Bad Idea! Will it Survive?? 2005 Chevy Cobalt 2.2
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Ah, you got me why? why oh no happenings he Hood All right. Today is the day where I bust out the new to me transmission fluid exchange device and we're going to attempt to save the transmission on that Chevrolet Cobalt out there that's the one with a blown up radiator, that, uh, had the trans cooler integrated into the radiator and the cooler leaked and the systems communicated transmission fluid into the engine coolant and engine coolant into the transmission. And that's not good. That's not good for either one of those systems.

Uh, last episode we pulled out the radiator, replaced it with a new one, flushed out all the trans fluid contaminant from the cooling system, and now we're going to try to flush out all of the transmission fluid and remove the coolant from that system. Uh, what we're going to do is we're going to do one flush on the system first, then I'm going to lift the thing up in the air, pull the pan down, change the filter, drain it all out again, put the pan back up, and then we're going to perform a second flush on it to make sure all that contaminant or as much of that contaminant as possible has been removed. Now, seeing as how that's a BG machine, those are a little bit difficult to acquire and I was able to get one because I became a BG dealer here at my shop. Uh, because of that, I have some of their products and I'm going to use their Quick Clean not sponsored.

That's just what I bought, but I'm going to use some of this Quick Clean and it's got some transmission conditioner. But I'm mostly interested in the cleaner having used these products before at the dealership. I'm aware of their potential and this is, uh, this is good stuff right here. So I'm hoping fingers crossed that we can save this transmission from certain and inevitable destruction.

And so if I can save it, that means it's not inevitable. That means I saved it. Door unclicks By the way, if uh, if you missed the first video on this particular car, have no fear. Just go down into this video's description and check the links and it'll be the first one that's available to you.

So anyway, we've got ourselves a Chevrolet Cobalt it's got the two two liter. It has same mileage as it did last time because I didn't drive it 104 A thousand 663 miles on the clock. So first thing I'm gonna do on this beautiful sunny floor today is swing this bad boy into the shop. We're gonna put one can of that cleaner into the unit and we're gonna let it run for a little while.

Uh, while it's doing that, I'm gonna prep the machine and fill its reserve tank and uh, then after that, I'll connect the machine to the transmission cooler lines and then we'll perform the first, uh, the first service on this trans parking in the auto windows down. so I don't get locked out, things happen ing down. it's doing it again. Come on.

Hood Don't do this to me. It got stuck. Uh, it got stuck last time. wait wait wait wait wait wait.

It must be early in the morning. Yeah! I Don't I think I forgot to pull the lever You You guys knew that you saw that I didn't see it because I was here. but you saw it all right. There's our 2-2 Ecotec Let's see, our trans cooler lines are located right down here on the radiator.
We're going to tap into the system right there I think it's a good spot I believe I have enough adapters to uh to get this done Now Like I said, this is a new to me machine, not a new machine. The brand new ones are remarkably expensive and way outside of my budget. but I got this one used and it should be just as good. So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna pop open that little uh, the cap for the trans fill hole.

Set that aside, we're going to probe this area with our funnel device. There we go. get that down in there and then we'll put some cleaner in there and let this thing run and circulate All that cleaner can clicks. Yeah, that's right.

I can open cans with one hand. Look at that skills. Pour this stuff in there. All right.

Let's restart this engine. Let this thing come up to temperature. Let the cleaner circulate through and do its job, and we'll go ahead and prep this machine. We're going to need a power supply.

this. uh, this particular machine is equipped with a pump. There are other versions that do not have a pump and they rely on the transmission pump, but this particular version has an internal pump. So let's power this guy on.

We're going to need some, uh, some electrons here and that looks like a good ground. Sure machine did something cool. All right. So what we need to do here is we're going to take this case, the transmission fluid and we're going to fill it up inside of the reservoir of this machine.

Okay, now normally I would do uh transmission services uh, as a maintenance item, not as a repair. But since this thing has a contaminated fluid, this is the best option to save it. A simple drain and fill and a filter change won't do it. And if you don't have a machine that's capable of doing a positive displacement fluid exchange, then the drain and film method is going to require like gallons and gallons and gallons of fluid and it'll never be diluted enough to uh where the contaminant is no longer present.

So unfortunately, I've got this device that's going to save the day. We're going through my uh my follows the fluid right now and then I've got some big bags in the box that uh BG actually sells and that's going to be the fluid that I'm going to primarily use moving forward. Like I said I'm a BP dealer now. Weird.

All right. What do we got? One, two, three, four, five, six, Seven? like eight quarts or something? That's not enough. This is a 16 quart machine filling halfway complete. Okay, so a real quick change of plans since uh, I'm a little short on fluid right now I Went ahead and ordered another case of this stuff.
like I said I don't want to use my premium fluid just to flush out the contamina I want to do that last. So I ordered another case. So what I'm going to do is go ahead and shut this down and we can go ahead and connect the lines on this thing. and uh, we'll actually get a good visual indicator of what the fluid condition looks like because it's going to pass through this sight glass right here.

Really cool feature. All right, reaching in there, let's power this down. Alrighty, we're back inside of the engine compartment and I'm just gonna go ahead and, uh, remove this little clip here to disconnect this transmission line. We're going to see the Uh the level of nasty again.

The catch is I'm going to remove this clip without losing it I may need a second tool. There are release tools. uh for these clips. You guys have heard me say that before.

I Just choose the Uh the pick and the screwdriver method. It's higher risk, but uh I find it to be easier. Foreign surgery come out little clip. Oh oh I'm losing it.

Hang on. Got it. Got it? Saved it. Saved the day.

There's my clip. Cannot lose that. We need to put that back. Wiggle that line.

Yep, there's that strawberry milkshake again. Yummy. You want to taste? Don't do it. Okay, there's a couple little adapters that are necessary.

This one emulates the size and shape of the factory line. So we're going to plug that one right into the radiator and then there is a female connector and that one is going to connect to the line. There we go. Now, those rubber seals inside of there.

So that's what makes the seal. And then we can connect this little adapter here to the lines on the machine and this adapter here to the lines on the machine. But first, we need to secure this fitting in the radiator because if you recall, I just removed the clip. Okay, so rather than going through all the rigmarole of uh, putting that clip back in, I'm just gonna shove a paper clip down in there in lieu of the clip of the actual clip and that will secure this uh, this fitting while I perform the services.

It's just a temporary thing. Don't do this like as a permanent solution because that'll Shear off and break and then your line comes out, then uh, then your car dies. That would be bad. All right.

everything looks secure. I'm gonna go ahead and connect the service hoses from the machine. Okie Dokes It is now time to restock this engine. All right.

Hose is coming in. Let's get these guys connected. There's one. All right.

Let's go ahead and uh. restart this engine and uh, we'll check this for a leak and then we can go ahead and start. uh or continue the service. foreign.

Oh, look at that. There's our uh, our current fluid condition. that is nasty. See it at the top right there.

It's the current fluid. I'm gonna finish filling this thing up. I Had a delivery from the store so I've got another case transferred. We'll refill the machine and then we'll start the service.
I Believe this thing is nearly full. It's no longer taking a any more fluid. So yeah, we're almost full here. Okay, so our gauges are telling us we have pressure on both sides.

That means we have some flow going through the system starting to get a little warm. That tells me everything is. Flowing Let's go ahead and start the process. Process has begun.

So what this machine is going to do? We're gonna see it flow right here. Yeah, it's changing colors. There's a big tank inside. it's divided into two.

Chambers One chamber is new fluid. the other chamber is going to be the old food from the transmission. As the pump on the trans sends that fluid into the machine, it's going to fill the empty chamber. As the empty chamber fills, it's going to press or pressurize the new fluid in the other chamber.

So to send that back to the line and then back into the system. Oh, here we go. We're already cleaned. Yep, that's our new stuff coming in, that's our old stuff coming out and we'll know the system or the exchange is complete because we're going to see a pressure drop on the other side over here.

Once we see that pressure drop, then we know that the Uh, the chamber is empty and full and then we can go ahead and shut it down and pull our lines. And we should be done with the service at that time. However, this, like I said this uh specific instance. After we service this initially, we're going to lift it up, pull the pan, change the filter, drain all the fluid again, fill it back up, again, run it again, and then we're going to do another fluid exchange with another 16 quarts of fluid.

So we're going to run 32 quarts of fluid through it with two cleaning cans, and uh, actually 30, 32, 33, 36 quarts. Because the drain and fill is going to take five. or six, four, or five quarts. There we go.

Math, math, and words. Anyway, right now, it's a waiting game. should take about five, ten minutes. I'll check back in with you guys in a moment.

Okay, we've got our pressure differential going on here. We're at like 18 pounds on the new side and 30 something pounds on the used. Side So uh, at that point, the bladder has exchanged all of the fluid. Oh yeah, I Cracked this up for you guys.

Here's the tank inside. Like I said, a two chamber, two chambered tank. We've got plumbing through all the valves and switches and solenoids, and the pump down here for a forced flush which we don't need to do sure. Let's go ahead and shut this down and we'll disconnect the machine, pick this thing up, and then pull the trans filter out of it.

Okie Dokes the machine is disconnected. I Put the trans lines back on the radiator so I can bring this in and out. put it on the lift. We're going to go ahead and move this thing on up.
Let's make sure it goes into gear. All right, we're still moving. This is good. Okay, let's lift it up and pull the pan and go ahead.

and uh, get that filter removed and then we're going to do another flush on this bad boy. Maybe it'll live, Maybe it won't. You want to make it? Yep. gonna make it looks good.

Looking good Looking good. Okay, yeah, we're good. Right there. that looks good.

All right. Parking is the auto parting down and we want this one all the way up. So what we're going to do? We're going to roll that drain pan over here. We're going to pull this pan down, replace the filter, refill the fluid, and then we're going to do one more flush on it.

Look, we can see here from the spillage from when I disconnected those lines that we are getting some nice pink fluid here. And the old fluid is the uh, the milkshake colored so that that's good. This is good. Oh, roadblock.

When I run over a staple A Little Rock Okay, right here is good. What do we need? Uh, eight mil. Okay, we're going in eight mil bolts. Let's pull these guys out and uh, and drop this pan.

It's not a bolt, that's a peg. Now the task here is gonna be uh, not covering myself or the floor in nasty transmission fluid which I've just failed at. It's already on the floor. bro.

it's okay. Things happen more. Ah, the pink blob is coming for me. Yeah, we're just gonna let this hang out and drain for a little while.

It's nasty. Don't even think about it. All right here. It comes in a very controlled fashion.

Johnny That actually does kind of look tasty. I'm not gonna lie, it really does look like a strawberry shake. except this one. If you drink it, it'd probably kill you.

but it is. Uh, it does look like it's thinned out quite a bit. Let's take a look in that pan and see if there's any debris in there. What do we have here? More pink Nastiness.

You can see. There is two different colors of fluid here, so some of that's the older stuff. It appears to be separating from the newer fluid that I installed. You see how there's like the cream, and then there's the pink.

This stuff right here looks like clutch material. Yeah, that's that's a bad sign. Yeah, there's a bunch of it right here. Clutch material.

Yeah, this thing must have been slipping. Well hope we can save it. Okay, let's go ahead and pull this filter down. We don't need this thing anymore.

It's uh. it's going away. It got me why. Why? Oh no, it's okay though.

Check this out. I've got shiny new uniforms. so when I get myself trashed with uh with oils and fluids I can just get a new shirt. Still nice and shiny.

Let's see here. let's see what we got. What do we got? What do we have? What do we have here? We have Oh, a rubber gasket. I hate these and we're using the old one.

The old one's a hard gasket and uh, there's our new filter. So let me show you what I speak of. I'm talking about these gaskets right here because I know some of you guys are going to re-ride out because I'm going to reuse this gasket, especially when I have a new one. But looky here.
see this is a thick multi-layer steel gasket. Oh man, no no single layer steel. and then the steel is embedded inside of the the rubber which actually makes the seal. Now the gasket.

the replacement. This is just rubber. Now what that means is that when I tighten the bolts on this gasket, it's only going to compress enough until the steel is met with the Fastener. When I tighten the bolts on this gasket, it's going to compress the gasket.

particularly in the areas where the bolts pass through, which is going to create an uneven ceiling surface and that's what we don't want. This is why I Do not approve or do not prefer these types of gaskets right here because they're prone to leakages. So first thing we're going to do here is get rid of as much of this fluid as possible. It'll do that.

There's some shade I Didn't need it, just got on my face. Goodbye Nasty strawberry transmission fluid. Foreign. It's a scary or not.

I Mean yeah, that's kind of a lot, but it is what it is. Bring this pan out and throw this thing back together. Stinky. All right, that'll do.

Let me dry this off and we're gonna go ahead and put this thing back on. You know, a real quick thought. I'm gonna run up top and uh, spray a little bit more. uh, brake, clean down that funnel and maybe we can flush out some more of what's inside of there before I refill this thing.

Let's try that, see if it works. we're getting anything. Oh yeah, there we are. some more Pink Nasty.

Let's get it all out of there. Cool. Nice. All right.

I think that's about as uh clean as I can get things with a spray can. So uh, let's put this thing back together. Okay, hands coming back in Re I know I used the same gasket but that's how it's gonna be. I'm good with my reasons I can sleep at night over it.

If it were mine, that's what I would do. Okay I'm just gonna get all these threaded started by hand and I'll I'll hit him with a little zip gun. actually. I'm gonna zip gun them in because that's a lot faster.

It's on low power mode I'm not stripping anything. Have no fear. you go low power mode first until it threads. If it gets hung up immediately.

stop. Ah, the floor is covered and Brake Clean stinks and I'm missing one. It's got to be in the pan. Where are you last one there it is.

Got it. So what we're gonna do? I'm gonna put this pan on, go back up top, put a few quarts in it, start it, check the level, hook the machine back up, and then perform. uh, one more flush and then add some conditioner. that's for good measure.

Okay, so we're uh I think we're all tight down here? Yep, got all those All right. Good to go. let's get out of here. and uh, refill this unit.
Don't need that gasket. That's the new one All right. Cobalt Coming down way down, all right. we're coming in with some new fluid.

This is the good stuff. It's the back of the box. BG Quality: Let's get this guy opened up. I'll put about four quarts uh or so in through the funnel and that's going to refill the pan and then uh, the rest is going to go in the machine and I'll do a another another flush on it.

Fluid exchange. Whoa. Oh, the ultimate pouring things. Yep, Here we go.

Okay, let's go ahead and just refill this machine until it's uh, it reaches its maximum capacity and then I'm free to put the rest of this in the car. That's what I'll do, but there's no way I'm pouring this and holding a camera. So I had to put you guys down too fast I Can pour it faster than it can fill. so I already have about four quarts in this machine when I started.

Take 16. and this is a 16 quart box. So theoretically I should build the machine and then there would be four quarts left over in the bag in the box we're getting there There's a little drain at the bottom and uh, it's that one right there. I've got the valve open.

When the machine is full, the fluid will start to run through that drain. I Think we're close. It's gurgling at me and it's no longer refilling. It's slowed down.

There's a couple boards left in the Box it feels like and we should be seeing some flow. Yep, it's starting to run out. That's perfect. Come on machine.

Yeah, that's all she's gonna take. Okay, close the valve, put the lid back on so that stuff doesn't get contaminated. Close that close that we're ready to hook this thing back up to the car. But first, we're going to finish this off with what's left in here and we're gonna again.

Then we're gonna start this and run it. and I'll pull the fill level plug on the side of the trans and we'll make sure we start with a Uh a full and accurate level. Sound like a plan? I Think So the machine has now been reconnected to the Uh, the radiator, and the line. What we're going to do is start this engine, lift this thing back up.

We're going to roll the drain back in and there is a level. Uh. plug in the side of the transmission case, right? Actually, it's in the front. We're going to open up that plug.

If the level is correct or even too high, we're going to see fluid run out of that little fill plug thing. if it runs out, then we're going to let it run until it starts to level off. We'll plug it back in and then we will restart the fluid exchange procedure with the additional 16 quarts of the fresh, new, good stuff fluid. So uh, let's get to it restocking the engine.

And of course, since we made new connections, we're gonna do a leak check because what we don't want to do is have the line come off and skew fluid everywhere. And we don't want to leave either those open because they will skew fluid everywhere. You see, we're still pretty pink. It's not processing, it's just bypassing right now.
So this is the condition of what's inside the unit. Pressures are coming up again. No leaks, no leaks down here. Let's go back up and pull that plug.

Foreign. moving up. Hey, look at here. that flu is a little bit darker.

That's good. It's very good. Okay, if memory serves, that little plug right there, that's the unit that we're looking for. So I'm gonna pull this guy out and we should see fluid draining from that, uh, that orifice right there.

If we do not, then that means that the transmission level is not full yet. Come on out of there. I'm really hoping it's uh, it's full because I don't have any other bottles of Chico fluid. I've used it all and uh I'm not interested in um, using my really nice expensive food.

which means I'll have to order more bottles and that will take more time. What we've got here? All right, it's not full yet. We need to add more fluid to this. Okie dokes I've had a delivery.

Uh, one more gallon of fluid. Let's fill this thing up and uh, again, we'll restart it and then, uh, pull that plug again and we'll let the level settle. Then again, we'll begin to flush broken record say the same thing 100 000 times. Tell you what guys, this is like a super episode of for You Things.

The whole thing has just been. uh, pouring red fluid or dumping pink fluid? There we go. Plenty. I Know it's full.

In fact, it's probably overfilled. but that's okay because we're gonna pull that plug and again, that's okay because that's going to help dilute the contaminated fluid one more time before we, uh, do the flush restarting. No leaking. I'm always very weary when uh, the machines are connected because things can go wrong.

Okay, let's see what happens. this time. Lid comes out red. I'm going to go ahead and put the plug back in and let it all circulate and mix.

I Want to waste good red fluid? Holy smokes more. Okay, okay repeating myself again. Uh, last order of fluid that I'm gonna put into this car? Last thing, let's try. it's one more time.

Oh, there we go. Seriously. I'm not kidding I'm determined to overfill this and then do like a free flush flush. Exchange plus I gotta rinse out all that brake clean that I stuck in there can is already lubricated.

Uh, not sponsored. That's just where I bought it from because I already bought all the fluid that the parts house had. like. This thing is going to have the cleanest transmission ever.

I think that's I think that's four parts that I just put in. maybe five. Ah, what's a couple more? Gonna Hurt Why not? This is five I Just counted. We'll do six.

We'll do six. Start it, run it, drain it, set level, Flush it. That's the plan on this ever evolving, non-planned plan. There we go.
Okay, let's get out of here. Start it again. Repeating myself again. Take 17.

Flushing transmission. Yeah, this is. this is the real life of the situation. Sometimes we just do the same thing over and over and over again.

especially the dealership guys. They're always doing the same thing over and over and over again. All right, let's go check the plug. If we get fluid at the plug, then uh, I'll let it hang out for five seven minutes and maybe we'll pull the plug out.

That's what we got here. Something's going on. We're leaking. It's already starting to leak.

I didn't put that in very tight. It was just kind of finger tight. All right. it's a much darker red and uh, when we started good.

Okay, what? I'll do I'm gonna let this run circulate everything. Then we're going to pull that again. drain the fluid until that thing stops coming out of that hole right there. That's the top level filter.

We're going to let it run, drain that once the drain has stopped. I'm going to go back up top, install another can of cleaner and then we're going to do the fluff with the machine. Sound good I Think it does okay. going back in, it's been a little while 15-20 minutes.

Got got to do another stuff. Let us pull this guy out brain off the smooth to take a while. But uh I need to call this uh this pin up and then just pull that plug all the way out because this is going to drain like Niagara style. Moving on up, let's get in there and pop this little plug out.

Come here plug. We're gonna pull and run all right. There it goes. Let it ride.

Yeah buddy. I Don't think that my oil drain tank can take much more of this. Thank you. Fill it up.

Okay, so our gusher has reduced itself to a slow dribble. It's uh, it's nearing the full mark. As soon as that thing stops, it smells down to like a itty bitty little drip. Then you're good.

All right, let's get our stuff out of the way letting this down again. And then we're going to go ahead and start up the machine and let it let it do its job. see how this comes out? This is the third and, uh, final attempt to clean all this stuff out. It's no longer thick and frothy, it's the normal, uh, normal viscosity at this point.

But it does have the wrong color, telling me there is still some contaminant presence. But it's better than it was. Here goes: nothing. fresher, fresher Fluid condition.

Fire it up. The machine's going. So it's now exchanging what is inside of the unit with the queen side on this unit. right here with doing it with the power of the pump.

There's our new fluid going in. this. turned red or red Earth reddish or redder herb. Okay, we're getting there.

The pink is starting to fade. Oh sweet. It's still a little cloudy, but it's getting there. Thank you.
Come on, clear up please. please please I Want to see that nice and cherry red. The pressures are still equal, so that tells me it's still. uh, still exchanging.

This is good. A nice color. It's getting darker. still a little cloudy, but it's getting darker.

By the way. the transmission cooler inside of the radiator is also part of this circuit. so that fluid's being exchanged as well. Little bit.

Oh, there's our pressure drop and we got a pressure rise. On that side, we are done. Just an exchange is complete. Let's go ahead and shut the car down.

Swap the lines out and we'll take this on the road and see how it does through these crossed powering down. Oh yeah, yeah. I've got a can of uh conditioner right here as well. We're gonna throw that in there.

It's supposed to, uh, rejuvenate the seals. foreign catastrophic events. Let's toss this stuff in. Okay, line, disconnect, pull the fittings first.

there's one. and uh, come here you, there's number two. Whoop! Didn't gravity, you know? I Must say the condition of, uh, that return fluid once the service was complete was, uh, better than I expected. And look at that nice and red.

That's cool. I'd say we got an extremely high percentage of the contaminant removed from the system. Give me back my fitting please. There we go.

Now it is very important that I return this clip. Dude, it's it's connector and uh and not lose it. So I'm gonna try that right now. If it slips and I lose it, it's gonna fly off because I have to kind of spring load it to get it to go on awkward angle.

hmm oh I'm kind of in trouble now I wonder if I can push it on instead of pulling it on? Um no. Oh I'm dropping it. Hang on I need to recoup here I'm gonna let this car down some more so I can lean in a little bit harder. This is a this is not gonna work well please and I'm really in trouble if I drop it because it's not shiny in Chrome like they usually are here.

Let's try again. I'll switch hands and use the uh, the dominant to right hand. yeah new. oh come on clip.

It may have been less effort to uh, just use the tool on this one insert foot in mouth eating words. It's because you guys are all watching. Let's make me nervous and the other day I could do this. no problem I swear almost I think I got it? Yeah, yeah I got it? No I don't ER let's try it with a tool.

Maybe I can do it with a tool that chance. Okay, good, solid click on the line. We'll put our little safety plastic thing back in I'll put this little plastic clip down there back on the one I neglected last time because I uh maybe we were gonna do this. Put that guy back all right.

lines are on I gotta tighten up the drain plug down there and uh, then we should be good to go here. Let's put our caps and stuff back into position I Don't need to forget those. That would be bad I'm highly unprofessional. All right there it is.
Got it? Okay, all right, let's get out of here now. I Know that the astute amongst you are aware that I have not put this engine cover back on I didn't forget. No worries, real quick. let's get this out of here.

Oh, there's some spillage down there. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

hang on. hang on. We gotta undo that. Unacceptable.

Ah, another here. We'll try again with a new one. Yeah, rinse off all that nasty and spill it and everything else. I probably hose this down one more time before I'm done here.

but I can't have that stuff just sitting around gross. So anyway as I was saying, all I've got to do is get this cover back on. Then we're gonna go out for a test drive and see if this thing is gonna gonna move. I Remember I have a not yet driven this vehicle kicked shiny all right to the road.

we go all right moment of truth. Ouch! Starting is the engine Here we go All right. It went in reverse, it went into forward gears. Is it gonna move? Yeah, All right, it's moving.

Let's get out of here and see if it's gonna shift. I Really hope this thing, uh, it shifts because I don't want to put a transmission in this and I don't think that the guy that owns it wants to put a transmission in it either. So uh, fingers crossed I think it's gonna be okay. We'll see.

time will tell. Actually, it may work today and it may crap out in a month. Or in an hour. or in two weeks.

So yeah, you never know. I mean it's it's it was swimming in lubricant that was not actually lubricant. and I fear for the clutches? Find out. ding text message the gate real quick.

You guys stay here There we go All right. let's ride. ring ring clear, both sides. Cool.

All right. we're in first gear. there's second, third still in third that it shifted. see if it downshifts.

Come on, Green light, we're waiting. Never made it to fourth gear. I'd like to at least catch fourth on the straightaway. nice.

Wheels Lift kit on a charger? Yeah, there we go. All right. First gear, second gear I'm in the throttle a little bit this time. third gear.

So far so good. I Don't want to speed so I'm assuming it's going to catch fourth. Tell you what what we'll do is we'll go down here and do a cop scan and then we'll catch fourth on the way back. let's do a downshift.

Cool. Downshift worked and let's flip this thing around. you know? I I Really want to feel good about this, but at the same time I've got to be incredibly skeptical because I know what this transmission just went through and so I want to jump for joy. but I also don't want to like, um, hex myself and uh and wind up with a problem.

So I'm just going to kind of keep quiet on it and I'm gonna let the situation speak for itself. But so far so good. Let's see if we can't get for it if we get four of them. I'll be good to go back and park it.
Uh, it's got a nasty pull to the right. Yeah, there we go. There's third gear, fourth gear, fourth gear. there's fourth.

sweet. All right, it's got all four gears I think this is just four speed. It's got fourth gear up. y'all like floor it the Florida way.

All right, All right guys. Uh, so far so good. Uh, this thing's in good shape. so I'm headed back to the shop.

I'm gonna go ahead and park it I'm gonna wash it off and uh, we're gonna go ahead and uh, well close this video out because uh I believe I'm all done with this thing for the time being. so uh. That being said, as always, like, thank you for watching this video. hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Uh, what are your thoughts on the future of this transmission? I'd like to hear about that in the comment section. If you think it's going to hold up to the test of time or do you think it's a time bomb, uh, way in down below and uh, and we'll see what the audience thinks. All right back at the shop.

I'm just gonna hose this off and we're all set here. So again, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves great day! See you guys later! End of Cobalt.

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    You had a lot of changes of plans ray but it's important to always have a plan. That way when sht goes sideways you have something to deviate from. Nice work

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    i ingested sump oil once, not my finest moment!
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    it was not pleasant! i ended up brushing my teeth for about half an hour afterwards, but asside from the embarrasment i don't recall any ill effects

    edit: wait, yeah you're probably right come to think of it, i forgot about the glycol in the coolant

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    What trans is in that Cobalt? Looks like a modernized TH125.

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