Insanity Update 3.0 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 duly. Duramax With the Allison Sixspeed, it's a project and it's uh, it has snowballed quickly. Look, we have an Hbac box on the ground. That is the part.

I Have a pile of actuators over on the other side of the shop I've got a heater core and an evaporator core and inside I have no interior whatsoever. Look at that. Nothing's in here. Dash is pulled out.

The top of the dash is disassembled. The front of the dash is disassembled. There is no insulation. I've had to drill holes in the firewall ran some new wires.

We need to clean all this up. All these parts over here are getting replaced. Going to do a new throttle sensor which is the A. I Need to clean up the parking brake I Changed out a bunch of cables.

It's a project but it's coming along so stay tuned for more updates. See you guys later.

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