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Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Closing the shop early for now I'm headed out. Uh, we're going on a road trip. Uh, not. Leisure we're working.

We are headed west to the beautiful Barrier island called Anna Maria and we're gonna go fetch a customer's truck. Got a call today. Our guy is on a job site and his truck is leaking uh, transmission fluid or engine coolant or both. So we're gonna go and assist him and go fetch his ride.

We're uh, we're helping out two people today. we're helping out our customer and we're helping out his Customer because our guy's truck is stuck in the other guy's driveway and that's just not good. So we get to use the tow truck for tow truck stuff. You guys were wondering what I was doing with this and this is exactly what I'm doing with this.

uh AC off power down. There's a set purpose of that is the purpose of this truck starting the engine man. I'm so glad this thing works now. The best now of course I Can't uh I can't drive the tow truck without tow truck driving hat.

Oh wait, look good to go. All right. All right. Parking brake off engine running.

Adjust my seat. There we go. That's better. Let's get out of here guys.

He's got some work to do And not only are we going to one of the most beautiful places in Florida, we're going all the way to the very northernmost tip of Ami I Love taking up half the road just to make a right-hand turn. So I uh I haven't driven this thing anywhere since I fixed up all the stuff on it I actually didn't even test drive it so so this is our test drive kind of I'm actually a little bit nervous like I'm taking the truck out and actually doing truck stuff with it other than me screwing around with whatever I want have to I have to make this happen so failure is not an option and running this guy over is not an option either. Good job buddy! See you! Oh uh. by the way I didn't tell you guys I I kind of fixed the AC It's making almost 40 degree air in here.

The system was low. found a leaking valve. surprise surprise and we saw earlier in the last video about this thing that uh, the AC compressor was not connected. it hasn't been locking up, it's working like it should be.

but uh, that's just what I found. Here's so now we have AC which is cool Lifter big left turn all right from here. It's a straight shot down to the island after we get through downtown. Yay! All right, we're on the causeway.

We see water. We're not on the island yet, but we're getting close. Really pretty out here, you know. Once Upon A Time Years ago this area over here to the right was, uh, is all nature preserved? It was called Robinson Preserve Now there were Trails where you could walk through there but you weren't supposed to fish or uh, or camp or have fire or leave trash and uh, big money found it and now it is a resort with a bunch of condos in a place to park your boat and a marina cetera et cetera.

So where is Once Upon a Time where you couldn't even walk. They mowed it all down with bulldozers and built condos here. She is beautiful. Anna Maria Island This right here is the Intercoastal Waterway The island is, uh, right in front of us.
It's about seven, eight miles long, very very narrow land mass. and then just on the other side of it is the Gulf of Mexico in one mile turn right under. Golf Drive I'm glad we did not catch the drawbridge. Yeah, it's 20 after the drawbridge.

If there had been a boat there, we'd be uh, we'd be hanging out for a while. Yeah, we caught a break coming out here this afternoon. Traffic is, uh, fairly minimal. Have this been the weekend, we might have been in a like an hour long traffic jam.

More boats almost there. We're running out of land mass water on three sides of us right now. we're in the very, very tippy top of the island. Yeah, there's houses just off the left and these are Beach fried.

All right guys, we're here. I'm not gonna record much of this because there's a lot of people around and there's some traffic coming through here. All right, you got the keys. Put that there for right now.

we're in park. The truck is behind us. We rolled it out from the driveway. Let's go ahead and get the PT Go Engaged.

We need some Hydraulics here on Yep. heard the PTO come in and let's idle up. Uh, this thing is supposed to idle up with cruise control but it doesn't work. So I gotta wedge a piece of metal into the into the throttle down there.

it'll work okay while we're down here. I need some gloves? two of those and we need some. uh, some. PTO There we go.

Let's see if I remember these controls. We got winch that's loose. Foreign. Okay.

come here. winch. It's free school. Okay I Want that one in there? That's good.

One more on the other side. Don't need that rolling around in the dirt. It's like a hobby of mine. Here we go connected and winch engage.

Now we need the keys. There it is. It does run, but I don't want to run the engine with a ginormous fluid leak. All Right Moving On Up Here she comes.

Snow and steady. Go faster. Hey trucks got all the way. That's good.

Let's get this in park so it's more safer. Hook Danger zone. Okay trucks in park. This is good.

Okay, let's see and slide. It won't slide. No, not back forward. There we go.

A little bit of Leverage Okay, can't answer the phone right now I'm doing dangerous people's stuff. Okay, we're level all the way forward. all right. Pull that little piece of metal out.

Okie Dokes I have the load secured in Overkill mode. Uh, the winch is here but the winch is not holding it. Got two bridal chains I think that's what they're called I Got two chains tension holding it down, strap up here on this corner and out back. I have I've got a safety change just chilling and then I've got another strap right here anchoring down the right rear wheel so everybody is secure.
The thing is good to go. let's hit the road to get out of here. I Want to go back to the shop? All right. the third is loaded back to the shop we go.

Not much really to look at other than the front of this truck or the back of my windshield. So I'll see you guys when we get uh back to the shop after. I Go over the speed hump right here. Watch the suspension on that one.

Yeah, I'm not kidding. We spent a little bit of time in traffic back there two lane Island and uh, and we're coming up on Rush Hour But now, uh, we should be free at the traffic jam. Back to the shop with us. All right guys, we're pulling back into the shop.

That was a successful uh pickup. It took forever due to traffic, but we have returned to the workplace with the Ford We wouldn't power this thing down. uh I Gotta have a meeting real quick. Uh, we'll get this thing unloaded later on and we'll see what the just how bad the damage is I mean it was leaking trans fluid everywhere I Found trans fluid in the radiator so it's not looking good yet.

but uh, we're gonna see. We'll figure out what's going on here so stay tuned. A few moments later, All right. meeting is adjourned.

Let's back this thing into a parking space and uh, unload it. Restocking is the engine? Yeah. Still lives good. All righty.

that was a success. Dto disengaged Nuts PTO runs off the transmission. There we go. Parking Brake.

Let me go ahead and park this thing somewhere else. I Just parked it in my parked that in my parking space I Need to make a new parking space. We'll figure it out here. We're here.

That was fun. All right, we're good. Got her backed in on the fence line. That's the new parking space for right now.

Re-engaging air brakes and I think we're good here. Lights off, Powering down nice. This soda tastes like garbage is what it is actually. I I Hate that.

Hang on here! I Don't like liquid in the garbage. garbage. Water is disgusting. Natural filtration ruin the environment.

High for toast. Corn syrup is. the radiator has sprung a leak and it's the worst kind of leak to be sprung. There's no sticker.

so we're going to call this 2004 F-150 maybe a 2000 something that somewhere in that region. We got here on our odometer. Try not to read it all right. No mileage on the F-150 Anyway, so what happened here is the radiator sprung a leak, opening the hood and it's leaking coolant or transmission fluid or something or both.

on the ground over here. under the cap is extremely nasty. We've got communication between fluids they're mixing together. over here.

we pull the transmission dipstick and we've got that same nasty strawberry milk looking mixture. see that it's not. Bueno So what we're going to do is I'm going to bring this thing in. I'm going to drive it because it's only like 30 feet.
Get in there. Get in there. we go. got it? We're gonna bring this thing in and rack it up.

and I'm gonna pull the transmission pan out of it and we're gonna make sure that there's no, uh, chunks of clutches or pieces of steel or things of that nature hanging out inside of the pan. Uh, if there is nothing in the pan and it looks good, then I'm going to toss the radiator in this and uh, do some some flushes, some fluid exchanges, and try to clean out all that contaminated fluid and see if we can't get this thing back on the road forward immediately. The irony of this situation is this is the second vehicle I've had that's had a catastrophic failure in a contamination of the trans fluid. So I I saved one.

I'm gonna try to save the other one, which is this one. So let's get saving All right about here. All the way up. That's good.

Parking is the auto powering down? Okay, this is pulling it into the shop. Take two. Uh, we weren't able to use that lift. We have to use this bigger lift because there's all that stuff in the back back there and the thing was trying to fall off of the lift backwards and and flatten me and kill me.

So we have to move this over here to the bigger side. Hi All right, let's try this again. Powering down all right, let's check it out real quick. Uh, we're flat and I moved the the lift arms back onto the spring shackles.

Here that one's flat. see the other lift I Had to have it right here on the frame and the center of gravity is right there on the frame. so it was teetering on just those two rear lift arms. The reason the CG is all Fubar is there's a there's heavy stuff in the back, that one's good and the front one's good.

Moving back up, getting close. this thing's real heavy out back. I'll tell you. sketchy, Let's give it the shaky, shaky treatment here.

looking good? Yeah, we're good now. Okay, all right. as soon as we get this high enough to fit the oil drain under it, we're gonna go ahead and pull that pan down and inspect for Carnage Um, a little bit more. And since this is stupid heavy, we're going down on the safety locks.

Snowy. There we go. safe. Oh, check that out, that's high flow.

exhaust tip right there. Hello Rolling Rolling. Rolling. Oil drain is rolling.

Uh, right about here is good. Let's get a catch pan in place. All right. Okay, before we get started, let's try to take a look at what's going on with that leak down here behind the radiator.

Here, it looks like it's coming from the driver's side of the radiator. Yeah, and I can't really see? Yeah, we'll figure that out when we pull this apart. Yeah, there's some Carnage there. Okay, anyway, back to the task at hand.

Let's make sure this thing is going to survive or has a good chance. At least let's pull the pan and check for uh Carnage So we got all of uh I think 10 mil. Okay, so we're dealing with 10 millimeter Fasteners Here is these: You should come out pretty easy with a quarter inch drivers. Negative: that uh, there we go.
The extension ate up all the torque but I need it because there's some bolts in the back of the pan that I won't be able to reach unless I go in with an extension and a wobbly. Let me show you, there's I think there's two of them back here. Two or three. Yeah, we got to get at them kind of sideways.

like see that those should be interesting to reinstall. Cool. Got that one and another? there's one more hard one in the back. Let me get to that one.

Yeah, I'm on it and the bolt said nah I don't care. Yeah, that's fine now. I'll get it with a ratchet. Ah, that was on there too.

Yeah. I'll break it Loose with the ratchet and then buzz it out with the little impact here. I Come out to see. yeah, that's gonna be that's gonna be fun to reinstall later.

Unclick please. And that was tight. All right, that's two or three bolts pulled. Let's run around the perimeter, get the rest of them, and then we'll start the drain.

and uh I think we'll let it hinge down forward and it can drain from the front side. I Think that's what I'll do I'm really hoping this thing's gonna survive because our guy just did a lot of repairs on this earlier and he's uh I don't want him to have a ruined truck. That would be bad. All right, What do we got? One two more.

I think move this forward some so we don't spill on the floor. Oh, look at that. That's bad. That's nasty.

It's like it's not a strawberry milkshake. Yeah, Getting a closer look here, we can see that like brownish Hue to it. There's definitely coolant mixed into that. Yep.

I hope we saved it. Let's uh, let's keep going and uh, and we'll see if there's any debris in this pan right here. Foreign. Nasty.

The idea here is to not get myself covered with uh with the shmoo the shmu of the transmission. There's only one more bolt holding this up and that's here on my side. Oh, there's people outside. All right.

here comes guys. Looks like we're loose. it's coming down. two-handed operation.

These come out. Oh man. the transmission mount is catching the pan. Yeah, that's pretty bad.

Yeah. I can't get the pan up? Oh there it is. Got it. Oh we looking? Yeah, there's a lot of clutch material in there.

Gravity? It's not turret. Yeah, that's that's. pretty bad. I Don't know man.

I Don't think this one's gonna survive it. Look at the magnet right here. You see the magnet. That's a lot of chunks of metal.

With all that, it's a lot of clutch material. I I Think this one's dead I Think it's dead guys? Yeah. Tough quad. I Don't know.

What do you guys think? Is it worth the effort to try to save it? Look at that. Oh, it's so nasty in there. I Can't get the maggot off. it's it's kind of stuck.
Hang on. Foreign off with a Sawzall blade that'll work right. Here's the thumbnail right there. Sawzall And a transmission? All right.

Yeah, here's our magnet. You guys see, it's not looking that healthy. There's a lot of there's a lot of sludgy metal and debris on this thing. I Don't know.

I think this one's a little farther gone than what I'd hoped for. Very risky. There's a lot of clutch material here. I I Think this trans junk is junk.

All right, All right guys. Uh. I Just took a break and I sat on this for a little while and thought about what the situation is here. and I think I think there's just too much damage.

There's too much clutch material and the thing is is, this truck's heavy. It's got a load on it all the time. There's stuff in the back I uh I Don't feel comfortable putting any work into this transmission I I Don't think this one's going to survive. Um I think we should put another unit in it and then fix the radiator.

which is that's what I said I was going to do and how I was going to approach this and as much as I reluctant to to walk away and not attempt to fix it I don't think that that's the right move and I think that would just be a futile effort at this point. So I'm I'm not going to waste my time and I'm not going to waste this guy's money. I Don't think that this is going to work out very well. So we're putting this back together.

That's uh, that's the decision. That's how it's going to be. What do you guys think? Is this the right call? or uh, or should I just YOLO this thing and flush the crap out of it and see how it lives. Let's see if it's gonna live.

So I await your feedback in the comments section to see what you guys think. but uh, I am uh I'm of the opinion that this one, considering what this truck does, is, uh, it's not going to survive. So we're putting this back together all right now. See if I can't get those rear bolts in, we're just going to stick them up there with the wobbly.

Drive Send it with precise trigger control. Get in there. There's one threaded. Here's number two.

What do we got? Four more, Three more, five more, nine more. There's there's four more. Okay, well, I'm just gonna go ahead and refill this pin. We're gonna back this thing out pending.

uh, further decision making. But before I I let this thing down. Let's get all this nasty cleaned off of here. I Don't want this stuff dripping all over the place.

That's just gross. Yeah. I Can see clutch material sticking to the bottom of this pan after. I Wash off the uh, the trans fluid.

It's just got black residue and everything. Yeah, this thing's over with. needs another transmission now. let's get this thing out of here.

A truck coming down. Let's refill this thing and get it out of here. Okay, back up off the locks. moving up and down all the way down.
Round down. F-150 I've got about six quarts of trans fluid to put back in this pan and that's gonna gonna be a wrap on this one. Really nothing more to see here. I I Don't know if I'm gonna fix this in the future or not.

Maybe I will. Maybe I won't but I'm not doing anything else with it today. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do so by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video again, let me know what you think about that in the comment section down below. If you did not enjoy this video then uh, well go watch something else. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in Deferred.

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