In this video I bring you along as I have a look at a customers 1994 Ford Ranger Splash with the big 4.0 V-6 4x4. This is an older OBDI vehicle that I previously diagnosed (code 327) as having a failed DPFE sensor (Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic) This sensor is the main player in the EGR system that reports back to the PCM letting it know that the EGR is open and working.
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All right folks working on the 1994 Ford Ranger Splash when's the last time you saw one of these in New York Let's take that. Uh, we never see these things. 1994 I'm talking old school aldl under the hood. had to pull codes guys.

Money lights on the DPFE sensor here, believe it or not, is broke. It's stuck at 4.8 volts. We got a new one coming uh or one last night and I noticed his connector here is also busted. So I called down to the Advance Auto I'm not a sponsor.

they got us a connector I could get it from Napper but they were like six times the cost. Uh, so we got one here from the advance. Make sure it's going to be the right one. Yes sir, it is.

We don't want to put it on and break it the first try. Uh, so we'll wait for the new one to show up here from Napa While we're doing that, we're gonna put uh, put this little guy on I Don't imagine the wire colors are the same just looking at it here and they are not, so we have to be careful of that. Usually connectors or pigtails come and they're just generic. You know, all white.

They're all black wires. They're all orange wires. So we're going to take and just open up the loom here. Split this little guy back a little tape off it.

let me zip tied it up here back on the holder. We'll give ourselves some more room. We'll just cut that zip tie there and we'll cut this one here this way we can do what we have to do. That should give us enough room.

I Don't know if they're if the connectors are built the same in the sense that you could just depend it pin them over, but we'll play it safe and not mess with pin tension. Just cut it and uh, butt, connect it on there and Shrink her down. We'll do it one wire at a time because colors don't match. It does have a locator tab.

You can just line up and leave the wire a little bit long. We'll come through here and just chop it off. There's that one. Grab the stripper stripper back.

so I already crimped it onto the connector here like that. What was everybody coming in especially on? Friday I tried to make it all fit together here for us. Come on that. There we go.

Grab our middle wire here. you can stagger them a little bit. the uh, tape and wire loom there if you will like that. I'm sure you guys it seemed other guys put on butt connectors.

no real big stroke. Gene that's going on here. All right there it is. Now once you get that done, you're going to want to shrink them down.

Be careful if you got a battery that's being all over it before you crack open an open flame here and we'll just shrink these down. These are not just regular butt connectors. I do get assets sometimes. these are special.

You know, heat shrink butt connectors and make sure if you're buying them, make sure you buy the ones that have the adhesive in them. Also, as they shrink down, the the goo comes out. These work really, really well providing you crimp them correctly. If you use the wrong side of your crimper, say the non-insulated side of your crimper to crimp them down.
you poke a little hole on it as soon as you put heat on it. they just split right open. So make sure you're using the insulated side of your crimper to crimp that's a smooth part of your crimper there. Now they're all shrunk down and then we wait.

So that's part number and that is for the D shape. D Like Delta they make an oval shape and a d-shaped connector and it's not the inside of the connector. it's the outside connector. This one is d-shaped on this vehicle.

So when you're looking them up, that's the part number for the D1 Where's my parts? My DPFE sensor and hoses? Man, you know Advanced Auto Was here 45 minutes ago. happy and smiling. Are you kidding me? I Just caught a nap or the grass them to find out where my parts are because it's 8.45 and all my other deliveries have been here already and he says he doesn't have any parts for me. Hello! Sharon Yeah! I Tried myself until it's Friday's starting out but you know whose fault it is? Not sure.

No, it's mine. I ordered it from the wrong Napa you know what I mean oh maybe 10, 30, 11 o'clock He said he's a good guy, short and one guy doesn't feel good and another guy is in a safe place and blah blah blah all that stuff. So we're gonna take this up here folks. So when I look up stuff on our Napa system if I look I can look at a bunch of different stores and it doesn't default back to my my OG my my people, my locals and if I accidentally order something from the wrong store I don't notice it right away until 8 45 the next morning when I'm screaming at the other store to find out where my parts are and so there's nothing we can do about it.

You can wait. We can wait. I Just wanted to bang this one out. Cars are overflowing in the parking lot and it's all I wanted to get it out of here out of my life.

Have a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. It kind of sets the pace for the rest of the day, but you see where this pace is being set now don't you? You can check with the next one so we'll just set that there gingerly. I Ordered the two new hoses the new Dpfu I don't know what that stands for Delta Pressure exhaust feedback Center I Think something like that sounds good? Sounds good. Whatever.

Standby: All right. Napa Finally showed up. so we're gonna hook the hoses there 5.5 mm Now this one has probably been changed before. The OG pressure differential sensors were typically made out of aluminum on these vehicles and they would corrode disappear.

They came out with plastic ones and they were a little better. You see a ton of these back in the day. Yeah, so this one's been changed. It's a SMP standard Motor Products and it's gone bad.

That one is stuck at 4.88 volts is where it was at. We're gonna get these hoses off. These hoses are usually crispy and typically people change these hoses with the wrong type of hose. So I Always always say I always do.
Yeah, these are just regular fuel line from 2018. Non-silicone just your average run-of-the-mill gas line. This is probably just vacuum tubing here. Get this one up man.

Anyhow, change your hoses. Look at our new sensor here. This is a snap. Acklin Uh, it has the rubber weather pack connector inside of this because oddly enough, it doesn't come with the connector.

I'm not sure what's up with that, but that's just how they go. Stick this baby back on. Yeah, 4.88 volts. I Don't remember the voltage key on engine off on these.

Well, that side slotted I Guess I could have put that one in first. Uh, I do know it's not 4.88 How do I know what was wrong with it? Well I busted out the old OBD1 Ford tool did the key on engine off demand codes and we just had the code I don't know what it was though. 371 I don't remember what the exactly it was. Um, but yeah DPFE High Then I went to the data list and so I was at 4.88 Um, and that's that's all I can tell you we'll get our new hoses.

Here's the part number for that DPFE with the d-shaped connector and then here is your part number on the hoses. Can need a pack of those. They come with a two pack. They are silicone.

They can take the heat. but if you're changing a DPFE on your Ford you find that sucker is melted and those hoses are crispy. Fix the real problem and the real problem is going to be your plugged exhaust. I Always love this now.

Ford From back in the day for checking for plugged exhaust because you never had to unhook anything. Well you can unhook one of these hoses and install your back pressure gauge and that's it with a piece of cake. see here here. Chopper off a little longer than we think, too long but sure to laugh another half inch off that thing.

Let's be on the safe side. Plug it up. That one's good. this one we got it kind of loopy around here.

I'm gonna get this one exact ly Chop It Off Yeah, if you're using just regular fuel line and vacuum hose on these, it doesn't last. It'll work temporarily. like if you got to wait to get the correct hose for your customer, but certainly don't leave it on. It usually gets all hard and crispy.

Uh, that's it. Let's take and plug it in. I call that plugged in. Let me get the uh, let me get that rubber out of there.

We'll put that on the connector first. We're dealing with the aftermarket sensor, aftermarket connector Mother Lover. Just when you think you're doing a good job, we're gonna get some silicone grease. We're gonna lubricate the outside of it here.

Maybe it's a lubrication issue, we're gonna Lube up the outside of the seal. dielectric silicone grease. We don't need to do like down in the terminals or anything, we just want to get it on there and see if it helps. Oh I think it's all we needed was a little Lube Oh I See Okay, so it does go on all the way and latch over, but it's a Ford style latch in.
The way this is designed is when you pull on it because these retainers are ramped on both sides. if that makes sense. It pushes it up to let the retainer over and then when you pull back it just pops it back off. Okay, so we're good.

I Guess looks like it's working this design. A little bit of lube, make sure we hit bottom and then the most important part is we need to make sure that it works. and I don't really feel like hooking up a scan tool so we're just going to plug into it and if it works, we're going to clear The Code by unhooking the battery because she's old school. We don't have a wiring diagram, but we don't need it or we shouldn't.

What we'll be looking for is one of these wires will be a ground. One will be 5 volts and one of them will be our signal. We'll find out who's who and uh, we have an EGR but where is EGR valve? Oh, she's right back here. We can open that up and we should see.

our voltage change is the pressure differential across those two hoses change? So let me get our little scope here set up. So I got our scope set up here. We're on one volt per division, 500 milliseconds per division. We're gonna find out who's who.

that is our Center and ground. We're just going to very gingerly. Mac Probe here. All right.

So our bottom wire is our 5 volt. Our middle wire must be the ground and our top wire here is at Point. Let me find out what the voltage is 0.69 So that must be our signal wire. so we're going to stay tapped right into that signal wire.

we're going to fire it up. I'm gonna get a little vacuum line here. We're going to open the EGR valve. Let me just unplug the EGR valve right now.

I'm just taking the vacuum line off it. I'm gonna get a little one. We'll start it. We'll just give that a little suck and we should watch our voltage go up.

See if we can't use this little piece that we had left over from the DPS hose here. It'll probably want to stall some. You know, if the EGR valve works, it's just sounds like it does. All right? Great.

Let's fire it up. We'll see if that'll stay. It may or may not. We're gonna try to open the valve not working.

The valve's fully open right there. How's that closed? foreign and that is that. Uh, what? two point two point eight volt is a match voltage on that and then Kion engine running goes down to your 0.06 Niner volts there. So D higher, 0.0.088 I Guess that's it.

You know it works. I'll shut it off and at this point I I Doubt the engine light is out on its own. We can go take a look down here in the corner. You just let it run for about 20-30 seconds.

It would pop bad a long time since. I work on an OBD1 Ford Check this thing out man. She Cherry Dash ain't cracked or nothing and only 61 000 miles on there. Yeah, apparently we're good I don't even have to clear it.
Light doesn't even pop on now. Yeah, usually just sit here as soon as it come down to an idle. Light would pop right down. so I sweet.

Don't forget to hook your EGR valve back up otherwise you'll get a cold when you're driving. Uh, so that's it. Super duper common problem man. these older Fords used to do so many of those suckers.

Um, but bringing back some memories. Not really. I Don't miss working on these. These four leaves were a freaking mess to work on.

Okay, that's it folks. Hope you enjoyed it. There you have it folks. Ford Ranger 4-0 DPF sensor and um, that's it.

They're pretty easy to do when you're doing them. Like I said, just make sure you buy the hoses and that's it and they're pretty easy to test and that should give you some idea of the voltage levels. Kion Engine off cannons running with the EGR open so I wasn't even sure what they were right off hand because I didn't look but I knew it wasn't 4.88 That's all I needed to know. The other thing I need to know is that you're going to go in that comment section.

You're going to leave a question in the comment and see the Facebook You guys know what to do while you're down there. so do it. I Just want to be I can do it. You Can Do it.

Thanks for watching foreign.

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