In this video I bring you along as I swap out the condenser in a 2014 Chevy 1500. According to the folks at GM this problem only affects some 2015-2017 model year Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Yukon XL vehicles. You can find this in the bulletin 17336 - 07.
I am here to tell you though it affects WAYYYYY more vehicles than they have listed. However in typical GM fashion they deny everything and won't cover any vehicles not listed in the TSB under the extended warranty even though they use the exact part number haha. Way to go GM 😂
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There viewers and welcome back to the south main auto channel. That's our 2014 2014 charlotte. It's a 1500. It's the 5'3 and it's got ac issue.

It's got no ac. So that's the issue uh. The fella stopped in usually frequents. The other shop in that direction.

He told me and uh he stopped in here to see if i put a little bit of the freon in the ac. And i just you know questioned him as to you know what's up and then he says that the other shop usually fills it up four or five times throughout the summer. So he can make it through the summer. So i suggested how about we fix the truck instead of polluting.

The environment. And he says that it can't be fixed because they can't find the leak. So these chevrolets are pretty common to leak out of the ac condensers matter of fact. Most of them you could get covered under warranty.

Chevrolet. Didn't cover this one under warranty apparently. And that's where his leak is so i showed him the most common spot for these leak in the driver's side corner of the ac condenser and pretty easy to find usually they leak pretty good like this one does a charge only lasts. Them you know a couple days.

And then he's got to go up and get it filled up again. So anyhow let's uh that's a long ways to say we got to put a condenser in erico. But let's pull this thing apart and put the condenser slash training cooler in it because i am wise. We're going to take a peek at the new one before we pop the old one on just to make sure.

It's not complete something else in the box. Here nothing more frustrating than that folks get it all out check your new parts. Only to find out they're bad or something happened ordered this one right from chevrolet let's see made in uh tijuana. Or taiwan as some people say it so there's that she's genuine ac outcome pull that baby open have a little look in here should be a box in the box.

Fancy take that set that on the floor over there get out there can i looks pretty good those guys in taiwan. They know how to pack stuff. Let me tell you now that we have unboxed and leaning up against the wall. Where it's completely vulnerable.

We'll work on removing some of the plastic bits here son of a hoover where'd that go on the floor. I just heard it hallelujah. So we're going to work on getting these out. They've only got one little slot on the side.

There you can get underneath them. So just kind of hold them up there get under it with that give it a tug and then repeat. The process get it worked up a little work it up pull it out and then just keep on going. Oh look at that even not only did it fall on the floor.

It fell. All the way out in the front. Where we can actually get it so well look at that ding dong has already been in here that sucker loose the good news is we need to take that out anyways so unhook the mass airflow sensor typically you would unhook the clamp. Then we're going to get this a little stick that right out of the way.
So well. This is nonsense. Okay hold on cover your eyes. Nobody wants to look okay.

So they just pop right out. There no problem. So why'd we have to remove that extra battery tray over there. I don't know.

But i saw it in service data. So we did it so now we got to remove the auxiliary transmission cooler line here. It's classic eclipse that which is classic for gonna be stuck on there like a mother lover so we got our e clip removal tool click them in turn them to get the e clip to pop hold them in and then wiggle and then say say naughty words while you're doing it and then usually they'll come out come on man or not so let's try the upper one i'll uh if i do it right you won't be able to see it which is fine because it's kind of up here in the corner. And it looks just like the one down there.

But let me just see if we can get either one of these done hook. Now this upper one we could probably just take it out with pick because it comes with new ones. Which we may do because it's a lot easier if you just use a pick on these things instead of the appropriate tool to be honest with you stand by all right folks. This thing's starting to piss me off it's going to be a haircut.

Uncut and raw here in a minute come on big hole yeah. She's on her way out we're past the clip. My guy she's coming. I don't wanna spray it now we're just making a mess.

There there your mother lover and then we gotta unhook it from the red. So we've got that wiggly. We'll give this a little juice apparently that's the trick. This is the e clip tool uh nothing super fancy.

But they're super helpful. Most of the time if i'm not making a video. These things pop right out like a boss usually so much so that you send a tool flying. But not today.

She ain't having it it's like the cleanest one ever and i'm gonna bust out a pic because we're done asking typically i will not use a pick on these because it does spread out the clips or it can and not to mention whenever you take them off like this you send that thing flinging across the shop. So we'll set that down. I don't believe that we need it because the new cooler should come with these fittings on it. But there that's all i wanted to do i'm gonna try our luck on this side.

So. This is over on the driver's side remove the black little cover. There you know what we're not even gonna try to look on this side. Look the cooler does come with these so screw.

It all right let's try our look let me just show. You so typically you take the tool clamp it around the line you bring it in and then you turn it you'll feel it click. And it picks up all three of the fingers on that e clip. These are jiffy type connectors.

They're called made right in new york. Okay. I think she already started to come out because we had it clicked open and then we wiggled. It a little bit.
And then we wiggled a little more and boom. How she comes so that in the real world is how that's supposed to work. But uh sometimes they're piss pot especially if they're if they're bound. You know if you can't wiggle the line straight.

They do have a tendency to kind of get stuck in there so try this one again. We gotta get this short line off. Here. Let's see if it wants to cooperate and it does so like i say typically this tool works quite well because i know most people are in the comments like oh i always use a pick you know blah blah.

Whatever. But uh yeah i typically use the tool. Because it typically works i want to start peeling this upper tie bar out of there. There's six bolts that hold this thing on three on each side.

Let's see if we can't reach up here. I don't know if this a little ratchet will get up in here or not the bolts come through from the bottom super. Handy uh. I don't believe we're going to be able to get them with this little fella maybe.

I might do a little tweaking here. There's one i want to drop it finish it off here it should take a 10 mil and they're going to be these little guys will be like the same bolts that held the uh washer jug. In just a little bit longer. Then there's another one up under here like i say there's six total so there's three on the other side that we're gonna have to get also and then this one's a little snug over in this corner are we on it no no there we'll start working this loose another bolt here in the middle.

I think it's a 13. Though so i'm going to take that one out and the other three over there you should be some more uh plastic clips here get them low guys. I don't know they're different than the other ones you pulled out see if we can get right under that one maybe come on baby. There she goes excellent tool by sk by the way one of my faves and then we'll pull this little plastic.

Thing down boom. That should get us straight up in this joint. Where we need to be if we get up in there with our tool. We just kind of got to give it the feel yeah do everybody feel let's see.

There's one going in blind babe nope. Not as good as i thought. It was what do you think this guy would add three tips you know what he's doing here. But apparently not no no there first try now before you go just yank.

We gotta make sure. There's no wires attached to it there may be there may be let's push back on the washer's neck. Here just a little don't look don't look okay off. She comes boom piece of cake oops.

Pull off some this plastic shield here. Oh boy. She blocked big time. That must be banging through the fields with this little chibi now.

We're gonna have to do a move. I don't know if many of you guys know this move or seen it it's a classic reach down. We need to get down to this bolt right here. And hence holds the two ac lines on that little plastic clip instead of the reach around we're going to reach down.
So that's where we're going deep like this. I can't do it one handed. Though come on baby. Oh dang it almost almost fella.

There now i got it so then we'll just take in the whiz that out all zippy zap like i really need a camera guy somebody to hold the camera. While i do stuff because you guys can't see crap just drop that bolt you'll get it once everything's out and then we need to unhook those two ac lines. There i wish that was a little more convenient. But it's not so right there between those two hoses that 13 millimeter nut.

I'm going to take that off but however be warned make sure you discharge the ac and not into the environment. And do an improved recycling machine and unhook those and then i think she's ready to come on out once you have those lines off you have these little dongers right here. See that little plastic clip right here on the red you got to push that in and that's going to allow you to pull the tab up out of the slot. Now there should be one on both sides.

And there is you got the tab you push in the tab lift the condenser out of the slot and on the bottom. It should just be one of these it's a little saddled no no lock. You do dad let's have a look so if i can show you yes. There she just sits in the little clip down there all right pretty common gm practice.

But wow this guy's going to be extra cool when we're done because we'll blow all that stuff out or at least blow it in deeper into the core one or the other but let's get this out of here. So there she is baby let me show you where these things leak. So if you got a leaker on yours on your chevy they leak right here so right where that tube goes in i think. It's the dryer where the desiccant pack is over here that's where the little suckers leak.

All the time every time. Guaranteed uh and they leak. So bad usually this the old soapy water routine will show those all right. It's peeing.

All over the floor. I gotta move so my guy josh just brought me this says the guy needs rear brakes let's go see what a thunder he's talking about seriously you drove it in like this and you know what the pedal. Didn't really feel that bad. Then.

Then why are you trying to rip the guy off. Josh yeah. Let me get a little bit more time out of it probably. I'll see if napa can turn them.

What's the other side look like oh. My gosh you still got quite a bit over here. I love it just peeing out some training fluids. Still we need to get the plastic here off the ends and transfer that to the new one and these just pull off like that and then to stick them on the new one the train fluid in this thing is about as black as tar.

We know what's next folks. It's typically red not in this case. I think that stud it came with i'm going to twirl in there and then we'll tighten that up a little bit probably takes like a 55 millimeter. Or something like that and that's pretty much it.
Reverse uh everything you just did of course clean. All the junk out of the front of the radiator. There it's about the only time you can get to that pretty snug. Otherwise you know as far as normal maintenance type cleaning so to speak start to get this kind of shimmied over where it belongs and then you'll line it up and uh remember this thing you're going to line it up in that make sure your plastic stays pushed in and uh.

These plastic shrouds here on the front that we put on they also clip into one of these things down. There. So you'll have to kind of double whammy two holes at one time here get her lined up. I'll show you i'll show you when i'm done click come on baby.

All right everybody looks happy now great so there's that like i said you'll see where the little plastic shroud here on the front clips into the little dongle down. There at the bottom. Too. And.

Then the little finger pops out here on the top. Oh son of a monkey. And then it lets you know that you're in all the way and now we just need to start putting her back together and this right here folks. This is where jiffy type connectors really shine on the assembly portion because you can just push push push and they click in this one's kind of silly because this thing's hard pipes.

But no flexi joint. But make sure they click in good and then obviously put the plastic retainer back on and that's it so like i said they're great you know the concept and everything sometimes they suck. Though yeah. Let's see well i guess we'll clicking on the radiator first there's that clicking on there oops let's click that man i unclicked it click click click so that's all that's all locked back on because that's important because it's going to uh seal up against the front part here like so when that all sticks together.

It's amazing how much crud is not plugged in the front of the condenser but got blown through and that's probably because it hits the condenser it gets reduced into a fine matter. This is my theory then the water from the rain and the pressure washer from the hose if you wash your truck it breaks down enough to get through in which case. It's made out of a gummy paste and then it sticks to the radiator that's my theory all right. We gotta give it the classic reach down and tighten that bolt back up down.

There so so so foreign so what the flip man they really gotta wicked loose here mother. But it went way down trick. It oh give it bird a baby is born why are we using a flat head screwdriver anyways. We are all right we're done at this point.

Folks we need to make sure we've hooked up the ac lines you don't want to forget that make sure they're clean and dry you've got a couple new gaskets on it the bolt in the middle. Where we put that stud on do that throw the system under a vacuum and uh hold that for about 10 minutes. We're gonna let it run through its silly little leak check even though that doesn't prove anything it just proves you didn't have a huge line off. But we'll let that go and do that and then we're going to throw a little bit of oil in there and by that i mean about an ounce.
I'm a little nervous because this thing's been charged so many times at the other shop. Hopefully they're not just pounding the oil to it he did say that they put dye in it multiple times. So we're going to kind of be a little cautious on the oil. We don't want to swamp out the system after that we're going to charge.

It we're going to fill her up on the low side. We're going to put the recommended amount in there from general motors and then we're gonna run the system on full beans and research. I wanna see about a 30 degree difference from inside outside uh at the center vent on full beans and we've achieved that uh we're gonna check it over for leaks. We're gonna hop inside there zippy zap p.

Rnd l or m in the case of the chevrolet. And then back up through into p come out yank. The stick on the training make sure. It's full uh.

The fluid in this thing was darker in a pocket. So we're going to recommend to them that you should get that replaced either now or when they put the in it you choose it's a chevrolet and then obviously we're going to fill up the cooling system because we've seen that's down about three quarters of one us gallon. And i did see that it's leaking down both sides of the plastic tubs on the radiator. So we'll give them a quote on a radiator training fluid and filter change.

If he wants to do that and then let the customer decide. But i need you to decide whether or not it's time for you to head in that comment section. The questions the comments you put them down there to institute the facebook adjustment viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching hey.

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