In this video I am swapping out the front pads and rotors on a customers Buick Encore with the big 1.4 liter. It is a pretty simple job most of the time. This particular one had some seized up caliper pins though. Still not to big of a deal.
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Interviewers: Welcome back to the Softman off Channel That's a 2017 Buick It's the Encore premium with the big one for needs some front brakes. It's got a C's caliper pin I Think the bottom one here was a little bit tight so we're gonna have to fix that. Let's get after it. get some light here.

Hopefully you guys can see. Hopefully I can see now this one. We've already done some videos in Blower Motor got some rear brake action control arms tie rod end I Needed everything. It's got a lot of miles on it.

180 000 or so 10 mil. Remove these. there's one. there's two.

We'll set them into this side right there. Find the lift. We'll pull our caliper back now. before we get too far, we need to make sure that this caliper can compress.

We're just going to give her a push back in here with our backy tool. There you go. That's good. You're not making a YouTube video, let her swing by the hose.

but if you are, put a hook in it and then we're gonna take them little guys out. 18 millimeters at least on the one I'm working on. they've gotten Loctite on them from the factory. Give her a little Kumbaya there.

Shimon There's that one Now we'll grab the ugly dug a gun. Yeah we'll move this up. One click stretching the hose too much. let me, uh, shove it back there.

we go now. Can you see? Kind of didn't help at all. wrong way. I Know Mercy Reversy Get your bracket out of the way.

Oh gosh, Before I make a little noise, we're gonna grab our T30 very light ugga Dugas here. This came right now. Usually it just blows your bed apart. Oh look at that.

This one's shiny clean already so we don't even have to clean that. Wow! Lucky us. Get the fluid film. give it a spritz go down to Napa get yourself a brand new router.

Boom! Slip it on, take your T30 we're gonna tighten that up very very lightly. I'm talking we're putting on setting one, but we're only going to use 0.25 of the other nugget string. There you go. Make sure you leave the comment how that is not supposed to go back in I'll be disappointed if I don't see that down there.

So I've always found it interesting when I see that comment which we see quite often people are like that's only for assembly. It's interesting because it's in service data. They have a Torx back in and it's part of the process. Do you need it? No.

I'm not disagreeing with that. You don't need it, but some people get all pissy about it. I Can't wait to put that in I should step your facing garbage can. Whoa dude.

get Hardware off. Now this is risque. We're gonna lightly hug and dug of this but we're gonna make sure she's not just going to snap your head. Let's go the other way.

Sometimes you just give them cracked loose a little bit. negative. Ghost Rider Let's go stick this in the vise. Let's peel this little thing off here first.

I'll tell you that much of things get some. Flush Cutters That'll work. Oh yeah, now we can see. Don't cut it unless you have a new one which I Knew this was seasoned up when we started.
so I Pre-ordered there. we go. Now we can see. Let's give her another whack of the other gun.

You gotta be careful because you can just snap the hydrate clean off. Let's heat her up a little bit. give her a little Spin and see if it comes out. we won't break out Vic Just yet.

Let's try a little map gas. You guys heat these up and you'd think the pin would go blowing out. but if you're using a little bit and you turn this thing red, I've seen the casting blow out right back in your face so be careful. We're creating a little missing here I Might have to get mixed.

This takes way too long. my patients are out. Yeehaw Did you see it? Puff the Bulls R Us up Don't I yeah I Just don't have your face in front of it. It can get you I'm going to take and sandblast this little guy.

We'll get her blasted off the pin or a blast off with the pads. Go and we'll blast off. We'll blast everything. Boom.

Everything's blasted. Pins bracket everything. Wipe the grease off the good Pin like I say I Bought us a boot kit from Napper. We're gonna take and put the a little grease on the outside here.

Okay, right where the boot's gonna go. That's the important part because if it gets all rusty out here, then crap gets under your boot and so that's what you want to do. That's the most important thing you can do in your life. We get the whole pin all the way to the top.

Same thing. So that way when the boot goes on, it seals up there, she seals noise. Put that baby on. We'll give it a little extra on here for good measure that we're going in.

Oh yeah, there's that boot. Same thing over here. smear some around the Barb Who's Barb I Guess that's not a Barb I don't know what it is. kind of Barbed in the groove.

We'll shine that one up, stick our boot on, give it a spin to distribute the grease around that. Groove going all the way. Wipe off the excess foreign. We used a Super Lube silicone bait Grease Food grade Dielectric meets USDA guidelines.

All right. So there's that. Now we'll get the high temp silly Ramek 3 000 degrees. We'll give it a little squirt here.

a little squirt there. Well, that's a lot of Squirt actually and just a half a squirt here because I've got too much on that side. Get your brush, get it all over everything. Try to keep her from getting rusty.

That's why we put it under the hardware because in our part of the world we have rust. endless amounts of it. All right. Once you fill up the cranny and the Nooks put yourself on some new hardware foreign, we'll make sure our pads fit.

Got some of the silent guards? Boom there they are. inside. Pad's got a Squealer outside the bed does not. That's your Squealer wear indicator.

what do you want to call it? Now These pads fit super loose in here, which is great. There's that one this one here and that one fits super loose. Fantastic! Let's go put our bracket on Shake yourself up some. Loctite I'm using the orange variety.
you probably can't see. It holds like red releases like blue. It's the gel type. It's stupid expensive for what it is I don't know why, but it is so we're gonna smear that on both bolts.

Good coating of the orange of course. I've got a nice shadow here so nobody can see. Stick our bracket up there. Put your bolts in.

there's that one. Grab yourself torque setting one. there's that pull out. get your torsion wrench, turn it on Sutter 118 ftlbs's and then pull to hear it click or vibrate.

There's that 118. come over here. get your pants. Peg Schlapper Squealer at the top, put on the outside one.

Oh, you're almost done. Now We need some slimy stuff here. Unhook your caliper if you have it hanging by a hook. Pretend like you're supporting it with your hand as it hangs by the hose.

unscrew the cap from your silly ramek. Yeah, we're gonna screw the little inside the ear here and we're running low. Don't look. I'm still support I'm supporting it with my forearm, my wrist.

Okay, there we go. A little there. a little on the Piston face. I'll show you what's up.

so we got some on the Piston face. It's fanelic so you don't really need to do this, but we still do grease up the Piston face the inside ears here. This jerk can actually move his leg. Let's see, everything's plastic.

Can you see? Nope. Can you see now? Somewhat so right in here, smeared around with your finger? Oh yeah. I'll get you. I'll show you where it's at I Love this stuff.

Feels so good So there do your inside ears. You know what? I'm saying Piston face. Spin it around, find something to wipe your finger off on your pants. will do.

Hold it right there. Hold it right there. Put that bulb in there. put that bolt in there.

Grab your Augie Doggy gun. Where'd it go? It's right here now. Switch out your socket, put your 10 mil on torque setting. one turn on your torque wrench light.

Please snug it up. Grab your torque crunch 21 ftlbs. Pull your tilty vibrates 24.6 way over 22.8 close enough. Give her one of them and that's it folks.

You're all done. Hope you enjoyed the video lighting here always sucks. It's a great shot, nice and bright but making videos it sucks. So there's your front brakes on your Buick Encore uh with the big one for caliper moves nice and free.

We need to go out and burnish in the pads yet? And before you do that, pump up your brakes and put your wheel on too. Don't drive this thing without the wheels and pump them brakes on. and make sure you check the brake fluid too I'll make sure that's full and that's pretty much all you got to do. Drive around burnish them in per manufacturers instructions.

um, some some like it hot and heavy, some like them long and slow so you gotta look and see how they want it and I know how I want you I want you in that comment section Questions: Comments: Stay and Steve the Facebook not on Tick Tock though and just my viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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