Like all things this to must come to an end! Any how we need to keep moving, so grab your popcorn and favorite beverage and lets have a further look into this Chevy Colorado 2.8 that is being plagued by the infamous P0017.
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    Nice series! Could it be that there is a small tolerance between the piston and the cylinder which was used up by the chain stretch and the play on the worn vvt valva? In onther words the money light prevented a very costly disaster? Again very well explained. Many thanks

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    That was painful to watch
    I've wanted one of these trucks but after this I wouldn't touch one!

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    My question is, can a 0017 issue cause a stalling problem at low speed and idle?

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    I have the same year truck in my shop right now, same code, this is priceless, used a choke angle gauge to measure the exhaust degrees, it worked great, was out 6 degrees

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    4.4 degrees out on the cam and around 8 degrees on the crank not good at all glad it got fixed computer system is super sensitive wow nice work Eric O @SouthMainAutoRepairLLC

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  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ricardo Dominguez says:

    Hi SMAR, I've been struggling with a similar case, the truck came from another workshop, in that workshop they rebuild the engine due to there was a knocking noise derivate of the weare of the main bearings of the crankshaft, after they rebuild the engine, the iddling of the engine was hyperbad, like there was a misfire, but all cylinders were working, and the ECU set the code P0017, they proceed to change the timing change and the VVT actuator… However, the same issue show up… Then, the customer came to muy workshop AND they told me all that I said previously,
    Then, I beggan with the diagnosis, so, I checked the the TA degrees, there was a lot of fluctiation, so I decided toi check the timing chain, I checked the chain and even that the kit was new, the tensioner and the chain seems like have a wear, so I proceed to change (again) the timing chain kit, I leaved the dame VVT due to appearently it was new (the other timing parts also), and the customer doesn't want to expend more money, well, we set the timing kit again, and we put all the things back togheter, then with the First Run, appearently the problem was solved, however, when the engine reach the optimal temp, the engine start to fail again, the was so manny assumptions about the problem, because teorically, it was all fine and new, then we start with the basis, we checked the Oil pressure, beacuse obviously the VVT works with the Oil pressure, our surprise was, that with the engine cold, the engine shows 50psi, after a while when the engine Is getting the operational temp, the Oil pressure was going down, the manual indicate 12PSI @1,200 RPM as minimum, however, with the iddle the pressure was under 10PSI, even reaching 0PSI (checked with a physic gauge), and the dashboard doesn't turn the light on for low Oil pressure
    Well, we decided to, check de timing again and change the Oil pump, my surprise was, when we put the cylinder 1 at TDC, as the manual states, the flat surface at the reae of the camashaft will be facing up at the same position, my surprise was that the exhaust camashaft was counterclockwise arroun 30 degrees (A LOT), AND the timing marks were in "appearently" the correct position, however the camashaft was rotated, We don't use the proper tool to hold the rearback of the camashafts, we put it in time holding the cams with a wrench as You do in the video… We maded sure that the rearback of the cams were faced up, AND we checked with the straight edge across the cama flats, I still don't understand why the exhaust Cam rotated a lot… Well in conclusion, we put it back on time and we installed the new Oil pump, we put all back togheter, the Oil pressure Raise up inmidiantly @70Psi with the engine cold, and the "check engine" in the dashboard went off, then when the engine heats up, the Oil pressure maintain @20-25PSI with the engine iddling…
    So, those who have this problem consider the following:

    1. Oil Pressure
    2. VVT solenoid
    3. Timing Kit, Chain, Ribs/Guides, Tensioner, Sprocket.
    4. Verify AND Change if neccesary the VVT actuator.
    5. USE the proper TOOL for holding the cams rearback… If You don't use It, keep in mind that the timing probably fails…
    6. This engine configurations are complicated, so be prepared to have some struggles specially with 4×4

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    Thanks Eric. I had one of these drug into my shop last night. More than one code and more miles but P0017 proudly displayed in the computer. I may not even get to diagnose it until next week.

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    I have the same Colorado and one day when I drove it to work it was running fine and then after I got out from work went to crank it and it ran like crap I barely got it home I haven’t changed the solenoid yet because that’s a 50$ part it actually feels it jumped time cause it has a bad shake the whole time. But I have the p0017 code and a random misfire code p0300.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars adnedarn says:

    What a great video series, full of info and detail. New subscriber, you definitely deserved it! I'm looking through alldata after you talked about there should be a flash to fix this problem and came across this: it says "DTC P0017 Crankshaft Position (CKP) – Exhaust Camshaft Position (CMP) Correlation" under programming and relearning it says there is an option for "Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn" but doesn't tag this as a possible fix for this code, but rather for things like engine, ecm, crankshaft, ckp sensor (etc) replacement and "Any engine repairs which disturb the crankshaft to CKP sensor relationship". I wonder though, if doing that could reset the slack variable- almost like what you were talking about with the computer flash to solve the issue through software or if that is only to zero in the crankshaft reading and nothing to do with the camshaft reading…

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chuck s says:

    Got a 2006 Colorado. Two codes are crankshaft and camshaft. Dealer replaced actuator put it all back together then tells me the chain needs replacing. Says it's 2 degrees out of timing. Your thoughts. I do not feel any miss nor hear any noise . Still runs great, uses no oil and still gets good gas mileage. Will not pass state inspection. Engine light is on !

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    4 and a half quarts of oil???
    They actually hold 6 quarts.
    Because the thermostat is in the lower hose you have to fill the block with coolant thru the upper hose at the radiator.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars felix44860 says:

    I have the same problem with my nephew’s 2012 Chevy Colorado truck, you just explained in your 5 video series. I have to say you did an amazing job with your detail explanation of the problem on the Chevy Colorado. You took the extra time to come to the final repair solution needed to take care of the P0017 code, which it looks like it’s pretty common in the Chevy Colorado. Thank you for taking the time to video the process you took to solved the problem.

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    Wow, I felt like I just binge watched a 5 part docu-drama. Well done Eric. Since the whole purpose of the the variable cam timing is for improved emissions I wonder if the small amount of crank/cam mis-alignment caused by the worn parts was enough to throw off the emissions, thus it set the code P0017? Otherwise, I am scratching my head like you.

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    Man i have an important question about how i can get my 3.7 motor to true top dead center,i understand the number one piston has to be at its most high point
    Question is how would be the best way to go about it, to get to true top dead center, see my hummer h3 is to troubled by this deadly P0017 please anyone thanks in advance.

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