In this video I am swapping out the rear pads and rotors on a customers Buick Encore with the big 1.4 liter. It is a pretty simple job most of the time. This particular one had some seized up caliper pins though. Still not to big of a deal.
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Who's with me? You are and you are too. 2017 Biorcetsian Course got the big one for need for your brakes. so we're just gonna get right into it because we often do. We need to find first and foremost a Torx bit which I've already lost, but we got a P30 right here.

I'm gonna stick that right in there. What's up myself? You need me? Oh, you got my stuff. So we're going to take this little guy off right here. A little noise damper T30 on this model.

Once you crack it, Loose you can give it a handy all the way to the end. so there's that and then what you'll need is your 13mm. We're gonna cracker loose up here. Now this part is not for the faint of hearts.

You can't get your 10 on the bottom. you can. If you go like this, you grab the brake hose. Note: Don't look, don't look, don't look.

just give a little push. Okay, get out of the way. Guess what? Now you can get the box under your tent, up on there. crack that bottom one loose.

You could try your open. Then you might have to tweak your brake hose just a little bit more here to get the box than that. Once you crack loose and just spin your bottom bolt roofs, leave it in the caliper, Ain't Nobody says you got to take it off if you're doing it by the book, unhook your brake hose, do some praying that you can actually get the bleeder loose, and then you know you're off and running. But or you can do it the easy way like what we did, and then take your top bolt out after that.

As long as you don't look at those, you'll never even know you've been it. Be sure to leave a comment though. Oh I'm a scumbag. That's okay.

Oh man. a sucker. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. Now pretend like you're holding it off camera and it's not being fully supported by the hose.

Get yourself a little hanging tool, wrap it around there. put it up here. Somewhere is where it appears that it's not hanging from the hose still, even though it may or may not be so there. And then we've got to get after caliper bracket bolts.

they are of the 15 millimeter size. Give it that one a little tug. give that one a little tug Now prior to taking it off. these pins are tight, tiger tight.

The bottom one is not that should have the rubber on it and it does. So the bottom one moves. the top one don't Not at all. We're gonna grab an 18 mil short socket there before we take this off.

we're going to see. Okay, oh that little guy moves so that's good. What we want to do is we want to give it the spinner roof we want loose. I'm gonna put her in reverse.

Yeah yeah, go. That's the sound we wanted to hear. Spin it till it spins free. It's a lot easier to get out when it's on the bench.

Take your bottom bowl out, set to the side. Oh, pick up your socket because you've still got to put a snap ring on your impact even though you have piles of them. Take off your top bolt, your bracket will come clean Plum off there as they say and then, uh, work on the outside bits which are going to include but not be limited to sticking that right there. Our: T30 Okay, we gotta find that again.
it's been lost in the cart again. Found it yeah, may or may not come out. Oh, she just ripped my glove. my love.

Stick that baby off that looks pretty clean. Grab yourself a wizzy wheel. Inside Edge ain't look too bad Outside got a little rust now. let's just Shiner up.

Oh, try to go shiny. Also shiny. What's up girl? Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? No. Is it the owner? No.

I'm wondering schedule and okay, stand by folks. Oh it's pretty clean on the inside so we're just gonna go over the inside with just a wire brush. We've got to clean the rust off, but you don't want your rotors sitting on all wibbly wobbly. it's not a technical term, but all right.

Beautiful spritzer down. something to keep it from getting crusty We used to fill Schneider up on it's your Torx Bolt screw get your teeth Thirty Thank you I Can go to setting number one very lightly looking at service day, it's like 89 inch pounds. I Think take a bracket, get it blasted clean. All the rusts out where the pads go.

Take your pins out, clean out those holes, clean up your pins, break out the Super Lube We're gonna start re-lubing our pins. so this is the pin that has a little noise dampening chunk of rubber on it. These can be a real son of a mother. To get back in, we're going to make sure our holes are all good and lubed up first.

I Don't know which one that goes in goes in the bottom, but we're gonna have to turn around and look at the car to get the orientation correct. I'm not that sharp. see here. Let's see.

this goes here like that. Like so this one goes here. So this one down here is going to be where the rubber goes. Rubber goes down the bottom I Don't think it really matters.

most people just throw them away. Anywho, so we're gonna stick our new rubber up on there. Make sure she's slicked up a little bit. Yeah, it's going to be a pain to get in.

you got to just just gentle. Just wiggle that baby ever so nicely. I'm gonna get some lube and put it around where the rubber is going to go to make a good seal and keep this thing from rusting around that lip. Again, nobody likes the rusty lip.

We'll grab boot sticking out the top one, take our lubricated pin, slip it in. I'm gonna take our boot here. We're gonna stick it on the bottom one and this is where it takes some time I find if you lightly push, keep going around in kind of a circular fashion once you get it in all the way. once.

that rubber well here I guess I can pull this rubber back off here this outer boot once the rubber gets in past that. Notch Usually everything frees up, but our tendency is to just push, push push. but that'll uh, that'll push the rubber up on top of the pin. So we just kind of push lightly here.

Keep wiggling. Sometimes you need to pull out just a little bit, wiggle twirl around. it'll go. trust me.
See where we're at? so we're almost. We almost have the rubber in all the way there. We're going all the way. Just keep wiggling, keep steady pressure on it once you see it's in there, most away.

then you can give her a couple. Taps Bam Let's get our rubber boot back up on there. and then then you're good. Don't yank it back out though.

I Can't get a whole circle. she's slippery so then we can wiggle it out. Wiggle it in. it's got some.

got a little bit of air trapped in there, but you can see I'm saying it should move easily, should be able to take your finger and just push that little guy in. It's got some air under it. let the air out away you go. So a little bit of patience? Yeah, calm.

Now you get that sucker right in. and that's what we're using. Super Lube It's pretty super Silly Ramek. It's good for high temps and high speeds and high pressure.

Miss those guys. Under Pressure She runs a tight schedule around here. We're going to lube up underneath our Hardware Make sure you're buying good Hardware too folks. I'll tell you that much.

some of the cheap stuff it comes with the cheap pads. It's pretty cheap. it ain't that good. good.

Hardware It's got the rubberized coating on the backside. It's usually non-magnetic We can check and see. oops, this stuff's magnetic. Oftentimes it's not there we go.

It's painting on that side rubber coat coming over yourself. There it is folks. Great rock and roll. look at my lighting always sucks.

There we go. it looks great here. It looks terrible on camera. We're going to take our bolts to hold the bracket on.

Shake up the tube of the gel. Today's flavor is orange. Oops. Got a little too big a load on that one.

It'll be okay though. bigger, the glob better. the job they say. We're gonna spread that amongst the two.

The oranges in between the red and the blue holds. Like red releases like blue. At least that's what they tell us. This little guy up.

Feel that one in. Get your other one nest. There's that one. Grab your ugly dug a gun.

15 mil. Oh easy, easy. There's that. We're going to torque them all the way down.

I Don't know what they go to 70 something I think wherever I set this last, let's see 74. It tells me there's that one. Went a little past 78. a little more for good measure 77.

let's go find some pads inside Pad: It's got a Squealer in this case Squealers going at the top. More importantly, it's got a bottom titty right here on the bottom of the pad. The outside pad that's not the outside pad has just a couple of rivets. If I had good lighting, you could see, but the inside pad is very important that it has that little Peg that sticks up.

You see it. I Call them Peck You'll see why in a moment so we'll slip. That baby fits nicely. Slip the outside one.
It fits nicely. Feels like they got some good friction. Let's clean up our caliper. Make sure it Twirls in.

We should have done that a long time ago, but we're Risk Takers unhook your hose that gives the appearance of actually hanging onto the caliper. Take your caliper like this. Look for your caliper. Windy back tool that you never want back.

Okay, don't look real quick. Support your caliper while winding it back. Step back, rewind it. back liner up into two pegs.

two slots. Line up your two pegs in the slots. Winder Back, don't you be seized up, little fella, or twirl it. Make sure you're not twisting up the boot.

if you. If you are, you have to get the boot cracked loose. Might maybe even spray a little silicone uh, grease there underneath it. Oh boy, you don't even want to look out there.

Somebody's pulling in and wanting to rent me campers out there. Well, we know. Robin Williams Ain't jumping out of it am I right. That's that's.

a pretty thick joke though. This is a good movie though. Bad joke, good movie. and then what you need to do.

So you see how you've got two slots in there. They need to be vertical. Okay, once you get her pushed in because that slot's gonna line up with that Peg on the bottom of the pad. So right there.

that bottom slot needs to be lined up on top here. Just like that, because your pet your pad, your pad has a peg like this. Peg All right. Um.

You Have to close your eyes for a minute again. there. close them. Open them again.

We're gonna pull a little dab of grease on that ear and a little on that here. Take your finger, right, index finger. it's the only one that works good for this. Look at that on the inside of the ears here.

I'd Tip it and show you but I can't and then on the Piston face Slimer up good. it's going to cut down on Some Noise Boys Taking the liner up right where it needs to go. get your bottom one started. Put that one's in there permanently unless you want to take off the brake hose which here in the People's Republic of New York I Would not suggest doing that or in any other part of the salt belt unless you're replacing the caliper that one in that one in.

Find something to wipe your finger off if you're still going around like this. Ah, tastes like vanilla. Get your 10 mil torque wrench. Take her all the way home.

Notice when you're going to torque to 21. pound feet of torque, double check it. Same thing: 21. put pounds on that little fella.

I Always like to do it twice. a little bit of Lube on them Treads Because these things are usually have long since disappeared by time we do breaks on them. the value mini am on it just turns to powder. Oh great.

Here comes the Rent Me camper. again tell when they do the drive side like six or seven times, face glued to the window I Don't get it. Hey, it's okay snugging that baby up however many foot pounds are necessary and that's it. Take down your tool that you use to simulate the holding of the caliper and you're good man.
So I Said on the rear brakes on The Encore Folks, uh, make sure you pump up the pedal, check your brake fluid, make sure your parking brake Works do all that stuff that you're supposed to do. bottle service, data, torque, things to spec. The dude that was driving the rent Me camper ended up being pretty cool all the way from the UK So we talked about mushy peas and fish and chips and drinking Guinness amongst other things like black pudding and uh, I can't think of anything else. You're offhand.

He did get a kick out of my mini video which he thought was pretty funny and I'm sure a lot of our viewers in the UK did because why wouldn't they? Here's the shanky trying to fix the car with only one reverse light. Anyhow, whatever questions, comments, concerns cnst the Facebook Just my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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