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Happenings He Hood Hello everybody, good day to you and welcome back! I'm glad you guys were here I Know I'm glad to be here. This is a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox With 159 925 miles on the odometer customer States Check engine light. There's also some suspension parts that have been previously diagnosed on this vehicle that are going to get replaced. I Think they're in the back so uh, let's go see what's up with this.

uh, this money light right here and uh and then we'll go from there so stay tuned. This is gonna be a very good video. We'll just go ahead and pull this thing in on the big rack since project Jeep is still on the smaller rack. This thing in here, right? All right? Perfect.

Very good. There you go. All right. We're gonna need some skin tool action here.

Down right there powering on. beep and there's my little plug at Where are you there it is. That little light comes in handy. It's dark, all right.

Scanner What we got here: Chevrolet Oh I'm squeezing my butt in here Chevrolet What did I say? 11? That's what I said, right? Hope I was right. If memory serves, uh, never mind. that's a 2010. Scan Tool tells me it's a 2010.

I was wrong. Let's go ahead and back this up again. Yep, that's right 2010. Equinox Three liter V6 159 925 Scan Tool confirms it.

see what our engine says I think I hear someone saying hello. Outside gates open display codes What do we got? Camshaft Actuator Solenoids Oh God p0017 Camshaft position Not plausible. P0019 can strap position not plausible The other bank uh p113 Aaron takes temp sensor circuit high p0172 running rich Psr175 running rich both Banks running rich p0391 Exhaust camshaft position sensor performance Bank 2 and P2228 barometric pressure circuit low Whoa. there's a lot going on here.

Okay, so I went outside. nobody's here saying hello I must be hearing things I don't know. First things first: I Want to lose some of these uh service lights in here? So let's see if we can't relearn these TPMS sensors here. Two of them are not reading.

Let's just uh, that was loud. Let's go ahead and ping those with the relearn tool and just to lose one of the lights. that way it makes my life a little easier. Well, I'll feel good about making some kind of progress because I do believe that Diagon that check engine light is going to be loud noises.

It's apparently arduous and uh, probably time consuming I Speculate: it's got a timing issue you're gonna ping. That's a bad sensor. Yeah, that's one bad sensor. Okay, let's see if this one's any good.

Two: Yep, that one's good and I'm assuming this one's also going to be faulty. Okay, yep. two bad sensors that Diags complete. All right.

Oh, that's still in learn mode. We'll just shut it down restocking Z Engine learn mode is cleared. Let's uh, take a look at some data real quick and see if I can't find a PID for cam crank correlation or something along those lines. Data: Yeah, based on all those camshaft position codes I I Highly doubt a bunch of sensors all failed simultaneously.
so I'm thinking it's probably actually out of time via VVT System may not be functioning as designed. injector timing O2 sensors or o2ing? Yeah, we're lean on bank one. Lean on Bank two. Hmm.

Check engine light requested on. Yes, we confirm that because I'm looking at it. yeah. I'd like to pull the cover off of this and uh, verify engine timing I Think that's what we need to do here.

It's been 2 134 miles since the Uh Dtcs were last cleared. No emissions faults. All right. let's back out of here here.

Let us go into camshaft actuator data: Perhaps we can actuate the uh camshaft sprockets and see if they they move or if they don't move, they're all. uh, they're all defaulted to zero because of the trouble codes. That's what's going on here. Yep, Well, since I do suspect we have a timing problem and we may have actuator sprocket issues.

Let's uh, let's just go check the oil real quick. make sure it's got oil in it. Powering down low oil can definitely cause a problem. with a system that is actuated by oil.

You wouldn't believe how many times I've seen cars come in with a camshaft timing problems and it's because they were like two quarts low on oil. Now I'm not saying that's what this is. It may not be an oil issue, but we have to check that first. All right, Yeah, that's maybe a half a quart.

Max And that's not a problem. Okay, that's not it. You know, while we're uh, here under the hood, let's just go ahead and pop this cover off and peek around with the light just to make sure that there's no wiring, harness damage, or the rats or something. I'm not saying this guy has rats, but they like they come up.

you never know. Okay, looking around the front side of the engine I Hope you guys can see maybe not those connectors we're looking at right there right there. Those are the camshaft position sensor connectors. the one next to it right there and the one farther down are the actuator solenoids for I think I Think this is bank one and then we've got a very similar situation going on on the back side here.

So those four connectors, two sensors, and two solenoids, and from what I'm looking at I can see some shiny on one of those solenoids. It appears it's been replaced. I Think one of the sensors has been replaced and one of the solenoids on this front cylinder head here has also been replaced. Which leads me to believe that it's not a sensor or solenoid issue.

There actually may be a base timing issue. Now, there is a TSB on this particular engine where the reluctor wheel on the crankshaft itself will move and put the engine out of time because it does not know what position the crank is in. I Really don't think that that applies right now because this bulletin is um, like eight or nine years old and I'm pretty sure if that was the the failure point, it would have already occurred or it has occurred and has already been remedied. Either way, that's timing issues.
So I'm going to Uh, I'm going to recommend that we pull that timing cover off of that to inspect and check timing, but that'll be for another video. I Think because uh, in this one, we have a trunk load full of suspension parts to Uh to install. so let's go ahead and do that instead. Equinox Moving on up.

Yeah, there's a lot of parts in here. Check this out. A couple wheel bearings got some coolant Hub Remover: There is a control arm another control arm. I Believe these are parking brake assemblies.

Yeah, this is the backing plate. Yep, that's it. Come here. Gravity Box Gravity Yeah, we've got the we have a parking brake assembly with backing plate wheel bearing bolts on right here.

So I Think we're going to start with the rears since we have a lot of parts for the rear and if we get around to it, we'll uh, we'll finish off with the front because one of these control arms is for the front side, one is for the back side there. Let's just roll the cart on over there and unload all this stuff right here. Parking Brake Box Brake Assembly Brake Assembly Number Two Box Gravity blue Bearing another move bearing got an oxygen sensor I Don't know if I need that. All right.

Probably enough for right now. I should probably fetch this rear control arm while I'm at it. Stay coming down. Well, that's coming down.

This is going to move on up. Green Subscribe button. What? What is this? You're wrecking my Shameless sales pitch. There we go.

All right. Moving on out. Seriously? I'm not. uh, not having this.

You gonna go? Hmm. what's this problem? I Don't get it. let's try it. Uh, in manual mode? Stay there.

Moving back up, we're watching you. tailgate. We're watching you now. My understanding is this car has lived a lifetime up north once upon a time and we can see that by some of these uh, rust deposits here on this controller.

I Think this is the one we're gonna change and I think that because the one over here on this side is kind of nice and shinyish. It's been replaced before, so yeah, we're gonna do that. Control arm, bees backing plates and these wheel bearings I Don't think there's a bearing noise, but uh, considering the life that it's lived, look anti-seize Yeah, it's definitely been up north. I'm gonna go ahead and start with the control arm side first.

That way I can just take everything apart at once and then put everything back together at once. All right. First things first. let's get these, uh, brake calipers removed.

They're in the way and that's the easiest thing to get out of here. And slippages. Yeah, these are, uh, first thing in the morning slippages? It's not good here. I'm certain our luck will improve, guaranteed.

Okay, give that one reach around treatment there and skippages. Foreign caliper that looks good. Let's Chuck you over there and 15s for the caliper bracket bolts. Okay, this one will be no problem.
That one doesn't have any clearance. I'll rephrase: it doesn't have clearance for my, uh, my 90 degree impact. It does have clearance for, uh, a wrench. Foreign, got it? Let me back you guys up a little bit and we'll pull the set, screw off for the rotor, pull the rotor out of here.

Oh, that wasn't tight at all. It's a quite a meaty rear rotor. Impressive. Oh yeah, see what's going on with this parking brake? There is no parking brake.

Look at that. The shoe is delaminated and is no longer there. And it, while it was there. on the other side, there's the other shoe I touched it and it flew off.

Yeah, that's pretty nasty. All right for a second. I Was afraid we were changing parts that we didn't need to and I don't like doing that. That axle nut is a 35 millimeter 35.

I Never used this 35. Nice here. Let's make sure this axle is going to come free from that bearing. Sometimes they get stuck.

That's good. See it move so the axle's not rusted to the Uh bearings. In a race. This is good.

All right. Let's go back down into the back side. We're going to start to pull the bolts out that secure this bearing to the uh, the knuckle there or spindle and uh, we'll knock that bearing out. now.

this is going to be real interesting because it's a very tight squeeze. but I got four bolts back in there along the axle boot right here. We need to pull those bolts out. So I've got a I got an extension with a wobbly and just a big ratchet right here.

That should suffice to remove those bolts. Okay, let's try this again. I Got the Uh Got a good angle of attack here I think actually got distracted. it's been like 20 minutes.

you guys didn't notice. but okay, that's coming loose. it's turning. It's a turning good and it's starting to crusty though.

I Can tell you that more light because I can't even see what's going on in there I Was having trouble keeping my weevy wobbly bits aligned. Oh yeah, this is a this is making me use some weird muscles sitting down. Oh, it's getting stuck now. Reaching up with one hand to hold the extension and applying torque with the other.

All the force is taking place like in my lower back because I'm on a rolly chair. Oh, this thing coming out or is it just stripping? What is this? Yeah, it's coming out all right. Yeah, it's just when it took a while. I think foreign extension.

sorry if I get rid of the extension. This might go a little easier for me. Ow yeah. Find it.

Yeah, it's gone all right. Those snaps to the threads. Breaking Free From all the rust that's in there, there we go now. Can I use power tools? Yes.

Victory is like 12 percent closer. The bolt survived. Okay, let's go for that. Top bolt.
got an impact socket with the 90 degree well. that was easy. Okay, let's try bolt number three back there. Tight squeeze that's not gonna work.

Uh, it's not gonna work at all. The regular ratchet again. maybe that's small enough to fit and uh. okay.

there's my bite. There we go. Got a turn out of it. Good foreign, steady snap, crackle, pop.

uh oh. crying baby got it. I Win. It loses.

You guys couldn't even see the whole time it was. it was over there. Foreign. All right.

come out. there will be no closure until it's all the way out there. Got it all right? That's number three. It took way too long.

the fourth one I can get from the top. This will be more lubricant again. All right. this one's getting power tool treatment.

Thank you. Come on. Oh, they're good good. Got it? Okay, all the bolts are out so the Hub should come off and then the backing plate should also come off.

Now there's an ABS sensor here and I don't know if I have to. Yeah, I've got to pull the parking brake out to get that ABS sensor off. Um I don't know if I have a new one in there so I'm going to disconnect that and then we're going to knock this guy out. There's also the parking brake cable, but I know I can't get that with the sparing in.

so let's get to it. Then your impacts. Let's see if this thing is going to come out. You think it moved? Yeah, it's it's gonna come out Okay, here's what I'm gonna do.

We're just gonna go ahead and release this parking brake cable right now and pull this whole assembly off the car. We don't need it anymore. I Don't think I have to separate the bearing from the backing plate anyway because I've got new bearings I pulled the spring through Schnikes I have new bearings in their moves and they should have a sensor installed already I'm gonna ruin this thing. Oh why did I just get myself into now? I'm stuck.

Hang on guys. Hang on. Embarrassing. All right.

come out there. we go. Got her release. Let's get this cleaned up right now and then we'll move on.

and uh. remove that control arm. y foreign. All right.

Okay, insert vertical jack stand. Now it's the high reach. You need to hold this to take up some of the spring pressure. so I can unbolt it here and at the shock.

and then we let it down. Then I can pull the spring out and then we can detach the control arm. That's the plan. Okay, it looks like a 21 mil foreign.

Try that again. I Don't know why that moved, but it did. It looks like the rest of the suspension is sprung upward and it wants to move up. Odd.

Let's just pick the spring up some more. What are we doing? Why are we so bound up? Okay, let's just let this down some now. Okay, that's free pry bar. Okay, we're good.

Oh, that pressure's gone. Pull the shock absorber off. Next unclicks. Okay, there's still a lot of spring pressure on that I think I'm going to relocate this jack stand.
It's at a bit of an angle and I don't want the thing to fly off and hit me in the face. or Worse hit you guys and fish. put that right there. See that? Okay, real quick.

let's get the uh, the sway bar link. That's this guy right back here. It faults on from the bottom. Got it? okay, back up top again.

Now we can let this down. That's going to relieve spring pressure on that coil spring. Then I can pull the spring out. Then I can get that last bolt off and remove this control arm.

Down we go. We're running out of down. That's okay. Up we go.

All right. Moving down a little deeper. Let's get this last bolt out of here. Foreign.

ER I'm really glad had that this bolt was not rusted to this bushing. That could have been disastrous while we're here. I'm going to go ahead and pull these sway bar links off also because we have some replacements in the back seat and so uh, these are going to get changed as well. Manual long picks.

that thing turning ah, the stud's Turning Okay, how about now? No, it's not I can't get a power tool in there so this is done the manual way. Oh, it's still turning. Escalation Pliers level two. Let's get a hold of that shaft right there.

Dang, it's still turning. It's not cool. This is, uh, this isn't working out. Let's try it right here.

All right. Oh, that was a little more destructive than what I intended to do here, but that's what we got to do. This is good because I don't have a torch and yeah, this is any worse. I might need a torch.

Okay, all right, so this assembly is complete on that corner. Make sure these are the right ones or this is the right one. It appears to be dimensionally accurate I Think we're good to go here. Let's get this, uh, new unit installed in place of a said old unit I think I have a new isolator so I'm just going to leave that one there.

All right. moving back up I Don't want to say it, but I'm going to say I think the installation is going to go a little bit better than uh removal since all the rust is gone. Did that hole started right there? This is why it's a finger Chopper offer fastener because what folks will do is they'll hold it in place with their hand and then hit it with a tool real quick. Threads will gain uh friction and it'll spin that little tab around and then catch your finger.

hence the name finger Chopper offer Fasteners came up with that myself. Okay, next up I'm gonna go ahead and hang the sway bar link. these are moves also that's gonna go right there. It's got a grease fitting I Need to install the astute amongst.

you may notice uh, that it's got a new blue sway bar bushing up there. See that guy way up there? Yeah, I didn't record that because it took me about an hour and a half to get those two things changed out. I had to let this subframe down some. It was quite tedious and meticulous and uh I did not bother shooting that.
So we're moving on with the installation of the links and we will get this control arm back into place again. There's no tool that's going to fit in there. so I'm just gonna do this. uh, manual way? No I'm not hanging on to the rubber bushing that would uh oh, you know what? That's neither.

Still can't get a tool in there or can I Yeah, you know what? we're gonna try this. the easy way is gonna fit. Oh come on, all right. Well, it's better than nothing getting somewheres and eventually I'm gonna figure out the right way to do this operation eventually.

You guys know me. I Like to do things the hard way. like 10 times before doing it the easy way. They say 10 000 ways to write a student found 10 000 ways to not make a light bulb.

Okay, let's get the spring in and then we will, uh, get this control arm up into position. pretty easy like so and then I need to get my uh, my big jack stand and hold this thing up because I cannot compress the spring by hand. can you be a deer and push the up button? so I can get over here to the right on the machine. Up button.

Yeah yeah, the green one. Push it all right. Stop. That's good.

Thank you. Yeah Okay so now I just need to turn this so push this up, compress the spring and then I can get the bolts and the shocks and uh or the shock bowl and the spindle. The bolt. words they're broken today.

I Get all the bolts lined up. That's the plan. Moving on up, foreign, then the spring will be contained. Click there we go.

Let's go ahead and run this guy through and we have achieved safety noises. Is that too loud? All right, we're gonna go up a little bit higher now and then get this spindle bolt in next. Hope that's gonna clear this little. Jack Hang on, let's check that.

Yes, it will. Okay moving back up. Need to make sure I don't pick the car up off the lift. There's a real danger of that when you get to the top of the spring.

Yeah. Do I need it? No. I don't need that just trying to push this knuckle down so it meets up. foreign.

just wiggle it some it'll go almost. one side is in, the other side is not but I think I can pry bar it foreign. We need to get this to go up and this way some. but I can't really get uh I can't maneuver the spindle so maybe I can maneuver its Bolt sketchy just ah, it's gonna work.

Got it? It's going through. Check it out right there there now. you can see all right that's through safe. You can let this stand down all the way down.

Oh, that didn't last long. did it look at that thing chunk? There we go. All right. let's get this thing out of here and we'll let our truck back down.

So all right, couple of things. Uh, it's good that we're doing new wheel bearings because I had to bash these out with a hammer from the inside to get it to separate and I had to do that because I needed to recover the adjuster lever that goes in the parking brake assembly which is this guy right here. This new assembly did not come with the adjuster so I had to reuse the old one. Okay, wheel bearing coming in with new ABS sensor or wheel speed sensor.
Let's go ahead and pass that seal through and we can pull the cable through. Get this bearing in its new home. Kind of a toy squeeze too. There we go, Got it all set.

Let's go get it. Hung on the car. all right now. First thing I'm going to do is get that cable reattached to its bracket because that's going to be a bear to manipulate once this is installed.

So let's just get that set up like right now. Whoa. Flashlight Come here. Gravity.

Just gonna have to manhandle this spring a little bit here. Yeah, now. pinch my finger and press that guy in little tabs. Come back out that's secure Now we can hang it on the spindle All right.

I was right. this is going together easier than. uh that it came apart kind of ish. Take this and you guys go over here a little bit.

kind of in the way. uh-huh Wires out of the way. cable's out of the way. just slip this over the axle.

Here about there, it's almost. It's almost seated. Where's my bolts? I Need bolts I need fasteners? That one. We'll start with the easiest one first or the one I can reach I Should say we'll use that to locate everything and get it all lined up is the weight of the axle is pulling this assembly down.

All right. there's one. it's going in right here. there we go.

Found it there. Got it too far. too tight. Back off.

a little too excited on that one. Top bolt. number two. Now I'm gonna go okay.

two down, two to go. two top ones are in. Let me do the two bottom ones if I can reach them. Remember those were the really hard ones to get to trying to do this without going back down in the chair.

the time being there's one and reach out of the one to the chair I Have to get this one with the wobbly better and one more nice I was Fastener Number four Manual Cliquages go back to number three. Put some torque on that. Oh, and I'll get some torque on the two up top and we're good to go. Yeah! I'm really glad we got past all the hard part here because uh, this job was kind of no joke.

Lots of corrosion. Ah, clickage. Yeah, let's get that other one. I Always smashed my finger.

Oh did you guys see that? it was right there. This thing hit my finger and it hurts off. Oh ah, you got me in the fingernail. not bleeding? Yeah I heard actually I think it's bleeding under the fingernail.

Oh workplace injury. Yeah, that's the danger of these and complacency. it got me. Oh, break time.

Yeah, words, words, things I want to say but I can't I'll just ignore it and uh and put this ABS connector together. That's what I'll do. Click. Oh all right.
brake rotors going back on. It's clean inside except for some never. Seas my finger still hurts a lot. Oh why did I do that? I'll be okay.

like don't worry about me guys. I'll be okay I've been I've been hurt far worse. foreign. It just kind of stings a little bit thick now.

I'm afraid of my tools axle nut. very important. Can't forget that without the axle nut, the bearing comes apart and then wheel falls off. It's not good.

Just down here now. needs to be torqued down later. Okay, so next we're going to spin this rotor around some and make sure it's not scrubbing on this backing plate. I don't uh I don't hear anything.

So I think we're good. Let's get our brake bracket back on. Okay, break bracket coming in. that was a flashlight going down I've taken this opportunity to lubricate these slide pins while it was off.

I Can no longer feel my pulse in my fingers so that's good I mean I don't know. It might be bad thinking how you look at it I think it's good though. it doesn't hurt good for me. Okay, 15 for that bolt that I can't reach now like I mentioned earlier I do have a there's a click I do have a I think it's the right front lower control arm also to replace and uh I've also got the wheel bearing and the backing plate on the driver's side and one caliper is All That Remains Let's go ahead and slide that guy right back into where it goes.

There we go. We got two more bolts 13s I think they were yeah, sure 13 and a 13. let's go ahead and fuzz that in with the wrong size socket failure Yeah, let's try it. 14.

that was tight. so is that one double click caliper bracket bearing bolts, backing plate, parking brake spray Springs Clips Connectors Control Arm Sway bar Let's let's knock that sway bar out real quick. We almost forgot. Actually, almost is not true I Totally forgot.

That's okay I Have an opportunity for Redemption We're gonna take that right now. It's got to have the rubber bushing. see the stud goes back through the hole. pull that down next bushing and it's washer.

The flashlight's blinking, it means its battery is low and the nut I'm not going to tighten this uh nut just yet because the other side is also getting a sway bar link but there I didn't forget so we're good to go. However, for the Uh, for the sake of not making this a two hour long video, I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out. Right now we have reached a level of completion where I feel that I'm comfortable to do that and I will do that by again Thanking you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video then go watch something else. Maybe you'll enjoy that. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Equinox Foreign, foreign, Goodbye foreign.

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