In this video I have a look at a customers 2016 Chevy 2500HD Denali with the big 6.6 that has a customer complaint of no horn. I think they built the truck around the horn 🙄 Let's have a look.
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Hi Hi Pin Kitty I anything in the printer, young lady, kitty kitty and another thank you Hi Folks 2016 Chevrolet It's big 2500. It's got the HD It's the denial. it's a dirty Max and it's got no Honker Oh well, we just learned something. Listen.

Oh I hear a relay clicking I Went and got us the diagram we didn't look at so the Honker doesn't work but we hear the relay clicking so that's half the battle. Hopefully the 175 amp fuse that feeds it good. Wow, What the world! Um, let's go right to the horn fuse, horn, fuse 15 amp. When we push the button, well, the fuse should light up and then we got to find the horns.

If that's uh, that's not the case. let's see if we can give this the one-handed handy here. Look at that. We did.

Oh boy, this guy's going to use glasses. set you guys there for a minute. Not super convenient. It says here I didn't get my glasses.

Number 48 and I found number 48 hiding down here 48. So let's get us the ground here. Oh look at that Nice part about the Dual battery package. Diesel action Okay, we got that hooked on.

Let's see if we got power on anything here. Somebody here have power. Make sure we got good connection. Battery battery's freaking buried.

Um, well. let's go right on our fuse. So there's Fuse 48. now.

this should light up when we honk the Honker and I can't reach it and honk the Honker at the same time. So I grabb the key Bob Let's put it in panic mode. Well, it doesn't panic very long does it? Can you guys see that? Oh crap, why in the world doesn't this thing? Panic Okay, there we go. Now you guys can see it.

So that's one side of the fuse. Okay, let's check the other side. Yep, Okay, let me set you back down there. I Know it's not the best view here.

Okay, we shut the Panic off. So we just learned something. We learned. It's not easy.

We learned the relay is good. We've learned the fuse is good. It doesn't mean somebody didn't cut the leg off the fuse trying to play with us. so did it? Remember that old trick you want to screw with one of your friends? you didn't can fuse and cut the leg off it, then stick it back back in and when they test it on top like we just did, they get you.

It's a fun trick to play on somebody, but this one clearly has both its legs. You know what I mean. So just find the power side of the fuse on the load side. Just cut the cut the leg off it, stick it back in a fuse box.

You'll send your buddies on a wild goose chase for a long time cuz they'll be looking for that broken wire and they'll get right back to the fuse box and be like it's got to be broke right here. And then at some point they pull the fuse out and then at that point, run for your life. So this is super handy. Um, the horn is a mother lover to get to.

it's buried behind the entire front end of the vehicle. It's not accessible from anywhere that I can see I looked in service data and it says remove front impact bar, front impact bar aka the entire front end and we got to do what we got to do cuz I looked around I can I can just barely see the horn and it is. It's buried over here in the driver side corner and you can't do anything short of getting to it I Mean we need to. We need to know Now is you know, is the power making it to the horn and is the horn assembly bad? Or is there a broken wire between the fuse box and the horn? and the only way to tell is to get down to the old horn and see so we're going to yank off a whole bunch of plastic bits.
Let's see what we can do. Eha oh good that exposes nothing. Let me get 10 mil. Let's get this.

Grill yanked off here. oh that's you r that make anything loose? Nope. Oh oh guess we better get a light before we rip and tear. We don't want to break anything.

Oh ooh looks like a RI and tear Style Good thing I played with Legos in you kid or Lego I don't know. can you say it in the plural text sh Thunder there's the big grill that's probably $5,000 or something. They just clip on there. Can we see the horn? Ooh oh this is why' Chevy make that out of metal.

Let me look around. I'd like to be able at least just get to the wiring even if we don't get to the horn to make the check. Man, it really sucks when you can see the horn like right there is the top of our horn. But this is metal so we can't just I can almost touch it I wonder if we can tap on them.

It's kind of weird that both of them would quit. You know what I mean. but that way that wire piggy through them. It's got me thinking we got a connection problem more than more than anything.

So let's do this. Let's find the keys here. All right. It's back A say it's panicking again I think you got to hold it a little bit longer? Let May hold it I'm panicking I'm panicking.

Okay, let's get us a prying apparatus. let's see which one. This looks like my Wiggler right here. Easy there we go.

That's going to scare the pudding right out of me if it starts honking. Oh, that's as long as I'm allowed to panic apparently I'm not allowed to have a panic attack fix I Want to see? there's a chance we can get that connector off or at least get a closer look at it here without. Yeah, great. It's your classic red lock style connector so I probably can't.

Uh, classic in the mirror? Check here. let's see. Oh maybe maybe maybe that I didn't have to hold the D Mir need an assistant? Come on stupid ass. Red Lock? No.

I just want to meet the guy who invented those freaking red locks and just choke the life right out of them cuz I could easily unplug it if it didn't have a stupid red lock in it. Need a longer one? That's what every fell says There we go. Got one now. Just like that.

Got to see if I can I pushed I got the red lock open I hit it from the front side. Bam now I just got to reach in here and release the release the latch and I think we're home free. All right I think I Just heard the latch release. Yes sir! I think dang it.
swear I heard that click open like a Sur how you going to plug it in? idiot. Don't worry. What we need is our laproscopic surgical tools got a surgeon that sends me this I can't tell you who he is or he might lose his job wh Bam Thank you Ma'am Here she is. We need to do one one more thing.

Where's my little tool? I Lost my little green picky tool. Well we're going to have to use this one. I don't know where I set it. there's one wire CP Reach back in here.

Oh oh, come on. hooked like Miss Mr Nice Guy Come back in like a surgeon. Hook onto that lots of room. Let's have a look now at our connection.

Oh that's not great. That's not great at all. Now we got to have a look at our horny cuz we might have to go in there anyways. What's up M Though there's a guy on the phone with a question.

he um had his V butt in here before and he was working on it and wanted to ask a question. Well did I fix it for him the first time you just diagnosed up? he's trying to fix it. Oh the Mr I'm going to save some money guy huh? I don't know which one that is. Oh actually the horny don't look too bad.

I Think we're going to be okay folks. we got to get out our labro tools again. you're going to feel a little pinch. Okay, there's a little pinch.

Bam. All we're going to do is clean that up. Go back in with this little guy. Come here Miss I Want to do something only if I get my own tool.

Oh okay, pause the camera I know where we left off folks. I Had to walk away for a little while do some other stuff, but we're back now. Got your deoxide D5 Not a sponsor? uh, removes oxidation, improves connection seals, and protects services with a flushing action and safe on plastic. It's good stuff.

There's just a tinge a real light tinge of green on this one connector here. So I want to give it just the Spritz don't worry, it's safe on plastic and then I'm going to stick the bristles of the metal brush down in there now. There's no power being applied to it right now so we don't have to worry about it, but there's there's hardly any in there, just just enough. and you I mean you guys saw it when we were fing it? We just bumped that connector and all of a sudden it started working.

So I think we caught it just in time I'm just getting these little bristles down in there to that looks good. let just give her a little bit more here sometimes. I'll just use the torch tip, cleaner, get down in there but this one is r really not that bad I mean it actually I Don't see any more green right now. Oh, you're hired got myself.

The oxa does not taste good. It's probably not good for you either. I Think it has a contact enhancer in it or at least that's what it claims. Improves connections uhing action provides quick, dry, non-rip no solvents.
oh wait, this is D5 provides flushing action poity I'm going to get a blow nozzle instead of using my mouth. We're going to blast that out. We're going to give her a couple drops of stable it 22 and then we're going to fiddle around for the next hour and a half to get it plugged back in. Sounds about right, right? Oh, oops, sorry about that.

Let's reach behind us. grab the tube Standard Motor Products Number Sl5 It's your classic Stabilant 22 electrical contact enhancer. You can buy this stuff in concentrate because this mixture that you buy is 75% isopropyl alcohol and you get one little dropper here. Stapl it 22.

It keeps you stable in a crazy world. It's a contact enhancer. It is conductive. It only takes a little drop.

Boop boop. We don't use it a lot, so we'll give it two drops. There we go. Two drops in each hole.

It's good stuff. Stick it back in your tube, hide it back in your tool box, or at least on the floor. And now this is where we have to come in with surgical. Precision Oh, this should be just lovely.

Can't reach it with our fingers. So what we're going to do, my head's just going to be right in your way. Let me move you. Oh, did you hear that she clicked? Watch this.

I'm going to push in the red tab just to be a prick. Oh yeah, look at that. red tab is in and locked just to prove it to you. Bad to line back up, we come in here with the mirror.

Can you guys see the mirror? Probably not. Just to prove it to you, you can see the red tab is fully in. Wow. We came in clutch just like playing fortnite so my kids tell me that was a clutch move.

Pop clutch. All right. Eha, we're done. It's over.

It's fixed. Didn't take much for tools. Oh man. oh gosh, you getting old.

F Set this down very gingely. get your finger Tre Sit situated here. that's in. Well that job wasn't too bad.

Overall, almost made again. You there you have folks fixing the horn on your 2016 Chevrolet or GMC Actually there is a difference. Uh, I mean there's not a lot of difference. It's all the same stuff.

but when it comes to taking the grill off, be thankful you got a GMC The Chevy suck to pull the grill off. The GMC's are wonderful. Um, we do the active Grill shutters in the GMC's Love the those things. Um, but that's it.

A little bit of corrosion on this one. Not a big deal. uh deoxit D5 uh works great. We use it often cuz we deal with lots of corrosion here obviously.

And then the stable N 22 is really good stuff. It's crazy expensive. Um, but if you're in the shop you know you'll use it. Uh, works great.

like on airbag connectors and stuff connectors that are really really sensitive. um to you know, resistance Where where you know, like in an airbag connection. you know a couple OHS is going to throw off the you know, the light. so we'll use it.

Situations like that. Situations like this. Obviously if the connector is like you know, looks like a Chia Pet you know, forget about it. We'd have to do something else.
We would had to pull the bumper because at that point usually it would have gotten on the uh male half of the terminals too. But looking in there with the mirror it looked pretty good. It was just a very very light amount of corrosion so not too big a deal. It would been a big deal if we had to pull the bumper and all that crap off.

So good thing we didn't And the other thing that would be good if you didn't is not not leave a comment. So go in. The comment section. questions, comments, the ins The Facebook you guys know what to do.

Just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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