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Wow, this conversation is kind of all over the place, isn't it? First, we're talking about running a business, Then we're talking about losing our minds. Uh, then we're talking about trying to be organized and uh and get things done. And then we're talking about sleep and then wives and holidays and family and jobs. Yeah, this is this video is all over the place.

I Hope you guys are keeping up I'm not happening Z Hood Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. Uh, we're doing uh, more administrative work today. I'm uh I'm out and about on the town. that's uh, that's Tropicana that's where we make our orange juice here in Bray Kentucky uh anyway.

uh I digress. Uh, I'm headed out to Sarasota uh, actually let me back up one time. I'm gonna head to the shop real quick and then I'm headed out to Sarasota I've got to go fetch uh, some BG fluid exchange machines and I also need to switch lanes here. Let's let's go ahead and slow down.

that lane runs out up there. We don't want to be in that lane anyway. I'm headed to Sarasota to go fetch some fluid exchange machines because I cannot do fluid exchanges without the proper Machinery uh yes, I can drain fluids out and put fluids in, but that's not a very good exchange that gets what 30 40 system capacity and then we're still running on a bunch of contaminated fluids. So I'm going to get the machines that can achieve like the The Exchange capacity of like 90 or so, maybe even a little bit higher.

then after that I gotta go pick up the mail from the mailbox and then after that I've got to come back to Bradenton Uh, go to the uh, the Dodge Chrysler Ram dealership and oh and Jeep and pick up some Jeep suspension parts for another Jeep not project Jeep this is a different Jeep uh then oh, there was something else I had to do. What else did I have to do today? Hmm I forgot I'll remember as soon as we hang up. Oh yeah, yeah, that's right I need to go back to the shop with the machines and with the mail, unload the machines and then I need to prep them because I need to do the transmission service on the blue blown up Cobalt to see if we can actually uh, save that transmission or not. um one thing I noticed in the video about that Cobalt is many of you were asking why I went ahead and installed that radiator and connected the transmission to the cooler with contaminated fluid in the transmission and that's very easy.

The radiator was where the failure was on that vehicle so we had to fix the failure first. If I had tried to clean out the transmission and then run the vehicle, it would have just immediately contaminated the new fluid because the leak was in the cooler which was integrated into the radiator. So what I had to do was replace what the failure was and then try to save the subsequent systems after that. That is why I replaced the radiator before doing anything else because we had to fix the failure first, then move on after that.

It would have made no sense to drop the trans pan and then put a filter in it and try to clean all that fluid out, then start the car and then recontaminate it all because it was still connected to the faulty radiator component I Hope that makes sense. It made sense to me and that's why I did it that way. So yeah, that's the plan today I'm spending all of my day Uh, not working in the shop. This is like day two 1.5 because half the day yesterday I was uh, I was working on the business and not in the business and today I'm still working on the business.
uh, maybe sometime later on and I hope I have time I'll be able to uh to get that Cobalt back in the building and then get that thing fixed up. But we shall see point being I Wear many, many hats and sometimes, uh, the scheduling of set hats uh, kind of overlaps. you know, like a Venn diagram. You know with the circles I live I live in the middle of like seven or eight circles.

That's kind of how that goes left, turn. It's kind of stressful too, because it's like end of the year. We're doing holiday season stuff, a little bit of weekend traveling. so I I've gotta I've added an extra layer onto my layers of things that I have to accomplish.

It is what it is. It's kind of what I signed up for. It's kind of stuff that makes you want to hire employees to help you out. but that's hard to do these days because you know people like me, they went off and did their own own stuff.

and then the the people that are there to collect a paycheck. they're they're not going to work on the business the way I would want them I don't know. it's just a It's a scary, scary, transitional period because I I'm at a point where I need assistance. but um, you know it's uh I fear going down that road.

I've had employees before with Landscaping operations and that was A. that was a big yeah, it was a big negative. Okay. Made a quick pit stop at the shop no plug intended and we're headed back out.

Uh, riding out to Sarasota next. Come on. Green light, turn green, Turn green, Turn green. Don't have all day.

Yeah, that's perfect. This is a good fortune for me. Green arrows are good I Love green arrows. Hey, speaking of green arrows, I've learned that there are two kinds of green arrows.

Uh, in the United States there's the green arrow that turns green before the Straight Ahead traffic goes and then there's the green arrow that turns green. After the straight ahead traffic goes the uh when the light switches in Florida we get our green turn arrows. uh first and then after the turning people are done. Then the Straight Ahead people can go.

but uh I Learned a couple weeks ago when A-Rod was uh down here from Michigan that they have the green turn arrows after the Straight Ahead traffic. So when a light switch is Straight Ahead traffic moves through, they stop and then the left turn people get to go. Interesting how they can switch it between states and uh, it's it's. kind of okay.
But how about the rest of you guys, where are your green arrows? Do you have a before turn or an after turn green arrow? Let us know in the comment section below. I'm aware that's uh, completely unrelated to the contents of this video which is uh Loosely organized at best, but uh I figured why not? Let's pull the audience on the green arrows. That's a that's a fun topic of conversation. Oh uh.

by the way, while we're here, some of you guys may have noticed I ended up with uh with another eye Dash see uh what? I figured out was I can control that pedal monster with this first eye Dash I can control the Uh the exponential gain on how quickly it ramps up throttle response. Problem With that is when I run the control I lose the feature to house uh two more gauges and I didn't like that. so I ended up daisy chaining a second bank's eye Dash module into circuit so I can read and pull up additional gauges like look at here I got boost and manifold air temp ambient air temp and I think that one right there. that's cylinder cylinder fill ratio.

That's a calculated measurement. Um, it's available through the eye Dash but I Like looking at it just how efficient. uh, the cylinders are being filled with the fuel air mixture. Actually, it's diesel, so just air.

so uh, with two of these I get to have my my bank's controller for the pedal. Monster you can turn that down a little bit. we were in sport mode. that's a little aggressive.

We'll run City eight I Like it there and again. I can have a couple gauges here I've got Tac digital speed and engine load which I like engine load. a nice one to have. So yeah, I ended up going down the uh the bank's rabbit hole and did you guys know you can actually stack four of these together? so you can do one two, three in a pillar and then you can put like a fourth one like here.

Or you can do two up here and two over here. but uh yeah, they they uh allow you to incorporate these with Y Splitters where you can daisy chain a bunch of these together and pull up all types of data that, uh, even the the scan tools sometimes don't even, uh, have the ability to read because some of that is calculated measure to measure. Super cool. Again, another topic of conversation completely unrelated to the non-structured format of this particular video.

but hey, I guess that's my life. Unstructured and uh, by the seat of your pants so to speak. Maybe I watched too much Top Gun As a child living in the danger zone, that's what it is. it's the danger zone of Life Unstructured, unorganized, well maintained, managed, kind of managed I don't know it's hard to manage like seven different hats, but uh, but I got them I think I am up to like Seven Hats yeah the kids count as one hack because they're like a unit.

Yeah, so they got kid hat, wife hat. uh YouTube hat uh, auto shop hat and there's a couple other hats. but yeah I've got I got a lot of hats on lots of stuff. never stops.
I used to be lazy too I used to think I was lazy I don't know some people have said lazy I say misunderstood due to, uh, lack of stimulation like that was my problem in high school is I I wasn't stimulated by the structured format of the program because it was somebody else's program and I think later in life I I've taken that program into my own control and now it's not lazy. Now it's now immediate. Do this and I think and I feel and I try to do so many things at once that it's got me kind of ping-pong bald ping ping ping around topics. you know I get a I get a phone call and I've immediately gotta switch thoughts and you know I know who called but I was like, oh, what was our last conversation I've got to remind myself In the Heat of the Moment Like It uh, it'd be Hoops one to to stay sharp in the cranium which is hard to do when your brain is being pulled in multiple different directions simultaneously at any given point in time.

Ah, and then you gotta schedule in sleep and that's not fair. I wish I could go on like two hours of sleep or zero hours of sleep every day. I Could get so much done if I didn't have to go to sleep. Thank you Thanks guys for riding with me today while I I talk to my phone and drive this truck around town.

I Appreciate you guys being here kind of. Runway My wife and the kids are gearing up for this weekend. We're gonna! We're gonna go on a little mini vacation and get out of the house. It's the holiday season so we need to make time for everybody and spend some quality time with the family again.

That's another hat that I've got to remind myself not to neglect. It's it's easy to forget the things that we take for granted. you know, like just time with the kids and time with family members. Sometimes we all get wrapped up in the rat race and things and I've got a saying and it goes something like uh, you only have time unless you take time and I developed that uh as a as a means to accommodate that my daily tasks.

you know some people say oh, I didn't have time to do this email or I didn't have time to get to that but you have to take the time to get to that. Which means you've got to plan out other events and other things. So you're not double booking yourself and I've got a nasty habit of double booking. Uh, I've been I've been working on that one for the past couple weeks.

Do not double book my efforts and I just need to slow down and that's that's really helping me with the uh the organization because this kind of is a it's a one-man show um and of course the wife unit Lauren She helps me out immensely like I could not do half of what I'm doing right now if she wasn't there on the other side to uh to help me out with some of the finer details like emails for example and scheduling and parts and contacts with Uh with with folks I Mean you know she, She really does it all and she's totally my manager 100 and I could not. Uh I could not function without her. Which brings me around to the topic of the nickname of Wife Unit I Do get some scathing emails and comments. Uh, talking about how, um, that's uh, that's disrespectful to her in that she she deserves better than uh than such a a demeaning nickname.
Um, joke's on you guys. She actually came up with that long, long ago and I started saying it. so it's it's not me demeaning her. um I use that term in the in the highest regards because she's totally a bad unit and and she is the wife.

so she is the wife unit. Plus I think it's funny and she's kind of turned into her, uh, her own character. So the wife unit's gonna stay until until my wife unit says otherwise. But it's not demeaning or degrading and it it certainly does not.

Uh does not reduce. Oh well, how do I want to put it? It does not subtract away from the quality of her character, efforts, and importance. So I'd just like to get that out there right now because uh, none of us are capable of half of what we do if we don't have our our fantastic wife units in our corner. And well, sometimes they're in our Corners Sometimes they're pushing us.

Uh, sometimes they're pulling us along for the ride. So that being said, to all the wife units out there, you guys are the best and we are nothing without you. And and I think I speak for for everybody that has a wife unit in their Corner Uh, we need you guys more than you know and probably more than we let you know. But at the end of the day, uh, we're we're hopeless creatures.

Uh, without our our wife units, to Uh to keep us, uh, focused and and operating as designed. Now whose design that is? that's that's debatable because sometimes sometimes we're operating on on what you guys designed for us. sometimes we're just operating on, uh, on on Basic Instinct But either way, uh, again, we we do need the lovely ladies to uh to keep us keep us in line. Otherwise, we're just gonna be uh, drunk in the bar all day, you know, sleeping in our jeans and uh, and not combing our hair for a week and forgetting to take showers.

Plus we'll have dirty laundry and dirty dishes piled up to the moon. and that's that's just not good because without you guys to keep us in check, we revert back to caveman status almost instantaneously. Yeah, for example, uh, I'm gonna have the house to myself tonight and uh, guaranteed, I'm gonna trash the place I mean I'm not gonna do it on purpose, but you know, according to according to the life standards of how things are supposed to be kept, there's there's no way I have even the ability to do such I Mean we try. We mean well, but uh, it doesn't always work out when you guys walk back in the door and see what happened to the house after we were gone or after you were gone for a day and a half.
I mean we like I said we try. And so this is a preemptive apology to all wife units who have chosen to leave their husbands alone for 24 hours or more at a time. It's not our fault, it just illustrates how much we really need you in our lives. Yeah, this is this video is all over the place I Hope you guys are keeping up I'm not I'm Taylor Right now the red light.

let's watch this. Let me show you what. this thing does not give horsepower, but it instantly the red is how much throttle pedal Monster is actually giving. The white is how much throttle.

I'm actually depressing so it exponentially curves that throttle. We're not on the racetrack, so let's go ahead and turn that down. Oh we do it. I'm on the front zero.

There we go. Now we're looking Good toys. We love our toys. Yeah, there's our there's our little goofy circle thing turning right as per the directions.

Yeah, see the side. Swoop around please. It's gonna be a while. we gotta swoop around behind that guy.

All right we're not swooping. Come on people, let's swoop good. We're swooping again. Come on, let's see.

My little map tells me I'm almost here I think I think this is my turn. Yep, there it is. Sign says BG on the building. that's my spot.

Let's go ahead and pull on in here and go meet the guy. Foreign pretty tight squeeze I Parked with a tree behind me and I had to like do the Austin Powers golf cart back and forth thing a little bit and that parking space back there. oopsy didn't plan that parking job out. Did I Loading? Yeah.

Keep it going. Yeah. All right. perfect.

We're going to slide that on forward you slimy oh machine. gravity. Okay one right there over in front. there should be good ratchet strap clicks good.

That one's good. We're good. Back here. We're good right there.

We're good everywhere. I Think Yep. all right. Tailgate going back on Deja Vu We just did this with an AC machine.

How about that repetitive content unscribe? You guys are doing the same thing. I Didn't tell you so what we've got. That's the BG Pf5 transmission exchange machine. It's got a tank inside with a bladder.

You fill that tank with your clean fluid, connect the hoses to the vehicle, you start it, and run it, and the pump and the trans will displace the fluid onto the other side of the bladder. So as that bladder fills with used fluid, it's displacing the new fluid into the other line back into the transmission. So as the transmission is pumping, it's taking old fluid out and bringing new fluid back in. Now, this bad boy.

right here. This is the brake fluid service. It's a basically a pressure vessel. You fill it full of brake fluid, connect the hose to the master cylinder, crack the bleeder valve open, or crack the valve open.

Then you turn on the vacuum pump, connect that to the calipers around the vehicle, and then open the bleeder Valves and it will pressurize and pump in new fluid simultaneously. It's going to vacuum out the old fluid. so you get a very, very clean 100 99 fluid exchange. It's the best of the best of the best, sir.
Anyway, that's enough Jaw Jack And let's get out of here. We've got. uh, we got more stuff to do I Need to go pick up the mail, stockings, the engine, click it or ticket? Come here. Yeah, because what's a video without a click? This is why we have authorized personnel only in certain areas.

See that right there. We don't want to drive off of that, do we? That would, uh, that would suck. Peel off and find that in industrial areas there are, uh, there's hazards, uh, unforeseen and unknown to the general population. And that right there 100 is definitely one of those types of Hazards You know those machines behind me there? That's A in my estimation, a prime example of Uh, my motto of quality doesn't cost, it pays.

Uh, quick story time. once upon a time I I Worked this job and we had very old and Antiquated fluid flush machines. They were like old Winds machines from the early 2000s. Okay stuff.

Really really needed an upgrade and so I bugged the bosses and bugged the bosses I said hey, get us some BG machines. They are the best of the best. They're highly efficient. There's a front load cost to the actual machine themselves because they're They're not cheap pieces of equipment, but you get what you pay for and I explained that the the cost on those the ROI would would be positive very quickly because of the amount of time it takes to actually perform the service.

For example, the machine behind me when uh, when in the hands of a trained operator, you do a fluid exchange in about 30 minutes to one hour and that includes setting the machine up, draining out the old fluid if it hasn't been drained yet from the machine, not from the vehicle, connecting the lines, prepping everything you know, getting out all of your cleaners and detergents, and Performing the Uh The Exchange operation. It can all be done in less than an hour by uh, by a person who's familiar with the machines and I even sweetened the deal for the bosses I said if you buy these particular machines these exact ones if within 30 days they uh they do not show a profit meaning they've been paid for and are profiting within 30 days I said I will purchase those machines from the store thus creating a situation for for the for the store of a zero risk. So if they buy these machines and then they don't show up as a decent profit I was just going to buy them. by my estimation that's a no risk uh proposal and what we got was bargain Barrel like I was able to convince them to to replace the some of the machines that we had but what we got was off the shelf Bargain Bin uh low quality type machines that were mass produced um in a foreign land.
We can say that and they didn't even work Straight Out of the Box the uh the coolant machine um it was mixing old coolant, new fluid or a new coolant because it had like a stock valve inside of it and the transmission machine did uh did not fill the transmissions and it wasn't the type that I just described the uh the positive displacement type machine. it had a separate tank, it had a waste tank and it had a fill tank with a little electric pump inside of it and the issue with that one is the pump would never come on to refill the Transmissions uh due to like some kind of flow error or something like that. And so the company was left with these brand new machines that barely functioned. therefore nobody used them.

Um, on top of that, the setup for that machine took about 30 to 35 minutes to complete just to prepare it to perform the service and then it wouldn't function. Sometimes it would, but sometimes it wouldn't Most of the time it wouldn't and we called. We called the parts store out that sold it to us. The Reps came out, they were looking at the training video that we had already watched and they went through the setup instructions that we had and the Machine uh just they couldn't get it to function now rather than going and taking that machine back and having it serviced.

brand new machine be mind you, it just kind of stayed there and everyone forgot about it. And so ultimately the store ended up purchasing some lower tiered and lower priced pieces of Machinery that never ever functioned. And so and I believe to this day those those machines are still just sitting sitting in the back room of that shop not being used. Brand new equipment, but uh again.

Classic example of quality. Doesn't cost, it pays you know you. We bought something that was a a lower quality and that came with a lower price and it didn't work. So we paid a bunch of money to not accomplish the task.

Where by my point of view, if we had invested in a quality piece of Machinery like the stuff that's behind me, then it would have worked and it would have worked efficiently. So one other little detail about that story. uh, after that 30 days where uh, the bosses were like hey, you know, well we're not doing any fluid Services here you can go ahead. phone's ringing I don't know you so I'm not gonna answer it actually yeah I am.

hang on, be right back. yeah I'm glad I answered that because that was the parts store delivering. uh, some suspension parts for a Mercedes I needed to know that that stuff was there I'm not at the shop so I had him deliver it. uh, outside of my doors, merging safely safely merging turn signal.

Anyway, where was I Oh yeah, yeah. so the after the 30 days the month or so was up after everyone gave up on the machines and uh, and somebody from bossland was like hey, you offered to buy those machines if they didn't turn a profit and I said no, no no no no no no no no I offered to buy the BG machines if we didn't turn a profit. I said you guys bought some some crap knockoff you know, menu item junk machines for you know, an eighth of the price of the BG machines and then expected the same results and I was like that was a decision that you made. You know I made an offer and and you immediately violated the terms of of that verbal agreement.
So therefore, I'm not interested in purchasing those machines. Oh, by the way, if anybody who is familiar with that situation in real life land, um happens to see that little monologue, um, it's not a dig on you guys I'm just it's story time. That's as simple as that. I'm not I'm not bashing anybody or your decisions.

I'm just telling story time right now. from my point of view, how I digest it and uh, and I'm allowed to do that so you know no offense given, hope, none was taken. But uh, you know, sometimes words matter and specific words matter because adding adding the adjective BG to uh to the description of said machines is what made all the difference. You know, words definitely matter, even if I do fumble them constantly.

Words? All righty, we're back at the shop, we're backing in. We got the machines, let's open up the doors, get these things unloaded, and uh, then I can uh get around to finishing up that? uh Cobalt and see if I can save that transmission. Maybe I can, maybe I can, but we're gonna try with that guy over right there. Oh you know what? my.

by the way, while we're here, I received a gift uh at my mailbox. it is a bench grinder. My guy's been waiting and waiting and waiting on me to pick that thing up and I finally made it out to Sarasota to go fetch it. So I would like to take this opportunity right now to say thank you for said bench grinder and uh, thanks to all the other folks who have uh bestowed upon me gifts to the channel and to the shop to help support our efforts here.

Appreciate that guys shot powering on Cool Beans We've got the brake fluid exchange machine unloaded. that's going to go over here. On to the equipment. Corner Check that out Torches? Yeah! We'll park you right there for brake fluid services and the trans machines already been unloaded.

We did that a moment ago. This right here is the crown jewels of the situation. The BG Pf5 16 quart high output fluid exchange device. Nice beautiful machine.

activate pump. I Like this thing. One cool feature that it has is once you've got this thing hooked up and the vehicle is running, it'll show you the quality of the old fluid passing through it. and then you perform the service and once it's completed, it'll show you the quality of the new fluid passing through it.

So you get a visual indicator on just how impactful of a job that that the service resulted in. and you get to see that you do get a very, very high exchange percentage when using this type of displacement machine. It is infinitely more effective than the drain and fill method. Now that doesn't mean every time I Service the transmission.
I'm going to use this because not all operations are going to call for or require a full system exchange. For example, if I'm just doing a filter I don't need to do a filter and a fluid exchange. But if we're not doing filters and we just want to service the fluid, this is the way to go. All right guys, it is like a 230 222 in the afternoon.

We're all done here. I think I'm going to go ahead and get my butt to work on some actual cars instead of uh, running around town running errands. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. we're going to get started on this Mercedes and after that thing's out of the way, I'm going to bring that that Cobalt in here and we're going to try to save this transmission.

but that's going to be content for two other videos, one on the Cobalt one on the Mercedes. So I'm going to get to it I'd like to get all this stuff done before the holiday and uh, that way I can rest easy that my shop is cleared and I'll be uh, better prepared to start the new year. So uh, that being said, as always, I'd like to thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video. you know the drill. Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video, let me know about that in the comments section down below.

Also, and I can use your constructive feedback to better improve my quality of production. So again and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later end of shop Update Transmission.

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  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Smyth says:

    In the uk filter arrows operate randomly depending on the junction. One road in Brighton where I deliver, has the priority change at every junction in a 4 mile section, keeps you on your toes when driving.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars havokprod says:

    I though the term wife unit was cute and funny.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chas Boomer says:

    Here in Toledo, Ohio it depends on what stop light at

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Strugala says:

    Indy has both types of green arrow plus a flashing yellow green arrow.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cooking Mailman says:

    A) any nick name from a husband towards there wife.. is a loving comment.. just like my wife and has names and she has names for me.. get off you WOLK asses and leave (common folk) enjoy there normal life's B) keep it up Ray love the vids everyone should watch this.. how a family man supports there family! lmao you know troll are not cool any more.. go back and play your world of warcraft maybe try and be useful?

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Hall says:

    Mate come over to Australia we need you here sick of being ripped off.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars shellsterdude says:

    Fwiw, most of Idaho seems to be left turn after straight traffic, but that isn't consistent due to detectors that just flip when enough time or traffic has accrued.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Damon Brooks says:

    Here in Dayton Ohio it just depends on the area. Some are before some are after and some also go at the same time for each direction. Also one direction at a time

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Just Chilling Daniel says:

    hey ray i love the videos and the tangents you go on! They're thoughts that arent to dissimilar to myself so i feel a sort of bond with your videos. i love keeping them in my daily routine <3

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @97TJ_WESTEND says:

    In Brandon FL along SR60, the green turn signals change depending on traffic flow.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kellry2 says:

    Utah has both types of green arrows. 😳

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Boston says:

    The green arrows are called leading and lagging 😊

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars killernat says:

    in quebec it depends we get both but typically turning happens before straight however we also have blinking green light that means the same as a turning arrow

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Wyant's Drones and Stuff says:

    I'd buy an "Ex Wife Unit" shirt for a special person. 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fernando Romero says:

    Hello Ray I believe having a wife unit is not demeaning , it is how other see it and understand the meaning . Here in AZ we have different cities that have arrows before and other after . I can be confusing. Respect to you and your family .

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Tyson says:

    In alabama we have green turn arrow usually after green light. But we also get a flashing yellow arrow while green light is on

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Sievers says:

    When you're the boss you have a lot of hats to wear!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek H says:

    IDAHO has both before and after on greens but we also have blinking yellow turn arrows that means you can go if oncoming traffic is clear.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Spohrer says:

    I mean, the folks who didn't listen already paid for it. It's obviously not a dig, just a lesson

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick C says:

    On the green arrow thing it actually depends. An intersection near my house has a green arrow that comes first UNLESS there were no vehicles in the left lane when the light turned green. When that is the case you get a green arrow after the straight green. If you are on a motorcycle you never get a green arrow so you can legally "run" the red arrow and treat it like a stop sign.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tj Napier says:

    You could have looped the transcooler lines and flushed trans without contaminating the new radiator

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars shad johnsen says:

    How do I get my car to Ray?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Carl Burr says:

    ratchet strap "clicks"

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jared Schroeder says:

    Same here in MT. Green arrows first then straight traffic.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars StarWalker13 says:

    We have both green arrows in Wisconsin. It depends on the whim of the city

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Pearson says:

    In Utah we have green arrows turn before, after, and mixed compared to straight lights. (all north bound lights will be green, and all south bound lights will be red) We also make up new intersections all the time like: diverging lane, continuous flow, etc. etc. It's a mess here man..

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Legend Cox says:

    Wife unit is what I would call my wife if I had one. I call my parents mother unit and father unit, and my stepfather auxiliary father unit. etc.