Hummer H2 Video that I mentioned: Remove Axle! Engine Oil Leak! 2008 Hummer H2
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No. is it going to come out? I'm losing my mind. It better come out all right everybody. Welcome back! Good day to you! Glad you were here! This is the 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche that I had to torch the exhaust off of it because of rust.

see all that right there and I had to do that because I had to remove the transmission which is over there on the bench for now and I had to remove the transmission because I had to fix an oil leak and I couldn't get to the oil leak because it was behind the transmission. So here we are now this particular video: I'm gonna go ahead and call this a bonus because before I do anything uh regarding reassembly putting all the stuff back together I need to go ahead and get these torched off studs out of here and let's see. I think the ones on this side we're in good shape. not really.

these have to come out too. Uh, that bottom one right there is bent I don't know if you can see it. So I've got to extract all six of these studs. and I've also got to extract this broken off bolt right here in the frame.

Yeah, it's pretty crusty Rusty up on the top. Uh, it's been soaking forever and ever in some penetrating oil. but uh I can't put this thing back together until all these bolts come out. So this is kind of going to be a bonus feature.

uh I don't know if this is part three or part 2.5 Regardless of whatever part it is, the work's got to get done. So let's go ahead and get through this. Uh, and then I can get back on schedule. Oh, by the way, Uh, one more disclaimer on this job: I Uh, did not make a video of it, but the oil pan gasket has also been replaced.

You can see that nice new shiny gasket right there. We've got some sealant where it's supposed to be. We had to pull the differential out. Uh, just to get the oil pan off.

Um, like I said I did not record any of that Adventure because I've done several of those jobs before. The most recent one was on a Hummer H2 So if you'd like to see the oil pan replacement job on this particular engine, I'll just leave a link to that hummer video down in this video's description and you can see the exact same Engine with the exact same operation. I Know some of you will feel, uh, kind of cheated that you didn't get to see, but rest assured, most of us did not want to watch uh, like six or seven videos on this particular car. and I didn't want to make six or seven videos on this particular car.

So I Guess that works out for everybody. That's the way it is happening. Z Hood Yeah, all right. So I'm about to break rule number one of the internet Do Not weld on camera.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do because the way I'm going to get these studs out is I'm going to weld nuts to them and then uh and then break them off or hit or extract them I'm not gonna break them off I'm gonna weld nuts to them I'm gonna torch this flange some to expand it and we're gonna break it Loose with a socket and a ratchet and hopefully I can get all six of these out with the same method. Gonna be a little arduous. It's real big pain, but that's what's got to happen here. All right.
So here's how this is gonna go. I'm gonna get this thing up in position and we're gonna slip it over that stud and I'm going to weld it on see if this is going to work or not. So I don't know if this is going to work but I taped a piece of uh like welding glass over the front of the camera so maybe you guys can actually see the weld. I Think that would be kind of cool? Let's find out.

All right? All right, let's see if I can get this thing to come loose so you're uh gonna work or I need to put heat into it or I'm gonna break it off I think I'm breaking it. it feels like it. Uh-huh Yep, that one is gonna snap there. It goes right at the weld.

My welds suck all right. I'm putting some heat into the flange nuts welded on again that has cooled. I'm going to heat up this flange and try to expand the flange so it can release its grip on the stud. That's the plan.

Okay, that's pretty red. It's about time to see if this is gonna work. That was loud. Wrong canob.

Here we go. You can come out or is it not? I think I'm gonna break. Yeah, it's gonna break. Yep.

or maybe it's turning. Yeah, Oh, we lost it. Maybe it was doing both. Okay.

Next attempt. this is like three or four. Oh, let's see. is it gonna turn? Oh is it gonna break off? It's gonna turn, then break off.

I Think think oh I might have it and we're broken off. All right. yeah, broken off again. This is.

this is getting fun. Getting nervous. Alrighty. so I'm on the the fifth I think fifth or sixth one of these and this one's showing some promise.

See that it's uh, it is turning the stud and I I can see it up top so that stud is free but it's very hung up. So I think if I just keep kind of working this, it'll go farther and farther. and then maybe I'll get it to spin out of there. Uh, let's uh.

let's get some some lube on it, especially from the top side since those are the threads that are going to be coming through and you can see it's still super hot and maybe I can get this guy to back out of here. I'm not kidding. I've been on this one stud for I don't know. probably like an hour.

very unfortunate on thread. Okay, we're moving a little more I'm just going to keep doing that until something happens. Eventually, something's gonna happen right? it's gonna break off and I kind of. do it again.

That's what's gonna happen. Sure, why not? Okay, blow this off and try to cool it down some. We did have progress though because now the stud is free from the manifold. so we're getting somewhere I don't know where we're going, but we're getting there more lubricants.

I'm hopeful that that lube is wicking its way into those threads and it's going to help us out. I Mean it is moving a little bit more than what it was so we're getting somewhere foreign I Don't know guys. What do you think? Is this going to be the the one that defeats me and totally just wrecks everything? where I gotta pull this manifold off and replace it. It's gonna be the one the one where I fail.
Oh God I Really don't want to put a manifold on this because the uh, the manifold bolts are going to break in the heads and then I'll be in the same position that I'm in right now except with the aluminum and not cast iron. That's gonna be fun. Okay, here we go. More torque.

Okay, so I kind of stopped. Let's go back the other way. I'm getting a little Brave I'm prepared to break this off again if it happens I Don't want to, but it might happen. we're up to I think this thing's turning about 33.33333 degrees.

That's all we get out of it right now. More. there's a little bit. there's a little bit we're going.

just gonna keep on working it. We're about to break. and yeah, we're about to break. Yep, that's it.

Broke it again. Round 47. doing it again. I Uh I Put a castle nut on this time and kind of welded it in from all the sides.

and maybe that one. maybe that's gonna work I Don't know, probably not. Let's cool it off. try again again over and over all day.

This is all I do is weld nuts onto this thing and then break them off. it's gonna break off. Yeah, um oh I'm getting upset. Crap yeah.

I gave up on that other one for right now it's not working. So I'm going to try to get these other two out. Hooray see if this one's gonna come out or not I don't know man. I Really don't know? Nope, it's because I had the wrong socket.

Let's try this one that's gonna snap right off too. Yeah, that's that's not working. More welding. Thank you.

Come on. come on. I need this just badly. Please come out.

He turned but so did the other one. Mm-hmm Gary this one's coming out. I'm not not having three of these things broken off. flush.

No, it's coming out. Remove yourself. Yeah, Oh little victories. They're they mean so much right now because I am in a world of pain.

Come on. keep coming out of there. It's starting to bind up. Send it.

Yeah. I'm not stopping. That flange is cooling off and he's starting to contract on the stud. But I'm not stopping.

It's coming out. Yeah, a little victory. Okay, there's one of them. Those threads are horrible.

chewed right up. You see that it's not the best. Whatever that's one one is out. Try to get that one next.

I'm gonna move on without that. Got another nut welded on here. Hours have passed. I Haven't left this area all day.

This is. This is my home today. I'm back on the torch getting this manifold warm I need to try to get this last cut out and then I'll I think I'll hit this for the uh, like an angle grinder. try to grind that flush and then maybe I can, uh, drill it out or get an extractor in it.
but the welding the nut on method is not going to work out for uh, that particular bolt if this fish is not working I don't know what the deal is. post recording commentary I switched out my torch head because the cutting head that I was using was leaking and Flame was traveling up the pipe and it tried to blow up and kill me. Well moving on here. let's see.

I'd like for this to come off I don't feel like screwing around I'd really like for this one to just come out. come on, what do you say? Silverado Avalanche whatever you are, you come out. this is Socket gonna fit in there sure and I don't know if we're turning it. yeah it's uh oh.

lost the light. yeah the sockets. well the studs doing the same thing that the others did. It turned a little bit and then it stopped and turned a little bit.

Then it stopped. so I'm just kind of staying on the heat. Foreign. All right, they're gonna work.

It turned some but I can't see what I'm doing so we need more light There turned a little bit turned a lot a bit. See the problem is is the threads are Exposed on the other side of this flange and they are very chowdered up so the non-exposed threads those are clear. Again, the ones inside. those are the problems.

They're the ones on the outside I should say are the problem. that's what I meant to say. Okay, uh-huh just wow. Yeah, a bit off.

more than what I thought. I'll get it out I hope it turned it turned some more. Okay, that was farther than ever before. it's good foreign.

The whole video of me watching uh you guys watching me turn bolts back and forth and then put a lighter on it. How about that? I don't know guys I don't know I think I'm losing the threads like it's still turning but it might just be pulling threads out I don't know I'm so nervous right now. Nope, it's going. it's going.

Oh I think I got it. Partial victory. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. All right.

this one's coming out cool now. I Just gotta figure out what to do about that many times. broken off one right there after this one comes out all the way. Do not put cart before horse already done that on this job I Thought this was going to be like a side video and this is like the the video.

Yeah this is great. Yeah all right. two down, four to go see if this thing's gonna work. Okay, let's ground flat-ish Maybe I can get in there center punch.

you know, drill bit and start to drill that thing out. That's uh, that's next on my plane. Okay, one time only use Harbor Freight center punch and it looks like I already used it once. Okay, cool, that's fine I have alternative methods Hammers? yeah and we're sideways.

There we go. Oh hot, we need, uh, drill a bit lubricant don't want to melt my bits and it cuts much more better with some noob. Okay, you know I had a thought since I can't seem to get this to unthread I wonder if I can tighten it and just make it pass all the way through. See if I can make turn with a chisel? Yeah, it's not gonna work.
Yeah, nope. maybe I can turn it with a chisel and uh, nope. I wonder if I can Mar it up enough where I can shove a uh, an extractor over it like that. nothing else is working so it's not like I can hurt it right? Hmm Okay, real quick.

another idea again. let's Hammer a Torx bit into that hole. this is. uh, at this point this is a sacrificial Torx bit because I'm probably never gonna get it back, but this might as might just strip right out.

Yeah, that's not gonna work either. Okay, okay, that doesn't work. Let's try a bigger sacrificial Torx bit. Yeah, that one didn't work.

Okay, perhaps. uh Torx 30. let's try that one and well, it's in and I can put some torque on it and it just spins. Okay, okay, that idea is a fail.

Next failure I will remove this bolt one flake at a time I don't care, it's going to come out again. More Steam All right, we're moving past Cherry Red I'm going fire Engine Red. This is the Hail Mary I think I hope I don't know. Come on.

Yeah, that's hot. Yeah, look at that. Fingers crossed I Really hope this works. Yeah, that's hot.

Hot Hot hot. So I got one of these little uh, turbo socket deal extractors. Maybe it's hot enough where that can actually do some damage. Probably not.

It's gonna slip right off. It's worth a try. and yeah, it slipped right off. Okay, that's not gonna work next.

Bright idea. Back to the Torx bit. smoking. Uh, not gonna work? Nope, not a chance.

Hmm. all right. next attempt we have a chisel did I sharpened to some kind of a point. we're gonna Hammer that in.

maybe that'll do it. Yeah, that was a big failure. Back to square one again. more heat.

All I can do is heat it up and work it and heat it up to work it. It's not how I wanted to spend my day. is what it is. I'll be back when I get this out.

Okay I've got kind of one more secret weapon and that is this piece of metal right here with some flutes cut into it. I'm gonna Hammer this guy in and it's actually a stud extractor. This little nut thing sits over those flutes and maybe this one will work I don't know I'm starting to lose all hope with the this being a success. Hey, it's gonna go like that I'm not leaving anything to chance.

so we're gonna Heat this up again and I'll try it with this other extractor if this thing slips. I'm tempted to weld the dang thing on because now I've at least got something else to work with here. I Guess I Don't know if this is gonna work or not. Foreign: Slide that guy up and over that's hot that's not working.

my rod thing is just spinning. Okay, that's a that was a fail. Big waste of time. Okay, yeah, I'm not kidding.

I'm fixing to weld this thing on. at least then it'll like, maybe not slip. Yeah, it's getting welded. I'm doing it.
I'm now welding tools to the car. That's that's what we're doing here. So this is either gonna work or it's not I don't know. Let's find out.

Um, other side. Okay, I Can't believe I just continue to repeat this vicious cycle. Sanity: Hail Mary Play number six as I snap this stud off. Um yeah.

okay. Foreign. believable. back to square one.

Let's weld some more nuts on. Yay! Okay, another nut's welded on. I I Let it cool. let's see if it's gonna move this stud again.

Maybe right? That was some motion, so we're right. kind of back to where we were earlier, where it moves a little bit, but not a lot of it. Okay, I guess I just have to keep on working it again. Remarkably discouraging because it takes 15-20 minutes just to get to this point and then you break it off or or it breaks off or it's just not going to work.

and I don't even know I'm just I'm just doing not even thinking. but we did get some more. Turns out of it, that's cool. I guess maybe lubricant just keep on dousing it with Lube see if that happens or what that does Lube Shock therapy.

Sure. I'm no longer in the coming up with an idea to make this work phase. We're just doing whatever we want now. Okay, whatever random activity I Feel like engaging in? That's how this is gonna work.

Maybe I'll spray it with air next. Maybe I'll spray with water next. Who knows. Okay, let's tighten it again.

Okay. spray it again and then I can loosen it again I don't know. Maybe for fun? I'll torch it again. Oh oh, look at that turned like half a whole turn.

Like a whole half of a whole turn. No. Is it going to come out? It's working. It's coming out.

it's coming out guys. it's coming out no way. Dude. Oh wow.

this makes me so happy with my life. Oh yeah, it's turning. it's Burger King It's yeah. Look at that.

Easy as pie. Check that out. No problem. Threads are good.

It came out I Win Yay! I Win Hooray! All right. Nice. cool. So I don't have to replace the manifold.

It's good. Yep, those threads are good. Those threads are good and those threads are good. It's incredible now.

I've got to do this side over here and we're uh, we're ready to go and put this thing back together. Awesome! All right guys. Listen I wasn't kidding when I said I've been doing this all day. it's the end of the day.

that way is west Sun's going down I've literally been doing this all day long so uh, I'm not doing anything else. um today I'm going home. it's late I'm here past my going home time. so I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

um I don't know if this is part three or 2.5 or 3.5 or a bonus video I have no idea what I'm doing right now. so I'm just gonna do what I always do and thank you guys for watching this video. Uh, of course I Hope you enjoyed this video. It was quite painful.
um I Realized there wasn't much action going on here except for repeating and repeating and repeating. I apologize for that, but at least we got somewhere anyway. I'm rambling on out of delirium and delusion and complete disbelief that this is what my life has turned into. So uh, that being said, as always like to thank you for watching this video.

hope you enjoyed it And again, if you did enjoy it, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video and you click and you have not clicked Away by now, um then let me know what you think about it in the comments section also down below. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of end of this.

Whatever. this is all right. So as for this other side, I Know I have to change this one because that thing's bent, this one's straight and that one's straight and it still has threads. So I'm gonna actually attempt to run a tap down those and uh, see if I can't just save the things rather than going through everything I just went through to pull those guys back out.

Sure what I'm going to do in the state of Delirium is we're going to throw some oil on that. Yay! Get that nice and lubricated if you like and then I'm just going to run a socket over this tap for this, die and uh, see if I can't clean these threads up? why not? What's the worst that can happen I Strip the threads. Sure, you know what you guys. I I Actually, I might be starting to lose it I'm losing it here.

the uh, my sanity is escaping me. That's not good. foreign. At least that tap's going on Sure.

sideways. Let's cross thread the die I keep calling it a tap. Sorry to die. Let's cross thread the die.

Why not? Sounds like fun. Is this one gonna come? How's this looking? Is that nice? The thing? you little metal shards in there. Okay, well it came off. That's cool.

Now let's see if I can get a new nut on it. It's not gonna work. Yeah, sure is. Well, that's cool.

All right. I don't have to change that one. Let's try the other one. Do I have to change this one.

Do you need to get all the metal shards out of it? More airflow. You can't run a tap and die when it's full of metal shards. because that's just silly. It's not gonna work.

Must remove obstructions. Yeah. let's throw some whoa, hit you guys in my lube. Let's throw some tap oil in there.

Even though this is a die, it's the same thing, just a inverse. It's working. It's totally working. It's nice.

Yep, seeing these nasty threads up. and uh I have one more to go. Okay I think this carb like broke my spirit and I still have to put the transmission back in. Oh yeah, yeah.

not feeling good? I mean I'm all right I'll get over it. It's really of no consequence because that's just how it is. That's the life. Okay, got that one.
Cool, You know what? I I said I was done. but I'm not done I just I need to resolve this I I can't I just can't be I can't go home I need to I need to get this flash cut out. It's imperative because then I'm fresh starting tomorrow. I'm not picking up like on this little nightmare here.

So let me. uh, let me Fire Engine Red this corner of this flange right here. and uh, I'll try to get that last one out. I Believe that glowing orange smoking red high is the way to go because nothing else is working since the welders turned on.

Still, why not see? I'm getting the thinnest section of this flange I Want it to expand right here at the edge? Move away from the threads. That's the idea. become almost liquid now. please? All right, let's just try the extractor bit thing.

Maybe that'll just pull it right out. No problem. Hey, I can get lucky right? I'm not going to. but I Could you know what? Oh, look at that turned you.

See that man. Get out of here. That's gonna. this actually might work No way.

I Saw it turn. you saw it, turn it turned the car. Try it again. Hit it with an impact.

No mercy. No mercy at all. Steam Totally losing it. Oh did that wrong.

Didn't I back to Fire Engine Orange. Whatever color we called that earlier, we're heating it up again. Foreign. So it only turns when it's orange.

Is that what we've That's what we've learned here. Yeah, it only turns when the thing is orange. So if it's not orange, we have to make it orange and then it will turn more. But spray paint is not going to work.

Yeah, oh, that was super easy. Look at that. We got this one out. no problem.

All right. Sweet. Okay now I May rest easy tonight knowing that the pain is almost over. Okay, there we go.

All right Four out. Those two are gonna stay. We're good to go.

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  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Travis Roberts says:

    A tool I used at Boeing to remove 'problem' fasteners, (I forget the official name for it now) was a rod that went in a standard rivet gun that would hold a bit at the end of it. This rod had a handle that protruded from the side so that you could turn the rod while slowly 'ramming' the bit into the fastener while turning it. It was quite effective

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Squiggy G. says:

    Best thriller on utube ever 😎second stud removal and beyond …popcorn worthy

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Digit09z says:

    Good time to drill a bigger home and use a nut and bolt instead of a stud.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JJB says:

    That was so painful to watch. After ten minutes of messing around, just drill the thing out and nut it from the back side. Waayyy too much time wasted on that repair.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Libner says:

    You people who don't live in the rust belt are clueless when it comes to the stuff we deal with on a daily basis. I would either get a wire brush on top to clean off the threads or cut off the threads above the flange. also keep the flange cherry red as you turn the stud.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Cos says:

    Ray………… Endeavoring to persevere

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars goforitd says:

    I could not stop watching this video. I had this problem before and I almost cheered out loud when the last one came loose.
    PS: the threads are not good. TAP them !!!! Don't ask how I know that.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars juan marshall says:

    You're on a roll go for the last 2 studs. You remain undefeated

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars juan marshall says:

    I apply heat then lube then heat then lube and then I try to take it off. Work it back in forth and more lube. Put lubrication on it overnight. Wire brush the threads on top get some crud off of it

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott DeSelms Sr says:

    VICTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ron says:

    DUDE! Epic battle, Man versus Bolt, man wins!!!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Geoffrey Doll says:

    I am feeling your pain on this one… mechanics are under paid…

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HoundDogMech says:

    At $125/hr Shop rate 8 hours would have paid for 2 manifolds ant the time to replace them. Y/N?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HoundDogMech says:

    Why not Make use/ make a JIG that allowed you to Drill out the Bolt then Replace the studs with bolts or Studs with two different Diameter threads. Larger in flange same size for exhaust. A lot easier than Screwing around with a Fire Wrench and a Welder.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars joe k says:

    I been there also, but always found it harder to come out with everything hot. LET bolt cool and then heat up the flange to expand, then try the nut again. Everything hot, no good, your fighting against yourself, lol. Great Video, brought back memories. 🙂

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J.C. Paul says:

    Also, why does the exhaust flange have threads at all? Why can't it be smooth and the stud just slide into it with nuts on both sides or like a nut and bolt?

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J.C. Paul says:

    How much oil was it losing? Is all of this worth it?

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Al Niemann III says:

    We have slightly different methods. Mine usually includes weaving a web of profanities and throwing stuff. Seems your method is more effective and inexpensive. 👍

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Farrington says:

    I think I got madder than you did

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wayne Holden says:

    Next time try this trick I just saw on another channel. Heat it up, not cherry red, apply parafin/candle wax to the fastener. Let it cool and see it it has helped. I've had to deal with twisted off head, stripped nuts and stuck bolts but not as many as a mechanic and not in the tight spaces you do.
    I do have some broken exhaust manifold bolts to get out but they've been there for 20 years and I'm still driving the thing! They will be a pain once I start but no shop, not near enough tools and working on gravel or dirt.
    Was a good video and example of why the cost of a job sometimes exceeds the estimate.