a whole section of that and i don't know what else so we need to remove the intake to find out how much death darkness and destruction. There is under there i went to pull this little guy off.

I think. It's going to be kind of comical. I haven't gone all the way. But i'm pretty sure it's full of walnuts.

So we're going to have to uh bring you along have a look at that ultimately what we need to do is tear. This all apart. So we can find out how many parts and pieces. We need to order from toyota to get this thing back together a lady brought it in for inspection.

And the engine light. But here we are this is as far as we made it let's say we can see what's chewed up a little bit here. But let me pull this off. Oh yeah.

I think she's tight. Like a tiger. Let me move. You nobody likes missing.

The money shot. Must be the ladies got a walnut tree oh look at that i think they're starting to germinate even. Oh there goes. Some so yeah.

They are look at that they've been in there so long they're starting to grow a tree so we can go plant that somewheres if you want uh a lot of them are germinating. So that's good. I think these are black walnut and they are starting to germinate. So let's uh.

It's packed full to the roof. Let's get this little guy out. Here. Oops sounds like a little thing of marvel's well they're all out now smells gonna need the mustard air filter uh here's your nuts lots and lots of nuts.

So i'm thinking. We're gonna have to take this tube out here to do that we gotta pull the air pump to get to the nuts or the bolts that hold that on and then we'll fish out all of the walnuts in the tube. I imagine the inner fender is probably filled up or has at least several of them in there and then we'll go underneath make sure we knock them all off the frame uh kind of a neat story one time. I had a lady when i worked in my dad's shop one of these got wedged.

Up uh it was a. 31 or 34. Gm. The intake sat really tight next to the throttle control uh cam.

There and every time she stepped on the throttle. It would cam. And then the walnut would drop down in there further and eventually it pegged the throttle wide open on her and i remember watching she was out of the stop center from my dad's shop and the cars just redlined you know she was smart enough to put the thing in park. But she wasn't smart enough to just shut it off so as she come running to my dad's shop.

The car's out there just bouncing off the rev limiter and she didn't know what to do she panicked. So she ran that was kind of a fun day there's that so let's get this little guy off. Here. I suppose my idea of a fun day.

And that lady's idea of a fun day were probably two different things that day. I thought was pretty funny so we had to take this air pump loose because there's one bolt that holds this thing on it we couldn't get to now we need a 12 mil. How many are living in here. Oh.

She's full oh got some insulation better not be a freaking mouse. I think this is more like a squirrel that's a big old sucker. She's full let's go this way. I think that's it baby.

We're doing good so far as far as the fender down here. I'm thinking that we're going to have to we're going to have to pull the fender liner out because what's up though let's do this all right and see how many walnuts we got so far that's just ones. We ain't dropped on the floor. Yet wow that is so crazy and you thought you had mouse problems looks like it's probably gonna be packed pretty tight in here.

It's gonna be my guess i'm gonna work on getting some of these fasteners loose. I don't think we have to take it down all the way. But we need to take it down enough to get most of the junk out of there not familiar with these connectors here. But i'll work on this and see if we can't just like at least lower.

It down flip. It down and get it out of there so foreign all right well that was unsuccessful. I can't get those suckers released. So we'll just get a couple new ones.

The heads are just going to break on them. And i don't want to ruin. The plastic tabs here more nuts looks like the damage ends right. There cover your eyes and your ears.

Folks don't see anything with fur and legs coming out yet. There's that that's fun. I don't i don't think. It's packed in back up in there no it's not she's clean and green.

We got that i think that's about it man this smells. Like a cat you're all out. There. The other day saying.

Oh i got all these mouse problems literally. I i don't have a mouth problem because i had mousetraps dory. You got little fella right let's see him you got a picture of him. It's not my target.

This is all uh if you guys you guys we're dark. You guys are probably seeing the video darkness this is all has the video. There we did um where she had the little mouse invasion in her car overnight boom. She scored.

She got the little guy left her mouse traps out there and finally got him some mice are wicked destructive here in the pr of ny. But i don't think this is a mouse. This is probably a red squirrel would be my guess i don't think a mouse is going to carry up all of those walnuts may have been a mouse under the hood that ate the wires uh who may have been benefiting from the cache of the red squirrel is my guess why do you think it ate the wires. When it had all these nuts.

I don't know it makes me how yummy it makes me wonder how yummy the wires are in comparison. So i don't know or maybe. The mouse is in there. It's like all i got is these lonely old wires to eat.

And then the red squirrel's like boom and the mouse is like yeah. It gave up on the wires. Hopefully. Because this is a lot easier to fix this than it is wire damage.

So you think it's not just a castle. It's also a frat house. I'm thinking that's what it looks like to me. Because he's got quite the pile down there yeah.

That's pretty crazy. That's a pretty good pile that guy was living okay. He was doing okay. He had a blanket.

Yeah insulation comfy bed and like the food for two no probably several months worth of food. He didn't even start to eat. Most of it just a little bit of it these are hoarders. Yeah these are like this is the floating animal.

I think that's what all squirrels do essentially are their horses wow yeah. The little red squirrels can be super destructive especially if they get in your house. Like in the attic. That can be an absolute disaster um.

That's interesting. It's got one gold pin uh. So this is a mass airflow sensor. We need to take this little fella off and see what kind of destruction.

We have over here this is all i was gonna ask you earlier to marry me again and beyond that i was going to ask you oh does this does it smell like mouse. I don't smell anything i can't smell mice. It's one of the few things i cannot smell since the raw is mice and fluid film is the other thing i cannot smell gas can smell good i can smell gas again i can smell everything else i don't think to the full ability of or i used to feel a smell. But how do you have know full ability back you know you think smelling the same thing for 42 years.

I've been okay. I can't smell baloney or whatever you know. But i can't smell mouse stuff anymore. Which is weird.

I gotta get to the bottom of this thing got a vacuum hose back. There what's up and you don't smell the same things the same way. I know that's weird and i don't like asparagus anymore. Which really kind of upsets.

Me that's one of my favorite vegetables and i just don't like it it tastes so bitter to me now i can't eat it. Let's see i've got a vacuum mold here on the back of this air filter got that bowl. We've got to flip it over because we can't get to the uh. Little thing that holds the mass airflow sensor on there's a little clip.

I guess we can just bust it off by what some people might do but i'm gonna see if i can't disengage the claw get that harness unhooked do this out here. Unfortunately. You didn't eat the carbon filter here. Which is good because then you gotta buy this whole stinking thing.

That's that's all mission stuff you know keeps the hydrocarbons from infiltrating the atmosphere and killing uh polar bears. I guess let's see here's our original problem lady right here so this is the three wires for the cam sensor. I just kind of want to fold them out of the way i don't want to short out the five volt raft. I don't know these might be 12 volt.

I don't know either way we kind of fold them around hopefully we can reuse the connect famous last words fella. These are used for doing uh surgery. You know in case. You gotta pull out a gallbladder or something let's see if we can't get a hold of this little fella drop down in there ever so gently.

She's about ready to go in no man's land here. So we have to be very careful boom. There it is i was going to say hopefully we can reuse this because we can buy the terminals. Providing.

I can figure out how to get them unhooked that's a tiny little connector. So we'll take a picture of this with our cell phone. So we know who goes where and i'll see if i can get them unhooked and then we'll order just the wires from toyota uh they don't make uh from toyota. They don't make a uh.

How do you say a pigtail. You know already pre done you can buy the connector. You buy the housing buy everything separate that's that's the thing about toyota. We can see the other harness here that's chewed up i don't think they got any wires.

Which is good just the poly room and at least one injector wire. There to chew it up i don't think any of the other ones are hallelujah so we'll take the upper intake manifold off here the plenum. I'll peel that out of the way just a bunch of brackets and hoses it looks like and some bolts in the middle and then we'll vacuum all this stuff out if that's the damage order. The parts and then we'll have to run it through a drive cycle.

Oh okay. So that hose on the back of the air cleaner went to the fuel pressure regulator. This hose. We need to get that is the vacuum supply hose for the tuning valve or intake runner control valve.

I don't know what toyota caused it though. It's all the same function swirl control valve. Sometimes they're called a bunch of different things. I don't see anything else.

I think today. It's going to be okay folks okay. I'm going to do this without recording. It it's not a big to do bracket here bracket.

There hoses and bolts journey's on the radio. Right now i need to crank it up have a long music marathon and just rip and tear. Let's see what we have here. I think we've got everything unhooked.

We don't we gotta hook. The water lines from the throttle body and or leave the throttle body laying there which i think that's the way. We're gonna go i'll buzz these out forgot about that so we're just going to leave the throttle body hanging by the hoses. There there's that i think we've got everything else famous last words.

Let's go in for the money shot here shake this off to the side. I'm thinking minimal destruction under here. But we still needed to get to this one injector harness. So let's set this to the side thinking not a big deal here.

I think it was happier living over here than it was over here uh like i said we got this one here just got through that insulation almost could get away with taping that up. But i think we'll do it all proper and then i think what we need to do here. Is also open this up a little bit just to have a little gander. I think maybe just crack through the insulation on that blue wire.

There so we'll have to fix that uh. I think before we get rustling around in here too much like a little squirrel. We probably ought to vacuum out the uh remains here so yeah looks like that wire that wire the cam sensor wire is there obviously i clean up the mess and boom. She's out of here oh and then that vacuum hole that we need that's it for now folks.

I got everything ordered from toyota got three wires for that one two wires for that one a couple of the plastic grommets that go in the fender liner. The new air filter. The piece of vacuum hose is just block tubing. So we're going to use that out of our own and now we're going to throw this little guy back together tomorrow.


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