Towed From OHIO! Died Driving! Can’t find Parts! What do I do? GMC Chevy 2500 350 Small Block 5.7
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Foreign. ER There was a great Rudder Hello everybody good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I'm super excited to be here. This right here is a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado A single cab short bed work truck with a 4.3 liter. V6 customer States Engine stalls hard starting, lack of power and a few other things.

So uh, let's uh, let's see if we can't duplicate their concerns starting the engine. This thing's super rough. Super running rough at 174 560 miles on the odometer. It's got the check engine light.

It's got the little engine. The 4.3 something's wrong with it. Let's bust out the scanning device here, power this unit on me and uh, see what we've got to work with. I'm uh, pretty sure this thing has lived a very rough life.

It looks like it's been working very hard for a very long amount of time. All that scan tool is powering up what's Poppins behind. See, we got to work with under the Bonnet there now like you saw the thing. Uh, barely started it.

Uh, they say it stalls while driving and has lack of power. so I'm a little reluctant to drive it anywhere. Yeah, that's our little guy. 4.3 liters still has the distributor in the back.

Spark plug wires look like they're probably the original. So what is 20 years old? Yeah, 20 year old spark plug ignition coils? Yeah. those, uh, those look original right there. You see all the clips are still intact.

Yeah. I Don't think this thing's ever really had any work done to it. What is this Dangly wires here? What is that? Hold on? What is that? Hang on? Okay, a couple wires. Oh, that's a uh, replacement pigtail for the ignition coil.

Okay, so it has had some kind of work done to it. I Don't think that. that's the issue though. All right, let's go.

Uh, grab that scan tool and see what's going on. Uh, in the ECU I Hear a rattle noise down there too. Oh, found it. The heat shield on the exhaust.

Okay, that's of no matter. Bigger fish to fry? Yeah, Burger Scan Tool says 2004 Silverado Two-wheel Drive 4.3 That's the Uh RPO code l u3 Let's see what we've got here for some Dtcs I Know they're in there. There's probably a bunch of them. Engine Automatic Transmission Codes Menu: What do we have? What's our codes menu? Tell us about this.

Silverado Powertrain Codes: Come on with it. Oh my Gosh. p0128 Coolant Thermostat: Uh, that code usually indicates that the coolant temp did not come up to temperature within a predetermined amount of time. One can often hypothesize that the thermostat is stuck open or has like a leak at the seal.

It won't leak externally, but there's excessive coolant flow so it takes extra long to come up to. Temp Uh, that probably indicates it just needs a thermostat. What I would normally do with a 128 is just pop the thermostat out and inspect it. If the thermostat's good, then there may be some kind of other issue, but 99.9 percent of the time it just needs a thermostat.

We've got the dreaded 4.3 liter P300 engine misfire detected p0341 camshaft position sensor circuit out of range. That's interesting. P0430 catalyst efficiency low on Bank two and it's got other codes that seem to just come and go as they see fit. P0442 EVAP System small leak and P0455 EVAP system large leak.
Uh, it's probably got a stock vent solenoid. Well, it's either the vent solenoid. It's either actually has a actual leak, the fuel tank fuel cap leak, or the purge solenoid up that the engine uh is leaking and is always purging. However, I Don't think that's really the uh primary issue here.

Throw it back out of this and check out our misfire data. What do we have for Misfires Data Display Loading misfire data Let's see what we get here. The setup runs rough, so we're gonna see nothing so far. Let's give it some throttle.

We're not misfiring right now. Oh my goodness, Gracious! Look at this misfire history. Cylinder 1 37 000 Misfires logged Cylinder number Three 14 000 Misfires logged Cylinder number Five Twelve thousand Misfires logs. So we've got something going on with the bank one on this engine.

Let's check some other field trim data. That's what I Want to see. Let's see some fuel trim action. Yeah, right now it seems you're running okay.

Look at here: Long-term fuel Trim 25 Short-term fuel trim That's Bank two. That's in the negative. so we have a fuel trim imbalance. One side is Rich the other side is very lean.

That is not good. Let's see what our O2s are up to. Okay, here's our O2 sensors Bank One Sensor One Bank One sensor two I think two sensor one uh uh, there is no Bank two cents or two. So we've got just one Downstream sensor and then two Upstream sensors.

Okay, now look at this here. I'm kind of giving this some throttle so it comes up to Temp a little bit and it is taking its sweet old time because I do think that thermostat's stuck open, but look at our fuel Trims on uh on bank one short terms have leveled out and everybody's hovering around zero. So as of right now, this thing is acting exactly as it should be. It's got no issue.

We started off at that 25 and the negative three and uh, as it started to warm up, we end up with Uh zero and Zero. We have balanced fuel trims so at this point the symptom is not present. I'm gonna have to let this thing run for a little while and see if it shows back up. That's oh.

Here we go. look at that. We're starting to get somewhere. now.

we're at 16. just happened. Let's go back and check. Uh, check our O2s.

Something's going on with this. This is weird. Very strange intermittent concern. I Think All right.

A couple minutes later and it's starting to run really rough. Look at this thing. It's shaking back and forth, oscillating. It's misfiring.

I Think let's go and uh, check our misfire counts. Let's give it some throttle suit. it does first. Kind of feels okay.
Let's check our misfires on our scanning device here and see what the. if it's logging current misfires or not, it smells like raw fuel I can smell it out there. it's getting stanky. Good thing I got a fan going.

It's not logging current misfires just yet. It's a little odd I was watching it do it. But why isn't the ECM picking up on it? Okay, back into Data we go. uh, returning to sensor data.

Check this out. Heated Oxygen sensor Bank One Sensor One and sensor two. We've got sensor two that's stuck at like 900 millivolts and look at number one that's going between 500 Zero, 500 again, 0, 180 zero. So we got a Bank One Sensor One is dropping out fuel trims? What are we doing on our fuel trims here? Long term number one and short term number one are maxed out or close to Max Look at 25 26 and Bank two.

those are hovering around zero. so we we've identified. the. Bank one is definitely the problem.

We have misfires on bank one, We've got an O2 sensor dropping out on bank one and we have misfires on Bank One. All right, You got a few things moved around here and uh, the thing's on the lift I have the Subaru in here. We pulled the uh, the engine out of it I'm gonna attempt one more time to get some extraction out of that uh uh, that broken bolt with the broken extractor stuck inside of it but it's not looking good I don't think it's gonna happen. but I got a better chance of extracting that out of the car than I do in the car.

Anyways, let's get off this tangent on the super engine. That's a side project and uh, we will return to the task at hand. So I've got that sensor ordered Let's uh, go ahead and get this thing up in the air and I'm gonna see what I can do about removing that uh, that Bank One sensor from the exhaust and we're gonna swap it out with a new unit. Then we shall restock into the engine and see if this thing uh, comes back into fuel trim where it should be Jerry up there okey-dokes moving down into her nether regions.

we're on the driver's side exhaust. passenger side is Over Yonder Here is our suspected uh, faulty slash lazy sensor. That's Bank One uh Upstream that's in front of the catalytic converter. The downstream sensor: This vehicle is only gonna have one and that's this unit right here.

that's Downstream of the converter. so we are looking for our connector on. This guy looks fairly easy to access. see our little uh, safety clip thing right here.

That tells me that this thing probably has never been disconnected a lot of times. folks don't like to put those things back so let me reach in unclick this guy. get that. removed pins look good so we don't have a bad pin problem.

The wiring harness looks decent from what I can see. So I'm gonna go ahead and proceed and extract this sensor right here. and uh, we're waiting for the new one to arrive to uh to swap the unit out. We're gonna need a handy dandy wrench and I believe that's going to be of the 22 millimeter variety and it's not there.
Yeah, there's the 21, put that back and there's the 22 which goes over there. We'll put that back later. That's a disaster right over here waiting on parts Eternal waiting tacos. So let's see.

let's get in here and hopefully this guy's gonna come out without pulling the threads with it. Sometimes it'll take the threads out of the exhaust and then ruin the pipe. I'm really hoping that's not going to be the case in this particular scenario. It's usually a Toyota thing where they like to pull the threads out but you never know.

Oh look at that. That was beautiful. Came right out. Did not expect that to happen and they're free.

Look at that. All right. since this exhaust is still hot and the sensor's hot I Need to insulate myself. See what we've got here? Yeah, definitely running rich on that side.

Look at all that soot build up that's not okay. Okay, so I don't know what's going on in the land of Parts delivery, but they're taking an exceedingly long time to. uh, well, to make Parts become delivered. It's been hours.

either way. I've got a a new O2 sensor. Let's get this thing screwed in here. Torque down plugged in.

It's gonna happen very, very quickly because it's a real easy job and uh, we'll go ahead and restart this engine and see what we can make of it. Click that on and for good measure, we'll plug that little clip back in. Get on there. please come on.

What are you doing? Oh man, it's not. It's not going in there. we go. Got it? Okay, that's that's clicked in.

Uh, where's me wrench? I need my wrench? Oh I put it somewhere where I wouldn't lose it and that's how I lost it. These things happen Anyway, let's put a little bit of torque on this thing right here. crushing the gasket, getting to seal a little more. There we go.

Quick action achieved. Okay, let's go ahead and climb down or let this thing down rather and get our goodies out of the way. Restart the engine, let it come back up to Temp and we're gonna see what those fuel trims start to do. I Believe that we had a faulty sensor, but we're gonna find out in a minute.

lock release Silverado coming down. Oh, speaking of silvery, Rado or Silverado I'm aware that folks have commented in the comment section that they've never heard someone say Silverado by expressing the term Silverado and uh and I do that for fun because this job can become monotonous and uh, juicing up your words uh I don't know, add some spice to life out of it. So I enjoy calling them Silverados or silvery rados or you know, just like I call doges or Dodge doges and Nissan's Nissans and things of that nature. So I'm just having some good some fun and and I'm having a good time.

That's why I I nickname these things. oh whatever. I nicknamed them anyway. restarting is the engine Okay, it started good.
Pull up our data one more time. I Really hope I was right about this I'd hate to waste a an O2 sensor on nothing. So what I'm gonna do here: I'm gonna go back into sensor data I'm gonna pull up not the graph this time. I'm just going to pull up the the data PID There's our PID list and we're going to watch HO2 sensor Bank One Sensor One I'm gonna keep an eyeball on this thing for a little while and make sure that it does not start dropping out to zero.

Now what? I'm noticing right off the get-go is see how we're in the higher value range. Then we move the white part down. We're in the 800s, 700, 600s so we're now biasing very high and I think it's doing that because the fuel trims we're we're running that bank so rich that it's now trying to pull back fuel. Trends Oh yeah yeah, look at that short-term fuel trim Bank ones and the max negative on short term.

So it's trying to pull those long terms way way down. Our long term for Bank One was at the 25 Mark And our negatives are: it's eventually going to bring that long term down. probably hovering it close to zero or one to mimic the right side. I Wonder if we can just get past all that and uh, do a fuel trim reset? It's a possibility.

Let me check. see if I can do that with this truck. uh. functional test.

Maybe let's go injector balance output controls now I Don't think I can do it I'll just have to let it rebalance Itself by itself. I Think yeah. I'm not see Oh wait, whoa there it is. Fuel trim reset.

Look at that. Save us all some time. some very valuable time. Fuel trim reset resetting test.

Complete fuel trim reset completed. So let's go back into fuel trim data Um. data display Um. fuel trim data.

That's the one we want. Oh, calculating short term? All right. So short terms Now Set to zero. Long terms are both set to zero cool.

Let's let this thing come back up to operating temperature because it has cooled off. Then we can revisit all of our data and then kind of go from there. be right back. Fire check.

We're not doing the shaky, shaky give us some throttle. Good throttle response. I Like it. Let's go run back in here real quick.

We'll check misfire counts uh on the scanner. No. I don't want to clear codes? No, no, no, how'd that happen? I Must have set the phone down on the scanner and it tried to do it for me. Uh, we're going into Data We're going into misfires.

Let's see if we have any current and active misfires. which I Don't think we do Zero Zero zero. Let's give it some throttle throttle coming up Zero Zero zero and these are all the misfire history. Again, Bank one was heavily misfiring That seems to no longer be occurring.

Let's go back up and check the current count one more time. Yeah, it's a big negative. We're looking good. Okay, backing out one more time.
Let's go back into sensor data. Let's check that O2 and make sure it's not dropping out to zero. And then we can see what our field trims are. Look at that fuel trims hanging out in the negative.

Hanging out in the zero short term and long term after the reset. This is good. Everything was looking fantastic so far. I'm not going to completely dismiss that camshaft position sensor code, but uh I do need to visit that at some point because there is.

there is some other issues going on with this. Um, at this point, what I need to do is uh, go ahead and report some good news that the thing does run and does function and I'm going to submit over an estimate to get this thing caught back up on maintenance. According to the oil change sticker, it is 14 560 miles Uh, past its oil change interval. Um needs some wiper blades on it.

It does need some spark plugs. Those wires are 20 something years old I do need to put some wires in this I Would like to do the cap and rotor and probably the distributor that can distributor excuse me that contains the camshaft position sensor. I think I'm going to recommend doing that. So we're going to do the full Monty extensive tune-up.

That's going to be my suggestion. Uh, moving forward. So at this point I'm calling it good. This operation uh is is halfway to success.

Oh, and the thermostat. We also need to do the thermostat. So I'm gonna see if we're gonna do anything further on this vehicle or if we're just gonna let it as is. So uh, that being said, it's time for you to go ahead and close this video out right about now.

And I will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. As always I Hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this Diagnostic and quick repair video please feel free to comment down below what you thought about it. Let me know what you think I did right Let me know if you think I did something wrong did I miss something did I get it all? Please share your thoughts again in the comment section below. Don't forget that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourself a great day.

See you guys later! End of Chevrolet Silverado 2004 4.3 liter V6 in the video in a transmission.

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