In this video I bring you along as I look at a customers 2015 Nissan Altima that came in on a tow truck. A quick inspection reveals a rotted and broken rear lower control arm and the one on the other side is only moments away from snapping off too. We always have to look at the big picture here in the rust belt so sometimes replacing a control arm is not that easy. In this case I am ordering a whole new rear cradle with both knee assemblies from a place out of Alabama. In the end I think it is the better deal. I'd like to hear what you think or know how you would handle this.
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That folks are limping in with a Nissan Altima customer had to tow it in. they State something's broke in the back while I walked by the car it looked. Definitely would agree with them. that's all.

deadly. Broke back here because he's got The Squatty Potty Got some stance going on to it. Hopefully we can drive this thing in. Did not take it for a ride I just pulled it in.

Make sure we're in Far Enough here man. perfect. let's have a look. Let's go 104 on the clock.

the 2015 variety. She's way pigeon toed there on that back wheel. Let's go look at this side here for comparison. It's probably very difficult to tell.

This wheel looks like it's sitting nice and straight in this wheel. You're like why cars broke. It sounds like something's rattling around back here. You might have to jack it up to get the lift under it.

No, we're good. It's not gonna be as high as the other side, but we'll get her pretty close. All right, let's lift her up see what happens. Foreign right off.

That's good. You still on the phone? No the people wanted to come in to tell you happy Birthday! Oh really, they knew today was not only the first day of summer, but it's your birthday. I know she got left out last night. poor baby.

He's waiting for me this morning look super upset when I pulled in I wanted to go to sleep. made her stay out in the wild. All right. Well happy Birthday! Hey happy Birthday! Thanks! Holy good thing with Sway bar.

Link's good huh? Wowzer How far behind this? oh that one's not far behind either. Look at that. I have a little crack in there, don't you? Wow. Well looks like this little guy needs some control arms.

huh? Sway bar links holding on for dear life. Yikes. 50 bucks says the bolts don't come out all right. subframe left.

it's like there is. huh? Awesome. That's good time to do wheel alignment. Cam bolts never turned anyways.

but yeah, look at that. it's all cracked out. Let's get a pokey tool. This one will do some good poking there.

Of all the people saying that they saw a crack, There's an actual crack Finally! So I spoke with the customer they want to get after it. Uh, the other thing I did too is convince them didn't convince them I told them that's cheaper. way cheaper for us to buy an entire rear uh, suspension cradle everything on it from down south and then pay the you know truck Freight to get it here and then switch stuff over. Um because I looked up rear cradles.

We get the whole rear cradle, upper lower control arms, everything on it for the price of about one and a half. Lower control arms from Nissan You know, not to mention you know everything is rotted. You know we'd have to. you know, cut every bolt out, change all the bushings.

Uh, so it's just easier providing you know that we can get the subframe out which this is all mounted on studs here and there and everywhere. Those two bolts and that goes up to a stud. So I don't see why it wouldn't come out. They're only on by a couple threads.
So I think we would be okay. The only thing we might have to buy are, you know, parking brake cables because they're going to turn to Pus as soon as you try to take them out. They come down through here on both sides. Bring it around town we'll have to see.

I would probably have them here on standby, but that thing looks like it's pretty and puffy. The backing plates are all running off, but the rest of the car is not horrible. you know, front subframe is still pretty intact. Now this this package right here.

everything's possible, you know. So as soon as you touch stuff so I put in a couple calls to a few uh Southern yards or getting me some pictures, they're gonna send it to us and then see if we can't get one truck freighted in. I Don't know if we'll need anything else. I mean the calipers and stuff are all rusty.

We might have to do some some other little things, but I think it'll be kind of minor in the big picture. So yeah, I think that's the best way to address this uh situation. Dropped the whole thing I Looked at the exhaust. it looks like we can separate it right here.

Uh, the flanges are. you know they're not mint, but they're not completely rotted out so we can just take and there's not much left of that nut. These nuts. We'll take the torch, snip that off, separate the exhaust, pick that across my brow, and then just drop the entire exhaust down on the ground as an entire assembly.

unless I see the Dragon tips. Maybe getting up on the flatbed? Um, but yeah, we can drop the whole exhaust as an assembly and that will give us, you know, free and clear room to drop the entire subframe, which will simplify the job. Uh, 10 fold. It's a lot easier than doing the control.

I Think this is cracked out more since we've been just sitting here with the pressure on it. slash tension, whichever you want to call it. I Don't know. I'll keep you guys posted.

Foreign, foreign.

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