Lifting Car off of Lift | VIDEO Ruined!! Mint Ford Mustang GT 4.6

Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. We are hanging out inside of a 1998 Ford Mustang GT with a four six with 47 359 miles on the odometer. Uh, last time I displayed Shut up Mustang Hang on here. He's mad at me because the door is open there now.

Last time I displayed this mileage on this mustang, everybody said that that was incorrect and that this thing has rolled over. Uh, in order for this to roll over, it would have to have over a million miles on it. and this mustang does not have over a million miles on it. so it has not rolled over.

This is the legitimate 47 359 original miles on said odometer. Now that's out of the way. If you guys recall from one of the earlier videos on this mustang, there's actually been several. You will find the links to those in the description down below.

But after this thing got dropped off by the tow truck, I hopped in it and the rear view mirror fell off. So I'm going to do whatever I can do to replace that. and I have ordered a kit to glue the button back on. Let's see: I Think you can see the the glue that's still there.

It appears actually that there has been an attempt already made to re-glue this. uh, this rear view mirror. Anyway, we're going to scrape all this old nasty glue off. We're going to set this up with the the proper glue and hopefully I can reattach our rear view mirror assembly.

I Think that's it. Right down there. It's kind of a heavy mirror. it's an electronic unit.

It's self dims and has some lights built into it like some map lights or whatever. So uh, it's a little heavier than normal. but I Do believe that we can get this thing glued back on and secured. We will have to clean off that steel button I call it the button I'm not sure what the actual name is, but we're gonna have to clean off that uh, the old glue from the button and the old glue off the windshield.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Here's our brake rotor. There was a great Rudder So considering that we just had a hurricane, it's about a billion degrees outside still and it's super humid. We had 100 percent humidity this morning I'm sure it's Fallen a little bit from then, but uh, my point being is there's a lot of humidity in the air right now.

So uh, I'm going to turn on the AC I Need coldness? Okay to get this party started. I Have ordered gravity and received a Permatex rear view mirror adhesive repair package and it's basically just some glue that is suitable for Glass and Metal and it comes with this little towelette alcohol cleaner thing to remove any debris and oils and fingerprints and whatnot that is left behind on both surfaces. So what I need to do is go ahead and grab a razor blade and we need to scrape away all of the glue that is on the glass. Don't Focus out there.

you have to scrape away all this glue that's on the glass. I think I'm going to leave the SunPass thing here, but that's all going to get scraped away and then uh, then we can apply the glue. Follow the directions of course. This is one of the few times when the directions actually means something because if you don't follow them, then the mirror will fall back off and that's embarrassing.
So we're going to follow the destructions, starting with cleaning and prepping the surface. so I need to jump out I need to grab a Sharpie and we need to Mark where exactly that mirror is supposed to sit okeydoke so it might be kind of hard to see from the lighting. but I'm basically going to just draw on the outside of this the outline for where that button is supposed to live. So right about there, that's where we're going to glue on and repair.

Okay now I need to fetch a razor blade because I need to scrape away all of that old glue. Let's see what we've got here. Got the 100 patch? A little bit? Slide it. These aren't exactly the right razor blades, but it's a razor blade that'll work all right.

So we're inside of the car, we can see all our glue and I'm just going to come in with this razor blade and we're just going to scrape that glue away. Although this is glass, the razor can scratch the glass. so I'm taking care to keep as little pressure as possible away from the tip. Okay, see, we've got a bunch of glue right there on the blade.

Go at it again. A little bit of light pressure scrape away all that residual. So far so good. I Think nice.

Okie dokes Focus Now we must repeat the same procedure on the button. We get as much of this scraped off as we can. real thick on here too. Okay, out of the car and on the bench.

Let's go ahead and scrape off the rest of this button right here. Oh wow, look at that. It's so humid out that the uh AC from the car has caused my glasses to fog up. Alrighty, so the razor blade's not going to get off all of uh, all this group this glue and we do have to remove the majority of it because the glue will not adhere very well to other glue.

So hope and I I can get it the majority of it with a good pass here and then I I'll probably sand the rest of it off with a little ziz wheel. Yeah, look at all that it's a lot of glue. Scrape that away. Oh, it should go without saying.

uh, don't cut yourself I mean I know I know that's common sense. Accidents happen from complacency like right here. This is a good way to cut yourself. See that by uh, if I forget that my finger is in the line of fire I may inadvertently get too aggressive with this and slip.

and there you go. Now you're uh, now you're wide open. That's not good. Okay I think that's pretty much all I can get off of that with uh with the razor blade.

Now we need to get this button out of the rear view mirror and if you look closely, you'll see that this is a clip right here that captures this little button on both sides. We need to unclip the clip and then remove it, pull it back and then we can slide this button out from the uh, the housing right here. So upon closer inspection, one would, uh, attempt to just kind of pry bar this thing out and remove the clip. and I don't think that that's going to work here.
There's no reliefs here for me to get the screwdriver in. That's a good way to stab yourself. So I'm I'm assuming this comes out a different way. I think what I'll try to do is just slide the button out.

Maybe I can pull it back. Yeah, it moved back some. Let's try to walk it out with some leverage here. Should want to slide right out.

Yeah, there we go. Yeah, yeah, we got her. Look at that. came right out.

Okay so now I need to get the rest of the glue off of this button and we need to take note that this side right here. the side that points towards the mirror and away from the glass. If you get it backwards, see that this is not Square it's a trapezoid shaped and it that's designed so the mirror can grab a whole these little ears right here and it won't just pop right off so it has to go the right way. There's nothing worse than putting this on and then realize that you glued it on the wrong way because then you have to do it again.

That's not any good. Let's scrape away the glue if it's on the edge here next. Edge right here. Get rid of that goodbye glue.

I Think that's about as good as it's going to get. All right? I Bet you didn't think we needed power tools to do a rear view mirror window job. but we do. kinda.

I'm going to use this little polishing. oh that one doesn't fit. Oh I Grabbed the wrong one. Look at that.

That's the correct one. So I'm going to use this little polishing wheel to take off the rest of, uh, the rest of that glue and hang on to it. Very dangerous procedure. Don't get your flanges caught in the little flanges.

There we go. Nice and shiny. Oh look at that. That's beautiful.

A little bit more on the edge right here and we're good. All righty. good to go. No more glue on our button.

So now we may return to our staying. Bring the mirror with us, although we cannot install the mirror just yet. What we have to do next is prep both surfaces again with the white pad that came inside of the little kit. Get the glue on it, and then get the thing in position, secure it, and then let the glue set up.

Alrighty, so this next segment has to be timed properly. What I need to do is take this uh activator slash cleaner towelette and we're going to wipe the interior surface without touching it. You can't touch it and contaminate it. So we're going to wipe down this surface right here.

It's going to remove any of that glue powder stuff that was left over from the scraping, give that a good wipe down, and then the back of our button. Oh, that stuff's stinky. We're gonna do the same thing. We're going to give that a good wipe down and we have to let dry for one.
Oh one minute. I got it. That was the worst time for gravity. Anyway, I'm gonna wipe it down again because now there's like carpet for on the thing and one minute dry time.

Stinky. Be back in one minute. Alrighty, one to two minutes has passed as per the instructions I Know you guys didn't notice that because uh I edited that part out. It has been one to two minutes.

Now we reach the time where we have to apply the glue to the back of the button. Now the destruction. Say one to two drops on the button. only in the center.

see if I can't uh, can't do this. Run out of there glue. There's one drop and two drops there. We go.

Okay, we've got our two drops. It's not exactly in the center of the button. I'm a little off, but I'm gonna let her run down. there.

We go now. we place the button on the glass. Here we go and hold for one minute, keeping constant pressure. This is really hard to do like.

Incredibly hard to do. There We go. No, I'm not going to tape it. Tape will not hold any kind of pressure on the glass.

just gonna hold it here. Okay, it's been 30 seconds still applying pressure. It's hard to do without applying a side note to it. All right.

I'm giving up release pressure. Okay, I think we're good. So one other thing I may have mentioned earlier that it takes 24 hours, but it appears that I can hang the mirror after 30 minutes of uh, cure time. So we're gonna go with like 30 to 40 minutes.

and then we're gonna try to hang this mirror. One other thing while we're sitting here for half an hour waiting for that to uh to do its thing. Um, you cannot apply this if this mirror or window rather has been out in direct sun for any period of time. This car was inside of the shop last night and it has yet to see daylight today with the exception of the awning that we're under outside so it has not been in direct sunlight.

Reason being is I Don't think that the applicator and the glue are really going to work very well if the windshield is, you know, 100 something degrees from the direct sun. Here let's hop on out and take a look at what uh, what the glue looks like from the opposing side. Oh, glasses are fogging up again. it's good.

AC Fixed it myself and we really can't tell much with that glue. Let's go ahead and wipe away all the uh permanent marker I know it'll do it. Aha, just a little bit I Don't know. come back and it's gone.

just like that. shiny. The whole business is shiny. super shiny.

There we go. You can't put brake clean on glass. Okay now we wait 30 minute minimum. Let's go ahead and power this thing down.

Don't need to waste the uh, the dino juice do we And same thing with our light. Phew. Shut down. Approximately 30 minutes has passed.

Let's go ahead and check on our little button up here. I'm gonna give it the wiggle test I think that's good I Feel like I should wait. quiet down Mustang I Kind of feel like I should wait 24 hours but I don't really want to so I don't know what's worse it can happen I've got to do it again. I Guess so what we're gonna do? Slide that thing up and over the clip I think it goes this way I had her upside downish so we'll slide that thing right in.
push it down kind of a wiggle and a kick. Maybe gonna go on? I think I got it. Yep, let's check it from the outside. I think I've got it.

Okay, we're not there just yet I need to give it some more down pressure, a little bit more down. so this will be either the moment where I fail and it breaks or we're good. Come on. Snap in.

Ah, it moved I'm scared to put any more force on it I'm gonna leave her alone I See you Yeah, we're gonna leave that alone I'm gonna give that a 24 hour dry I don't want the thing to uh to come off of there I I was starting to put a little bit of excessive force on it and I would really rather not let that pop off. So I have to do it again. So I think we're good. it is now attached I have to plug in the uh electronical connector back here.

that's for the auto dimming I think or or it's a power supply for the lights. Regardless, that guy's plugged back in. so uh, this operation is now complete. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

I'd like to thank you guys for watching this short video. Hope you enjoyed this video and if you have a rear view mirror that fell down I Hope you can use this video as guidance to repair your own rear view mirror. So again and as always thank you guys for watching and most importantly, Haversal is a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video in a Mustang in the rearview mirror in the transmission.

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