In this video I bring you along as I install a hitch on a 1990 Ford F-150. Its a 10k lb Curt hitch and the install is super easy. I also install a 4 prong trailer wiring plug.
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The refer to the 1990 Yes you heard it right, 1990. that's the F-150 It's got the big 5-0 and we got to put that up here and I don't see any holes, she just flat. So I'm assuming we have to drill some holes I think step one. What we're gonna do is uh, open up tape, get out the destructions.

We also have a plug and play four prong flat. They wanted lights only on this thing. Uh, the lady said they did not want a brake controller. so what do they got going on here? So lucky lucky somebody already tapped in so we may not even need that I wonder if this little guy works? We still might do it the right way though because I think our little guy plugs into there so we might take them tapped off there.

go back to Step One put that there and there. Get on the knife right. Needs a new blade. There's our construction and our Hardware and this side we have our light kit.

Hopkins North America's number one brand. uh, self-proclaimed Anyway, this one's right there. yeah and this is the no tap type which I think it looked like that connector up there where we just plug it in so we might have to get rid of those vampire connectors. We'll see see what's going on up there.

Looks like this truck's been oil sprayed so that's good. Well we got 1973-97 F series old body style Bronco and 67 to O2 Dodge full size and 78 to 97. Bronco Wow. Pretty.

Universal uh hitch if I Do say so myself. Now let's see. I'll read these and then I'll figure out what we need to do. It looks pretty simple.

I Imagine we're going to drill some holes. It says it weighs 47 pounds. If you're a professional, you do it in 30 minutes. If you're a Diyer, it's going to take you 50.

drilling required. no trimming required. We're under the gun now son. First try a couple inches and eight.

We need to get the ball here out of the way. Oh, she's only in our torque setting too. Otherwise I think our tongue is or you know the new hitch is going to come right here and this might be in the way. or at least difficult to remove it at least.

And then we do have to drill some holes. Direction says sticking up on the frame. there's some Factory rivets I Don't know if you guys can see them, but one there and one over here and evidently there's a Mark or a hole in this hitch that'll line up with that and then we punch some holes. Are you over that rivet buddy? Yeah.

okay. right there. Okay, Oh right there. Sounds like the police still got it there.

Yeah, okay, okay. over that rivet. Yeah, a little bit. don't let go.

it'll whack in the head. okay. doesn't want it to stay or doesn't want to fall down. Oh look at that.

Perfect. So the rivets in the middle, front to back. Anyways, we have it centered that way. we can't Center it left to right because it hits the bumper bracket there.

but we just needed her up on the frame round. Same thing on this side. This rivet here sits more or less in the center, but you know, equal front to back. a little gap on this bumper bracket.
We could scooch it this way. a whisker, but that's right in the middle there folks. We're just going to let that just touch. We don't need to jam it up there, just just touch it.

Your Astro it's your ts29. it's your hyper steps. Some of the best drill bits on the planet. Starting out with 5 16, we need to end a half inch.

We're just gonna eyeball the center here that looks about right in that one. This one's pretty forgiving here. That one looks pretty good and of course we have this one back here which will move our vice grip out of the way. We need to walk that a little bit this way.

Oops. and now that quick tightening my Chuck did I They've got flat spots on these bits on the shank. it'll line up with your Chuck This guy can figure out how to use a drill. There we go.

Center punch fit where we need them I Think they all look pretty good. This one need to go this way just a little bit more. a little bit further back there. now.

we'll put her down in first gear and let her eat. You won't find a better drill bit folks. I'm gonna tell you right now don't want them Landing in your pocket. Thank you.

Do the same thing on the other side. Once you got the other side done, grab your half inch hyper step see, it's a reduced Shank if you needed enough about that and then just punch the half inch holes up through them. Thank you, there's that one. Oh also, make sure you know there's no wiring, harness or anything laying up in the frame.

That would be embarrassing. Hyper step bit to make short workout, you spend more time picking the stuff out of your shirt. There's that. there's our hole all done.

Put your bits back I'm serious folks. Let me tell you these bits. For a regular standard high speed steel bit, these things are amazing. I Was gonna get all I can't just drill it the first time with a half inch because you can do that.

They're hyper step. You can just start out with a half inch, but as a fridge with little pea shooters that are strapped to my shoulders I might not have enough push power and I'd be shivering too much by the time I went through. So instead of looking like a puss I Started out with the 5 16. but you can definitely start out with a half inch.

Uh, no problem. Great bits. You want better ones? Get on the Macro truck. get the hyper step Cobalts Made by the same company.

If you can buy them in the Astro box, you can only get the high speed steel. I Believe these. Drop our carriage bolts in there. Three for this side, let's stick them right up in here.

There's one and then this one. You have to put a plate on the bottom of it. I Believe Yes, sir. according to the picture I Think it's because it's the big hole and then we've got these flange nuts.

Let me hold that up in here. I'll stop getting on there and then we'll get this one here on the end. and then we'll very lightly snug these up as we remove our vice grips. Probably been further ahead to punch these holes out.
Just a whisker bigger than half inch. Be a little bit easier. There's one bolt here that doesn't allow us to stick our Carriage bolt down through. Nope, it doesn't.

We're gonna have to move. We're going to take that bolt out. That's handy. Handy Andy Let me get a three-quarter socket.

We'll tighten this one. moves the vice grip sticker bolt back here. But yeah, we're gonna take one of the bumper bolts out to get this bolt in. Come on now.

I'm facing this way. Yeah, we'll get that straightened up in the end. but for it now that option, it's not gonna conk Us in the head. see if we can't get this one up in there spoon that just so this one is just a straight up flange nut.

Okay, there's that. Probably should have grabbed that there. I Don't know, that's a fixed welded nut here. We'll try this wrong side shot, but we'll just try it a little bit.

No, we're gonna need an appropriate size stuff here folks. 18 21 wrench I Don't know if we can. All right, try to get our wrench up on here box. end of it.

maybe not handy. Let me get a different 21. Oh God that time folks. So yeah, you've got to take that bracket Bolt out the way in order to get this bolt to come down through and then foreign I'm having is this bracket up on the inside hits the part of the frame that's curved.

I Might have to trim this a little bit because we drilled our holes right dead in the middle. Actually, if I put it in in that direction, it's not too bad. Let me, uh, it'll probably pull right down flat. Let me just see here.

all right. Had I known we would have drilled our whole inset just a little bit more. Oh yeah, we'll be fine. It'll be perfect bracket hole back in there and then go ahead and tighten those up to the Uh manufacturers recommended specifications or turn off your camera and use your half inch.

Oggy doggie. Oh, we're stuck now. If we can use the open end up in there just enough to hold it until she gets tight? probably not. It's kind of in a picture of a spot here.

There we go. so there's that. There is a speck in the paper. what to tighten those up at? you don't want them falling out and then on this other side, we gotta do the same thing.

that bolt on the other side is in in a bad spot too. All in all, that's a pretty easy hitch to install. Not as easy as the ones that 3M Holes drill though. those are great.

Yeah, we have to use the open box in here at least to get it off. All right. There's that, and hindsight, knowing what we know now what I would have done is these holes here I would have drilled them in towards the hitch probably a little bit further just to allow a little more clearance here with the curved portion of the frame so it goes down with your torque wrench and stick this back together. Oh, got a swap sockets here.
That's it folks. Kind of a silly video, but we're gonna post it anyway. Somebody might want to know someday. Remove your stand of safety.

Take these little guys off I suppose. Look at that he Kurt Ten thousand pounder. Wow. yeah.

a little more hits and we have truck. As long as things aren't real green and nasty here plugged ow my fingernail. Frigold, you gotta get those uh, vampire connectors off there. You know those ones.

Go let me get a little screwdriver. We'll pry them apart, see what the wires look like? Nothing's green and crusty. We'll just tape them up. We'll get this off here.

out of the way. open up our new unit. pretty sure this is where it goes. Didn't read the directions, but it looks right.

Let's make sure. Yeah, that's gonna be the right one. Okay, and this essentially does the same thing that whoever did this does, except it won't get all corroded and rotted. There's one.

These things are probably okay, like down south or something. but here in the Prny the amount of salt we get, these are not a good idea. All the aftermarket remote start places around here use these things, except the only difference when they use them is they'll put it about. Well, if you could get it inside the connector, they would.

but they're gonna make darn sure that they put it right tight to that connector as tight as they can get it. So that way when it does turn green and well, now you got big problems. These ones look super clean. I'm going to tape over them.

We're gonna pretend we didn't see it. I Mean it's a piece of Scotch tape here. super 33. stuff is amazing.

Go get around there nice and tight, cut it clean. Go on to the next one done. We'll tape up the whole harness. Foreign.

There it is. Oh, come on, get a little fire. That stuff is super sticky. there's that.

And I'll do the last one there once you have all three of those covered up. Try to find the end of your tape again. There it is. And if I could give you a word of advice folks.

Scotch Super 33. if you're gonna buy electrical tape, just buy it. It doesn't matter how much it costs per roll, the roll is going to last you a really long time. but it is some of the best tape.

planets. Okay, don't get that crap from Harbor Freight or any of that other cheap crappy plastic feeling electrical tape Scotch 33 or Super 88. you'll thank me. There it is, so that's all good.

and then what we'll do. Give her some of the film up inside the terminals. keep it from going terminal. oops.

Plug that one in. Come around here and we'll find out where this one goes. Like so and then we're gonna zip tie this wherever we can keep her out of the way. I've got to move you folks.

Feels like there's a there's a holder right up here anyways. and then we're gonna a check to make sure it works and then B run it where we need to wire tie that uh Junction up in there. and then we're gonna run our wire down here. we're gonna give a little bit of Slack let's see over here.
we're gonna wire tie this right to the hitch whether you like it or not. there's that one. and I'll do another one over here. this way it won't be dragging down the road.

We're even gonna make our wire ties going the same direction for our OCD viewers. So there's that. Now when you cut a zip tie, try to cut it right on a 45. Leave that nice and long.

If you can't get a good point that way, get a good point this way. just make that sucker so it is razor sharp. Okay, don't do that. Use a pair of flush cuts.

knock them off, flush folks. All right. there's that. So he has a little extra wire here.

Usually the trailers have lots of extra wire and then we've got the little rubber cap. Make sure you put that in the right direction. So when it comes over male female if we can say that in 2023, but his hurt he she plug. That's what its pronouns are.

We don't use pronouns here. Foods adjectives trying to make: Mr Don't call me super sexy here so that's my adjective. I'm kidding kidding, she doesn't call me that Okay, we're sick that are you there for right now. We'll try to stick that right there for right now.

We need to go get the very lovelinesses though and get a test light and make sure that works. Other than that, this Baby's all done. and I think we are not professional because I think it took a little over the half an hour mark. So we are somewhere between Pro and uh DIY Wow! Marker lights in four ways around so that should be all of our terminals here.

We don't need to check brake lights because if our turn signals work on our brake plates work, so first pin in brown should be marker lights, we've got Marco lights. This one should be blinking. Yellow is your left turn. green is your right turn.

If those work, then your brake plates work because this is not a converter box. Okay, you break lights and your turn signals around the same wire. so that's that folks. We got her done, stuck a rubber band around it to kind of take up the slack there folks.

I'll stick it here and he can figure out what he wants to do with it. A lot of guys will just like Loop them down through here up through here and then stick them in the hitch. But you got to make sure you keep these suckers: grease fluid film, dielectric, anything you want to put on there to keep it from getting corroded. I'm Gonna Leave it to that, putting the Curt hitch on the back your F-150s seems like it fits a variety of years.

Uh, of course the wiring is probably going to be slightly different if you're using a plug and play connector. or you can just do what the previous owner of this truck did with those you know connectors there, splicing a harness. Whatever you have to do, these trucks don't have any kind of module or anything like that. you just have to be cautious.
Like that circuit that you're tapping into is designed to carry current for what's on the truck from the factory. So if you have a trailer that's really loaded up with bulbs, uh, or it has a short and ends up blowing a fuse, it's also going to blow the fuse for this turn and Signal or this brake light or the running lights. Um, whereas like more modern vehicles, have separate fusing for the trailer, so just bear in mind it's time to use your noodle when you're doing that. Um, this guy's only going to be pulling a small boat.

So uh, and I did check with them to make sure he needed a four pin instead of the five pin your Classic boat with hydraulic brakes that has the reverse lockout on it. So I did check before we get that comment. It is a four pin boat trap so that's it. I Want to check out your comment down in that comment section Questions: Comments: The Entity The Facebook You guys know where to find us.

notice my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching! Thank you.

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