In this video I help out my sister by replacing the broken flex pipe on her Explorer instead of buying the really expensive pipe right from Ford. It's just one way to do it.
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Viewers welcome back to the self-made Auto Channel Got my sister's card here. it's a 2018 Ford Explorer uh government work. probably not going to get paid on this one, but that's okay. uh she brought it in the other day because it sounds like NASCAR she said it's embarrassing me have a look at it and um so I did and the front flex pipe is broken so I said no big deal.

we can order one of these little guys from Ford It just goes from the converters down to the flex and that's it. Can't be too expensive, maybe 150 bucks. I told her and then I looked and seen that she would have to remortgage her house and sell a child to buy it. It was crazy expensive for what it was I think it was six.

Seven hundred dollars for that little short pipe. Didn't see anything aftermarket. uh through. Walker So we did the next best thing.

Called down a nap and got some flexis I measured it up I believe it was a two and a quarter inch. so I got us a 10 inch flex and I got us a 12 inch. This one has the ends on it. this one does not.

This is the one I I prefer to use I'll show you what it looks like under there and see what we can do and see if we can't uh Fab or Cobble something in there to buy her some time. Here's what we're working with. Here's what I'm hoping to do right? That would be ideal. This front pipe though, is like the Nissan so it's flattened out.

They give it the old squish where it comes underneath here. Maybe that's what makes it expensive? I don't know. All I know is everything's you know, pretty thin. We're going to kind of try to leave some of this alone.

I'm gonna take the Sawzall We've got to knock off that weld right there, which is going to make it pretty dang close. Uh, close to not fitting this one. That's why I grabbed one that's a little bit longer also. So if push comes to shove, you know we can chop these stubs off where we need to expand them how we need.

But ideally we would use this little guy here. I'm gonna cut that one behind the weld I'm going to cut this one in front of the weld is what I'm thinking we'll kind of clean stuff up because this pipe goes from round to Flat here pretty quick. I Like to stay up in this round section. leave that weld on there so we've got a little bit of beef.

where's the beef? and I think we can chop it off without holding anything because we've got a hanger there. We've got a hanger here and then this is bolted to the engine of course so we can just let's just get after it boys. I've got the safety glasses I've got the Sawzall Hopefully this blade can cut through it I should still be good. if not, we'll wear our weight through it eventually.

Foreign: These are the Diablo carbide. This one's been used quite a bit. as you can tell it's no longer red, but they worked pretty well, especially when they're new. All right, let's try it.

I'm gonna cut right on the face of that weld here. now. we just need some Putty I'll putty that baby back in there. Oh yeah, we're coming in clutch.
The kids always see that's a clutch move man. I Don't know what it means but it means I did good. Oh boy. Um.

I'm gonna work on this I'm gonna clean this up a little bit with that grinder. There are little remnances of the Flex that we took off in there I Want to screw up our weld tubes? Too bad. So let me clean this up a little bit, clean this one up a little bit and then see if we can't just fry it on there foreign Weld and then just ground it down kind of at a taper. Hopefully that gives us some some meat there to weld again.

So left the inner pipe there, got rid of all of what was left of that little fella down there, and then same here. This is just just down to the regular pipe so it's cleaned up. It should be good enough to get a little bit of a well done. So let's get our weld on all right.

The last guy left at a mess. Perfect. I'm gonna see if we can't just get it tacked up here and just give this a slight taper. There we go just fits over.

We're gonna have to likely pull the whole exhaust system ahead just a little bit. Lots of room in the hangers. so I'm gonna take. We're just gonna attack that little guy right there for right now.

A little boogie right here. Ah, you jerk. Hall We're just gonna put a little tack right here. They put one on this side, one on the bottom Miss nailed up.

and then we're gonna pull the exhaust system forward just a little bit. about half inch or whatever. and then we're going to weld this one I put a little taper on this too. Actually, we probably don't even need to pull I could probably just hold it by hand here.

Get that where I want it? Give this a little tack. Oops, this foreign. There we go. I think we're in good shape.

What do you guys think I know what you're thinking. This guy's not a professional welder. You'd be right. But also, remember folks, we're not sending this baby to the Moon So we're going to do as good as we can with the skill set that we have.

I'm going to take and try to finish off these welds I'm not going to do them in one continuous speed because again, this is not a gas pipeline and we're not pipeline welders, but we are brothers. This is my sister. Let's fix it. I Don't know what that has to do with anything, but that's the best I can come up with Foreign Foreign? All right.

Thank you. First try. Oh see the beauty There You have it folks. welding in your new flex on your on your Ford that's part number 735 4797 fits like a glove.

Thank you High Temp Dino Tested. Remember if you're like me and you can't weld, learn how to grind and paint baby foreign well it certainly doesn't sound nowhere. It's near as cool as it did when I drove it in, but it's fixed now and she should be happy and that's a pretty common fix. We do.

We do tons of flex pipes here, all different makes and models. Walker makes tons of them I think from four inch up to 12 inch with and without ends on them. so there's all kinds of variations you can do and usually it'll save the customer a ton of money. Uh, in this case it's my sister so it's a little different situation.
but if it was, uh if if a customer was paying for this uh at my shop I would have an hour labor. so I got a one hour minimum so it'd be 90 bucks and then the price of the park and I don't know what that part cost but it's probably somewhere is to you know, fifty sixty dollars in retail. So let's say you'd have you know 150 to 175 something like that for this repair. Depending on what Flex it was and and how long it took, most of them, you can do within that one hour window.

Uh, pretty easy without a lot of you know messing around and stuff. So uh so that's that. You know if you need yours fixed, plan on paying about that much I would guess somewhere's around there. Um but again, this is very specific to our region our time that it is right now in the year 2023 in my shop, labor rate and current price of materials.

So comment section folks questions, comments, concerns, see you and Steve Facebook and just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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