1984 Dodge Rampage! Cutting Wheel Required!
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Hello, everybody good day to you and welcome back. This is part two of this 1984 doge rampage that needed some carburetor work. If you missed part one or would like to go back later and review, it just check the link in the description down below, and it will take you back in time without any further introduction. Let's get back to it, okay, dope! So there's one other little pickup that i've just uh uncovered here um.

I went to transfer these two studs that hold the air box onto this unit over here, and i found these are all threaded holes. This one is not threaded. This little stud is just got some like knurling on it and it's supposed to press in. So this is not going to work, and then this stud over here also does not go here, because i found it's got a heli coil in it a thread repair kit which is a different size and pitch for the original.

So this little stub thing is not going to work um, not the hugest of issues, i'm sure i can work this out with a set of bolts later on, but uh it's just something. I've got to contend with moving forward. Having said that, on the bright side, i got all this linkage: business handled it's a fully custom, hack job, but uh. I think it looks pretty factory.

This is good and it's gon na work. So let's get this thing installed and uh proceed. We have our base plate installed, gaskets on there, let's go ahead and set our unit in and see if this linkage is gon na work out for us. Well, the first things i noticed is: there's no port on this carb for the vacuum booster line, so we're just going to reroute this right here to this vacuum port.

I know, let's pull this little filter thing off. I don't know if this is a filter or a check valve. Let's see some kind of filter, i blew through it yeah, regardless we're just gon na plug this line in right. Here and now we have a vacuum supply for the uh brake booster, like so beautiful screw in our nuts.

There are four of them. I better not hold too many at one time or i could lose control of the nuts two more. On the other side, you can't see, but i got one in and the other over here on the back side, got that one screwed on a little bit of clickage. There's that flashlight, i don't even have to say it.

You guys already know. Third one. I see you: okay, let's function check the throttle, nothing binding, we're still good, still good a couple little zoomies going on. We can go ahead and connect the fuel line at the supply line from the tank get on there and also plug in this electric choke.

Okay, i, like it. Okay, let's get the throttle cable bracket, so we're gon na get these guys hooked up to their respective shafts they're gon na work yeah. We have one not to be dropped and lost little clip. You couldn't see it, but that was a positive click see.

I believe this washer goes on. Maybe not try that one yeah okay and this one goes together. Just like this all right, i think we're in good shape. We got my two nuts that hold the bracket onto the carb base plate.
Let's get those guys in real fast, probably should have done that before i put the cable on, but it'll be all right. There torquage oh hit you with a ratchet. I hate you guys with all kinds of stuff. It's pretty common, i kind of feel bad kind of.

I think we need our helper return spring. It's like a safety mechanism closes the throttle in case something uh wants to. Hang it up just a little bit extra help to demonstrate that see how we don't have that snap. He wants to hang open a little bit, but look at that right there.

Now we have that nice crisp snap, it's important, okay, i think we're approaching moment of truth time. Let's go ahead and crank this and uh see if she's gon na fire up it's gon na take a long crank, because the fuel pump needs to fill the fuel bowl in the carb with fuel before it starts fueling the engine but uh it will start all Right, let's help it out a little bit: oh you're gon na live staying. It's running. It wants to idle a little high.

I'm wondering if i can adjust that out. I think i can it could be a screw down there. I see it, you can't see it. It's far away, don't know if that's it or not.

I gave it two turns. I hope my hat wasn't in the way. Sorry so i went ahead and uh put a loop in this spring to shorten this spring right here and that uh that might help keep that throttle in the closed position. When we do not want throttle, i found it to be slightly weak, more adjusting adjust it until i see it move looks good, restarting the engine a little bit more, all right.

It's idling at about 900 rpms. This has been adjusted properly. I'm going to go ahead and tighten that i don't want any pressure on it wrong way, a little shaky at 900. I think i'll step it up just a wee bit here.

I think that's good! Okay, it's about a thousand rpms, but that's where it seems to be comfortable all right. Let's get this shut down. I'm gon na see what i can do about reconnecting that air box to the top of this carburetor. That's the next little challenge powering down all right.

Let's test fit this real, quick like and see, uh how this is gon na work out. Ah so i did find a uh a bolt that is long enough. The trouble is it's too long. These are m8 threaded bolts, they will fit, but we're about three inches too long here um.

So i think i got a creative solution. Uh it's going to require the welder. So, let's go back over to my toolbox and go ahead and see if this is going to work. Okay, here's the plan, i've scoured the shop.

These are the only two bolts. I have two of these: the only two that are at the correct red pitch and are long enough. Trouble is they're too long, so i'm gon na make this shorter. We have a line, i've already faded it with the sharpie.

I got a line right here and i'm actually just going to make a new bolt out of this old belt. Line's gon na sit flush on the vise. You guys like this, i'm gon na weld it now. As with most of my projects, this is either gon na work or it's not i'm betting.
This one's gon na work right here, i'll, hang on to it with some non-welded pliers i'll tack, it real quick. Here we go bright lights fail. I welded my pliers all right. It appears to be tacked on it's centered.

Let's go ahead and get a good bead started here, engage your welding helmets. This is gon na work. It's totally gon na work, goodbye, slag, um, oh yeah, now we're getting somewhere now, but we're not done yet because the bolt is still too long. So i need to shorten it loud noises.

Okay, now we're not done yet because this is ugly and not shiny, and we need to revise that first i'll hit it with a carbide and then we'll polish it nice and clean sandpaper rotary sandpaper good. This is twice this week: we've done handheld machine shop. Work. Look at that where there was no bolt.

No, there is one, let's uh i want to brush this off and make it a little shinier still got some slag on it. Well, not really slag, it's just like some residue or whatever. Let's get rid of that there we go a freshly made bolt. I like it all right, one down one to go i'll, skip the recording of that uh next unit and uh i'll see you guys back over at the car there.

It is okay, so i got the gasket in here: here's our air box, there's one of my new bolts, nice and shiny and the second one of my new bolts, also nice and let's shiny. If these are gon na work, i mean they are. I know they are. It is my will.

What is this there? Okay, oh yeah, buddy! Look at that! That's nice! I got another one right here on the back side, ooh, that one's still kind of hot hot hot hot, but it is threading in okay. Now that we know this is gon na work, let's set the air filter box back up right here and uh. We're gon na be good to go on this installing engineer filtration element. Now i believe she goes down like so right here and we've got this little pcb tube in the back that gets plugged into this air box, good filter, good, and now we can do our little metal thing here.

Put this guy on real nice. Like three clips, i believe all right next intake tube that goes on next. That way, we do not have a hot air intake. Those are bad.

I wonder if my bolts that i made are going to survive uh having actual torque applied to them. I guess we're going to find out. Aren't we start with this? One click not wrenching down on it, i'm just providing enough torque to uh seat this on the gasket click. Now we're only going to use one wing nut instead of three, because if you recall these bolts that i just made uh used to be studs and now they are no longer studs there all right moment of truth.

We're gon na go hit the road and see how this thing runs. Ah, what's a dish, i wonder if the ac works in this car, let's uh, let's determine that max ac, uh, hey the compressor came on. Maybe it does work all right and we're off. Well, we do have an improvement, it's not stalling and sputtering very bad uh.
You guys may or may not have noticed uh it kind of felt a little rattly and vibrating. That is because uh i installed a set of neoprene engine mounts. I did the front one and then the one on the right and one on the left, because they are neoprene and not super soft rubber anything. That's an engine.

Vibration is transmitted into the chassis and so we're feeling some extra harshness. That's not a running issue. It's just the fact that uh for lack of a better term the engine is now solid, mounted uh to the chassis all right. Okay, we've got a shift.

That's good! Okay, we're at a stable cruising speed, i'm going to apply some throttle and we're going to make sure that this transmission kicks down. Here we go and we had it downshift alrighty folks. I have exactly one minute and 40 seconds left of memory on this sd card. In this particular gopro, so i have no choice but to go ahead and close this video at this time, as always i'd like to thank you for watching my videos and uh.

Most importantly before i go, don't forget to have yourself a great day see you guys later ending of transmission. Now.

47 thoughts on “Impossible situation? it will work!”
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    Ah the sound of a carb moan. "Modern" ricers will never no that sound since they never had to mess with a carb.

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    The bolts… why not just cut the bolts to the correct length and then cut new threads into the unthreaded shaft? A simple tap & die set, no welding necessary, keeps the original head of the bolt, no cleaning afterwards. I'm asking because that would have been my first choice and I want to know if there's a problem with it.

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    brake clean contains chlorine, burning it creates chlorine gas

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars don2deliver says:

    I would imagine that originally had a feedback carb system. They were so troublesome and intermittent that it was difficult to diagnose and properly repair and guarantee. Getting an earlier non-feedback carb was the solution.

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