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2003 ford f-350 power stroke 356 745.1 miles on the odometer customer stays lost power steering while driving, which it does not have power. Steering said the battery light comes on the ac light, uh or the ac turned off and uh they had it towed in. It starts and runs no power, steering battery warning light, check, engine warning, light, seat, belt, warning, light door, open warning light. I think that's all the warning lights, let's see what's under the hood something's going on here.

This is awesome, so we've got our regular lug nuts, but then they put on some uh. Some spline drive decorative lug nuts on top of these lug nuts. I've never seen it before, but i mean i i can get down with that. That's kind of cool.

What do we got in here? It's a diesel, 7-3 yeah, that's a negative! This is a 6-0. It's a 6-0 power joke. Well, i do believe i've located the issue uh. It appears that the belt is broken and missing, which should explain why we have the warning lights now, usually, when a belt comes off, one of the pulleys breaks or locks up something like that here, let's crawl around down under see, if we can't see uh what Killed this belt? Oh, what do we got? There's not much here to see lots of stuff in the way uh.

We got a big crank, pulley and there's the ac. I wonder: if that's what did it? I see some metal on there. Oh yeah, we got a winner. Ac compressor has locked up.

Oh yeah, take a look at that. The pulley is hitting one of the bolts in the compressor right here, so that pulley is not running straight at all. That's uh, totally locked up, okay needs a compressor. That's gon na be fun, okay, so here's the plan, oh we're, obviously gon na change that compressor uh and that belt, because we're doing a compressor.

I think we ordered a kit that comes with the condenser. That's not here yet i do have a compressor over there on the floor, but the kit's gon na come with a condenser and uh. Probably another receiver, dryer slash accumulator organization is important. One thing that really bugs me is every single fastener on this truck has been touched at one point, and this whole thing is full of stuff like this cracking in this damage right here, so i need to take some extra special care to not uh break things.

Further, this rubber is held in with a bunch of these plastic push clips another there's nothing holding the grill in so we'll. Just put this aside: all right, we moved down the right front wheel, we're gon na pull off our decorated, lug nuts and then get the regular lug nuts scratching the spray paint that one was luke all right. Let's get to work on this inner fender. I know this has to come out wrong, socket yeah, that's weird! It's a 11 millimeter! Next up we have the infamous ford 5.5 millimeter fasteners.

Why? I don't know, don't know why they make them in 5.5 millimeters. I have counted one two, three, four, five, six. Seven. Eight screws holding on this uh little fender or a mud flap thing right here, but hey at least they're, not drywall screws.
Oh, i think, there's more. There is more at the bottom, there's always another or two and a plastic clip come on. Oh there's a long one, all right. Oh there's another one way up top kicked under the mud.

That's cute, all right! Okay, it has forced my hand. I win okay fender for coming out wow. It's stuck stuck on the spring tower over there like right in here. That's fine, we'll just unstick it come here past it.

I will not suffer you there we go coming out now. Okay, now we can get to what we need gravity sort of yeah, there's the compressor back in there. It's supposed to come out through like right here. Okie dokes now this stuff's out of the way, i need to point out that it is so dirty in here that it's hard to even see where the bolts are for uh some of this stuff i already reached in and unplugged this compressor yeah.

If you look right here, you can see this pulley is locked up and it's running sideways, so the shaft bearing failed on this unit or the clutch collapse. Somehow, i'm not really certain hard to see. There was a uh there's a ground strap right here. It was bolted to the frame - and i found this other wire here and the bolt was running through the wire sandwiching - that to the frame rail as an auxiliary ground.

I can't say that's how i would have done it, but it appears to be working out kind of yeah. That's some tom fooler right there. I don't even know what to do about that. What can you do? I can sell them a new wire well anyway.

So i've got the ac machine recovering the refrigerant. Surprisingly, this all did not leak down so uh. When that's done, i can take the manifold off of this compressor and then i can work on the bolts. We've got one at the top and then two down below about to get at it from this angle down here all right, so i moved you guys in onto the frame rail uh.

This is gon na be as good as it gets. Regarding the view of, what's going on here, i'm gon na go in for this manifold bowl with a low profile 10 mil. I think it's a 10. who knows it's some weird ford stuff.

It could end up being like 11, but i've got to get the bolt out for this uh ac manifold kind of a tight squeeze a lot. This is hard to do. I think i can unclick it. These angles are totally killing me right now.

I can feel the socket and it wants to slip. The problem is if it does slip as soon as it rounds off that bolt it's a kind of game over for me and i'm sorry, this battery cable here is in the way you can't see. I i can't do anything about it. Oh that's not going to come off either my spline drive flex head ratchet once this slip.

What if i can come at it from the back side, let's try that try going at it from this way. Maybe i can get a better angle overall that actually might work. Let's try that on clickage there we go yeah. This is a huh, remain calm and take your time kind of job, because anything else is just gon na be a huge headache.
Yeah, it's come down to this. I'm gon na get it though i i'm gon na get it. I don't care if i've got ta, take the cab off i'll. Do it all right, let's break the seal here.

We need to just kind of get under it and pry it upwards. Here it comes on top of it. Bigger pry bar, don't make me do it there. We go see it's threatening with a little pry bar, and it capitulates - and this is a this - is a mess - seems like a total mess.

Okay, i'd like to get that line, slash manifold assembly out of the way, but it's a pretty stiff hose. So i'm just going to detach it over here and then i can drop some stuff all right. That's mostly free um. Let's disconnect it over here at the condenser as well.

The condenser is coming out anyway, so we can get some maximum motion out of it. With this disconnected crusty, okay, maximum wiggling has been achieved. Okay come here manifold. I would like you to be out of my way.

Oh it's stuck on a belt tensioner there. He goes. That thing is rough. All right back down below! You can see with that manifold out of the way we still don't have any room here uh, but we can at least see the compressor now so, which is good so, like i said, we got one bolt on the top um right right here here: mountain right.

There and then there's another one or two more down below it, so uh, let's get that one first, it looks like a 13 millimeter all right. Let's see if this is gon na fit in this hole here, yeah this whole job might end up being ratchet. Wrenches reverse plate. That was a good one.

Now the instructions tell me that the one the bolt on the left and at the bottom can't come out because there's a frame in the way, so it has to remain in the compressor and then it'll come out as the compressor is removed. There's one okay uh we're crawling around down below i'm trying to get to those bottom compressor, bolts, um. I think if you look through here yeah, if you look right through there and up through that next hole in the cross member, you can see what resembles to be a bolt. However, if you look at it straight on, it's not visible, but it is right about here or so so i need to figure out how to get that bolt out.

Next, i've actually been tinkering with it for about half an hour, i'm coming up dry on a lot of things here. This is becoming exceedingly frustrating so before i lose my patience and cut a hole in the frame, i'm going to try something sneaky and that's not going to work offset's too great, oh, no, not right! Now! This is sad. Okay, let's just try the same tactic with a ratcheting wrench. If i can at least like get a tool on the fastener, i can try to work with that see that works, but there's no way i can put leverage on it to actually turn it.

Oh, what do i do whoa? Is me hey. I got somewhere there's a tool on it now yeah. I think i got it look. I got the one wrench on the other wrench that might be enough to break that bolt loose.
Let's try it or break my tool, probably the tool sketchy. That's not gon na happen. No failed attempt after a whole lot of contortioning right here. I have a tool on the bolt right there.

I don't know if i can like apply leverage to it or not. I'm trying here i have to i got ta climb out and get up a little bit higher, i'm laying down right now. If i can get this to crack loose, i might be able to do it, but man, i don't know yeah, like i said, i'm tempted to cut a hole in the frame. Filthy, yeah.

Oh, did i get it. I either broke my tool or it came loose, and then this is the bolt that they said doesn't actually come out. Nope you got to leave it in loosen it and leave it yeah in the compressor, while you're taking the whole thing yeah. I lost my my again fell off well i'll leave this ratcheting.

If you want, please do yeah yeah you're shorter and you might be able to get your hand on it. I don't remember ever doing it through there. I always hit it from underneath and wait until you get it loose anyway. Silhouette.

Oh, i know because it's got to stay with the compressor, just like the uh, just like crown dicks. Well, i'm at the whole compressor. Well, i know why the fender well is gone. Oh, i read the labor time, i'm like oh, this is going to be fun well i'll, leave it on a seat.

Thank you, sir. Thank you appreciate you. Oh my finger. Only like had two or three more bends in it all right, so i'm not kidding.

I'm holding this uh bolt and this ratchet with my left finger through that little hole and then, with the right hand, i'm just i'm reaching up and over and i'm getting this fastener out. One click of the ratcheting wrench at a time which is actually frustrating and painful, so i'll, be i'll, be back in about 20 minutes. When i get this fastener, i'm threaded, okay, some miracle has occurred. Look at that.

If i reach in both of these holes and kind of reach back and give it the pinch, i can uh i can twist this bolt out. You can't see, but i'm actually making some headway here by some unbelievable miracle. Yeah, you see the ball right there. It's it's coming out not easily i'm giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome i'm eating dirt.

I like diesel, dirt, tasty. Oh it hurts to keep doing this. I can feel it it's almost all the way out. I just got to close my eyes and just get through this uh-huh and there's one more to go, which shouldn't be as difficult shouldn't, be.

I said the words yeah. I really think i should have just like cut a hole in the frame right here. I think would have come right out, but i really hate doing things like that, so i won't come on. I'm feeling the pain running up my forearm all right, that's all i got oh, i got ta, take a break all right.
All right, bolt number three time! Actually, it looks like it's another 10 millimeter, and it's way way up here, you see my wobbly, let's first figure out, if it's a 10 or not, which it is the 10 goes on it all right. I think i can get this one out a little bit easier, we'll see i've already uh put the top bolt back in that's not coming loose. I put the top bolt back in that way. It holds the compressor flush against the block, reducing how much friction is going to be on these bottom bolts, so i can actually work them out here.

Let's extend the extensions a little bit that back on all right got the ratchet on again. Socket is seated reverse clicking now or not. Is that tight enough someone's been here before? That's for sure holy smokes one more time, full body yeah? I had my foot against the brake rotor and i was pushing against it and pulling on the ratchet just to get this to break loose, but i got it so once i get this one out i'll go back into the fender well and uh, we'll take that Top one out again and then try to fish this thing out now the rear bolt the one i was just having so much trouble with that's still in the compressor, because you have to remove the compressor in order to remove the bolt from the compressor. But it's unthreaded enough, where it's no longer in the engine block, so i guess that's.

I guess that'll work like that is the way come on. I am for real, miss jackson. I can see why this compressor is supposed to take four hours, because it really does take four hours, there's so much garbage falling from this truck. I'm doing some gum right now and i keep crunching on stuff, i'm like breathing in airborne dirt chunks and my gum is catching it is this thing out yet.

Ah my eye just caught some dirt chunks behind my glasses in danger, safety sprints are engaged. Oh yeah. I can't get that one out either okay, so both those have to stay in. Let's go back into the fender.

Well get the top bolts out again, and you guys look at this. You may never have seen me uh at this level of nasty like it's terrible. Let me go take a shower and a pressure washer all right. I just took a took a break washed up that was fun and got some gloves this time, because i don't think i got to reach through and stuff like.

I said i do have this top bolt in again, so i need to fish that out again, oh and it's tight yeah see now that the weight of the compressor is on this bolt, it's a little bit more reluctant to come out. I need a tool again. Oh, the fatigue is great. I got a lot of it yeah.

It is in the day too. This isn't the only thing i've done today. So i think that gives me a reason to be a little a little tired here. I'm just really hoping i can get this thing out without taking some more stuff off, just dropped, uh.

Well, whatever i'll find i'll get that later. I just dropped everything. Oh man, no, i'm not gon na get it later. It's still wedged in.
I need to get it now. Oh okay, this is gon na, be tough, i'm reaching back in again on the with the left hand, here it sprung up somehow on something. Let's what is this? I can't get a good enough purchase on it to like. Take the weight and try to maneuver it it's just there.

Oh yeah, all right to move some. Let's get this uh. Let's get this bolt out all right now, it's just gon na come right out. Aren't you, let's move some of these uh auxiliary ground wires and battery cables and stuff out of the way? Let's get this out of here, hey look.

I found some of the belt there. We go, there's a bunch of the belt yeah it should. I should be able to get come right right up through here right it has to because any alternative is just going to be horrific to process mentally. Oh man, look at that.

I got it this legitimately took about two hours. I got her. I got her out guys. Hooray, everybody give yourself a pat on the back enjoy the moment.

We've got uh. We got a little bit of victory here, good job, everyone, good job, thanks for sticking with me on this one. Okay, now and now we get to do it again in reverse order, because i got a new compressor all right to the bench with you. We've got some light and kind of a closer look.

We can see the clutch is running into the housing seized up time. Look at it pulleys into the housing on the boat. Oh yeah, like it is it's running sideways man that valve bearing is gone, is what it is. It wasn't the well, it wasn't.

The shaft bearing it was the actual plush housing itself. Yeah. Are you supposed to reuse that oh yeah? No, that thing's? Not it's, not gon na budge yeah! No way it's not gon na budge all right. We have a new unit, it's a uac made in korea what the box says - and this has been open before, because it's uh resealed with some packing tape, all right, um, hey good job wrong.

One. Look at that! Look at that right there, i'm counting like seven teeth on the pulley. I think it's seven one, two three, four, five, six, seven yeah seven. I knew that and then five on this one, one, two three: four: five yeah okay back again day, two on this yellow uh 350, with the blown up compressor um.

I have to put my foot in my mouth on this one see i had uh originally assumed that this compressor was the wrong compressing unit, because we've got a seven pulley or seven grip, pulley here and a five rib pulley here. In fact, what i've come to learn is this compressor that came off of the truck is actually the wrong one. This is for like an f-150 or something like that, that has a five ribbed belt. It turns out that what happened is they replaced? The original compressor with this specific unit, which had a smaller pulley than the original size, and so they just moved it down to a five rib belt instead of a seven rib belt, so it was completely wrong the entire time uh.
That being said, i am going to end up using this one, so monologue over. Let's get back to work, i'm going to try this for gloves this time, because it took me like two pressure, washers and six showers and a bunch of hand scrubbing to to get all that filth off of me from yesterday, and it's it's still on there and I don't want to do that again today. So uh haven't said that let's get back in that fender well and see if we can't get this thing back together. If you remember the clearance trying to squeeze this unit out of the truck was kind of a bear, and also if you remember, i mentioned that these bolts have to be installed in the brackets in order to get them to fit into the unit.

Because there's no place to put the bolt in once it's in position. That being said, i don't want them falling out. So i'm going to actually install some o-rings on these bolts right here. These o-rings are going to serve to retain it in the compressor, so they can't fall out while i'm trying to move it around.

It's a small extra step, but it's well worth it in the future. I'm just kind of sliding this ring over the shaft of the bolt, and i want to set it up in a good middle position like so so that way it'll be retained where it's supposed to be. It won't fall out very easily and it should make my life a little bit easier because it's the little things that count. I can't really get a good purchase on that one.

So i'll just thread it there a little further a little further. That's good yep not going anywhere see back to the truck all right. Let's get that maneuvering business handled now, um, i'm leaving this cap on that way, none of the oil can come out. I've already set the oil charge off camera.

I'm sure you guys can understand. I've got to edit out a lot of stuff and just emit a lot of stuff because otherwise we'd be here all day. I know some of you wouldn't mind, but i'd also never get anything done. Um patience is a virtue ray ray calm down.

I'm getting like these flashbacks of yesterday's horror, the pain literally pain like i had like borderline carpal tunnel. In my hand, when i got home just from fiddling with that uh that little bolt down there and i'm about to go down the same road again. I think all right, it's kind of kind of in i'm, giving it the erico style reach around from under the manifold again. So just like uh.

In yesterday's events, i'm gon na get this in position. I'm gon na put the big bolt in to locate it and take the weight, and then i can go back down and fiddle with those other bolts. I'm not excited you know halfway through this, i said to myself. I wish i pulled the cab off, but our facility here is also not very conducive to such operations, so uh i could have that could have turned out worse than i thought.

Oh we're getting somewhere the bolts almost going to go in. Are you going to thread? Are you? Are you hmm all right this this unit here is uh suspended from that bolt? I think, by like one thread, it's true uh. I would like to uh start tightening that down. Okay, as has to be careful, there's literally one thread holding this compressor to the block right now, just want to go ahead and get this thing started: draw it in i'll reach i'll reach in in a moment and make sure that the bottom two bolts bottom, two Bolts loud noises yeah, i want to make sure that they're aligned with their holes as well.
That's what i was trying to say: okay, i think i'm getting somewhere. Now i got this bolt started and then the one in the front below it started. Those are the two uh easy ones. I haven't gotten that rear one, yet that real bear of a bolt that took me like two hours to remove yesterday that one's not started yet i can barely even put my fingers on it.

Yeah we'll do that one! Last! Okay, well, the unit's in that's a. I guess. That's an improvement. Let's get this uh whatever this is connector, get that out of there yeah this game right here is uh.

Definitely requiring patience. Running out of patience is not going to be good. Okay, top one's in the bottom two are threaded: let's go down below with the wobbly extension and tighten up that easy to reach bottom, one wow, look at all the truck crust that fell out of this thing, that's dirt. That was trying to find its way into my mouth yesterday.

Look it happened again. This is what i wanted to avoid. That's great all right, we're going in got our wobbly extension and i'm out of the line of fire when it comes to the falling debris. Let's get this one bolt snugged up.

Actually i can. I could probably apply torque to this, while i'm here, because i've got the other two threaded ones in all the way, and one is in like 10, so yeah, i'm just gon na go ahead and go for glory on this one snap. Oh, could you imagine no break the bolt off? Remove engine click, all right, there's one! Let's uh! Let's get that uh that one that's hard to get to coming on out. Okay, i'm gon na go back into this and start on that last bolt.

I want to stick you guys in here just so, you can see where it's at. If you can you're going to look right right around this area, i think you should be able to see you're sticking out down there. Yeah there it is there. It is right down there and there's you can see, there's nothing but frame in the way i've got ta reach down, tighten that and then apply torque to it.

So uh, there's gon na, be nothing to see here, except for me, struggling and grunting and sweating. So i'll be back as soon as that, folds tight, all right, i'm still uh still messing with this. I'm gon na try a different approach. I see i found that o-ring is making this harder to turn by hand, and since i got it out most of the way just by using my fingertips, that's not going to be an option this time.
So i'm just here. Turning this thing, uh one or two degrees at a time. This is one of them situations where i actually uh am looking at my work through the camera, because i don't have any way to see it. The angle is not even right - and i can't get a straight line aside on this, so that the camera actually is helping me out as a valuable tool here.

Weird, oh wrench gravity. Oh no, come back all right guys once this bolt is in this uh. This compressor will be at least installed on the block and the rest of it's going to be kind of smooth sailing um. This job is taking a lot longer than i was hoping it was going to i'd like to go ahead and close this video out right now to save us all a little bit of time.

Um. I will make another one, maybe in a day or so finishing up the rest of the stuff on this uh, but as right now, i think we got through the the the most interesting part of everything. So i'm gon na go ahead and thank you guys for watching. As always, i hope you enjoyed this video.

I i hope you didn't take pleasure in in my suffering um. I know some people may and that's fine. You know, but i think most of you liked this video, if you did, you know the drill, let me know about that by tap the top of that like button down below. If you didn't like this video, that's okay, i constructively accept your criticism.

If it is constructive, oh gravity, so again, as always, everybody thank you for watching and, most importantly, have yourselves a great day. See you guys later and that's something one turn at a time see you guys later catch on the next one.

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    I have found some Chevrolet models use 5.5mm fasteners on the cabin air filters in addiction to the normal plastic locks for some reason. Confused me for a minute until our master tech helped me out.

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    This is a jobs where it paid have somebody else do the job for you. I was working on this I think the customer would get get the car back with some extra hammered in it

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dealer Auction Nightmare says:

    A hole where the 1 bolt was blocked off, would have totally compromised the integrity of the frame, that's why Ford didn't put an access hole…..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Craig Campbell says:

    There was a time when Fords weren't piles of shit that are unnecessarily difficult to work on. Shit like this is EXACTLY why I refuse to own a Ford that us newer than 1990 or so. Old Fords are just fine. They're pretty reliable and not terribly difficult to work on. This kind of idiotic crap is also why after taking some automotive classes in college in the early 1990's I realized I couldn't be a mechanic for a living because I would eventually end up in prison for murdering the dumbfuck engineers who design shit like this. You're a better man than I am Ray!

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Justin a says:

    Ray I'd ask for a raise after the challenges you deal with every day. I get frustrated and throw my hands up working on my own junk. Lol

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bryan Fischer says:

    This brings back bad memories. I did this on my 03 in the dirt of the campground with limited tools.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C Miller says:

    My compressor is spewing dye everywhere, not looking forward to doing this on my '05 F-350 but I'll be employing your technique, thanks for the great tutorial!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesse Christensen says:

    I grew up on a farm and was helping the old man fix tractors since age 10. One of the best ways to get thick grime off is sugar! Add a teaspoon of sugar to any soap in your hand and it comes out pretty well.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rollen Schultz says:

    Use a plasma cutter en
    large the hole and be done with it

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Phillip W says:

    Give you credss for the dirty outlook on fixing and repairing vehicles ppl clean engine bay once in a while…..!

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Kemp says:

    Another Ford Better Idea!

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Schleis says:

    3 college degrees and I still did shit like this. Aaaarrrrgggg

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jack leone says:

    It was nice to see that even the most seasoned mechanics get to do the grunt work! I bet you were ready to call Mike Rowe from dirty jobs! Anyway Ray (YOU WON) ! And that proves you are king! You did not let it frustrate you & you held back the curse words! LOL Just remember Fords motto "Ford has a better idea" Maybe? But not in engineering!

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Scribner says:

    Hey Ray ! I'm a mechanic and I've done this job once before. I applaud your patience ! I know the shop air was blue when I did this repair to the point the supervisor asked me to tone it down. Great work.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DukatNaranek says:

    Next time this happens to you, and you're covered in diesel grime…. use dish detergent to wash off with. I've witnessed Dawn melt #5 heating oil, that'll be nothing. And no needing to pressure wash yourself.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bigjarn says:

    I have size 13 Mits not a chance I would get in there

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Briden says:

    That is some real wrenching. Bet they don’t give you problems like that in tech school!

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve White says:

    What are they trying to do ?? has to be deliberate where you cant fix them …….

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Northwoods Dad says:

    Modern trucks are garbage. Designed by stupid peop.e that purchased a fancy piece of toilet paper from a college yet have never turned a wrench.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Direct Dasher says:

    Eric O style reach around….😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Henry Atkin says:

    This dude has more perseverance in his pinky toe than I ever will 🤯

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim Fricker says:

    Removing the engine would be easier and take this time easy way to get yourself clean leaning in the parts washer warm kerosene is great for your skin

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tobbex73 says:

    That's a nasty vehicle. Who's living in the hood?

  51. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clark Kent says:

    Here's what I've done same boat it doesn't hurt nothing you take a step drill bit and drill that hole out bigger then you can get a socket on it it doesn't hurt a thing