In this video I fix a customers 2018 Dodge Journey that has a power steering leak. It appears to be a defective hose down on the rack. It is an easy fix though.
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Another day another Chevrolet we're gonna walk past that. get in this little Dodge Oh not this dodge. another white Dodge this little Dodge over here guys going the wrong way. This one's got a bit of a wine, my pumpkin and uh, it's bleeding by that I mean has a power steering 2018 Dodge Durango not a Durango I Don't even know what this thing is.

Don't listen to me anymore. It's a Dodge something and it's leaking power steering fluid I Looked at it for the lady yesterday and I got the part today 77 000 and some change on the Odo it's a Dodge Journey I guess it would be. This thing is super bizarre because it will only leak when it's Stone Cold which is really weird. this down quite low on fluid now.

I'll show you why this is just a bad hose. It's a return hose here that comes off the rack and pinion. It's leaking right out of this crimp. but we had this thing in here when it was because she she brought it in because it was making the scrolling noise or whatever.

So we check it outside of power steering fluid. we fill it up obviously had to go somewheres and Josh and I look over this saying I mean front to back. you can see every inch of line that the cooler, the pump and this thing is literally bone dry. I mean there is nothing nowhere and uh she said it had been this way for a while I was like wow, my species running it low for a long time.

but yeah, of course we filled it up, took forever to bleed the air out and you know Josh took it out and drove it. drove it for, you know, five ten minutes, brought back in, put on the lifted bone. freaking dry. Uh.

the next day however, got cold, started up and it's just literally dumping out of this hose. So just the most bizarre thing ever. You know why it was sealed up when we looked at it and then you know, let it sit overnight and then all of a sudden, you know, bang, it's leaking I don't know, but it was pretty wild. all right.

you can see on the floor. she left the snail Trail all the way in. It's not like this thing's you know, a rusty piece of junk out there for an 18. it's pretty dang clean to be honest with you.

Um, but yeah, it's just leaking right here. and only when it's cold. So we're gonna take it off the rack. we're gonna unbolt it from these boats and then just a clamp there.

It's a piece of cake to do, but oh, it's not. Bring it along. Anyways, let's see, can we reach out? There's one. Bolt There's two bolts, two lines here, pressure line, return line, and they are on different clamps.

Okay, fantastic. And then we've got our clamp here. We'll undo it. Give that a wiggle, get some good push against here.

Let's bring a pee out of this a little bit. There it is. She's peeing a little and then we will use foot of the crow. We'll reach up in here.

actually. I'm gonna use a little longer extension. almost too long. we'll reach way up in on the rack and once we crack this loose, hopefully I shall slip right out of there.
There we go. now. we should be able to retrain up here. I got you where you can't see, but it's not overly difficult here.

Clearly, you have to use your imagination and there it is. So take that baby out. I'm curious. Can we just pull this thing apart now? Yeah, we can.

Yeah boy. almost. I Mean you can pull the whole top half of the hose out of that crimp? Oh, ain't that some stuff? I Can't believe it wasn't leaking worse than this. because yeah, you can almost pull that whole hose right out of there.

It doesn't make sense to me, but whatever. Maybe it was sitting just right when we initially draw better or something? Who knows. But if I didn't see it moment, two eyes I wouldn't believe. Oh gosh, because looking at the thing the next day, it was pretty obvious where the problem was.

Get my grippers to work so we'll get these ones to work. Put that in our safe pile, clamp back on there, Put that back in there. The lady didn't say how long she was driving it, growling like it, was, but hopefully if not too long, the pump did quiet down after a while. Let's grab the glove, leave that kind of loose, Then we'll get this one fished up around here where it needs to be bucket through the hole, through that hole that right down the factory specs.

Oops. We put this on the opposite of the way it was when it came off. We can't live with that. Can we flip around that? It makes it different but personal preference.

You know we don't want anybody to know that we were here. so now we can line this back up exactly where it was like so. and then we can reach back up here and finish this little guy off. Tighten that down.

We'll go for the foot of the crow. I Wonder why they picked a crow without any other bird species? You know, why? Can't it be the blue jay foot? the robin foot, or some kind of wormware? you know? Nope. Crawl. and I don't know.

Let's clean off our mess and we're done. Don't break clean action. This can. looks like she must have fell off.

the box at the top is a little messy. Oh, and she's spraying a few different wet directions here. Yeah for an alarm. All right, good enough.

Wait, we need to get a new lid for that one. Well, they're up here. Got some of the ETF plus four I don't have much in here. We'll probably have to go get some more.

Uh, well, depends on how much it pulls it down. Right now, it's right at the max line now. let me fire it up. I bet we're gonna need more.

Yep, we need just a little bit more. Let me go get us a little bit. The one thing I noticed folks is this hose here is just like a you know, plain old rubber hose. I don't know what you would call it EPDM Rubber What it is, but it's just.

you know, plain old plain old feels like a plain old rubber hose. and then when you look at the new one, there's both of these are OEM the new one is a woven like hydraulic typos. It's much stiffer. Yeah, heads up that woven coating here on the outside.
Not that they would ever admit and say it's all. probably. maybe there were some vendor issues things so it wasn't a supply chain. Factor At least we didn't talk about it out loud I Don't know.

So this way he's gonna be happy. Why don't you make me happy by heading to that comment section. Questions: Comments: empty Facebook You guys know what to do and just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching. All right.

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