In this video I bring you along as I knock out some front axle joints in a Jeep Wrangler, tell you about the minor surgery I had on my head, fix a bolt that snapped off in the wheel bearing, get a visit from Andy and oh yeah, the laundry mat next door has a dryer that catches on fire. Other than that just a normal day.
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There are folks working on the 2010 that's a Jeep Wrangler It's got the big three, eight, the four by four. It needs some front axle U-joints This is pretty low mileage I Don't know what it has on a 50k or so. Not too bad for a New Yorker I Think probably spent a lot of time in the garage. We're gonna pull these little guys off because we're going to reuse them to hold our rotor on.

not really necessary. You can take a little chisel and just give them a little clicking. a little whacking, a little clicking off. they'll come, but we're gonna put them back on so she looks just like oh yeah, like we never was even here.

except the U-joint will be new hopefully customary. request customer supplied parts. no diagnosis needed or wanted. We got some other work we need to do this too.

so we're going to Mark the stud we're gonna Mark the rotor so it goes back on the same spot. we're gonna leave our axle nut on for the time being. You'll see why in a moment we're going to take our flush Cuts Here we're going to chop off a zip tie that they've got around the brake hose and the ABS wire. I'm going to unhook the ABS wire up here where it hooks onto the knuckle and then right down here.

I Don't think we're gonna have to go and unplug it, but we do have to make it loosey-goosey so we have some room. so that's what we did. We've got some room now. let's get our caliper and caliper bracket off.

Oh, let's see. I've got some tools sitting here. 13 mm, 3, 8 Oggy doggy. That one came right out and that one came right out.

Even better, we'll stick those inside. That's what they look like. We're gonna pull our caliper towards us. Let it push that piston in just a little bit.

I'm gonna push in just a little bit more. stick our screwdriver between the pad and the piston. That's what that little guy looks like. We're making a video so we're gonna get a hook.

We'll hook right up there there. That's helpful, huh? And then we need a bigger wrench. It's like the 21 mm. let's put that on there.

Oh, not too bad at all. We'll grab us a different uggie Dougie a half inch one. Oh, there's those. That's what that little fellas look like.

All right. Okay, we're gonna set this aside. We'll address any seizure issues there. She's nice and clean.

No rust to deal with there. There's rust to deal with here though. My guy I'd say I need the U-joint What do you say? We've got our 13 mm. She's 12 pointer.

looks fine. 13. that one's 12. never mind.

Step back. We want the back of the 13 12 mm. Give her some. Okay, we're going all the way.

We'll crack it Loose by hand. No, we will not. Now we're gonna go down to your classic 12 millimeter 12 point wherever it may be. It's right here.

see if we can get a little grip on it. It's a Jeep thing you wouldn't understand. Go ahead and try me Jeep Tell me why not? You thought a 12 point anything was good ever? All right, we're gonna have to man up I Just didn't want to beat my socket on there too hard. but it's a Jeep thing.
Maybe that you don't have to really. Basher and I Use your crack loose and you're usually do it all right. Now we're good. Let's get up the coil or WD or wider or whatever you want to put on the threads.

Whatever makes you feel good in your heart. tamper back on a little bit. Hit this. Get the half inch buggy.

Dougie Get on here. Oh yeah, give her the No Mercy reversity because the threads stick through out here. Oh yeah. I Also want to beat on 200.

I Didn't want to bolts out. It gets kind of silly trying to get it off. Oh what happened fella? Cracker loose Force comes out all the way. There's one.

Just repeat that process two more times in a slightly more inconvenient position. We're going to start out with a 13 mm again. Oftentimes if you beat her all the way home, they'll come right out. lickety split all the way.

The panther pee on it prior to trying to crack it Loose it don't do nothing, but it's on there. anyways. let's see here. Where were we? There was a day you don't ever notice it on video but the laundromat was just on fire I thought I smelled something a little funky I said hold up wait a minute, something ain't right I went up, went outside to see what the heck was burning and there's smoke coming out of the laundromat.

So I went over and nobody was in there but there was a dryer that was on fire. Somebody's clothes in it were burning. foreign. So I did what anybody would do I come over here, got a fighting, a bucket of water went over there, ripped all the clothes out.

there was like a oh I don't know a mattress protector I guess one of those plastic sheets, pee pad, whatever you want to call them. That baby was engulfed. we'll say so I got that little guy out there stomping it out and everything else is burning. So then I called 9-1-1 so we're gonna need a medic no I just don't We need a fire department and then seven minutes.

seven minutes later the Avoca fire department was here. five gallon pails later, bunch of smoke and it's all good. Everybody lit, we all survived. I just got a bunch of burnt plastic crap on the bottom of my boot now and it's Smoky over there it stinks and we're good.

Oh and then I called the guy who owned it and said hey, you might want to come over here and he was glad I couldn't tell because there was so much smoke coming out of the vet outside. I knew they were the dryer vents on the outside of the building but I don't know how that's designed back in the walls, if the smoke was in the walls, or if it was just what it was. So now I just come back here and mind my own business. The wind was blowing wrong.

Anyways, if that place burned up, it would have got my building. So um, something ain't right. This one's real springy I didn't feel like she wants to go. So anyhow, that's what I've been up to.
Oh you mother lover. Anyways, I'm gonna work on this for a while. We're gonna beat that 12 on there and feels like she's coming out hard all the way. If they give you a hard time, just cut the heads off in here.

get the torch and just let it rip I'm gonna take that off. let's try. Uh so a half inch is in between 13 and 12 but the only 12 points I have are 3 8 drives. Thank you There that goes on a little bit.

Let me get along. 3 8 Ratchet feels good boy. this guy sure makes some funny faces. Perhaps you put a little heat on the outside of this thing? Grab on that Trail back.

let's put a little bit of heat on the outside of the knuckle. Oh oh, that happened. Freckle Free Frick here I am thinking I'm living right working on something with no rust. We're using your Uh File 40100 hovering motor.

It's this little guy that's what we want to do is just stick it up here. and uh, getting the fairing to crack loose I've gotta go into the foam this is. oh, it's not here at the moment. Never mind.

it was just a YouTuber grab our forcing screws. So I'll slab right from the first time we used it. Took that baby through. you know when I did the one on the other side? I Made a little video using this little guy and these bearings as I mentioned in that video typically come off quite easily.

Come on, don't leave a message. Okay, um, as I mentioned in that video, they come off quite easily. so I wouldn't typically promote pushing against the caliper bracket hole. Um, this one is cast iron.

They're quite sturdy and we're going to give it just a little push. push push push, get her wound in there. We're just going to give it a handy because we don't want to hit real hard. Leave the nut on.

Trust me. All that boy. All right. we did it.

look at us so we got our crack loose. We'll just take these off. ain't gonna bore you with everything else. The washers tend to stick on that thing.

There we go. stick these back in the box. Boy, use the tool just this couple times. So far so good.

and the reason, in case you haven't seen the first beer I Never even put it out I Don't know the reason you leave the nut on there is. if this little guy was really stuck, then um, keeps you from ripping the outer face off the bearing here. 36 ish I got a half inch Oggy Doggie right here. Hang on I Gotta get to get up around you.

Whoa. easy. Think really the impact fish. a little lightweight.

All right there we go. Good job fellas. Now ideally we must be at the show, would be over. We'd set this to the side.

we wouldn't even have some speed sensor wire put me in this ding dong. Can't believe that freaking bolt broke off in there like what's that all about. You can see right, heater up a little bit. but apparently I wasn't watching it enough.

so let's pull our axle out. I Mean, let's see if we can't fix this screw up here. Wiggle this around until we think we got her about in the middle must be about Center right? close enough. Anyways, all right, that was 3 16.
We're gonna bump her up another size here. Let's see, we'll probably go like three eighths see how close that gets us. Might be a little off center here. Foreign.

Drop down a couple sizes, we'll go 11 30 seconds. I Just if we get this out. I Just don't want to hit the threads. Foreign.

so I drilled her all the way through I Was hoping it was going to be thin enough on the edge here to maybe just knock it in I Don't know. Oh, actually I think it is. I'll go get a smaller punch I think it's working. You know that little thin.

It's just a thin little sleeve of the bolt that's left in there. You know, of course the threads too. I Cannot get that sucker to break away. So last ditch effort here real quick.

We just buy a new bearing. Sometimes when it's this thin like you just touch it with some heat and they just disappear. Foreign. Actually, let me let that cool down for just a second.

Yeah, it's not smoking hot. I'll let that cool down. We'll give her just a tap and see if the rest of that slag now will just come out of there and leave us the threads and garlic. 90 of them.

A little pieces of slack that won't flake off I Don't want to get into I Don't want to dig into the threads I Just don't know why it won't flake off. Usually you do that and you're home free so we'll give her some some Cap Oil 12175 I believe these are 12 175. if not, that's what they're gonna be, but we'll check this one. Usually a threat.

Chaser is a little better to use. There we go. Yeah, yeah, they're 12 175. What we'll try and do.

We're running through all the holes, but we'll see if we can't get it to kick out this slag here and get it to start in a known good thread. Probably not the best option here, but I just need it to. There it goes. It's kick another piece there because right now the threads are intact.

There's just a little bit of slag from Old Vic So there we go. There's another piece. I Just need something to flick them off. There sounds terrible here with the cap going through there, but let's see if that sounds like it cracks more of them loose.

Yep, Oh good. I Got rid of the big booger. There we go, so it doesn't usually take much. usually.

Uh, when you cut through there with the torch, usually they'll pop right loose on you, but you got to have it pretty dang thin to go in there. You know if you're trying to blow a bolt out of a hole once you've already drilled it. If you go in there with a torch, make sure you got it really thin. Okay, I think we'll be in good shape.

I'm gonna get some actual grease here. something a little more slippery than that. just run the tap down through it. I'll show you guys when we're finished, but there's just one more little piece right down there at the bottom.
But I think we're in good shape? let's threw over in the sandblaster. just got the rust off. you know where we got to put it on anyways? but you can see well I don't know which hole it was now. uh maybe it's this one I know it's one next to the speed sensor so all the you know if you guys can see here now, but holes are all in good shape.

We didn't end up hitting any threads. yeah, I must have been this one because it's got a few little pecker tracks up there for my chisel, but um, ran a uh tap down through there in the thread chaser and everybody's good. um up to you whether or not you fix them. I mean if you can do them in just you know, a few minutes, drill it out and then you know, tap it out.

Looks like looks like a little bomb went off over here, but it really wasn't It wasn't too terrible. um I already have new bolts where I had the customer get new bolts because I knew that these you know 12 point headed bolts are garbage. Usually can't get a good bite on them. That one.

We did bite to do what we had to do. It's a hole that we just did right there. So yeah, typically these aren't a problem. Usually if there's a problem, it's a problem up here or where they seize right there.

but usually they don't seize up down. you know, down here. Down Yonder But it's all good. Crisis averted.

You'll never even know what happened. We are a little secret. you guys. Don't tell anybody I won't tell anybody, it doesn't really matter I'm just gonna come clean man.

So that's what that looks like I don't know if any of it matters too, but that's a piece that was on the inside I had some slag on it. that's basically the bolt that we drilled out and it's the little you know bit that's left in there and if you just drill it paper thin. oftentimes like I said, you just take the Chisel and give her a little tip it tap. but sometimes you just reaching a torch and just you know get the one side you know you can see I you know I got this side here but it just more or less melted it together.

but anyhow that's that. Keep on keeping on. we're gonna take and do this. U-joint a little differently.

People ask me all the time. why I don't do it like like we're gonna do it and I'll tell you because I don't That's what there's my answer to you because it can be dangerous. A uh. cutting them out with a torch.

That can be dangerous in the sense that it can explode and blow your face off. Uh, and don't do it just because the U joint C's Don't think that it can't hold pressure because it can. Um, so that? that's why Sanders And the other thing is, do I See people do this. They cut it.

you know. Cut it here. Cut it here, cut the cross out okay. And then they take and beat the Caps out of it and just smash these ears right together.
So I'll show you how to do it properly. Use my little claw fingers. Uh, as properly as you can doing it with a torch. So this is a way to change a U-joint I Like to use a torch for just about everything when you're cutting it, cut it like this so it blows away from your face or at least at your buddy.

That's how I do them if you're cutting it on the inside. If it does pop, it'll get you foreign. Foreign. Don't be fooled.

Foreign. This guy can't win. Plug that sucker right up. stuck it right down in there I Felt it.

Okay, we're good. We still got flamage. These little ones are tough to get in there. All right.

So there's that. What's up. Something out on the ground, down on the bench. Foreign.

Don't step on those with your boots. You'll be dancing. If you do so, then go like this. Hold it.

Don't weigh on these ears. Just tap like that. You get the centers to fall out. Okay, so once that one falls out, set that down, pull down on your bench.

get your other one. Careful. She might be toasty. she's a little toasty.

Stick this like that. Tippy tap Give me a little tip of tape like that. What's up? Andy Oh Vic he's over here. We're cooking.

We're showing the people you joining. Okay, where were you today man and 9-1-1 the fire department. You're not even here. No I listen to it.

I listen to it. You heard Mike 911 I'm like I need a medic I don't know. Oh, that's too bad. I'm sure it was entertaining.

Yep I put the fire out myself. Did you hear it break my foot? Are you the one with exposure? That said I heard it's one exposure that was me I was the soul guy I got everybody out of there. Did everybody out? Yeah, it was. It was pretty awesome.

Yeah well. I burnt the bottom of my shoe. You did I'd show you but it's difficult to show you. Check it out.

Yeah guys. just now that torch and you're trying to take credit. No. I I mean that's what I would do does it? The guy Josh has a fan on these Usually will come out pretty easy.

Get your safety napkin now don't you're gonna be tempted to do this. Put it up here and you know, whack on it. Don't Whatever you do, make sure you stick it in the Vise or something like this. That way when we hit on it, we're not tempted or we're not gonna spread the ears.

You know, as we're hitting it, Whacking it together if that makes sense to you. All right? Hopefully it does. It's like a block of wood under there. There's one.

This one already started coming loose. There's two. This one up here. Wow.

Sam It's all that coming. But didn't stop it. All right. Crisis averted.

It's a little toasty, so be careful. Maybe put on some gloves. Customer brought us your classic 371 from, you know, oog. my personal favorite.

Spicer These are the non-greasable variety. we're gonna peel our caps off. Always have a look to make sure. Hey, there's grease in the cap and B and when you pull it out, there's not a needle laying in the bottom because you don't know who's been in the package.
You know what I mean, we're in there cap there. Don't whack on the end of this sucker. Okay, thank you. very lightly.

open up our package. Hey man, you got a nice package there. We go there. any of them through far enough.

Yeah, let's uh. be sure, make sure your clip can go push a little tap for good luck. I Don't know if this one's still warm probably up here. Can you guys still see slipper in soil? Still all toasty, just a little uncomfortable.

Put that down there. Let's give her little light baby taps before we go all the way with that one. Let's get our clip in on this side. now.

You got to make sure that your clip isn't down over the casting. There's a little Notch down here. If you get it down there too far, then you're in trouble. But you're not in trouble.

You just got to put it back where it belongs. Get it all the way. let's make sure. Oops.

Almost. Center Flying Come on. And I Want to give her a little more luck? Tap one more little left tap. Sure.

Well, that feels good now. as long as it feels good in the groove, you're good at the back that way. Oh, we don't even have to give it a couple good luck taps. And there you are Mr Floppy.

and that's it. That's how to put your U-joint in your axle. so pretty easy. that's using the cutting torch method.

let's say which is fine as long as you're not tempted to, you know, really, wail on it and get these ears squished together. So then you're in big trouble. A big trouble mister. Now we're going to take Mr classes That looks like our drill in first gear.

Put it in second gear. Okay, this thing's silk. We touch it yet she's still a little toasty. I'll bring this in, stick your hand under here, and this is called the guided in.

Okay, it's a pretty clutch move. Foreign. Let's get the fluid film all right. There's that.

We've got the new bolt. that because I'm gonna get new bolts because the 12 point ones usually go crazy. There's your Dorman number. All right.

We've got three new bolts if you get these. OEM they're going to come back. They're going to be 12 point. Uh, what in the frig is going on out there? All right, not a big deal I Just put neighbors over there fighting a couple chicks so we stayed right out of that.

Didn't hear any gunshots so be good. I got something. Dude, it all says don't leave a message if you're calling because you saw a video on YouTube We will not call you back because that very clear plain as day what that means is that means you start your message by saying I know it says don't leave a message but I'm going to leave one anyways which I always think is kind of funny and I just delete it. But anyhow, we're gonna take fish some wires through.
we're gonna give this a little Spritz if she doesn't get stuck in there the next time we got the bolts in there, wiggle our bolts through. We'll get all them started and then we're going to torque them to factory specs. As usual, wiggle that baby all the way in, stick our hub nut on there. All right.

Let's see, do we got everything going the right way? Yes, we do. So we're gonna Jam these babies down. 75 pound feet of torque. Foreign should be good.

We'll get our ABS wire kind of fish that back through here. There's a bracket that it where it goes in. Come on little fella, there's that. And then we'll get this one here.

and then once we put the caliper on, we'll thread it the rest of the way. But there's our U-joint spins around very nicely. I've already done the one on the other side. There we go.

so there's that. We'll spritzer with the flu tone being that we sand blast it off the rust hopefully keeper from rusting up so quick. backs of our bolts make sure there's no rust chunks on that. Everything looks pretty smooth.

We're gonna give her one of those. We'll grab our rotor, make sure the inside's clean and it is. Then we got spinner around, line up your paint marks, get these little guys, push them back on. Do we have anything to push them on with? Go all the way.

They don't go all the way there. that'll hold it for us. So we got to take and put our brake caliper bracket back on there. I'm going to take the top.

Andy Oh what do you got there on behalf of the local fire department? Would like to thank you. Appreciate you for what you've done today for our village, our town, our community. Junior Firemen This is pretty awesome. Beautiful.

It almost fits. Be careful if you roll running back in a burning building like that again. that thing's gonna melt right to your forehead just like it did on above my shoe here. so that's all right.

Andy I'm ready for anything. Oh you see the back of my head. a bunch of stitches? Yeah 10 of them. Wow.

there's 10 on the outside. just maybe 10 on the inside too. Yeah, now you remember that that lump I had on the back of my head. no I haven't really never see it.

Why I had like a little lump and then I went to I've had it for years and then I want to chop it off. Did you talk about people about this idea? No I didn't they don't They haven't seen my scar. Oh I can show them so it's back I don't know if they can see it. you can't even see this.

Yeah oh yeah, you got it. Okay yeah, it's got a little plaque psoriasis going on. Got some stitches. it's a little tender.

black psoriasis? yeah. I'm gonna try to Google that you have to Google it it's with a P. So we got out. we numbed her up, cut her open all the way to the skull.

This is all watched. Oh and I knew it was getting wait. Am I gonna move this my hair I think I've been wearing a hard hat all day. Is it flat? That's good.
I'm gonna go involved. it's getting thin anyways. anyway I went in there. he cut her deep Mrs always watching and I could tell I was getting a little tense back there because she's had her hand in my leg I feel like getting a little tighter I'm like what's going on back there? Not really.

It was kind of weird because you can't feel it. but you can hear them because I was awake and then you hear him kind of ripping the flesh away. like as he's pulling this thing out. it looks like a chunk of chicken fat is what it looked like.

Really? yeah, it's just like an encapsulated. Think of that, it was. you know it's nothing. just no big deal.

Nope. Now it's gone. and then, well. it was crazy.

Still just swelling now. Yeah, yeah, it's all swelled up. so hopefully there's some doctors in the comment section. No.

I was gonna record it. but doctor's good. All weird when you want to record stuff and he was making practice. Yeah right? And then they've cauterize it and there's lots of blood and then sew it up on the inside, throw up on the outside.

Adios! So that's what happened. So yeah, that's another thing that's happened. Man, what a day. Yeah, wait, this wasn't today.

This was two days ago. Oh man, what a week? Yeah. Wow. Junior Fireman.

All right. Yeah. so I had to have that thing cut off my head. It's not a big deal, it's a chunk of chicken fat I don't know what it's really called Pilar cyst or something I don't know it was something, but it's gone now.

but now it's all. it's all swelled up I don't think it's infected to find out I guess I Got some thick skin back there. miss those said it was pretty deep. It's kind of a weird feeling when you can hear them cutting away the flesh, but you can't see it.

You can only kind of feel them like tugging and cotton and stuff like that. Anyhow, I Got this baby Sam blasted out and uh, get her freed up here. Put the pads back the way you had them Squeaker On the inside, they weren't really super seized, but being that we had these apart, we want to make darn sure everybody's happy here. All right, let's go put this baby in Sacramento There's that.

Get our bolts lined up. We'll get the Torx back. Once you get those torqued to spec, grab your caliper, unhook it from the hooky. We still got a little grease on your marker.

It's not a marker, it's a paintbrush and your acid brush. I Don't want to call them acid brushes, but that's what they're called. Maybe a little bit more on there. We'll get it on the piston.

they're trying to piston. Grab the bolts slipper down, make sure your pins are filled. These pins are nice and free and still greasy. Listen, even though we're not doing a brake job, we're We're still going all the way with that little guy on there.
a little down there. Grab your wrench. Oh man, do I stink today. Keep thinking somebody's following me around like man who stinks.

That's me. So we're going to torque them down 20 some odd foot pounds, 20. between 20 and 30 usually or just a little. Not like that.

Just like that. You know what I mean not crazy, just snug. I'm gonna bring our wire and we'll run that background now. The customer had a couple of zip ties on this, which oh oh okay, it's real necessary I'll probably put them back on.

He probably thought they were necessary for something so we'll uh, put that back on. usually I mean this has stock tires, stock lift, nothing. nothing's modified on it. This is kind of a piston to plug in behind this shock Tower but we'll get her plugged in here.

Oh Harley stand the smell of myself. where's my light 100 pound feet of torque in that little fell? That's it shows over. so that's it folks. Had a weird Day Downtown are Boca Nothing ever happened here.

Lots of things are happening today, but that's uh, maybe it's a full moon I Don't know. One thing I do know is that we're done with this. We've got the front axle U-joints in it. Everything is torque.

the speck. It turned out good. The job went well and without much difficulty. Oh I guess no Yeah well I don't know that bolt broke but that's not a huge ordeal I Don't take it how you want but I got to keep on keeping.

We got a lot of stuff to finish here. Before that day, we only got a couple hours left and I've got to do the rear axle bearings and stuff from the same too or seals. ultimately the bearings whatever you know. Comment section questions Comments: The Entity Facebook And now you know about the lump of chicken fat on my head and that I have surprise so hope you're all happy I Know I am and just remember viewers.

if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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