In this video I have a look at a customers Buick Enclave that had a customer complaint of a reallllly loud wheel bearing, object detection not working, no horn, NYSI, and a few other things. Let's see what it needs and get this lady and estimate and see if we get the job.
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All right folks, it's gonna be a little different video style here in the beginning. Got this: Buick don't even remember what year it is. It's a job that I recorded for you guys but something happened to the audio to the first couple clips of my video. Uh, needless to say it's the Buick Enclave it's got the big 3.6 I Came in with a customer complaint if I remember right of no horn, no double honk when she would lock her doors with the key fob.

the doors would lock but it wouldn't honk the horn so that was a complaint. Her other complaint was uh blind spot monitors light was on service object detection system something like that. her remote start was not working with her key fob her passenger presence. the passenger side airbag light would come on and and go off at times we're going to cover that.

She had what she considered a loud exhaust which ends up being a very loud wheel bearing which I think I perhaps explained in the beginning of this video as I'm walking around and it's not recording any audio so that kind of sucks. Gonna do the best I can Hopefully that gives you guys enough information to make the rest of this video not seem really silly. So thanks for watching folks. That worked out pretty good because that was this lady on the phone and she says that the remote start has not been working.

However, she says this is the key fob she doesn't normally use so I'll just try it again just to be sure. Oh, perfect. All right. So it sounds like she possibly just has a bad key fob on your other set of keys.

So let's turn this on. All right. So that's on. and let's just check this.

Oh, that's why your double Hunker doesn't work. Okay, so my first theory was when she said she had no remote start and no double honk I Figured she had a bad door switch. What it looks like she might have a long fuse for the horn or just you know, a bad clock spring or horn button. So something like that.

Another way we can tell there is we'll go like this. You know, is it the horn button, clock spring area or is it a pouring? Us by holding the panic button? Okay, you can see up there in the toolbox. we've got flashing lights. let's see here.

so we're in a panic situation. The horn should be blowing, but it's not. So I'm holding the panic button down. lights are flashing, the horn should be going off, so that's good.

Um, let me hit the panic button again. So that tells us that you know we likely don't have a bad box spring stuff like that. There's something wrong with actual horn circuit, so let's see if we can't figure out how to get into this under this hood here. Oh I can feel it? Yeah, there we go.

Wow! Got your classic. We don't know what's wrong so we're going to add some extra ground ground Classic move. Um, kind of weird. the ground or two plastic intake? Who knows.

Uh, let's see. Uh, let's look up a horn circuit diagram because that's the best way to go about it and see what's wrong with this horn. So I've got to see a wiring diagram here for the horn. So yeah.
2017 Enclave It looks like a super simple setup. Got a fuse? We've got relay control. Side of the relay is controlled by either the body module so when we're pushing the panic button or through the steering wheel switch which we know neither one of those inputs work. and then from there on the load side of the relay, it comes out and then just goes to the two horns.

So uh, simplest thing to do is to find this horn. fuse. uh, 15 amp, Rake fender well above fuse blocks. Let's go find that sucker.

Grab the test slate because we're probably gonna need it once the fuse adjustment. M.I.A Which there's a fuse laying right here. Somebody's pulled out still still in the fuse holder and it looks like it's still a good fuse. so that's interesting.

I wonder why they did that? Oh, let's see. this guy might need to. Oh there it is. Horn: 15 amp and let's see how does this go like this.

Throw fuses? Nope. doesn't roll it Relays: Okay here we go. More than 15 amp. so one two three four, one two three four missing fuse I Want the frig? So there's our 15 amp fuse.

We'll put that back in the slot. We'll stick that right there. This is kind of a weird situation already. Let's just see if that works.

What's this Kind of weird? Let's see if this works now. So why did somebody take the fuse out and why did this lady not tell me anything beyond that? So I don't know I think we should keep recording because this car seems to be kind of mysterious so far. We have a remote start that works. That said, it didn't which we assume it's our other fob.

We have a horn that doesn't work or didn't work but somebody clearly took the fuse out and then just left the fuse there. All right. Let's check the next thing she wants. a blind spot.

Monitors checked all right. so the no horn on double lock, missing fuse. we'll start. possibly bad key fob and okay so next on my list is uh across someone's uh I guess I'm going down my list Blind spot monitors.

Let's find out the computer I did notice that the light on the mirrors on both mirrors was on when I drove it in. so I know that's a for real problem to a false skin here. Let's go pretty quick. All right, let's uh, hit the report here: Emissing: um right side object detection Lost communication with left side, so our left side module is more likely bad.

Pretty common. Uh I Thought she had problems with her inflatable straight passenger side. Let's go start that up and check that out. It's weird.

It doesn't have any code stored in it. It's the radio and the right side object detection. Gosh air, Back off. That's just because nobody's in the seat.

Maybe we'll set somebody in that seat and see if it does something. Or maybe it's just dinging periodically going down the road. I Have to ask her about that. Uh, let's put this thing in neutral so we can slide it ahead and get it on the left and have a look at that object detection module.
Pretty clean. Insane assault belt. Usually these things are rusted right off. This is where our left side object detection module lives.

Super common. For these babies to go bad, we can't Goodness gracious. Come on man. All right, maybe she doesn't want to wiggle.

Let me get a pick. Somebody's already been back here though, because I See the little Christmas tree Fastener Here is broken. The other half of it's still stuck in there. Let's see if we can't push a sucker out.

Usually they're all swole up. Holy smokes. Well I Tell you what, it's back to Red Lock. Let's see if we can't Uh oh my goodness.

never mind. This thing's rightful of freaking green puss. Uh, you guys probably can't see it from your angle, but somebody jammed it right. full of grease and stuff.

Um yeah, really. no sense in checking here, so that is pretty common. That's what I was going to do is get it out. Well I guess we could still work on getting it out.

Um I was going to show you that usually these things get all swole and and Bloated this one must be because it seems to be stuck in besides the bumper cover here and then usually the green corrosion will go down inside the connector. This one's stuck in there. Pretty good. Well let me get something to yank on that thing with.

Oh okay, try again. so not too bad. Oh yeah, she's Puff Daddy right out of there. Let me show you so no real diagnosis needed here.

You can see it's all swollen. Let's see if we can have a little look on the inside. Mother Lover Oh, there we go. Okay, kind of move the circuit board back out of the way and you can see there's something going on right there lady.

it's definitely broke and then like I say inside the connectors nothing but a big old green plus ball. It's missing two pins, got your classic green goo coming out of it. You don't want that coming out of you. I'll tell you that.

So it needs a connector as well as the left side obvious detection module. So easy. So that's what that little guy looks like. so that's fun.

Somebody already knew about it again. Imagine that. Oh my. Thunder's working on this car that everybody's already diagnosed at some point.

obviously. Let me check that out for our list. I Need left object detection module. Thank you All right.

Let your foot off the break there. Mr Snow Okay, what's it do if you give her a little gas? Can you get her up to about 30? 40 miles per hour? Thank you. Pretty loud in it. Okay, let off the gas I Don't think we'll be able to do this when.

I'll give her a call? All right. Start giving her a little bit of gas there. Let's go better in there. Vanessa Yeah, okay.

you don't hear any other bearing. Okay. I'm gonna let this one go. Keep her up to speed.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay Jump on a break. All right. Put it in part: you're good.

You're good. Shut her down. We'll add this to our estimate best. We can tell the left rear bearing which is what I thought it was when I drove it.

but dude, that thing is loud I was on my test drive I Did notice that the right hand blinker blinked fast because I was making all right hand turns. So let's kick our four ways on and see which one of our blinkers is not work. I got the front ones. Must be a bad one.

We got the one in the mirror all right. So that little guy? no problem, Maybe open up and what do we need? Let's see what we need here folks. This will be the easiest part of the whole job. Well, I don't know.

Putting that fuse back in was pretty easy. Something right? So this lady wants an estimate on everything. Hey, it's that guy. There he goes.

She wants an estimate on everything before we do any. We don't need to work, so this is the kind of stuff you have to do when you're gathering information to write an estimate. I Made the lady aware that we'll have a you obviously have a charge to go through and figure out everything. That's wrong.

You can't do all this for free. Okay, that's for sure. Okay, let's see if we can't get a hold of this little guy somehow. Sometimes these help gives you something to pull on.

Get these from. Harbor Freight I Think that's where I got them. There's one screw. There's two screws.

The place start working when we take it out. Oh, it didn't. Oh, it's one of those little caps. I See I See, it's a Divine man.

So the deaf man looks like a classic 7443 bulb. Let me run upstairs and grab one of them. We'll see if just the bulb that's bad, if it is. Hooray.

If not, we'll do something else. Got your classic 74-43 and drop the other one. There we go. They're both out there now.

Connector looks good and clean. There it is. easy. fix lady.

so there's that. Line it back up. Guide me in little fellow where you at. Well there she is.

Easy. all right. So we'll add that to the bill. Okay, there we go.

Good as new. Fire this baby up. Finish your airbag off. We got misses always sneaking in over here.

I Don't want to be on camera today. so pass your airbag on. You can show the dogs the dogs in your big gun. Put your super seat belt on girl.

let's see what. Uh yeah, so that's the demon, huh? And my seat belt thing is done. Of course we got ABS light on because we were running on the lift. but so I'm wondering if she's setting something.

You know what? I'm saying. that's why I'm just telling the people there's no code stored in the airbag module or anything. Yeah, she must not understand. Maybe that it comes on when he got something heavy in this.

Yeah, it gets the dings at her. So I'm wondering if she put something in her seat. that's what we discussing I'd show your face Mr though but he said do not show your face. It's a disgrace.
Yes, you can do it. I'm trying I'm slinking Big Ten there's no think 10. Yeah, good job. Well I almost showed your face.

Somebody's gonna pause it and be like what's wrong with her face. Oh gosh, okay. I guess there's nothing there we can do. but uh yeah.

the service tracks, control, stability track. It's good. We're running on the lift no problem. You gonna talk to us huh? I Was gonna say nothing wrong with her brake lights.

Nothing wrong with her. See Yeah well. we got our list over here. we got to add to it.

Let's see. Lincoln that was a 74-43 That's good rating on the right rear passenger bag on and dings. Talk to customer, talk to customer. A boot tip so that's it.

We have to give this lady an estimate on the left object detection module and a left wheel bearing and other than that on her list I Think I went through everything. Let me find your list. No, it's not. But I feel like I'm being set up Mrs though the fuse within the fuse box.

That's weird. Somebody was already in the left object detection module when I laid over there on the ground so we already had it unplugged. broke the because you did go somewhere and then she just went to the second opinion. Yeah, never mind your face.

oh my gosh, don't work Lady said get her done Now This is what you guys always want to know and I never show you. Well let's just go over the estimate. It's like going over with the customer. We got 1.6 hours object detection sensor to remove and replace.

You're like what you mother after you just took it out 15 seconds. Well guess what? It's because we need the whole rear harness. You can't buy just that connector. So GM has a harness in stock in the detection sensor.

so we got 1.6 to pull the rear bumper to do the side. Optics detection sensor includes our bumper fascia to install harness. We got point three: We've got three tenths to diagnose the horn I put down what here that we found the fuse is missing. Point three to diagnose object detection.

Because we didn't really diagnose it, we just saw it was broke corroded tenth of an hour to put the bulb in. 1.2 for the left rear wheel bearing. A couple notes here about the remote start that customer States and then customer States Airbag light comes on and off I Did speak with her. She says that is when there's stuff sitting in the seat but she didn't think it was Heavy enough to set it off so her other remotes faulty.

She put stuff in the seat. that's why it goes ding ding left for your object detection sensor from General Motors 7443 Bob left rear bearing from Napper Not a sponsor uh, money to program and the side detection object harness put a grand total of 1 331.59 and that's it. So there's a couple reasons I don't usually show. This is uh, it usually starts arguments in the comments section because somebody's going to go on and be like oh I could buy that part from, you know, for you know, a nickel.
It is what it is folks. these are the parts I use um and then that's that's the prices. um and then the other thing is too. It's not really relevant in certain areas where somebody's like I wonder how much it cost to get my side detection module fixed.

For example, this lady when I told her was 1340 you know, whatever the estimate came to, she just said get her done and she laughed literally allowed at me and I said why did you LOL at me she says because she went to the dealer and to fix the object detection sensor. They told her twenty two hundred dollars. that was all they're fixing. No wheel bearings, no lights, no other problems, no horn.

It was over two grand so she was expecting around 5 000 to fix everything which is absolutely ridiculous. I said save the five thousand, you're gonna need time and chains and a transmission if you keep the car so which she knows, but she just wants to get this stuff fixed and then get rid of this junker because apparently it's been quite a problem vehicle for you know, just continuous stuff as General Motors usually is. so that's that so that hopefully satisfies some of you and that hopefully it pisses some of you off and then hopefully it makes some of you happy. So we got all kinds of emotions.

That's it folks. Uh, I'm not going to have parts for um, until Tuesday Today's Friday we're off on Monday so it's going to be a few days. We'll come back. We'll finish this up in part two.

we'll rip into it, We'll do the bearing, We'll do this object detection, we'll get it programmed and whatever else we gotta do. We didn't have too much and that's it, So stick around. Thanks for watching foreign.

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