In this video I go to slap some customer supplied brake part on the back of their 2012 Chevy Traverse and quickly find out they didn't bring us all the necessary parts to do the whole job. The parking brakes shoes are long gone and the actuators don't move at all. Let's see what we can do.
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Our folks were working on 2012. Shirley of course. so we ever work on it seems. Uh, that's not true, but we work on a lot of them.

Um, that's because there's a lot of them in our area. It's a Traverse It's got the three six. customer wants his rear brakes installed. He brought us some pads and rotors I Think we're going to end up finding more? I See, the parking brake cable is sagging down and both the actuators are stuck forward.

So I'm assuming that there's probably no parking brake shoes, so we'll see what's going on with that. All right. Look at that. some kind of fancy aftermarket brake hose.

It's kinda dangling in outer space here. There we go wrong side. 14, not 13. foreign thinking.

That's what these bracket bolts are. that's not even close. 21 Fella. All right.

21. Yep, 21. very little snug. Feels like they got the Loctite on them.

Okay, and we got some torch bits out here. looks like that. T30 it looks like we got him. Thank you.

What's up? Okay, it could be just a moment there. Oh, I'm just trying to baby it. Usually those are stuck. Let's see what kind of mess we've got behind here.

Ta-da this as I suspected, no parking brake shoes. So before I even carry the other side apart, let me see if I can hold these today. like I say the actuators I know are all seized up I'm not sure if we can get them out without pulling wheel bearings on this model, but if you pull the bearing, you know the magnet's going to fall off it and just kind of kicks that uh, proverbial snowball down the slope here. Let me see if I can at least get shoes for us started going all hot wild on you forgot to turn the camera on I removed this upper spring in this one retainer here that I noticed I'm over here just talking to myself and nobody's watching.

Uh, nobody has Parts Advanced Auto Napper the other independent shot. Nobody's got nothing so I'm gonna tear it apart see if we're gonna run anything else. That's the only sucky part about customers bringing their own Parts is we never have enough to do the whole job I Just need to end that once and for all. I Guess it's frustrating.

Okay, well get off there Gotti So you'll probably understand a little better when we start putting it together. Pull pins out from the back. Oh my gosh goodness gracious there. There's one shoe.

there's the other shoe buckle, my shoe actuator. she's locked up tiger tight I Don't knew we unhooked the cable from the back side. If we can tip it up enough to get it out like I say if you pull the bearings off and the Rust Belt here you might better plan on buying a new bearing. Yeah, yeah! so I looked at it from the back and where it comes to the backing plate is very tight so there's no like up and down movement per se enough to get it out.

So we're gonna get some. Panther P Give it a little Spritz See if we can't free it up right here. look at everybody's favorite croil. Well, some people's favorite.
Some people hate it. some people love it. Uh, we could spray with the garden hose I'd be just as happy. It'd be just as effective to be honest because that's about as long as we're gonna wait.

we're gonna massage it. You want to get your girl air hammer the lightweight one with good trigger control and we're just going to massage this thing just ever so lightning just back and forth. The camera's right in the way. Foreign, not super loud.

What's up man? I'm super pissed off today. You're not helping you? No. then stop being messed up. I Really just want to Chuck this freaking thing at the wall and go kick something.

What's up? Um, trying to smile? What's up? Okay, I'll be here waiting smiling the whole time. Yeah. Foreign. Oh, you're back, huh? Yeah, that's good.

I'm thinking about you where he's going. All right. all we're doing with the air hammer. essentially just vibrating.

it just vibrates the rust. Now you can say oh, gotta answer this folks, stand by Go so you can see how we got that freed up now so it maybe moves back and forth. Okay I don't know you guys can see up in there. But first of all, the rusting crap out of it and then probably need to pass inspection anyway.

So it needed to cut and get fixed, but now let's get that cleaned up. Got some brake clean? let's get the initial blasting off and get a blowing eyes off. All right, All right, Beautiful. Well now we just now we wait.

That's pretty much all I can do for today folks. We don't have any parts so it's gonna be stuck here on my lift. um if it gets us the right stuff tomorrow I've got the shoes and Hardware which we can put that on without pulling the bearing. but uh, so we got to do that and I think that's it.

So I'm gonna wait for that stuff tomorrow, which only be like, well, half a second for you guys. Just like that, we're back. Parts Have arrived. We're gonna take and put a little anti-seize lubricant on these little slider pads.

I Don't know how important it is on a set of parking brakes, but it was a set of drum brakes. Uh, you would definitely Lube those areas. We sure have been getting our share of rain lately I'll tell you that. so we're gonna stick a pin through from the back we're gonna put our shoe on.

This end here goes down to the actuator. the more open end goes up towards the adjuster, so stick that on there. Let's see if we can do this with the camera right in the way. Oh probably not because I'm using my wrong hand.

We've got our spring on there. Let's try it. We'll try it wrong handed here. Oops.

We dropped that one on the floor. We got one left. before we gotta go pick stuff up. let's try this one.

Well this is weird. We'll give it a try though. Let's see question turn. There we go.

We got that one out. let me find one. We dropped on the floor. It's just like the first one we did just on the other side.
You know, let's stick our spring there. We'll see if we can't get our cart underneath here in case we drop this very spring or cup. there. a little cup tool there somewhat lined up here.

Put some turn. did we get it? Oh boy, it's very flower. Come on. get in there and turn baby.

Wow. Come on. Okay so it's just a little cup tool that allows you to push on. That cup has little serrations in it.

Two different sizes. This is the smaller one. All right. Shoes over here on the actuator.

That's the tricky part is the spring. so slide that in we'll We'll get it hooked in on one side here and then up on this other side. we'll see if we can't get a hold of it. I Like to bring it down just enough to get some white scripts on it here if we can.

Hopefully we got a good enough fight. otherwise you can catch yourself in your teeth. Oh, and latch it in and that's it. That's our bottom spring and we'll throw our adjuster in the top.

All right. Kit Came with a new adjuster and I put them in in such a fashion that when I flick it up, it tightens the shoes. Uh, service data doesn't specify which way it goes. that's just a personal preference that I do.

We'll just get that slit in there like that and that way there like I say when you come in here and flick it up, the shoes get bigger. You know I mean or they they spread out so we're going to put our spring on it now. a little, stick it right there yeah, like that and pull. Oh yeah, that's how you know you did it good when it sounds like that.

You did a good job. So obviously there's spring is different than the OEM Awesome. All right, we'll go like that. We'll have to put the spring on the back side.

We have no choice. I'm not going to leave this thing on my lip for another day waiting for an Oem spring kit there's around here. As far as Parts go, we can only get one brand. so Dorman is the only one who makes spring kits for every part store here.

Whether it's Advanced Auto or down there at Fast Freddy's it's all the true stop or whatever they call it. Let's see, we need to move our pliers down a little closer to the center here. so it just makes a simple job like this like 10 times harder. Makes you wonder how they can sell this crap though.

You know, because I'm not the only one who has the problem. Trust me, let's see. Okay, all right, that's all hooked in there. Okay, get down there there and I like it.

Okay, not too bad. we have to loosen it. makes it a little tougher but it's not getting wadded up on there as bad as I thought it would. Not too bad, actually works pretty good on the inside.

uh like I say if you check service data it is you know clearly on the outside and I believe that's the way we removed it I don't know it was too many hours ago. Okay, all right, thank you I wanted to get some goo on the actuator I bought for Access I'm gonna go Yank on the cable. You're going to see this move now. Uh, you're likely only going to see one shoe move and that's that's okay.
Trust me. only one shoe is probably gonna move because it has to have the rotor on to make this work or the drum. Once one shoe makes contact, then the other shoe will wedge out. but when there's no resistance, you're only going to see once you move.

I Could be wrong. they might both move. but I doubt here we go. Hopefully something's moving over there for you, but that's what that looks like.

That's how you know that it works. Hopefully you saw something. so this sounds actually pretty clean that we'll check in here. I Know it looks a little dark, you know, like where it sits.

but I think somebody must have changed this bearing. Not too awful long ago. But yeah, there's actually not any real thick rust buildup in here so we'll put a little fluid film on there. Yep, a little bit.

got on his shoes. you saw that right? Let's go get our tea whatever we had here T30 and put that baby into his finger tight. That's good. I just still feels really good.

So the bracket I've already seen blasted out where the pads go. Made sure the pins are lubed up and free and moving and have good boots on them. Let's slide our pads down here again. These are customer supplied.

Parts I Can't really mess up where the Squealers go on these because they're on every pad and every location so you'll get them right no matter where you put them. Slip that baby in there. there's a lot of spring tension on the bottom of these. Uh, Hardware Clips here.

So there we are. Like I said, make sure your your pins are nice and free and all that. and then we're going to take some. Loctite A little bit of the orange.

Get our caliper bolts either. Close at like 130 foot-pounds They're pretty tight. Oops, You can use blue, Lock tighter. whatever you have.

The orange supposedly has the strength of red releases. like blue. at least that's what they tell me. Just make sure we get it on both bolts here.

I Do like the gel a little bit better than the stuff out of the bottom, but there's that. Okay, let's get our bracket put on here. Slide that right there. Get that bolt started.

This bolt started. There's that. We'll grab our torque wrench. Let's see if we can't Uh, there's that one there.

Foreign. I'll take the caliper here. give it a big squeeze, push that back nice and easy. Set that right there.

get us some lube, grab some bolts, slip it right down there where it needs to go. Not real fine with these brake hoses. There's no holders for them. they're just kind of hanging in outer space here.

Just bang one off the lines and these things are just about finger tight. So 20 foot pounds, so not very much folks. Oh, we got a spinner. This one's rotating on us.
We got anything over here. We got some white scripts we'll come in here with that. Don't pinch the rubber boot there, so there's that. That's all you need.

You're done. The other thing we need to do though, folks. who wants us to look at his TPMS uh supposedly all the tires are set at the same pressure. just one of them reads incorrectly on the dash.

We're going to check that. so this one reads 37.4 I'm just going to let it down to 35. when I pulled it in, they were all reading uh like 37 36 and one of them is was it 40 something? So I set that one at 35. let's go check the other one could just have the sensor starting to fail.

This one's at 35. this one's at 43. yeah, you've already checked them all before you brought it here. Usually if I see one of these go corrupt, it reads like way off.

like you know, two pounds or you know, 100. But I'm assuming just all the tire pressures are are. uh. last but not least, I'm gonna assume this one is like 37 if I remember what it was saying at a dash? Yep, 36.6 So we'll let her down to 35..

So what we'll do now is we'll use our altel Cits-600 Uh, it's a TPMS tool. We're going to go around and capture all the data off all of these wheels and then we're going to make sure that the car is programmed correctly. Uh, now when I say that I mean the tires are learned in the correct position? That's all we need to do. This tool doesn't do.

anything you know fancy. Beyond that, all we can do is tell the car where the tires are at. It does the rest. This doesn't have anything to do with you know programming any type of you know, tire pressure, changing the readings on Dash or anything.

So we can see all our tires between 35 and 36. PSI So we're going to go to relearn OBD Relearn: There is a dongle inside the car that's plugged in. our horn should start blowing and all that stuff here in just a moment. Usually it'll it'll put it right into relearn mode instead of you can do it by going through the dash too.

But oftentimes I'll do it this way. There we go. OBD Relearn is good and now they should read the correct position and the dash should have updated our pressures from triggering the sensors. See what we have here.

let's unplug our dongle down here. So this is the dongle that goes for that. Let's see we will push our info button 35 35, 36 35. So yep so do that on.

So before like I say it was reading. you know 37 35 40 something. but usually if you have a sensor that goes corrupt, one of these will be significantly off more than the others. So there we go.

Take this thing. the brakes feel ings I've got a lot of work to get done today if our parking brake works. Oh yeah, Oh there we go. I Couldn't get a release right now.

Beautiful! And now that we've driven it, let's poke back through here. 35 on both the fronts and I left yours at 36.35 So needless to say, there's nothing wrong with this TPMS system. So that's it folks. 211 000 miles on a 3.6 GM it can't be the original engine or transmission I wouldn't think these things don't last that long.
Uh, let's just bring some kind of miracle. But anyhow, uh, that was a pretty easy job. rear pads, rotors, customer supplied parts. and then we ran into the hiccup of you know, not having parking brake shoes or Hardware which set us back a day or so, which that kind of sucks, but we're able to get through that.

we're able to get through the problem there with that spring on the adjuster. I did double check service data. The spring is supposed to go on the outside just as I thought or as it was, you know, with the OEM but with some of this aftermarket stuff, you do what you got to do. It actually worked out pretty well.

putting that on the inside I Think it, you know, held at the bottom of that adjuster. It keeps the spring out of the adjusting window there if you will on the rotor and you know it seemed to hold the adjuster nicely. Gave it, you know, like some kind of positive clicks sometimes with the OEM ones. Boy, they can be a pain because you know the springs on the outside and you're you know, trying to flick past it and you can't and the adjuster is just rocking back and forth and that can be a bit of a bit of a pain.

Sometimes you're reaching up in there with a pick and a screwdriver to hold the spring out of the way and turn the adjuster. so that's it. TPMS System I Don't see anything wrong with it? Uh, you know the left rear wheel may have like a you know one PSI discrepancy but it's not worth you know, going bananas over. um that's it.

What I do want you to go bananas over is leaving your comment questions, comments, concerns. fancy the Facebook You guys know where to find us and just remember viewers, If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

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