Infamous 3.3! Can’t kill it! Toyota Highlander AWD
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Hello Everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is part two of the 2005 Toyota Highlander 3.3 liter. Last episode, we took the intake manifold off, sealed up a valve cover, gasket leak, replaced some spark plugs, did half a tune-up by throwing in three coils. Unfortunately, the video started to run a little long, so I had to cut it in half. That being said, welcome to part Two of the 05 Toyota Highlander Happening Z Hood Crap.

Now flip our manifold over, get it lined up with the two studs, and we'll shoot this thing down back into its home again. Not forgetting that PCB hose that's in the back. see where's my little bracket thing, that little metal metal guy that goes on there like so and then our two 13 nuts and of course all the uh, five bolts. Drop those guys in and I'm gonna go ahead and get that PCV hose right now because I said I wasn't gonna forget it and I will slip that guy on right right there.

Perfect a couple manifold clips and now is a good time before that stuff's tightened all the way down to go ahead and get the bolts on the brackets. So let's come around over here. One Reach down in there and get that guy threaded in. that's the first one.

Not super easy once it started. I'll uh, go in with a little handheld uh ratcheting tool and tighten her down. You've got to get these guys threaded before you tighten all these things down. Otherwise, it's going to cinch this thing down and you won't be able to get those threads started on those and that would be a pain.

Reach back here and get this. uh, other bracket bolt on. Pull the bracket forward. remember it adds a tight tight squeeze in there in there.

I Lost the hole. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Hang on There we go. Okay, that one started. Okay, let's run those down with the little ratchet tool. Where are you? That guy? Get these guys in.

Okay, this is gonna take a minute, so let me get these guys tightened down and uh, then we'll go ahead and finish off the uh, the front bolts in this intake and we can get the throttle body and then we'll move forward to the other easy valve cover. Got that one? Let's put some torque on it with our ratchet from up top and around back. Let's see here a little more slippage. Redo: Hang on.

let's get that guy out of there. It came off of my my bolt back there. There we go. There we go.

There's some torque all right, that's tight. Woohoo Beautiful. Okay, we've got a pair of these 13s right here. Let's get those guys tightened down.

uh, 14s never mind kicks and that one over Yonder And while we're here, I can get that ground wire reattached that's easy to forget. plus that 10 mil back out. drop our eyelet back in 10 mil reattached I'm ahead of schedule which actually I shouldn't have said that. That scares me that I said that I shouldn't have Anyway, yeah, I'm ahead of schedule so far.

Yay! All right, let's get this emissions package set up. put that back into place right there. That's where that goes. Oh look what? I've done I forgot to plug the fuel injector is back in.
That's gonna be fun since I just put the intake on. Yeah I knew I knew I was forgetting something I knew it. Oh epic fail. But I think I can uh I think I can mitigate this little issue here.

Pretty sure I can reach in there and get these connected I Hope fingers crossed. there's one. uh, the second one that's gonna be harder to do. Hang on, let's pull the rest of that thing through from the other side.

Oh I can't believe I did that. That was epically not cool. All right. I've got the connector in hand and I can feel the injector flashlight gravity.

Let's put that back where it goes. Oh no, where's that other? Is that a connector? Hang on. It's gonna be a gloves off kind of operation here. Get rid of those I need all of my my finger feeling okay I've got the connector in hand on that second injector.

There we go. Did you hear that? click? Got it? And number three? Click got it. And then the brackets or the little clips that hold the harness on and push those guys back in. Oh, that could have been kind of a disaster.

One more, one more little clip back there right here. Got it all right. That one's in too. See it right there.

Okay, crisis averted. Uh, back to what I was doing I was plugging in this. uh, vacuum lined. All right.

All right as I was saying before. I Fubard There's two more 10 mil nuts and no, I've didn't forget the nut on that last intake bracket. I'm just trying to. uh, get this stuff out of the way.

I'll get that one in a second. two tens on this emissions bracket. All that stuff is good. This goes to the intake.

This goes to the throttle body. Let's go around back and get that 14 mil nut bolt that's on that last bracket. our little ratchet uh, Crow's foot device here. We'll just go in and get that last bolt tightened up and this will finalize the intake install.

with the exception of that throttle body. Let me get this guy tight. All right. Throttle body gasket coming in.

It's not blue, but it's still good. Let's get that guy in there. slide our throttle body adapter thing in I think it goes I forgot. Totally forgot.

Uh, uh, this way. yeah, it goes this way. I was way off. All right.

Okay, let's get some bolts in this guy. I think they're all 12s. Yeah, yeah. a bunch of bolts in a couple nuts.

one on the back and then one on the back, down low and then one on the bracket. Okay, there's the nut and then the last bolt which goes way down in the back. right here. Let's get that guy in a couple forward 12 mil clicks and the hard one can't even see it there.

We go. Plug that guy back in so we don't forget. Let's get our intake screen back inside. it's home there.

And of course there's that little bracket Bolt which goes right here on this throttle body mount. See her right there. Oh, come on. line up.
don't do that. There we go. Kicks! So the back of this, uh, throttle body is pretty nasty. Let's throw some oil on it.

Wipe it down. Oil is a fantastic cleaner. great for tool boxes. Open it up a little bit, clean.

the butterfly, clean the bore, just wipe it down a little bit. Nothing crazy. Don't need to go in there with sandpaper and all kinds of nonsense. I've seen it there.

we go. Shiny, more shinier. Okay, we've got three more Fasteners plus one more. that's part of a bracket so we'll get that fourth one later.

there's two. Let's get them lined up. three. And here's the bracket which has bolt number four.

and there's a nut. Oh kick. Hey there it is. I Was trying to impact the bolt and I didn't have the socket on the bolt.

fail. Okay, see. I Can go ahead and plug in this throttle body. That's good.

So we're all connected. we're bolted on connected connected. Let's get the vacuum line for the brake booster back on and it's clamped right here. you guys couldn't see I am terrible cameraman again more evap line.

that's gonna plug in right here and it's got its little clamp as well. Slide that guy on same position that I found it so it doesn't look like I was here right there. Nice. All right, All right, hard part's done with.

Let's back up some. Pull this front cover and spark plugs out and get the side resealed as well. Hey look you're here I Didn't notice earlier. It has the uh the zip tie mod going on.

see that it's already been uh, been zip tied before. never saw that. see if I can't on unzip tie this thing. There we go.

Oh I see how they did this one? They didn't actually zip tie the zip tie, they put the opening for it over the tab and then just stuck it Down in the Hole there that that's effective Also, never thought about that. Cool learning something new every day. Anyway, let's pull these guys apart and uh, get this valve cover off of here foil foil and let's unbolt this guy where there's two studs sticking up out of this uh wiring harness area right here I need to pull those studs out because they're uh, they're screwed into the valve cover. Let's try to do this without pulling the coolant hose off.

I think I'm supposed to remove the coolant hose to get this valve cover but I don't want to so we're going to cheat. Yeah I think we need an E Torx for uh for those studs right there Hope I don't break them I think it's an E6 or an E7 But first coffee. Yummy! Now looking for here they are. Try the E6 I think it's the six.

Looks like a six survey says it's uh, probably a six. might be a let me get the five. might be the five here. Stay here.

Oh you know what? it was a six because I had actually grabbed the Uh E7 right there. Yep, so I grabbed the wrong one. so it is in fact the six on click. Beautiful and uno mas right there.
These guys like to break off as well. Oops, that's always fun and there's our last ten right down there and the valve cover is unbolted. Try this guy up or not. Pry bar or fry driver see if I can't get behind it right here.

Perfect. Pull that guy out. and yeah, this side's a little cleaner than the back side. probably because of the PCV valve back there.

There's less sludge, which is good. Okay, so we're going to repeat the same procedure here. On this front side, we're going to pull the little biscuit out, reseal the biscuit, clean off the sealant, clean off the surface rear biscuit, and we'll reapply sealant new gasket, new plug seals, we'll do new plugs and uh, this thing will be good to go all right guys! So like I mentioned before, I'm kind of in a time crunch here and a lot of what we're about to see. I Just went over in part one of this video series.

So what I'm going to do is just speed this one up into super high speed lightning fast motion. I'm going through, continuing to scrape off the residual sealant oil dirt Etc getting around in all the corners, cleaning out the biscuit, wiping that down, preparing some new sealant. We've got the other side done. Let's run over re-gasket the valve cover these pesky little spark plug tube seals.

They're very brittle so it's not too much trouble, but they come apart and you've got a kind of work that'll be left over pieces. new ones going in, perimeter gasket going on. all right. ready to go gasket is set up.

spark plug tube gaskets are pressed into place pressed I mean pressed with a hammer but it works. Let's go ahead and get this thing set up back on the the head and we'll bolt this guy down looking good. Let me just go ahead and put you guys right over here where you're safe. So I don't hit you with engine parts.

There we go. Like I said, this is the super duper easy side. We've already got sealants in place right here on the biscuit right here in the Transitions and right over here at the far side on the camshaft seal. So we're going to come in, pick up our harness, slip this guy down and right over the tube seal as we go.

Beautiful. Okay. cover is seated, let's drop our bolts and fasteners and nuts and everything else in place. and then we'll We'll get those plugs pulled out, then we're gonna get this thing up in the air and I'm gonna run some cleaner through the engine.

Yes, it's more BG products. Some of you guys love them, some of you hate them. But like I said, that's what I sell. we're gonna do.

Uh, it's called an Epr Service Engine Performance Restoration. It's basically a chemical that I'm going to dump in I'm gonna run the engine similar to my transmission services. That chemical is going to run through the engine crankcase, bearings, camshafts, you name it, and it is going to remove sludge and varnish and then we're gonna dump it out through the bottom of the oil pan, refill the oil, and we'll have a nice, squeaky, clean engine. Hey, that thing stole my uh got a hold of my uh my glove there.
Give me that back. See that. Give me back my piece of Orange And we got. what do we have here? Two more, two more.

way far way over here. Nick So far so good. Let's get some final torque on these. We're compressing the gasket now.

Trigger control: I'm not giving this a full send. we're just going real light. There we go. All right.

Spark plug extraction time. We've already got one out. Remember yesterday, we've already got one out. Let's get these other two removed.

One kicks just like the others. All of these plugs are just like the others. Don't quit the day job. Not a singer.

Okay, three more iridiums coming in. This is why we don't have to worry about someone dropping the boxes and messing up the uh, the electrodes. Slide that guy down, not dropping it. I Know the rear side.

I Just uh. I Use the spark plug socket to run them down, but got more access here in the front. There we go. Three plugs installed.

Let's get them threaded. That one started. that one started. number three started spin them down.

There's two, number three and some actual clicks to finish them off. There we go: two, two pickages and a thick number Trace There we go. All right. Three more coils.

These are. Uh, The Originals We didn't replace all six. They weren't failed, but this is a precautionary measure. Like I said before, Logic: Being that at a 160 000 miles, an eventual ignition coil failure is very probable since you can't remove the rear coils without removing the intake manifold.

we thought it best to go ahead and replace those while the manifold was already off. Slip these guys down. There we go. Three more bolts.

It's going to lock these down. Oh I Need my studs. We'll do our studs for our bracket the E6 studs not E7 Perfect. Okay, let's get our connectors reconnected.

They're all broken so they're all getting a zip tie. That's how it's going to be. That one on Locker down. No fail.

There's a locking down. Fail. There we go. and we'll cut this off that way it fools the next guy.

Perfect Number two. So how many of you guys think that I should? uh, I should be responsible for replacing these connectors with the unavailable connectors. So it's cut all of them off, splice and solder in one, two, three, four, four wires times six. It's a lot of wires.

You guys think that's my job and my responsibility since my hand broke it. or is it uh, no one's responsibility because that's just the way the car is. See I'm in the camp of it is what it is. and as long as the repair solution is acceptable and will stand the test time, I should not have to replace the Uh the broken connectors, especially since it's just the Locking tab that broke.
There we go. Nice. Locked in, locked in, locked in. Good to go.

All right. So I think what I'll do is I'll go ahead and pour that cleaner in there. and then I'm going to get the the intake tube and these vacuum lines set back up and then we'll go ahead and start this thing up. run that cleaner through it and then we're gonna.

We'll dump it out and see what kind of nasty comes out of the bottom of the oil pan. This actually comes in a two-part kit. We've got the Epr Engine Performance Restoration and the Moa Motor Oil Additive. Funny how they used engine and motor in the same same context.

There's a huge debate on whether internal Combustion engines qualify as Motors or not. Pour that in there real nice. Nike that's not spillage. I did that on purpose.

so it cleans this off. Yeah, we'll go with that. Another stick that guy back on. Okay, let's back up some.

Let me get this uh, air box installed and then uh, we're good to go. All right. Everything's back together with the exception of our little stabilizer bar up here. Let me slip that down into position.

We'll get this guy bolted on and then up in the air. we go if you need to take that off. but I did not know at the time. I'm gonna go in there.

What is this? Please flip in there we go. That was fun. Foreign. I Don't know what this is doing here.

They hit the ground. no worries, it's gone now. That was an extra we didn't need it. Okay, real quick recap or bolt it on.

we're tight re-gasketed spark plugs, fix the broken connectors, evap stuff is connected with the exception of this hose that is broken which I can fix that in a minute shoe Let's uh, let's go ahead and starting. Z Engine all right. let's go ahead and give this steering wheel to reach it over treatment key on restocking the engine. see what we get here.

No warning Illuminators: they're illuminated. This is good. Engines running well. No misfires.

We should start to see some smoke show up because there is oil that dripped out when I had the rear valve cover off and it's on the exhaust manifold so that's gonna that's gonna come out of there. I'm gonna go ahead and fix this broken off little uh nipple thing right here. while I'm doing that, this thing is going to come up the temp. Uh, once it's run for 5, 10, 15 minutes, whatever.

however long it takes I can go ahead and drop the oil out of this so we're going to see just how nasty that oil pan oil really is. so stay tuned. Save The Best For Last Okay, we're still running, we're still warming up. I Got that little guy fixed, drilled the hole out okay, uh, a hose connector in there, and uh and plug the hose in.

So easy fix, no problem. Let me just slap this cover on real quick while we're here hanging out. Then we can shut this thing down and get back up in the air and get, uh, get the oil drained out. Add more down right here.
All right. All right. we're about 20 minutes into uh, idle time here. Smoke's gone.

It's up to Temp Let's go ahead and shutter down. raise it up and we'll drop that nasty filthy oil out, power down, and moving on up. See this is how I trick you guys into watching oil change videos I Do a bunch of actual work on it first and then very end. I Make you watch the oil change.

see? Clever and smart like that. It's pretty good all the way up and on the locks. Now we're safe. Okie Dokes While we're down here, let's go ahead and check our gasket area.

That gasket looks good. See all the oil back there from where it was leaking a little bit up here. gasket looks good on that side. Just to double check, let's go ahead and pull our drain plug out.

Looks like a 14 mil. Ford Come on oil caddy, you're coming with us. All right about yeah. set up the light so we can see the disgusting coming out there.

We go 14 coming in. let's see what we've got here. I bet it's gonna be super gross. and I've got a cup here.

We're going to collect a little bit of that just to get a closer look. Stinky we've got here. Oh yeah, see how it runs down the side of the cup? It's very diluted. It's very thin oil.

partially because it's hot, and partially because we've got a uh, the ETR installed? Yep, see how it kind of separates. Watch this. Hang on. See how it runs down the side right in there.

It's not clinging to anything. That means uh, it is performing its desired function. I Said clinging and not cleaning Cling C-l-i-n-g Vocab Word of the day to cling to, stick to to adhere to Etc Kind of like a meniscus. The meniscus will cling to the side of the container.

There we go. Okay I need to spin my filter off and then let this thing drain for like another 20 minutes. I Want to make sure I get all the oil out of there and I'm even going to dump in about a quart. uh, just to flush the remainder of the oil out of the pan because there's always places where it, uh, where it kind of hangs out.

never drains. So I need to dump some oil in, change the filter real quick, plug that back up, and then refill it. I'll be back when we let this thing down. Don't go anywhere.

All right, we're all good to go. Let's hop in here. I'm gonna pull this thing out to the car wash station and uh, we're gonna rinse her off. it's got some dust on it plus some oil spillages.

Engines full wiper fluids been refilled so uh, we're all good to go here. This is a successful operation. No more oil leaks, tune-up has been completed. Very pleased with the results on this one.

We got it done in a timely manner, got it done on schedule I Had a deadline on this truck but we are all set. Let's go hose her down. So uh, all that being said as always, like thank each and every one of you for watching this video. hope you enjoyed this video.
If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Vegan engine cleaning procedure Now it's dirty crusty. Get rid of all that nasty.

Oh wait. nice. Okay beautiful ending of Toyota See you guys later Have a great day continuing the contamination. Goodbye Toyota Welcome to the Car Wash! It's not really a car wash, but it's kind of like a car wash.

We have a lot of pollen I'm de-pollinating is that pollen? It's gross.

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  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eagle Rider says:

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  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray Pierce says:

    Regarding using zip ties? I've mentioned to my coworkers several times that if I ever met the man that invented them I would grab him by the ears and kiss him full on his lips! Great invention!! Velcro too! On another note the connectors should be designed to be used with replaceable clips or better yet with zip ties.

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