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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Check out this bad unit right here. This is a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser lifted four-wheel drive. super nice. Kind of like a Jeep but kind of like a Toyota A little bit different.

Uh, this thing has approximately I think it's 100. Let me see 138 and 37 miles on the odometer. Customer states that water starts to pull up on the passenger side floorboard while driving and uh yeah, I can see some water down there right now. Yep.

Okie dokes Let's uh, let's swing this thing into the shop, take a look at uh, what's going on with this water issue and then we'll go from there. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening. Z Hood Let's go ahead and knows this bad boy in real quick. like huh? We're not gonna put it on the lift? uh, just yet.

I'm probably gonna service it oil changes and whatnot like that. but I need to get into the passenger side to see what the deal is uh with this water. So uh I imagine that's AC water. So let's go ahead and fire up the uh, the climate control recirculate.

Let's make as much cold as possible and then we're gonna go down below. look for some drips. Pretty sick looking front end I Like this. it's kind of stylish.

What do we have here? Looks like four liters of Toyota V6 power? Very nice. Red Top Optimal battery. That's interesting. We've got some auxiliary action going on here, probably for the lights and whatnot.

I Like these top and side post batteries. They're awesome for cars that require a side post and then you get the version that's also a top post. you put accessories on it. I Think that's pretty cool.

Okay looking good down here so far. Rocky Dopes coming around the passenger side. let's see I Don't see any, uh, any water on the door seal. Okay, so we can definitely see some water pulled up here on the mat.

We've got a run coming down right here and some splashing. So I'm assuming we've got a drip going on. Yes, we do. Look you up here, there's the water.

Looks like it's running out of the bottom of the HVAC box and you can see it's uh, it's on the blower motor resistor. See where that drip's coming from though. it's tight squeeze in here. Bear with me.

I'm trying to get inside. Yeah, it's looking like yeah, right around the bottom of that blower motor? perhaps? Hmm, okay. oh yeah. I Can see water I Can see it inside through the plastic on that resistor.

That resistor is swimming in water right now. That's that's interesting. Let's uh, let's shut this down and unplug some stuff and see if we can't get that water to drain out. See what's going on with it? Let's see.

Oh, look at here. Yep, there's a whole bunch more water. All right. let's get this.

Uh, let's get this out of here for now. Stay there. So uh, looking a little farther back you can see I'll show you where we're looking to. center console looking farther back.

Uh, we can see that looks like the drain tube right there. that black tube coming through and just below that. we're also seeing some water drip. So I'm betting that drain tube back there is clogged and it cannot drain water out onto the ground.
That's all. Uh, condensed water. It's not draining out through its actual drain. and uh, it's cooling up inside and flooding the vehicle.

So this actually might be a really easy fix. Let's see what I can do about this. Okay, one thing I do need to do is soak up some of that water because if I don't inevitably, it's going to end up on my shirt sleeve and in my armpit. and I don't want to do that so it's not going to be fun.

So let's throw some absorbent mats on there. We don't have to throw these away when we're done because this is just water and I can just let it dry and then reuse those for oil later. They're like really good paper towels. So anyway, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in here and see if I can't pull some of this floor material back stapled on.

but no, no, it's velcro down. Never mind. Yeah, yeah, we can see that drain, see the drain hose right there running down. Let's keep pulling this back and maybe I can get a hold of a pull out of this apart.

I'm gonna try to unplug that hose from the firewall. We'll unplug it over here and see if we can't blow the thing out and get this drain to start to flow. Um, I'm probably gonna go ahead and remove that blower resistor. It's probably rusted or becoming rusted and it may or may not cause some damage.

So I'm a little concerned about that I need to get this kick panel out of the way because this, uh, plastic mat here is captured by the kick panel. So let's try to pull this guy out of here. I think I've got a pole I have to pull everything up. Yep, including the floor panel.

still thing. door sill. come on. door sill panel thing become disconnected.

There we go. Okay, we'll set that aside over here and try to wiggle this. Uh, there we go. pull that panel off.

save this for later and you go right here so you don't get lost. Okay, yep, there's the exit right there for the uh, strangers. Let's try to pull this guy out. This is definitely definitely has a restriction in it.

All right? So what? I'll do? Pull this out right here. Come on there we go. I Really don't want to pull it out just yet. it's gonna.

It's gonna spill all that water. but I mean it is what it is I gotta do what I gotta do I don't want to blow this, uh, back upwards into that box because any restriction that shows up in there, it'll just make its way back into the tube and then re-clog So I I Really want to take this off in order to clean it out? Oh I know I can maybe try to find a cap to put over that little nipple thing over there and keep the water in until I clear the hose. Good idea. Okay, so here's how I'm gonna attempt to accomplish this: I'm gonna go in.
We're gonna pull this hose off and that's probably gonna drain water everywhere. which I don't want to Spill and fill this thing full of water. So I'm going to attempt to stick a plug into that hole and arrest the flow so to speak. until uh oh yeah.

until I clear this hose. I don't know if it's gonna work, but but I'm gonna try it. Oh that water is so cold. ah it's not working I'm spilling water everywhere.

Yeah, get in there. Okay, sorry y'all couldn't see but I've got the little hole plugged up. We did get a bunch of water flowing out of here. Let's uh, let's go blow some air through this uh tube right here and see what kind of nasty comes out of it.

So I'm pretty sure it's full of like moldy, clogged up, whatever nonsense here. Where's my air hose? Over Yonder Beautimous. All right. let's fetch the Uh Airline here and we're gonna blow this out and see what just kind of what kind of nasty sprays out of the end of it.

All right? Here we go. We've got the business end going in I see it with my hand where that was. We cleared it all right? Well, that was easy. The hose is now clear like I said I didn't want to spray this that way up into the box because then the obstruction would have just re-obstructed the hose and then the problem would not have been solved.

and that's not cool. Oh more leakages that are going on here up my my little cap came off. That's too bad. All right.

Well that's unfortunate. Not really a problem though because this floor is made of rubber and I have a shop vac also so I can probably just, uh, clean up some of this mess. Very important. We put the hose back through the firewall so it drains outside and not inside.

I Know that seems obvious, but you know things happen. Mistakes are made folks. forget things. especially me.

Let's clip that back in where it goes, please. All right, Hose is connected. I'm gonna turn the AC back on to full blast actually before I do that I Want to Uh I Want to pull that blower resistor out of there and make sure that that thing is, uh, is going to survive. Uh what do we need there? a Phillips screwdriver I think yeah, yep, be right back.

Actually I'm gonna need the shop back right now. Uh, oddly enough, it's in Juice today. wife units using it to clean Cheerios watch this watch you broke it. Okay, hey.

can I borrow this real quick. The vacuum? Yeah I actually need it like the once in a year I Need it? Yeah yeah. Can I borrow it? Thank you thank you darling. Thank you.

Appreciate it. Wait, would you break I think I broke it? What the The vacuum? Don't break my vacuum. My powering on combine water. oh I just sucked up a nickel.

This is a really loud video you guys I'm sorry. there's noise everywhere. there's Grinders and compressors and vacuums and me very loud video today. sorry about that.

All right shot back powering down. Here you go I have your vacuum. thank you now for that. uh, that blower resistor.
We're gonna use this and we need a Phillips bit. See that right there? Yeah, yeah. I think this ratcheting fit driver should make that a little easier because I can't really fit a screwdriver into that space there. Let's see.

Oh, a floor mat is wet. Okay going back in. All right. so what? I'm doing? yeah and you're laying on my side I'm just gonna pull these two screws out and uh, we're gonna drop this resistor slash speed controller unit out and inspect it for, uh, for damage.

Uh, like we can see, there's a little bit of a like rust kind of running out of it. so I imagine there's some corrosion in there and uh, I want to inspect that again to make sure this thing doesn't have a failure pretty soon it would. It would be unfortunate if the fan did not work when it's like a billion Florida degrees outside and these folks don't have any. AC So we're kind of forward thinking on this one.

All right, that's one screw. Let me get this little second one out of here. Come on. live my life a quarter turn at a time.

and yeah, I stole that one from Vin Diesel I Live my life of course all the time. Yeah, all right, come on out. Maybe new, foreign? Yeah, that's not. That's not looking too healthy.

Check that out. Yeah, it's pretty crusty. Very. Rusty I Wonder if it still functions? Let me, uh, let me reach up and grab this fan fan switch here and we've got medium.

Yeah, it's still working. All the functions operate, but I can't imagine for how much longer. Yeah, as soon as that corrosion gets too deep, it might put too much resistance in this or run it open circuit even. Yeah.

Regardless, I'm going to recommend we replace this I have solved their initial concern: I'm about 900 confident that that drain is draining. In fact, let's go. Uh, let's go down below and take a leap a leak. Let's go take a look and see if water is coming out of that drain over there.

Oh, that was like a unintended pun. Yeah, yeah, here we go. You see it running down the frame that's coming straight from the drain pipe. Oh, and we can see it through the fender? Well, that's good.

Let's go over here and take another look. Foreign. There's our drain. She is draining.

Problem solved. All right. let me go ahead and run inside. I'm gonna.

I'm gonna quote this fella a replacement. uh, resistor Unit. See what we're gonna do and then we'll go from there. Be right back.

All righty. Well here's the deal with that uh, resistor device over there. Uh, the closest unit available to me is located in New Brunswick New Jersey So I'm not going to be able to get that thing today. So what I'm going to do is put this unit back into uh, into its ow, that's hot I'm gonna put this thing back into its home up here and uh, you know, go back in and I'll get the thing ordered and I can replace this at a at a later date.
So let's slide this thing back up and do its little uh little Notch there and we'll get her screwed back in there we go. Resistor Kick! Fortunately, that unit is still working which is which is good because again, I'd hate for this car to be out of air conditioning for, uh, several days over a clogged drain. That would, uh, that would be unfortunate. So let me screw this guy back in and then we're going to go ahead and continue with our service on.

uh, on this vehicle here. All right there we go. Okay, this guy's tight. The other bowl is also tight.

Screw bolt screws. Indifference. That one's tight. Let's go ahead and throw our panels and stuff back on and uh, and we'll get out of here.

Slide that guy right in. Foreign that up. line this up, give it a push, clicked in, got a little plastic bolt thing. thread that guy back on.

There we go and our door sill needs to go on next door. Still clicks. Good to go, All right. We got our towels out of here and floor mat.

going back in. Hmm. found a dime. Alrighty, let's get out of here.

Okey-doke So the other complaint on this FJ is that it does not go into four-wheel drive. or uh, or maybe um, the the rear differential does not go into full lock. There's an electronic Actuator motor on the rear differential and it's supposed to run a slider inside that actually locks the dip in position and that's an automatic unit. Some of the older ones had a diff lock button, but I believe this newer FJ does that automatically.

So what we're going to do is let's see if we can get this thing to go into four wheel drive. So what I'll do is we'll creeper forward reverse that's too high. Everything's acting like normal. So back to neutral.

Let's go over here into low range now. I don't have an indicator here that says I'm in four low. It should be like right around here somewhere, but it's not indicating. However, the track is off and the uh, well, it's got two warnings for track control so it tells me it did select into four wheel drive.

Let's go ahead put it in gear. Oh yeah, yeah, it lurched a little bit so it isn't in low range so it did go into low. but I don't know if it's in four low, it could just be in low and the low gear is only going to the rear wheels. So let's determine if we get front wheel drive action when it's selected in four wheel drive.

and then we can determine if the rear diff Locker is actually locking because I'm not sure which one of those is uh is the issue again. I'm supposed to have a light here and it's it's not here. So what we're gonna do? let me back up a little bit and move over some I need to, uh, get centered on the rack. We will set this thing up on the rack and operate four-wheel drive with the wheels off the ground and we'll see if the front wheel is engage or not.
Maybe they do. Maybe they don't see a little bit further. a little farther. a little farther, a little farther and it's a little too far.

backing up some right there. That's good. Parking is the auto. We'll leave it running because we're coming right back in.

Let's set the rack up. Kick that one and kick that one in. Good enough. Let's see this side looking good.

That side's looking good. The rack is set up. We go. Moving on up.

Okay, that's off the ground enough. Let us check for four wheel drive action. See, we could probably just do this from Uh. from right out here.

I Think sure. So what we'll do. It's already uh selected in four low so all I need to do is reach the brake pedal and we'll come over here and shift it here with me guys. Okay, there's our Drive position.

Lighting off the brakes. Look at that. no front in action. So let's see if the rear Locker is engaging the electronic locker and it is not.

So what we. what's going on here is when we manually place that transfer case into four low. it's selecting low range at its output, but it's not engaging the locker on the rear differential and it's not engaging the front drive shaft from the transfer case. That's what's going on.

and we can tell that the rear Locker is not locking because we've got wheel spin here and minimal wheel spin over here. So let's go check out the fronts. Yeah, I can hold this still and I shouldn't be able to do that. Okay here, let's go all the way up and walk down there so we can get a better.

View Moving on up. Alrighty, headed out back. So here's our drive shaft. U-joints Here's our differential and this unit.

Here is the actuator that's supposed to run the slider inside to lock both axles in and we can see it has not actuated. So come around to this side taking a look. Firing looks good. Connectors look good.

Okay, let's check out our fronts. Ah, interesting Twist of events look at here. Our front drive shaft is engaged, but neither of the fronts are rotating with the drive shaft. so that tells me that it's not being actuated with its actuator up here in the front axle.

Now, that's not okay. So at this point, I I Don't think that it's got a failed actuator. Um, it would have to have two failed actuators in order to uh to get this thing to function. So I'm wondering if perhaps we have an issue with one of the switches up on the transfer case that are supposed to communicate what gear position you're in to the controller at the end axillates these actuators.

Let me run inside and pull up service data real quick and uh, we will see. uh, we'll see what the wire gray wiring diagram tells us. words. But first, let's let this thing down some.

Now where is one very very important thing to remember? Uh I must not set this truck all the way down when I bring it down because it's in gear and if I take it off the lift and the wheels touch the ground, it's going to drive away and that would be oh, that would be bad. We don't want to do that. There we go. That's down enough nice and safe.
Like Okay. Next thing we're not gonna do is we're not just gonna throw this thing apart because again, that's how we ruin stuff. But what we can do is go ahead and hit our brake pedal. There we go.

Everybody stopped now. I can come on over here and uh, ship this guy in the park. There we go and again we still have no, uh, no actuator. I wonder if I can talk to the four wheel drive module with my scan tool? Let me let me go fetch that real quick.

All right multimeter coming in. We'll set this guy right here. There's our fuse panel. let's fire that thing up to voltage and I'm gonna go ahead and attach the negative lead to an alligator clip lead and then I'm going to hook that to a good chassis ground probably one of the bolts under the dash.

Now the question is going to be which one. Let's clip it to this one right here. Yeah, I think that's a good ground right there. Very good.

See it right right back there and I'll just check it. We'll turn the alarm on for uh, continuity and we'll check it like right here and we're good. We have continuity to ground so that tells us that our ground Source up here is a good ground. Let's go back to voltage and let's go ahead and check our fuses again.

We're looking for three fuses. Uh, one of them is four wheel drive ignition on and the other one is the gauge fuse. So according to our little chart here, here's our four-wheel dot four wheel drive fuse. That's the one on the end, that's 20 amp and we've got power on one leg.

power on the other leg. That fuse is good. Let's check our gauge fuse. That's our next one over.

We are powered and powered okay. and of course the Ignition One fuse. Where's Ignition One? The ignition one right here. 15 amp.

So we have power and we have power. Okay, so we know we have power at the fuses. Let's check for powers and grounds. Uh, at the module under this side of the dash.

There's one module here and one module over there. We'll start with this side. uh, just like the other side when we did the water thing. let's go ahead and pull our paneling up because that thing, I'm certain is buried up under there somewhere so we can do that thing.

unclip you. There we go. What is this? Let me take some of these paddles off real quick and uh, and we're gonna dive into this. Alrighty, Well, with the panels off, we're We're looking pretty rats nesty.

There's a lot of, uh, a lot of wires connected for some aftermarket goodies in here. let me know what half the stuff does. But anyway, I've got uh I've got that module pulled back to the firewall and it I don't know if we can see there's not much space left to uh to get some probes in here to test this. So I think what I'll do is disconnect this module and I'm going to try to reroute that connector down I Want to check for power and ground at the wiring harness connector for this, uh, this four-wheel drive module right here.
Let me get that unconnected and we'll start probing and tell you what these under dash videos are hard. Uh, unclick. that's our module there and I'm going to run see if I can't pull this harness back a little bit. The connector excuse me the connector back so we have an easier time.

uh, probing it. Okay So we've got the back of our connector. let's check this thing for uh, powers and grounds and it make sure it has everything that it needs in order to operate. Okay guys I have bad news and I have good news.

The bad news is is I lost some files I Guess my SD card was corrupted. but the good news is is I didn't find anything wrong with the power and ground supplies to either of the two four-wheel drive control modules so you didn't miss much. Yeah, now the part that you didn't see was me fiddling around way back in way way way up here trying to get that module unbolted from the firewall because that was as hard to do with things far away while we were laying on my back. Yeah, this thing's way way up there.

Look at that. if I can get that bolt started I can tighten this little thing down I think it's in. Yep, yeah, you see that little module way up there. She's far far away.

Get in there with some power tool kick action. Make that thing tight. Come on. come on.

Wobbly bit, don't fail me now. Oh no, my wobbler is all sideways. That's not good. Come on there we go.

Slow speed pickages. All right. Let's get this thing out of here. All right.

that stuff's all back where it goes. Modules bolted back on. Hooray! All right now. I've got to get the rest of these dash panels back together.

Let's get out of here. See here, we've got this. uh, got a steel panel that bolts on right up over here. Got there right there.

it's gonna go like so we need this here to hold all the wires in? yeah. Gravity Steel panel. Gravity That's a new one. Never underestimates my original gravity declarations I Don't like this Toyota It is not My friend.

Clicks twice Thrice clicks Quattro clicks. Come on. get in there. There we go.

All right. that's our hood release button. Put that guy back, slip this thing up into place, up and over the key on the right and it should just clip right into position. Okay, good.

so I've been kind of focusing on that rear Locker module and it is not. uh, it's not sending any command out to um, out to the limit switch into the motor and the rear differential. Now the issue is is: I've got all of my inputs here I've got my powers and grounds, but it's obviously not being told when to click that relay on and when to go ahead and run the locker. and I'm kind of looking at where it gets its cue from and it's got a series of switches on here.
There's I think three on the transfer case. there's a neutral position switch. there's a four high position switch, and then I think there's another one. Where's that other position switch at? Uh yeah.

Neutral right there. This one here. That one's the four-wheel uh, the four wheel drive. So when you're in four low or full four, four high, it's got qualifying switches that allow these modules to kick into place.

What I believe might be going on here is there's an issue with the actuator up on the front axle and that, uh, that problem with the actuator. Maybe there's water in it or there's an open circuit. Uh, the limit switch is broken Motors burnt out? Who knows there's I think there's an issue here, mostly due to process of elimination because I know I have all my powers and grounds everywhere and I know that all of my switches are functioning like they should be because I've actually pulled them off and then checked them uh with a meter while operating the lever. So all my switches work, my powers and grounds work, my fuses work.

but I'm not getting authorization from the front actuator and that's causing my rear actuator to uh to not, uh, not actuate the locker in the rear. So what I think I need to do is is get this up in the air again and let's inspect uh, that front actuator. Maybe I can pull the cover off of it and see if it's got like water intrusion or some kind of rust or damage on the inside. Okay, so let's run the shifter real quick.

We're gonna go. That's four. High Nothing happening. We move over.

we're checking our trans in park switch that one's working and the four-wheel drive indicator switch is also working because we know it's uh, it's turning off track control so the four low switch is on. Four high switch is on, but uh or I'm sorry the trans and park switches on. but the four high switch the first qualifying switch is not indicating now. I can show you at the bottom when we lift this thing back up.

But I've already again checked all of those switches at all three of them with a meter and those switches are functioning as they're supposed to so we don't have a switching problem. We have a problem with that signal passing through the modules in order to allow the rest of the system to function. So when I select four high, we're down in four wheel drive. We've got ground right here at our switch.

This is a open or closed switch. This is supposed to ground the switch out, which then tells this module that we're asking for four wheel drive. Now the issue is is once this first switch is actuated, we're not getting an indicator lamp. It is supposed to trigger the indicator lamp in the gauge cluster and that lamp is not triggered once it indicates on the cluster that's supposed to be operating.
That's when the actuator is supposed to come into play, which is then going to authorize the rear actuator to come into play and this is where our activity is not taking place. I Can hear and measure the relay closing, but it only sends power for a brief moment to the front. Actuator Motor There's an issue with the actuator assembly on the front differential because this is where all of my ground signal which actuates the rest of the system comes into play and that's what's not occurring here. So let's get this up in the air.

take a look at that front axle, and we'll see if we can't get a hold of a of that actuator and pull that thing out. Or at least pop the cover off and look inside so we don't have a confirmed kill just yet. But I pretty much eliminated everything in the system with the exception of the actuators. And I know that it's not the rear? Well, I don't know, but I don't think it's the rear actuator just yet because the rear actuator gets its cue from the front actuator, so we need to focus on the front actuator should be fairly easy.

I Checked the uh, the book time on removing and replacing that actuator and it calls for like 1.2 hours. So I'm pretty sure I can get in there. Let's get her up in the air and take a peek. We'll take a looky-doo a look-see, a visual inspection.

So yeah, again, there's our rear, but our rear won't function until our front tells it to. So Oh yeah, yeah, I forgot the uh, the switch is up here on the back of the trans. You see them. That guy right there they are.

Hang on let's Zoom it. It's not going to get in there. You see the little green wire coming out and then the one like right next to it on the left. Those are two of our position switches.

they're just an on off switch and we've got one more. that little blue guy right there. I think that one is the Uh Trans in park switch and then the other two were the four high and four low switches. Anyway, moving on up.

Here's our actuator on the front axle. Uh oh. hang on. Hang on.

Fail. This is. uh, this isn't cool. so there are some.

There's an Actuator motor in here and there's some shift forks and they run some levers inside of the deck and as those Forks move left to right, it engages. This differential locks it in once it's locked in, but once it's actuated, it then relays the command back to the rear module and then the rear module will lock in the rear actuator. Um I have a problem here. This thing is well armored.

look I need to get that from the front side. You see the bolts right here. one two and then two more on the top. I need to get that from the front.

Uh, but I can't There's a giant piece of metal in the way. Oh no oh no no no no no that's not okay. I'm gonna have to. it's not easy anymore.

I'm either gonna have to. unbolt this differential and pull it like way back to get to the front of that or actually remove this front section of this lift kit. Yeah, because I need to get in there. That whole unit comes out this way.
Nah. All right. Well, that changes things. I'm kind of dead in the water I don't have I don't have to raise authorization to do that kind of work.

This is not 1.2 hours anymore. This is several. Ah that's not what I wanted to do. Come on.

Fab Tech You killed me. Really? Yeah. I'm gonna have to unbolt this differential or something and either on both the axles and pull those out on both this and Slide the whole unit back or bring it out and down or something. I can't I can't even begin to get to that unit.

Not with this piece of armor in the way. Okay, uh. I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board on this one guys. I can't I'm dead in the water.

All right? Well, Well, I I've still got an oil change to do on this so I'm gonna go ahead and finish that I need to go and and let my guy know what's going on with this. This sort of changes everything now. I can no longer proceed I cannot diagnose this accurately at this time, but we'll see. Uh I guess uh I guess I'm gonna go ahead and end this one right now.

it's this is as far as I can go. rather disappointing. So that being said, I guess Thank you guys for watching this video I Understand it's uh, this diag just fell flat on its face I didn't mean for that to happen, but um, you know things happen, especially around here I think Murphy's law has started to affect me a little bit in recent times. Yeah, Anyway, thank you guys for watching this video.

I'll let you know if there's going to be a part two I Really hope I get to diagnose this because I I I'm not too familiar with these Yodas and I'd like to learn a little bit. uh, but we'll see, we'll see what's going to happen next. So again and as always, thank you for watching this video. and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission in a Toyota For now.

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    I am besides myself.
    From one to another mechanic…
    My knocking sensors where changed but it will not clear the codes.
    It says they are pending and stored.
    How fhe he'll can nobody fix this as engine light is still on??
    Plz..I need answers as I am a woman and sure they take me for a ride and telling what I want to hear.
    I have watched ur videos and would tell them what they need to do but somehow it is falling on deaf ears…
    Plz plz..give me a sign of hope?

    I drive a 2002 tahoe with about 248000 miles.

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    You might want to pull the sensors from the top of the t case you showed and measure the resistance on those as they move in and out.

    If they aren’t sensing the truck going into 4×4 i don’t think the control module will trigger the front ADD (auto diff disconnect)

    I had one that wasn’t providing the proper resistance and I cleaned it with brake cleaner and it fixed the issue.

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    Go back to circuit testing the front unit, but from the most convenient place in between the control and the servo. If command is present, but you get no return, then you narrowed it further… …oh no! You haven't got a rack! That sucks!

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    That model comes Factory with inner tyre well plastics front and rear and because the owner has lift kitted it and have fitted after market wheels the plastics have been removed due to the bigger tyre/rims would of been rubbing the inner plastics when under full steering lock.

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