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Hello everybody! Good day to you. It's actually evening. It's late the day. I'm here late in the day because uh.

this 2011 Lexus RX 350 was just dropped off by the towing truck. It is a no cranking, no starting. So uh, let's hop in real quick and see what's going on with this unit. Let's see what we've got here.

First of all, we have approximately powering on. Do we have power? Yes, we do 90 259 miles on the odometer starting the engine. Negative: It just kind of clicks. Put on the brake, Foot off the brake.

Okay, that tells me that the brake pedal switch is working. Starting is the engine? Yep. I Heard a click from down below and that is all. Hmm.

Interesting, nothing. What's the dealio? Starting lock activated. Let's try it with the door shut Ting the engine. It's a negative.

No crank, no start. Okay, let us pop an easy. Hood Let's check down below, make sure the battery is connected properly. We'll see if we can't get to the starter.

we'll check the uh, the solenoid wire to the starter, make sure that that thing is getting power when we command it to crank and then uh, if it is, then we'll go from there. and if it's not, we'll go from there. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. Okie Dokes the hood has been popped.

Let's see what we have I can see you? What do we got here? Hmm Got a bunch of covers. that's what we have here Uki I Think my starter is right around this area somewhere. Batteries right here in this area. Let's uh, let's pull these covers back real quick like and see if we can't get into the guts over here and terminate what is going on.

Come off clips. I Know this Lexus I've uh I put these clips in because it was missing Clips So I got it some new ones I Remember you Lexai? Yeah, What do you guys think? Lexi for plural of the Lexus should we call it Lexus or Lexi I think that multiple Lexus should be called Lexi You guys think about that one Real quick comment down below: I'm gonna go inside and get a trim tool to pull those little creepy Clips out trim tool trim tool. Where are you that one? All right, let's get this thing out of the way. We'll check our battery connectors and that one's good.

That one's good. It's uh, not exactly bolted down all the way. Who did that? Interesting. Anyway, our starter motor should be right down there.

See that right down there. What I'm looking for is that connector right there. If I can get a hold of that connector, run a uh, a volt meter to it, and then try to crank it, we should see Power there. If we see Power at that connector, that's going to tell me that the solenoid and the starter has failed and this vehicle will require a replacement starter.

So bear with me while. I Just connect that guy right there. we have a flat spade connection. looks like it.

Okay, let me go fetch the meter real quick, you know I didn't have to come back in a second time. had I been more forward thinking I would have brought the meter out with me when uh I came in to get the trim tool but I was not thinking so I had to make a second trip. Efficiency: A little jumper lead right here. Good to go All right I think I'm prepared enough at this point to conduct a parking lot diagnosis.
We shall see. Okay, so first things first, let's power up the meter. We're going to connect our negative lead to the ground on the battery and let's go ahead and check battery voltage just to make sure that for some reason this thing does not have a dead new battery. and I say new battery because I know it's new because my guy said it's new because last time I was here I found out this battery was weak and uh I recommended replacement under Costco warranty of course see 11 22.

Anyway, enough enough rambling. 12.28 volts. it's not the greatest. Tell you what? let's uh I know what I want to do.

Let's run the meter up and over so I can see it from the cabin and we'll try to crank with the meter displaying it to us what battery voltage is that way if we see a thing drop down to like six volts or something silly, we know that this battery is is junk. Let's try that. There we go: 12.28 volts and our button here. Let's see what our meter tells us.

no I'm here in the starter All right. What I need to do here is get a hold of the pin on that connector down there. We're going to put our test probe down into the pin and make connection. Go! I'll leave that guy hanging out right there.

Our meter is grounded to battery ground and we will connect this uh, this little blue wire here to that wire and when we crank, we should see voltage showing up at that. PIN If we do, then we can hypothesize that the starter has failed, powered on and look at that 12 volts cranking off back on 12 volts. So it does look like the starter motor is Capuchin Oh looky here. it appears that uh, they have suspected a faulty starter motor already because I see some tappy tap marks on on that solenoid right there.

see the scratches and whatnot? That means they were probably banging on it trying to get the thing to uh to crank over. Okay, I'm gonna make one more attempt to start this. you see? Uh I plugged that connector back into the solenoid and I have back probed it with that blue test pin. See that? So what I'm going to do is we're just going to run this blue wire straight to battery positive and it should.

It's not. must not be making connection. Hang on. It should attempt to, uh, make that starter turnover.

but I don't think I'm getting connection on my PIN back probing can be a little a little dicey. It's not working. Okay, let's see what this thing does. Hear it going, hear the solenoid click.

So it wants to start. it wants to turn over. but it, uh, it's not. That's a fail.

Oh, and look, it stopped. stopped clicking. All right. we're done here.

Diagnosis: Complete Vehicle Needs Starter motor. Let me go ahead and get one ordered and uh, we'll get to it. Let's get all our test goodies out of here. for now.
we don't need this stuff. have to push this in tomorrow. All righty. it's the next day and I've got a starter unit here for this.

Uh, this. Lexus However, I don't want to do it in the parking lot and I don't have a hand to help me push it inside. So I'm going to attempt to jump start this starter and make it actually start. So I'm going back in.

I'm going to back probe the wire so I can run some power to it and while I'm running power to it I'm going to attempt to uh to bang on the solenoid with a socket extension and we'll see if that's going to make it crank or not. Now if I can get this to crank, it will be of no consequence if I do not have the system powered on. Yep, Okay, so we're turned on. it.

should uh, be in running mode. Everything's powering up. This is good. Let's go.

Uh, try to. uh, get this starter to turn over. see what we get it said. No.

Okay here. I Brought an extension with me. The starter solenoid is right down there. It's gonna bang on it some.

Try again. It's uh, negative. It's reluctant. Let's try one more time here.

Holding power onto the starter. Everything's fried. Yeah, that's uh. it's not gonna happen.

Okay I give up. Gonna have to. uh, just replace this unit right here in the parking lot. No worries here.

let's finish getting rid of the trim pieces. We'll just stick that right over there. Yeah, What I'm going to need to do is pull the air box intake Plumbing probably the battery and the battery tray and then, uh, it looks like there's some brackets down there. So once I get all that stuff removed I should be able to get to the two bolts for the starter motor.

All right. let's go ahead and get this. uh, this battery disconnected here. Let's start with that.

That's a different size than uh, well. what goes there? No worries about half of the battery. Hold down. Cut that thing down 12 millimeters, no 11 millimeters.

It's got like a Nylock nut on it. That's weird. Maybe they lost it. Oh, and a screw.

It's got a screw in there. Also, let's find that no matter I will remedy that later. I'll come on battery. now.

we're getting some space in here. Yeah, rumor has it there's a starter motor down there somewhere. Get that thing out of here. Yeah, there she is.

way down yonder. Let's see, there's I see one of the bolts looks like a 17. and then the other one that's up here somewhere. Where are you other? Bolt Yeah, I can't see it.

I'm gonna go ahead and take this, uh, this air box out. Why not see? there's Oh, there's a possibility that I can get this thing out without pulling the air box or the plumbing rather. But thing is, how I'm out in the parking lot and I don't feel like making this more difficult than it kind of has to be. It's not really difficult, it's just awkward.
Let's get all this stuff out of the way. Get some better access to what I need to. Uh, well, that's what I need to access. Nonsensical ramblings.

but what did he just say to get access to what he needs to access? Who talks like that? This guy. All right. Here we go. There's our bolt.

Found it. There's the other one right there. There's one there. We've got one 13 millimeter for the uh, the big power cable and then of course our little uh little connector here.

Don't need that or that's a 12 mil. That's a 12. Good thing I brought a 12 with me. There's some witness marks on that nut.

Somebody has removed this before unclickage. I don't know why it would have been removed, but there was definitely a wrench on it. Saw the markings. come here please.

Uh, rubber things in my way I can't get a good grip on the nuts. There we go. Oh, the sun's coming out I'm getting warm so let's uh, let's get this done with some quickness so I can go back inside where we have shade. There's our power cable.

We'll set that thing aside and again, looks like a I think that's a 17. I don't know I can't tell man I I don't know. No, that's a 14. what am I thinking? Okay, more tools.

Okay I've got a starter, an electric ratchet, 14 millimeter swivel socket on an extension. Let's get out there and see if we can't get this unit pulled out. Yeah, the reason that I brought the uh the extension is I need to get to the back bolt which is back over here. Hard to reach so we're gonna need to kind of go behind and then over.

Sure let's look I can't sneak this unit in there real quick I think it's just the two bolts I hope it is. These are going to be tight unclick. Oh no. come here.

It was unthreading and then wedging my tool against the side of the vehicle. see if this is too long of an extension for this bolt here. now. I Think we're good.

There we go. Unclicked that one. That's all we got for Fasteners In here to pull this guy out. Wiggle it some ah beautiful.

Got it. Old starting unit. Ooh that's not cool. Look at that.

all that nasty corrosion on that wire up. There's our fail look at that. That thing is corroded all the way through. No amount of banging on this was gonna help.

Look at that, that's nasty. Okay, here's our new replacement remanufactured unit. You can see that that cable is not uh, corroded through and hardened and broken and jumped. So we're in good shape here.

Let's go ahead and slip this thing into its new home. We'll get her bolted in reassembled. See if she starts, go in. there's a wire in the way.

Hang on there we go. Begin wiggling in now. please twist it till it goes in there. Okay, and as usual, both bolts need to go in or all bolts rather bolts a whole boat.
I Can't speak. All bolts need to go in before applying torque to the bolts. There we go. Cannot speak today.

Wow. really? my uh. linguistic abilities are waning I Don't know why, but I'm losing my superpowers. All right.

enough screwing around. Let's uh, let's get this thing tightened down. it's getting hot, torque package and the one out back. we'll just sneak this guy around.

You guys can't see what I'm doing. Bolt going in, bolt coming tight. one more. there we go.

slickages pull this dude out here. Okay, let's connect our power cable. That rubber sheath thing is kind of in the way. Again, it's there to insulate the uh, the eyelet on these connectors that way.

uh, something can't ground out on a on a live cable. which is good. It also makes this slightly difficult. Everything's slightly difficult.

What? am I kidding? Doesn't matter what you do. Okay, nut is on. Let's make that thing tight and not super tight. If you over tighten these, uh, power cable wires, it will break the threads off inside of the solenoid and then ruin the starter and that would be bad.

We don't want to do that because then I have to buy another one mix. There we go. and let's go ahead and plug it in. All right, very good.

Okay, let's back up some. We'll get our plumbing and whatnot reinstalled as soon as I find that piece that doesn't belong there and gravel in the intake there show. This guy goes I forgot how this went down and in something like that I know that goes up and over. This goes oh I'm in the wrong hole.

That's the problem that goes down there. There we go. start getting the stuff buttoned down. Come here fastener the parking lot Shadows are long.

Okay, this piece is next again. the wires up on top of it. Actually those are vacuum hoses similar. Hey, so what's up with the Toyota Lexus is that seem to have glue on these vacuum hoses that are uh on the intake Plumbing Every time I see these, there's some kind of like a super glue like substance on them and it's It's not very good, but it's It's always there.

Just Toyota glue their vacuum hoses on. Is that? uh, what the deal is here? Anybody from Toyota Now anyone let me know in the comment section down below: why is there glue on my Evap lines Why Why must you glue the rubber thread crusty bowl? There we go. Good Okay, plastic battery tray to maneuver this guy down in here I Need to find a new J hook for that battery. Uh, hold down thing.

that thing was missing. that was, uh, not good. Two more super glued hoses right here. That's good and we're looking good.

Let's get the battery in the hole. Interstate Battery Coming in, drop that guy down. let's get this thing reconnected, tighten down, and then uh, see how she cranks 11 mil on a lock washer that's not even right I need to fix that nonsense. except this is, uh, not a Deutsch vehicle.
it's Japanese but I don't speak much Japanese I know uh. Konichiwa Kamikaze. um I think that's about it I should probably culture myself before attempting to speak the language anyway. Uh, we're now.

uh, all put togethers new starters in. let's clear the toys off the car. put some Plastics back. Actually, no, let's clear the toys well starting as the engine, then drive it inside.

Then we'll put the Plastics back. That's the uh, that's the new plan on my ever evolving non-plan plan. Good All right back into the cabin. Moment of Truth keys in here.

disarm security starting the engine, put on the brake begin engine stocking sequence. now it is alive and installed first. Toyota restart after removing the battery, they will do that. no worries.

Warning break is activated Let's uh Unbreak this there we go deactivated. Let's go ahead and bring this thing on inside. Hood's still up. we're doing the station Ventura Style Pet Detective Wow, it's hot in here.

It says it's 97 degrees outside I don't think it's actually that hot, but uh, it's probably 97 in here, that's for sure. Moving on in, that's good. Well noser in right here. Perfect ing the auto.

Let me out of this sauna. Holy smokes it's hot in there now. although that thing has a new battery I need to give it a little bit of TLC We saw that that the big J hook was missing. uh I don't know if I have a J hook I might have to order one I was thinking that there's one uh in that wrecked uh Mazda Miata but I don't remember powering on.

this is the Snap-on light. it's it was expensive and it makes it makes a lot of light, but the battery runs dead quick. I don't like it I uh I think Milwaukee lights would be better off. Uh, not sponsored, but the Milwaukee light has rechargeable batteries and this one does not.

I mean it does, but it's an internal chargeable battery I Know that sounds like rambling, but I'm actually answering an email. multitasking, You know? Anyway, this thing goes that's going to get screwed in right there and then like I said I gotta find a J hook so I can Bolt the other end of this thing down. You know why I have to do that because somebody else was supposed to and they didn't they got lazy or they dropped it and lost it and it didn't happen because this battery was just replaced. Oh yeah, that's not what we want to happen.

not at all. fail. You know what? Playing with fire here? Hang on powering down. I'm going about this.

All wrong, all wrong. First of all, and you get rid of that connection and unconnect this connection again. Get in there. get in there.

You know why I need to get rid of these connections because they're dirty and I need to uncrustify them There it is that the foamy stuff. Battery cleaner, acid detector no co-style passive sales pitch Link in this video's description down below. it's gonna clean all that corrosion nasty stuff off of here. let that soak in.
We'll hose it off later and throw some protector cleaner on there in the meantime. I'm gonna go order a J-hook for that hold down unless it's hanging out with all these Mazda parts. Yeah, look at that. I got one.

Yep I knew there was one left over from those Mazda parts I Hope it. Uh, it's long enough. Maybe I hope it is. I really do.

I Guess we're gonna find out. Let's just go ahead and oh yeah, see the reason it's called a j-hook is because it's a hook. It's j shaped I know I'm a simple creature. Anyway, let's feed this thing through and down here.

on the other side, it's far away I don't know if that's going to reach, Huh? Okay, it might reach. Let me unbolt this thing like right over here at the uh, the radiator support and then I'll take our J hook and unthread it as much as possible. It's almost all the way. So what I'll do is reach this thing down and try to J hook it in position if I can make I don't think this hooks long enough guys.

I'm gonna have to order one. Whoa! Phone gravity and if it is long enough, it's uh, very barely long enough. Nope. I'm like an inch.

Too Short It's not gonna work well I Tried snikies. That sucks. All right, let me go order one real quick. Okay I have found a J-hook that's going to fit.

So in the meantime, let me, uh, make these things. uh, a little bit shiny right here. clean off the corrosion, make it nice and shiny. I Like shiny.

especially shiny electrical connections. Bringing all that out of there good. Okay, let's get rid of the rest of uh, all that cleaner stuff. not supposed to just break cleaning on batteries.

It's okay. if it blows up, it'll just burn the shop down. No big deal I know I'm reckless. Okay, go ahead and put that guy back on.

tighten her down mix. Negative sides: get that one back on and I need a screwdriver and a an 11. hey, check it out. I got a new screwdriver.

It's green so you know it's good. My uh, my other set of screwdrivers was starting to get really nasty in the handle and I broke a couple of them and the Snap-on guy didn't have any replacement parts. so I just ended up getting another set. So then I'm gonna have two sets.

Which is fine because screwdrivers are one of my tools that I kind of lack. well that I'm lacking in. I've only got like two sets. one regular set and then the super long set.

That's whatever. Anyway, throw some up preventative corrosion uh, coating on these terminals do they stay shiny? I think this stuff went bad. This used to be orange and now it's like a yellow. I wonder if it, uh, perspired? Hope it still works.

It's either it was always yellow and I'm just experiencing the Mandela effect or it did change colors I Really don't know. Okay, we are all good for the time being until that j-hook thing arrives. So I need to get some of my goodies out of this area and then I can maybe put some of the Plastics back on. Oh I got this stuff on me? Well that didn't go as planned.
Thought I was gonna just kind of sneak this j-hook thing out of here and instead I got the schmoo all over my fingers. Take that out. we'll cover you up so we don't do that again. Give me back my hook.

I'll try to use this on something else later. Uh uh, there's the nut. Put that right in there. Okay, big piece of plastic trim that one.

I can't really put that on all the way because they're still yeah, you know what? Number one: I'm talking to myself. number two: I'm wasting time and being inefficient. So yeah, I'm gonna bolt this on I'll just j-hook it from that side and tighten it down. That's fine.

I can't make up my mind on what I want to do? Really? Yeah, yeah, there fix. Okay now. I can put this trim back on. put my push pins and whatnot back in kind of button this thing up until that uh, that clamp hold down j-hope thing arrives that goes in there.

That's all good. That's good. That's good. and the rest of this stuff has to wait.

except for this pin. Yeah yeah. Oh and that pin. We can do that pin too.

Let's get that one. Okay on hold. Be right back. Don't go anywhere watch.

Let's do the uh the first start, stall restart procedure again. Yep. starts up and installs. Totally normal behavior.

After a battery disconnect, we're good. Hey fun fact: the radio didn't reset. That's cool. All right.

Okay delivery time I Have a replacement J Hook This one's probably way more longer than. oh no, no it's not. It's like exactly as long as I need. That's cool.

Uh, except the J is too much of a J and it won't go in a little hole there. Yeah? I need to unjay this J Hook Okay, that's cool I can do that I Think the vice will assist me? We'll just put in the Vise and bend it. Will that work sure begin? J Hook Bending procedure like now yeah I Hope this is uh gonna work begin J Hook Bending now there now it's going to go in cool back to the car for you gonna hook on Survey says affirmative We are hooked. So now I just need to run that guy through the hole and then we'll uh, we'll run it down with a nut it? uh, it came with um, what's called Wing nuts.

but I don't want to use a wing nut so we're just going to use the nut that came off of the Mazda I'm determined to put Mazda Parts in the Lexus. it's just more better. Tell me the threads are the same. Tell me the threads are the same.

Oh and they're not. Come on. come on stupid. That's fine.

It is of no matter. I Found uh I found a nut. The problem is is. uh, the original one was metric threads and these are standard threads.

but I have a standard thread. uh Nylock nut. so I'll just use that guaranteed it's not going to come loose because it's a Nylock Yay! Okay, let's run this guy down. Oh no.
I ran out of a ran out of space here. Need a longer socket here? Let's consult a gear wrench set I believe that wasn't a 11 millimeter. That's what I used. Yeah, right next to the missing 10.

got it. I Hope this one's long enough. Yes, it is. Give it back.

Give it back to me. Okay, Batteries tightened down. Engine starts. Where the starter starts, the starter starts the engine.

batteries tighten down, Terminals have been cleaned, they're protected. We need to get some plastic new stuff back on and we're good to go. So uh, that being said, in the interest of time, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. and I will do such things by dropping my flashlight and thanking each and every one of you by dropping my Clips man I'm losing it now.

Yeah, I'm done all right Anyway, thank you guys for watching. Hope you enjoyed this video. If uh, if you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video then uh well I can't help you.

Sorry. Anyway, again, thanks for watching and uh, most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Lexus Transmission there we go. What about the clips you dropped? I'm like it's cool I got a whole box of them that way I can drop one and it doesn't matter haha Filling the holes with push pins? That's how we do a good job. Hey good, good, good, Good Good good good good good.

All right, Any transmission, See you guys later.

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    How often do you get your eyecrometer recalibrated, Ray?

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paulius says:

    Thats not glue i think thats a sticker indicating where to clip that hose

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kaafromoz says:

    Hi mate, I am pretty sure the glue on each vacuum hoses is to mark where they clip into the retainers as you notice they fitted back right on the air box assembly where the glue marks were.
    Thanks mate glad it was a simple fix for you and the Lexus lives another day. I hope your Easter was a nice time for you and your family my friend.
    Keep Safe Keep Strong 🦘🦘🦘🦘💖💖💖💖

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Carl Maruyama says:

    Buy a pop-up canopy if you need to work outside on any vehicle.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chris haas says:

    You are very good at your job,.. . I wish you were here in my times of need..

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paulius says:

    All boats should go in before applying any torque (lol)

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars cardoctor2k9 says:

    Do you own that shop? Something been meaning to ask for the last few vids lol

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Minauro says:

    Good stuff

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mikko Lempinen says:

    I wonder why they leave the copper exposed. 🤔

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars L & M sendit says:

    I am so glad to finally see you clean the battery termand spray it that is what originally brought me to your channel the way every car you work done you kept the battery terminals in battery clean that amazed me Then you got your place and you stopped lol

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tacticool Millenial says:

    Lexus is the plural of lexus.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars djspbb says:

    That first start stall was a pain when my Prius' battery died. Had to jump it a second time.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeanBZA says:

    Yup, got a box of those clips, and they have come in use for replacing many broken ones.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DeadEyeDave says:

    Perhaps you could install a winch at the back wall of your shop to haul these vehicles in?

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Gunn says:

    Ray, there are several answers to the question, what is the plural of Lexus? According to Lexus, the plural of 'Lexus' Is 'Lexus', which tells me Toyota does not really understand how English works. Others say the plural of Lexus is Lexuses, in Latin it might be Lexum.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eric Berlin says:


  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrMustangMan says:

    i hate that spray junk on my battery…. it just makes a mess…. i have NEVER used it and have NEVER had a problem…. just wire brush them….

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Apel says:

    It needs Starter fluid

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Hada says:

    97°F down there already? It's sunny and a nice cool 54°F up here in Connecticut. Beautiful day. 🙂