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This Video is Part 4.5 Unlisted Second Half Nissan Frontier 3.3
Vehicle Inspection for oil leaks and A/C System Performance. High head pressure and low calling fan output #diag
Looks like both front and rear crankshaft seals are leaking oil. Loads of rust under this Nissan! Need to remove the timing belt and the transmission!
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Actually, I probably should have. uh, put the pan on before this. So here's what I'll do: I'll leave this thing flippy floppy like since it's in position and since I can reach the bolts and then I'll get the pan in just in case. I'm uh, I'm correct with incorrect with my order of operations here.

All right, we're going in for the kill. I've got the uh, the front uh, oil pan seal on the rear oil pan seal is in position. I've got some sealant on the corners, this thing is still loose and thick and thopping. No worries.

and I've got the pan cleaned up, prepped and there is sealant on the pan, so we are now ready to, uh, get this thing in position. uh I'm I'm a little nervous because this is a one shot only kind of deal and these are these are sneaky little pans to get into place. Additionally, if I fumble this, I'm gonna smear the silicone and or end up dropping the the front seals or the rear seal out of position. and I I may not know until it leaks.

So I'm I'm a little a little nervous about this thing going in. I'm sure it's okay, but there's a lot of opportunity for some failure here and and I'd like to avoid that at all cost. Uh, and I've oh no, my gun's too far I can't reach it. Hang on Let me.

I'm grabbing it with my toe so we got one. one bolt in. Let me get this guy tight. Okay, there's one, let me get one and on the other side, it's the thing.

Camp Rock sideways and then I'll go around and get the uh, the remainders. okay, that one's there. Let's get a couple more out back there we go. Good job, Oil pan.

You're going in nicely. You know for a split second I thought I may have been better off if I had just removed. Uh, go ahead and remove the uh, the flex plate again. flywheel.

That might have given me a a little bit more clearance, but it looks like that's what I've got going on here worked out just fine. Another one in one right here in the back. another one up here. Let's go ahead and get all the rest of these threaded and then we'll go ahead and run them down.

Get everything secured there we go. A little sneaky guy back there. that's a tough one. Oh, go in these.

come on my wall. these are a little too wobbly. Come on. Ah, it's not It didn't get started properly.

Hang on messing up left and right. there we go. Now it started. clicks cool.

one more behind it hanging out. Let's get that guy started. Go on you get in there. I'm glad I left this thing loose.

This could have been a lot more difficult than it already is. It's not that it's difficult. it's no. I'll call it finicky I don't even know what to call it.

It's easily fumbled easily I don't even know words. Not thinking about words right now, just thinking about making uh, making sure this pan stays sealed because again, we're here for oil leaks. and if I don't get the oil leaks buttoned up then I have failed. There we go.

All right. So far, so good. Let's put some torque on these balls that way this pan can, uh, conceit and all the sealant can be set up. So far, so good.
Foreign, all right looking good. All the bolts are tight I missed one way out back. Let's go fetch that one real quick. It's the one out in the way up there.

see that it's tight and sideways I'm gonna suck it back. Okay, all the perimeter bolts are good. We see a little bit of seal sealant slash silicone has made its way out. It means it's dispersed properly.

You've got a little bit too much in the back that squirt it out. a little bit too much in the front that squirted out which is wipe that off right now. Looks ugly. There we go.

we'll get the stuff out back and then uh I need to get the oil filter adapter bolted back on and we can go back up and uh and get after the covers Okie dokes we're back up to let's get some covers installed. Foreign: this is the lower belt cover and let me see if I can't figure out which bolts go into this guy. There's two odd length ones. The super long one I Think this one goes in right here at the top.

Maybe it's the other other long one. Let's try this one. that one. Yeah, that one goes right up there.

That one goes up the top and then this other long one. Maybe it goes over here. Survey says that is correct. and then the rest are just the little short bolts.

Let's get all those guys lined up and in position here. Then we can go ahead and, uh, toss the upper cover in. next. That's the wrong one.

we need a shorty. These are all eight mil head sized with that one guy right there. and then I Think there's one more lurking somewhere down here at the bottom. There it is.

And of course the big 12 mil right here, which is part of the bracket for the Nader. We'll get that one later. Also, very good. Let's run these guys down.

Mix: that's our bottom cover and missing one or two together. Yeah, that one has. Nope. There we go.

Got a straggler? That one goes right there real soon. These are all the lower cover bolts. Let's get our top cover in position here. Slide that guy right on into a Chairman.

Get in there. We're hung up on something over here with power steering pump there. That was easy. Got it? No worries.

Crisis averted. This thing doesn't. it needs to go that way? Like a nanometer. Oh well.

I'll just go with what we know. Whatever fits, we'll deal with the leftovers later. Perfect. Oh, what do you got? One, two more down here.

You can't see them, but they're down there. Thread become threaded now. Okay I think that's all of them. Looks like all of them.

The light's dead. it keeps shutting off. Nope. I'm missing one right back in here.

That's deep. Okay, let's get these guys. Yeah, this is not gonna start and run in this video. I Still have a transmission and a front axle to reinstall, but we can get done with the front side of the engine.
At least that's the goal. Anyway, get all these accessories and whatnot back on. I Don't know if I got that one already. Sure, check them again.

That one's tight. That was not tight. That was tight. Ah, one on the left that's not tight.

Now it is. and I already know that bottom one's good. That one's good. Okie Dokes covers are installed.

Good to go. All right coming. way way down here. We need to go ahead and get the adjuster and this last oil pump Bolt installed.

So that's going to go through the pump and thread in. and then the adjuster is going to bolt onto the bottom of the alternator here. Yeah, we'll get these guys tightened down. Good breakages.

Yeah. Move that loose for now and we'll run this. Nader bolt down a little bit too much. I need this to be able to move so I can adjust the uh, the tension.

Really? this time. All right. let's get out of here. let's back up.

and uh, we can get that crankshaft. uh, fully installed. Next pulley coming in. This is not the one that I broke.

This is a new one. now. we've got our wood drift key right here on the crank that's going to line up with that little notch in, uh, in the pulley. We'll get that guy lined up and then we can get the bolts in it and use the bolt to, uh, run everything down.

Not enough. No worries. we'll beat it on with a hammer. There we go and it's threading good.

Okay, so this thing came off of the 90 degree impact. We're gonna put it back on with a 90. Click. Okay, before we proceed, let's go ahead and rotate the crank and make sure everything feels good.

There's no binding. we have compression, which we do. Yep, I'm good with this. All right.

Let's go ahead and get the first of our three belts installed. Belt number one is for our Nader Slip that guy over and all we've got to do is tighten down the adjuster down there at the bottom of that bracket. Once this guy is pushed out and it's tight, we can lock it down. I'm gonna try to squeeze in there with a 12 mil.

I think I had to do this from the bottom when I took it apart I think I don't remember, it's been a few days. See that alternator is getting tight a little bit more. There we go. That feels pretty good.

Lock it down, clicks and top bolt of course. additional clicks there Nader Good to go. So now we'll get our water pump pulley slid over the pump, line up studs. Please thank you.

There we go. Saw that guy on there okay Bracket slash tensioner number two. It's coming in right here. so we're gonna slide this little guy right here over that stud.

Then there's two nuts that will bolt to the Uh power steering pump and I left them on the bracket. so I would not forget them or forget where they went. There's a lot of Hardware that came off of this truck. all of it vintage.

There we go and I think the next bracket sandwiches on over top of that. let's try it out. It's gonna go right over there. Yep and then it's got two bolts here on the right that bolts it to this uh AC compressor.
Whoa, there goes one. I found it I See it now about there to this compressor bracket but I I wonder if I forgot one I Feel like there's supposed to be something else like right here? Maybe maybe not. I Don't know. We'll see.

We shall find out soon. Bracket Click There we go. Actually I'm ahead of myself I Need to get this second belt installed. so this guy's gonna go over that water pump pulley, under the crank, over the power steering, and then under the tensioner pulley right? Yeah, slip you in position, it's good and we can go ahead and hit the adjuster, which is that guy down there that's gonna push this pulley down and uh, lock it into place.

Okay, 14 mil coming in on the adjuster rod? Come on. tighten up. That's pretty good. Okay, lock it down a couple clicks and that one's good.

There we go, and belt number three goes to the AC compressor. so let's just slide that guy around. This one's the uh, easiest one. I Think because it's right in front of us.

get it in the groove. There we go and we'll run down our tensioner and this one's good. That feels good all right. And of course we gotta lock down the center of the pulley kick.

AC Belt Good to go. Okay, we've got this uh, evap hose that needs to go on it. plugs into a space on both valve covers. one on the right side.

yeah, and then one over here on the left side. Plug that guy in. then we can bolt it on with its brackets. Start with the one that I can reach the easiest right over here.

Let's clamp one and they have two off to the right. That's a little harder. kind of gotta get after it from the back here. Yeah, there.

and then slide that hose up and over. connected. All right. This this hose right here that's going to plug into our intake tube.

Let's just feed that in right now while we're here all the way. Get in there second hose right next to it in the adjacents location. What's the word of the day? Adjacent? It means next two. Yay! All right.

Okay, two more bolts for that little uh line we just put in. There's one. Okay, oh, that was a 10 mil. Hang on.

Come here. Got it? Yeah, you thought you were sneaky. Wrong. Okay, that guy's bolted in that's secure I Think I should probably start to, uh, set this wiring harness up next.

see I I Really don't remember where half this stuff goes. Not cool. I Think it all runs right over here and then plugs in. Yeah, that's good.

Yeah, that's exactly how all this goes. Put that bracket back. then we can put the spark plug wires back inside of their bracket which is on. The bracket that I just bolted on is compound brackets that slips in there and we can start to plug stuff back in.

Okay, that goes there. This is supposed to go up and over under somewhere around and through that plugs in there. Yeah, hey, I'm figuring this out. This is good.
Brown, one, okay, gray. one click. Then that's for the AC compressor. This one down here and we've got the mass airflow.

You guys couldn't see compressors down there. The mass airflow connects right here. Okay, that handles that harness except for this camshaft position sensor connector which I believe is inside of the distributor. Snap that guy in and then slide that on its bracket right there.

Beautiful. Okay, harness is now installed now. What do I do? Oh, I Got it. We have one more bracket here.

One more metallic unit I Think that's designed to protect the harness from from the belt. Over here. let's get this guy in position. It's got three bolts of the 12 millimeter variety.

Let's get those started. Yeah, that's designed to protect this harness from the belt. That's what we got going on. It's not good.

Bracket clicks. Got it? We forgot one look at that. This is the nut. that sandwich is on that stud right there.

Or uh, for both of these brackets that we just put on, that one escaped my uh, my observations. In other words: I I Missed it. No worries. I Got it.

Click There we go and let's put some torque on those last two just in case I missed them. Finalize Clicks. All right. Okay, now let's go ahead and get some cooling uh hoses installed here.

This is a two-piece upper hose. got our clamp right here, which I can probably get actually I need to I'm gonna make this easy on myself. Turn that clamp around and I can get at it from the top here when I'm going to go ahead and tighten it so we'll slide that guy on. that's the first hose and it's still attached to its little bracket.

here. you got one bolt going in to secure the bracket to the other bracket that goes right there. Let's go ahead and get this thing. tight Kicks: Okay, that's in position and we'll go in for this clamp next.

I've got the eight mil wobbly. We'll reach right in through the top here. Tighten this clamp down. clamp.

Click. Good to go. Okay, let's back up again. I Think I'm ready to go ahead and drop the radiator, the radiator shroud, and then we can get that fan and fan clutch reinstalled.

I Believe that's what's left over here. Not very many parts. Oh, got one more radiator hose, but I don't remember which way that winds. We'll do that later.

All right, we're gonna set this guy down in position, followed by the uh, the shroud on the fan. and I was right about that hose because that does not go over here. That could have been a grave error. At the bottom of this radiator, there's two pegs that secure it to the bottom of the support.

Okay, I Just felt the pegs fall down into their their brackets down below. right here. So let's go ahead and get this. uh.
this lower radiator hose installed and clamped on. it's a new clamp here because I don't know where my old one went. Slide that guy up and over. Get on there please.

Right there and we can go ahead and lock it down. Rear clamp back up here. Get on there. Okay, it's our lower hose.

that one's tight. That's flashlight down. Hang on. Give me that back.

That was not supposed to do that. Okay, so I've got a Fincher out here. We're gonna drop that guy in next and as soon as it's almost all the way down to position, we'll slide the fan in front of it and drop that thing down into its position. Tight squeeze and we're running out of space now aren't we here? We go a little bit further down farther.

Looking good looking good. Everybody's looking pretty good. Almost there. Foreign.

scared me. Where's my fan coming in with our new clutch? Remember that from episode one: I'm gonna drop that guy down, squeeze it in, and then we'll get the Shroud in position. Then we'll reach in behind the Shroud and put the nuts on the fan studs. Come on you.

There we go. It's good. Beautiful. Okay, let's uh.

get the Shroud pressed in position all the way here. all the way back there we go a little more. Right on the money. Now you can reach down in there and get the little nuts on.

The Fan One Last Time Very tight squeeze we have here. Let me get this guy on. I can get at least three of them on, no problem. That fourth one I'll have to uh turn the crank a little bit to get that guy to go in because it's down on the bottom.

There's one. let me reach on in here see if I can't get. uh. get the one on this side right here.

Oh come on. I'm losing it I'm gonna lose this one. I've got to flip it like all the way around I don't know if I uh if I got the skills in my flanges, get this one in. come on.

Hmm. come on. Oh I'm losing it I'm gonna drop it and she gone. it's sitting on top of the crank pulley.

Hang on I Need a magnet on a stick? I'll fetch one from my collection of many reach recovered gotcha and let's just try it right-handed since I can't seem to get it on there left-handed There we go. Got that one I Really? I Really need to get this other one on though since I halfway failed at it I need to oh I dropped it Oh and it landed right where it needed to. Did you guys see that? Oh, this is gonna work. This is totally gonna work.

I'm gonna get it. I'm gonna get it. Got it. Sweet.

All right. A little bit of wrench action here. Actually, it's going to be a lot of wrench action. Do enough of these.

This thing will bottom out and then I can rotate it around and get that last uh that last night installed more torque. It's gonna put torque on these. Maybe if I just turn them till it until it makes the uh the pulley move I can just spin it around manually. but I don't think that pulley's gonna turn and it's not better not do that.
That's how I break the studs that I just put in no space. Not kidding. look at this. look at how much no space I have got a double joint my wrist just to get around some some obstacles here.

All right, All right, that's three. Let's get uh or two rather, two two bolts Two Nuts Two Nuts tight third one's on the way. Yeah, a little more. Come on.

clickage. There we go. Let's turn the crank around and then, uh, get that last fourth. uh, fourth night coming down.

it's getting a little dark. Stall here. Get on there please. It's a 27 millimeter weird size I know, Come on you get on there.

Begin rotating now. Oh I Need a longer? Need more leverage? Hang on, let me put you guys over here. Do this. Uh, two-handed Yeah.

I'm looking at the stud up top as soon as I can't. uh as soon as it's on the very very top of the holy, we're good. A little more right there. All right, let's get out of here.

One more nut to go on the fan. okay fan nut and I dropped it. Come on. come on there it is found.

You see. This is why it's not always appropriate to wear gloves because if I had gloves in here, I wouldn't be able to feel what I'm doing and I also wouldn't be able to uh manipulate these Fasteners in the fashion that I that I'm employing right now so you can't always use gloves. which is why sometimes I don't wait there. there it is.

It went down there I Can't believe I missed that. That was legit like that. Actually it ran from me, never even heard it fall. Anyway, one last 10 millimeter nut on the fan and then we will be finished with the front of the engine with the exception of this upper hose and some fluids and whatnot.

But that is going to have to happen later because I still have a transmission and uh, that front differential to install which is gonna have to wait till later. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. Um I can tell you that uh I did not record the removal of that transmission and I'm probably not going to record the installation of that transmission because it was a serious bear. It was kind of dangerous and I don't want to be distracted by uh, trying to think about a camera as well as trying to not get crushed by transmission.

So we're not going to have a video on that one. but we will have a a finalized follow-up and review and of course the rest of the procedures for all the knickknacky other items. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video.

Just a reminder if you happen to miss the uh the first couple videos of this particular series, just check down in this video's description and the links will be in order down below. So again, hope you enjoyed this video, hope to see you on the next one. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of transmission Hey I told you this was going to be sketchy. We got the lean going on here.
Huge lean. There's barely enough space to get it in and out. Uh, the problem is I'm supposed to remove this cross member but I can't because the torson springs that are bolted to this cross member are so horribly rusted in that I cannot get it apart to remove the cross member. so I just pry bar the thing down a whole bunch and it kind of took the transmission out at a 45 degree angle.

Ridiculously dangerous. but I've got it double strapped and it's secured and I'm not standing under it. so I think I'm good. I've got clearance here I'm going to proceed.

Keep throwing this thing up foreign I know I said I wasn't going to record any of this and I'm actually not. uh, but I'm gonna go ahead and pull these pry bars out and these torsion springs are going to push this cross member back up into those brackets. A lot of uh, potential energy here in, uh, in this pry bar. Let's uh, let's get this guy out.

The other, uh, the other pry bar came out all by itself. Cool up where it goes and we'll get this bolt in for for safety. There we go. Fry! Hammer Let's move over here to get this other side.

see how the bolt. That's why I had bolts in it. That bolt right there caught the thing so it couldn't snap back and fling all the way up because that, uh, that could have been bad. Let's get this cable out of here.

There we go. All right. Very nice. Everything is a hammer.

Now we're safe.

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  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ZOOM WITH SMOKEY BEAR says:

    If you took the magnet to to hold the bolt, thing you can use fingers to put it on

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Lawrence says:

    It was awful. I’m probably scarred for life. Yeah, traumatized and stuff. You bastard! I’m going to tell mom. Great video as always. You’re actually a great editor as well as a gifted technician.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ZOOM WITH SMOKEY BEAR says:

    Same black you'd put the top radiator hose on first

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grant Williams says:

    I'm glad I had something to watch even though I've seen both episodes. I was wondering why can't we use reed valves instead of cam's and rockers and the valves we do. I realise that reed valves are analog so to speak and the digital so to speak system we use can be timed and have all the electronic inputs it needs but reed valves work so well.I take the reed valve technology was taken as far as it could.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Noonehere says:

    Meh…..its all about the average persons attention span…..for 80% (i assume) the average attention span of the average ‘merican watching youtube is maybe 7 minutes….oh look something shiny….bye

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Lewis says:

    Livin' life one flat at a time!

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terry Riley says:

    Breaking up long video's is the way to go. 25 to 45 minutes is the primo target! I have stopped watching VGG because the videos are now an hour or more. Who has that kind of time?

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Kennedy says:

    👏👏👏👏Ray. I know that you made sure that the crank shaft bolt had the proper torque-age, so it won’t come undone. That one flashlight was determined that you saw the light. Glad that we got to on another Frontier expedition with you.🙂🙂

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bert Hongo says:


  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Marshall says:

    Put you a piece of black electrical tape around that swivel and it will be a lot better and still flex. An old mechanic showed me that trick.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Demas says:

    I love the end "Everything is a hammer" lol.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dale Abbott says:

    Edd China loved using the word finicky.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Vallez says:

    It's okay

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dons Junkmail says:

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    Never buying a Nissan after watching all the work you put into repairing those leaks. Split away!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joseph E. Acosta says:

    What do you use to clean your hands?

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jthonn says:

    The frame is rotten on that vehicle, IMO wasn't worth all the work you put in it. Well as long as you get paid.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Hershey says:

    Part 3 is about when he start the engine in it Bows up and the 4th tear down the sec time