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In a previous video I had a look at a Toyota Tacoma that was terrorized by a red squirrel. It's time to toss it back together and see if there is any more hidden damage. It sure is amazing what one little rodent can do. -Enjoy!
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This is embarrassing. I don't even know where we left off with this thing. Thing. Because it's been sitting here for some time now we're waiting in future uh.

The lady told me no hurry because all this truck does is sit and never gets driven obviously i did order some parts from toyota and then they sent me the wrong parts at first. But i think we have the right parts. Currently so these are the three wires. Here for the cam sensor connector.

The dvt sensor as they call it and i believe at some point in the past yes. I did i removed the broken wires. Because i needed to see if we had to buy the housing or if we needed to buy just the terminals. So here is the uh part number there on the terminals in case.

You need one of those toyota keeps this stuff right in service data. So we actually have to have a subscription to toyota test if you want to look up which terminals. It takes and what the connector part number is and all that stuff or just call your dealer and they will give you that answer so let's put this together. We'll get these soldered onto these wires.

And i did take a picture of the old one so hopefully we know where they go and then we got to fix that one injector wire. Which should be this other wire. I got from toyota this one here actually i got two of them many kids i screwed it up now i got some gaskets. We'll throw the intake back at it and we'll take this thing for two oh.

And i got a new air filter. Too so it says been tore apart for some time so hopefully. I remember how to do it you have this little white latch in here. So we i don't remember if it comes out all the way i don't think so.

But we're going to take it out all the way perhaps it does and then these should only fit one direction. I'm assuming could be wrong. But we could be right so let's see we have plenty enough pigtail. I'm gonna try this way first it doesn't feel right then we're going to pull 180 on it still doesn't feel right i'm about to go get my readers.

I can't see crap it's getting old things starting to suck let's see try it this way negative ghost rider and then we're gonna go this way that way feels correct. I think she hit bottom yeah. Because now it's latched and of course. I did not pay attention.

So we'll have to do that all of the wires. Yeah. They don't sell pre assembled. Uh piggy tails.

There we go that one's clicked in and uh buying the wires from toyota is quite expensive uh. Some of these wires. These ones weren't i did some the other day on a new tundra on a 19 tundra for the fuel pump control module. It was all routed off the frame and those wires those wire pigtails were 25 a piece so they were quite expensive.

I just need to look in there of course you can't see in there. But that's what the assembled connector looks like so looks good. I think these ones uh you know even for what these were i think these were 10 or 12 dollars. A piece somewhere's in there everything feels good i'll make sure it plugs in mbeau.

So there's that i'm thinking i'm thinking we can leave some extra wire. So the road had eight these off if you remember correctly right at the the head of the connector. So i think if we leave you know four or five inches. It's not going to be a big deal get it back and the aluminum tapes up we're gonna have to get out the cell phone and see if we can find the picture that we stored and here's the picture that we stored so now we can match up the wiring colors.

I'll get these soldered together go from there so i think with this one here. I got to get this uh connector to release um. I think we might not have to use the wire terminal repair on this one perhaps. I'll slide that out of there because we're a cheetah.

I don't know if you guys can see it. But it didn't it didn't even break any strands of copper so i'm thinking that if we take a piece of heat shrink. The next side is bigger than the one i got flip it over there just didn't shrink. It i think it'll be okay.

It's not green or it looked like it just ate the insulation you could probably you can even just tape that one. I'm gonna go get a little different size here. That's a little better mister. It's a little too long let's see here trim that up stick that baby in probably could shorten.

It a little bit more. But i think it'll be okay. I'm gonna run. It right up tight for that weather pat out the torch just to hold it the shrink ratio on this stuff's pretty good plus.

It has the adhesive in it like i say that'll save the money from having to buy that and i don't think. This is the battery. There i just wanted to see the adhesive spooging out from the ends. And it is so i think we're good we'll let that solidify.

We'll stick it back in the connector. We'll put the end back in it. And it should be good and our one up here on the cam sensor should be uh. All dried.

Let's have a look at that so these look all good these have all been soldered and heat shrinked and uh. We'll take and put this back in the loom here like so that was originally taped to this harness. I'm going to take and get this taped up and we'll tip it right down to the connector and we'll tape it back to this harness like it was og. We'll get her plugged in the other one should be just about cool.

Though that's clicked back in it'll stick the white lock here back in the middle. They just pop out so i have to click back on like that i'm going to wrap a little tape around it uh. I must have cut the tape. I must have cut the factory plastic stuff back open.

So i'll get this taped up look at that click back on that injector. Yeah. What uh okay must have opened up some other stuff here looking for some damage. So what i'm going to take and get into the rest of this cake back up.

I don't remember what i was looking for why this here was opened up perhaps. It was already chewed up because i've opened up this zip tie. Here all right. Oh.

I think this was already exposed and i think perhaps we were looking for some wire damage yeah so there is some tiny bits of insulation cut through here. So i'll address that make sure that we put a little uh sealant on it and i get that taped up so yeah. That's what's going on there and then we'll get this re zip tied back down how it was that one was zip tied. Yet.

So these were wire tied through. There. This cam sensors put that and also i know because somebody's going to mention. It uh.

If you have chronic problems or problems with chronic you're going to want to get some help. But if you got some chronic problems with mice getting into your car this is some honda tape. I don't know if it's there if you can see the number this is my go to the super 88. Best stuff on the planet and uh this is behind the rodent tape.

It is infused with a pepper oil we'll say uh what is it capsaician. I believe it is it's hot the little mice bite. It and they get x's across their eyes. When they do so uh kind of expensive stuff uh.

The only stuff. I've ever seen it in is behind the brand. I think you can get it on the amazon or from your local honda dealer if you want to stop your rodents from eating the soy based wires and if you just want a good time the super 88. If david atropera was doing a documentary on it you'd be like over here we have the scotch super 88.

Some of the best tape on the planet. Some people come here for the auto repair others come for the lame ass jokes. Thank you poisoned. So we're gonna take get it wrapped up.

I'll button this up folks you don't need to see it the majority of you are wiring repair experts so this stuff's kind of boring. I get it but i do the best. I can folks uh uh should have made a mini roll now we got to cut. It the mention of the mini roll i figure.

I better show you you take the 10 mil quarter inch drive. If you can find it once you do stick it on an extension. So you can hold it take the super 88 bring it around town however many times you think you need and when you hit that many times go about four more times or six and then chop it off okay ready ready to have your mind blown. It's not really that magical but then you take this and a lot of bing bada boom.

You got a mini roll so then you come do what you got to do wrap around town all right. Then you can get right in there. And do everything you got to do folks. I've showed you before.

But that's how you make a mini roll just like that let's put back together. Put the zip tied back on it sealed up those wires tape them up. With the mini roll and then of course. We got our cam sensor back on taped back there and now we're going to take it and tape this little guy just like peeling a band aid.

Satisfying. There's that i'm going to get the intake or the upper plenum here uh stuck back on there that was pretty easy. I don't recall if we showed that in the first video. But there's not much to it and then we've got the fender liner.

I see we got a couple pieces for that and here got some of these plastic retainer clips. We'll send these back and there's our new gasket for the intake. So let's see there's part number on that manifold gasket fits perfect thank you thank you foreign foreign foreign that wasn't too bad now if you guys remember the road here eight. The vacuum line off from this manifold tuning valve or flow control.

Valve or whatever toyota calls it and it's just made out of bulk tubing. So this is the oem stuff runs across the intake here through this little track so we just got some vacuum hose from our supply. We're gonna stick that back in the track run. It right along here probably leave a little slack in case.

Something needs any fish that back through here java plug it in and that should be it in regards to that and that's all that we saw so we saw the cam sensor wiring. We shoot up we saw that fuel injector and of course this little sectional harness. Here. I believe we've got everything plugged in i don't think we missed any vacuum hoses or nuts or bolts.

We still got to put the fender liner back in it i'll just double check stuff here all the clamps are tight. All the brackets tighten that lower bracket. Too the new air filter. All the nuts and bolts over there and with a little bit of luck you got the wiring right on our cam sensor.

And it should even run. Hopefully fill my hook. That up some batteries been unhooked the whole time here that's all snuggy. I had this one open because i had the charger on because this thing sits so long.

I did let it do a little two amp charge. There over the one weekend. It was here it was down quite low took a couple days to bring her up to snuff. So that should be good.

I don't know if the light will still be on the light was on right. I think that's why this thing came in here. Because the money light was on. But uh let's start it up contact all right beautiful first it does start and run.

I didn't leave it running very long because i want to be able to run a drive cycle. So i just want to start it just briefly the lights are out on the dash. Let's button this thing up i guess we're safe to put this little guy back on push that down it's only two bolts. We have left and two nuts.

I don't know if we commented on the amount of nuts. If we moved out of the fender. But i think it was 126. If i remember correctly that we took out of there.

So that's quite a few black walnuts. If you guys remember from part one. But i had some of these clips that weren't agreeing with me. There's a part number on those uh.

It was mostly these ones where the fender flare went in the other ones came out relatively easy. But i grabbed grab just a few of those toyota they had them right in stock so these ones go through the fender liner click in there and then they click into the fender and then the fender flare. Then in turn screws into these so it's not real rocket surgery here. But they weren't coming out without breaking so we got some new ones and then we'll put all the screws back in here and then there's a bunch more clips.

It's more pretty easy stuff. Foreign. Josh put the brakes on it last week. So we're good with that so we should be good to go on our test drive.

We need to take and pick that lug nut up off the floor. I'm going to check all the tire pressures. We're gonna get this torque down the factory specs go through and torque all the other bolts to factory specs of course and then we're going to take it for a shakedown to see if the mouse got somewheres or the rodent got somewheres. But we couldn't see.

But i'm pretty sure we got all the damage looked it over pretty good underneath. Didn't see anything else under there. Hopefully. This fixes your engine light and that was it because you remember.

It had the code for the cam sensor. I believe it was a really long crank time i'm gonna pop into uh just generic obd2 here monitor is incomplete six we'll go for a ride. I believe this screen auto update. So i'll leave it there and we'll see what happens eight miles two to go not gonna happen uh evap and secondary air now secondary air won't run this go around evap might.

But i'm pretty satisfied to see uh you know no codes found. But we'll see if that besides run. I it's a pretty tight criteria for that to run. I'd be surprised if it did thank you who knows um smells a little funny here i better pull over and have a look just to be on the safe side boom.

Didn't smell anything once i got out i don't know what i was smelling. But good thing we pulled over that's all i gotta say we'll get this thing back on and carry on now that we know everything's a okay well. I guess. That's that folks didn't get the last two monitors run and i looked and it's the evap and secondary air.

So not a big deal uh the good news is uh no codes. We just have our two permanent codes for the cam sensor stored in there. But no pending codes and i would assume if we had a circuit issue with evap um or a secondary air. We would have you know had a code.

But i think we're going to be a okay. I'm going to show you something here so i'm going to shut the truck off and then we're gonna think and just turn the key back on go back into the vehicle status here. And it should have erased all the codes and and it did so it puts our monitors back to six incomplete so like i say. If you are using check mode.

And you plan on running it through for inspection. Be aware of that that as soon as you shut the key off all those monitors that you just ran are null and void. So uh that's that i just wanted to show you that at any rate use it at your own risk all right. It's a great fantastic tool for verifying on toyotas if you want to be confident.

When you give it back to your customer to say hey you know your light's not going to come on drive. It hit the drive cycle get your inspection sticker move on with your life. And that's. We're gonna do i'm gonna move on my life.

Got the ice cream burps right now and i want you guys to move on to that comment section. The questions the comments institute facebook. Y'all. Know what to do and just for my viewers.

If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching.

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