Not all vehicles are "broke" when they come to the shop. This can be the most frustrating part for a mechanic. The classic "unable to duplicate customer concern" written on the ticket. That is just how the cookie crumbled today after straightening out some other shops screw ups.
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Yeah folks, we got us a 2015 I Believe this. Not sure it's a Hindu it's the CRV 15 is it 2015. uh, it's got this engine here in it. The guy brought it here because evidently this car loses power.

That's what I'm told and acts like. you know a plug converter just runs out of power and and that's it. Let me grab the invoice out of the inside. It's been to another shop I'll read this to you here.

I'll cross off the personal information stuff. All right. So let's shop. magnet for 200 bucks and apparently the one before that got her for 600.

She's 800 deep into it. The car still does what it does. I guess scanner Diagnostics Po301 cylinder one misfire 50 bucks for denzo uridium TT spark plugs Zero dollars. It must have been free Uh CRC GDI Intake valve and turbo cleaning Ah must be I can't see the turbo because it doesn't have one.

21 bucks for that and then they use some CRC I tank or one tank Power Renew fuel system cleaner 23 bucks and then we get down to the labor charge. So they did some wallet flushes there. Forty five dollars and 32 cents worth of Mickey Mouse Stuff: uh, Labor check for cause of intermittent misfire to play Spark plugs did not fix swap coils did not fix remove Upstream oxygen sensor to check for exhaust back pressure tested Good Suspected valve problem or injector problem Perform valve cleaning and intake cleaning. Still misfiring.

Advised to take to the dealer for further diagnosis and repair. 199.88 and your car is still broke I Don't know what they did to this air fuel ratio sensor but this thing's all smashed up bashed up. They busted it off where it hooks on up here and now the vehicle is here at my shop with the engine light on with a PO 135. I think for O2 or Bank One Sensor One AFR Heater Circuit So I Checked it yesterday and the heater is is open circuited.

So I ordered us a new one from Hondu. I Don't know what the car is actually doing because it has four monitors that are not set and it's running in a default strategy because the FR sensor doesn't work. If the heater in these things doesn't work these, these sensors quit working all together so we're going to see if we can't get this out. Oh mother lovers anyone saying that sucker I Hope they don't have it cross threaded in there.

It's all just beat to. Hell Let's just cut the connector off and see if we can get a socket on it. I Mean it's junk so it doesn't matter so we're just gonna cut that connector off. Let's stick with 22 mil on there.

Let me grab a different side here. Maybe something, maybe a little bit different here. We'll grab a 7, 8. that one fits so grab that.

Hopefully they didn't strip this thing out. Oh nope, It just couldn't get a good bite on it with that socket. But so what? we have to do I guess Long story short, even though they gave you the long story, oh, that's all jammed up under there man. Yeah, they've got that really.

just freaking wedge right under there. Good job Alice Foreign. Come on baby. there we go.
I Guess what I was trying to say Here's this guy. a net back your back out a little bit. There's the uh, new number from Hondo made right here in America What we need to do is get out your words, you idiot. uh.

what we need to do one more time is we need to put this in so the car can go into fuel control and now we have to run it through a drive cycle to see what the real problem is. if if any problems still exists I mean how can they determine whether or not they've done anything after destroying this? I Don't know, it's a good answer Erica Good question I mean I don't have the answer I'm gonna snug that up without destroying it. We're going to, uh, plug this back in the plugger, get everything straightened back out here. get that hooked on where it belongs so this is almost a 300 F up.

These AFR sensors are not cheap and like I say I don't know what in the heck? what do they do I mean if you're that pissed off I don't know, go do something else. Oh man. this guy forgot his hat, got done eating lunch, left my hand on the counter. What we're going to do.

We're going to start it up, warm it up, run it through a drive cycle as much as we can. It may take two days, but we're gonna take her for a little rep and see if anything materializes because he wants the car inspected too. Hey, we need to drive cycle done and B hopefully whatever problem he he or she was having makes itself present. Okay, these things are pretty notorious for splitting the intake boots.

They make them run like crap but not knowing really what was going on. you know what? Am I looking for? warm-up cycle here? Just kind of giving a visual inspection. Front ends all busted up. so kind of an interesting story.

my guy Joshua from who drives one of these, he hit a deer with his his vehicle. let me move it back here too. I'm flipping this. Rattle Trap He smoked a deer with his and the front end was busted up about like that.

knew he was driving it in the meantime waiting to get it in the body shop. Or just one day. randomly he's getting ready to leave and this thing lost power. I mean just barely move I barely go down the road.

act just like the converter plugged tight I Checked it out. One thing I noticed is the engine would maintain a lot of vacuum even during. Full Throttle It would stay very high backing so that you know that tells me there's a a restriction in the intake. We look at his intakes, it, you know, the air, the smoke.

Everything's good. But down behind the bumper cover where it got an accident. it broke something loose inside the snorkel down there and every time you give it gases, a little piece of plastic would flap up and block the input. So it's kind of neat.

So it kind of made me think of that seeing the front end of this one all busted up. But let's uh, pick for rips. you can get the drive cycle done. We're at a drive cycle we're just gonna pop into OBD2 Generic.
Let's see, it's the easiest thing to do that way We can monitor the drive cycle as we go and we can look at generic items, fuel trim, stuff like that. So we have five monitors that are not complete. Get back here. So when it came in, there was four.

but uh I think it was a Po135 should have a permanent coat in here. Yeah, Po135. So that's what it was and that's what we just fixed. So I'm gonna look at some live data and we're going for our route.

So just glancing at data I know it's hard for you guys to see but it looks like I mean our field trims are almost perfect. Gosh! I mean it's about as close to zero as you can get. It's warming up about 145 right now. So anyhow, we'll see what uh What Becomes of it.

Hopefully whatever it was doing, it does. The guy said he'd when he drove it all the way here. It didn't act up one bit on the way here. so it's our time.

but we had to start somewheres. I Love about Honda's I mean I'm not even to my brother's shop. we're not even three miles from my shop and we're down to two monitors. Uh, not being sets.

We've got six complete two not complete. We should be able to get everything but the EVAP I'm guessing that's typically how these go, but I don't. Since we were having, you can see what happens. I'll probably bring it back, check it out for state inspection.

it's good running through and then see if we can't duplicate customer concern if we can't flush it, You know if you can't make if you can't duplicate the concern, you can't fix the car because anything you're going to do is just guessing. All right. I Just saw the last monitor. the action sensor monitor is all we were waiting on.

I Just saw that one flip. okay here. so the throttle. So about six miles it took to run the full drive cycle minus the EVAP which that's going to take take some time so we'll just go all the way around here.

Not sure what you guys can see I think there's probably quite a bit of glare there, but we can see or I can see it's a camera. So I can see seven miners complete one incomplete and no codes. So I guess now that that's done, we can try a couple things because I was driving pretty much steady. These: Hondas you do a cold start, warm up, go out steady Cruise 55 and seven minutes it's all over.

Let's just try. We'll slow down. we'll do a little harder acceleration to see if there's anything noticeable there. So now throttle a little bit a little bit heavier.

Be good there. What we'll do is we'll pull over, start from the side of the road. here. that was kind of a mid throttle acceleration I would say so.

I'm gonna get cruising here. we'll just flat throttle pipping. Actually, if you have an ignition fire, that's all. oftentimes when it's going to happen, but it sounds like they've already played swaptronics.
They've already put bugs in it. say usually ignition misfires are oftentimes RPMs are low steady Crews and then you're just barely tipping into the throttle. That's usually when we have an ignition. Oh look at that.

The train tracks are shut down here because I've ever seen these clothes I've lived here for 43 years. First time I've ever seen this blanket. Whenever it's broke, there's a train sitting there, but maybe a stalled? Who knows. All right, we made it back to the shop.

Now you guys can probably see vehicle steps one minor not complete and then the only code we should have if we reread these is just the permanent code and getting pending codes and there's not I want to take I'm just going to hop into OEM Data I'm just sitting here idling in gear to see if it does anything different. I mean it feels like it might have a mortar Mount Going bad. Like you can kind of feel a slight. you know, vibration.

but these Hondas aren't the smoothest. Yeah, it's only in drive. it's not in reverse. Yeah, it's way better than neighbor.

just put it in Drive Yeah and you feel more of the shimmy. So yeah, probably the passenger side motor mount is starting to go I was just looking through um OEM data here because I wanted to see if it cataloged any misfires on our drive in it and it didn't You can see our total misfires are at zero. So anyways, I'm gonna take finish checking this thing out for inspection and and then we may I may go drive it around a little bit more in town and see you know if we can duplicate. I Gave it multiple different scenarios here.

we'll let it sit. Maybe it's a startup misfire. It's odd that when we read the what the last shop said, you know they were claiming that they didn't fix it. so apparently they could duplicate it soon.

Oh, maybe maybe they fixed it, but they were still figuring around with that mass there. Or the uh, um AFR sensor I Don't know. Whatever. that's it for this one, folks.

it needs tires for inspection. They're smooth on the back where you guys can probably hear it when you're driving. It's actually got mismatched tires on it, which will completely destroy these kinds of dual pump fluid systems. They're the same size front, the back, but they got instead of bald snows on the rear and then the set of all seasons on the front.

So the way those dual pump fluid systems work is I'm pressure differential. so that thing will just sit back there, you know, going nuclear on itself going down the road. So it's really imperative on these, particularly to run four matching tires on it. So we're going to get tires to get it to go through inspection and then you know I Talked to the owner.

They're just going to let it go because the guy drove it all the way here which was a few hours and you know he never had one time have an inch and it's giddy up. So I'm not going to keep this driving it endlessly. We did fix this problem. Whatever happened here I'm sure there's a story behind it.
Uh, perhaps the other shop when they were like, say when they were shotgun parts at it. you know, inadvertently fixed it. or the problem is so intermittent that it's going to take you know a while for it to creep up. which you know I can't describe the car endlessly.

and I'm not going to take it home and drive it around because I've got things to do when work's done. That's why I usually tell people when they want me to do that. well you just take my car and drive it like no because when it happens on a Saturday I'm home. but that might sound stupid.

uh to some of you. but that's that's how I do it when I leave work, work is over and that's that. and I want you to work your way down that comment section. leave your questions comments.

Let me know what you would do coming across a situation like this: Do you just ship it when you wholeheartedly give it a try, Run a drive cycle I Don't know. Can't do any more in my opinion. but let me know down in the comment section what you do: Do you take customer car home? Do you drive it for weeks on end to get that one intermittent glitch to try to help them through it. And if you do, what do you do from there? Do you see what it did and then you hook up some test equipment and then drive it again for weeks on end.

I Don't know, Let me know. I'll be looking forward to seeing it insty. Facebook You guys know and just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching foreign.

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