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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! We returned to the 2007 Purple slash Blue Chevrolet Cobalt with 2.2 liter Ecotec four-cylinder It's not a comeback. it's a do-more That's right, We are going to, uh, take a look at those rear brakes and address that. and I have also learned that, uh, ever since yesterday Actually, the day prior to servicing the fuel tank that was leaking on this car, the AC has stopped. uh, acing.

It's blowing super hot right now. I Don't even think the compressor is kicking on. So let's uh, go ahead and skip our test drive action, get this into the shop and then, uh, we'll get the wheels off the rears, check out the brakes, and then we'll go and proceed and check out the AC. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening.

Z Hood On that note, it might be kind of a noisy video. We've got more construction going down. Today we got a forklift over there inside of the Uh, the newly acquired third stall. They are assembling the lift, so lift number three is going in right over there.

It's a super tall 8 000 pound capacity rotary lift. They've already got it bolted in, it's assembled, they're setting up the arms right now, and uh, hopefully within another day or two I can get that thing wired up and uh, we'll be ready to rock with a another third lift. But as for right now, we're going back over here into the corner of death. We're gonna get this thing back on the lift, inspected, taken apart, and uh, we're gonna proceed with uh, finalizing the Rick repairs that we found uh in yesterday's inspection as a refresher Parkinson Auto and powering down.

We had a little bit of excessive play on the brake pedal and there's some squeaky noises going on out back with the rear drum. So we're going to pull these rear brakes off, inspect all that stuff. I Got a sneaky suspicion that we're gonna need to replace some shoes. maybe the drums? I Don't know yet.

We're gonna find out. All right. He's slightly skipping ahead some here. we've got the rack set up, green subscribe button moving on up the I'd say chest height is good.

one more lock age down on the lock for safety. There we go. That's all good. Let's get our hubcaps pulled and never mind I need to unscrew them.

They don't pop off. Okay, we have one on this side. Sure do. We're missing one though on the right front.

That's unfortunate here. Let's see if the 3 8 will, uh, take these lug nuts off. We unscrew the caps, get rid of that nice finish on those. They've been repainted.

Yeah, Three amps will pull these right off. No problem. We've got drums in the back of this thing, hence all that squeaky noise. Pull that guy off.

There we go. Let's give this drum a tank right here. Get that One's Gonna Come Loose on drum here. we go.

Interesting, This is not what I expected to find in here. Take a look at that. This thing has fantastic shoes. A little bit of wear on it, man, not too much over here.
That's not really what I expected I Expected these things to be worn out to almost nothing at 100K And we can also see right here the adjuster wheel is all the way in. so these shoes are as small as they can get. The issue is is when you hit the brake pedal, fluids flowing through it's going into the cylinders and the cylinders are pressing the shoes out against the inside diameter of the drum and they're moving so much that there's some squeaks occurring between the shoe and the backing plate on both sides just from all that motion. The reason that it's there is these aren't adjusted properly, so it appears that at some point somebody replaced these and they never got the adjustment right.

That's why we have all that excessive pedal travel. So I was under the assumption we were going to have to put some shoes on this and it appears that it just needs kind of cleaned up and it needs a clean and adjust on it. So that's what we're going to do. I've changed my mind.

Even the drum over here is looking pretty good. You can tell with the original just a lot of rust and whatnot right here in the non-friction surface. But there's really not anything wrong with uh with these drums. so we're not putting Parts in this.

This is like the theme of this car. it's a no part repair. Let's run over to the other side and check on the status of this drum before we jump to any conclusions here. All righty tool cart coming in 3 8 coming in.

let's get rid of our cap gently on. clickage? Yeah, this car continues to surprise me. Get rid of that Hammer Time Same scenario. It's not even a lot of brake dust in there.

How about that? Yep. same as the other side. this is looking really good over here. The shoe's not delaminating, good wear or minimal wear, no leaks on the cylinders, and again, we see that this adjuster wheel is all the way in.

so I'm just going to clean these up, adjust them properly, put this thing back together, then we can move on to the AC All right, here's how this is going to work out. We've got a quick rain bucket down here just below the drum assembly. We're gonna go ahead and spray this out, get it cleaned up, we'll polish off some of this rust right here, adjust these shoes, and then we'll move over to the outside and now it is O'reilly's break clean time Ooh this stuff's very good I Like it the shoes on the bearings, all the Adjusters Dude polish off some of this rust right here. Got a little abrasive bit.

It has a hole in the middle to go over the studs. So next I'm gonna contact Shiny. There we go. All right.

Yeah, that's successfully been de-rusted Round two. Dude, while we're here, let's go ahead and get the drum cleaned out as well. down over the bucket. Beautiful! Okay, now we're gonna go ahead and move on to this adjuster spreader right here.

We're going to turn this a few clicks until it starts to one thread that's going to push the shoes away and it's going to take up some of that clearance between the shoe and the inside bore of the uh, the actual drum. Now, if we look back around the back side, some of these can be adjusted with the wheels on the vehicle. You just pop that little uh little plug out right there and you can reach the adjuster wheel on the other side. However, since it's off I don't have to worry about that, just want to spread this out some.
It's kind of a trial and error situation. Give it a few clicks until I see some thread there we go. Let's go ahead and test fit the drum now. drum coming in.

let's see how this fits I think I went a little too far. Yeah, it's a little too tight now so all I need to do is go back in. We'll pull the so you guys can see the pull that little tab back. That's kind of what locks in the adjuster and we'll just back it off a few turns.

Try it right there. Close. Still too tight. That feels really good.

See how you can kind of hear the shoe touching the drum? That's perfect clearance right there. It's a little tight on it and you can feel it when you move the drum, but there's still clearance in there where it can rotate freely without creating any friction. So this side's good. Let's move over to the driver's side and repeat the set procedure.

All righty here. Let's throw some clicks on this adjuster real fast. Try it right there. Let me get the tub.

We'll rinse this one out next. Core: Round Two: Nasty. A little bit of unresting right here. These aren't that bad, but shouldn't hurt.

Comes with the service. Yeah, get in there nice and deep. Like yeah, that one didn't work like the first one did. Fail.

All right, enough screwing around. Let's see how this uh drum's gonna fit here. Not bad, in fact, that's it's. like right on the money.

That was perfect. I Like it all right. Let's reach inside and check out the pedal effort and see uh, see how much pedal throw we get out of this. Now we're gonna have to do a little bit of contorting to kind of get in here.

We're gonna go down and up and in and through and whatnot here. Let's check this pedal now. now. You can't do this with the drums off.

If you push the brake pedal with the drums off or the calipers off for that matter, it's going to hyper extend the Pistons and they could potentially, uh, come out of their bore. So you only want to do things like this with uh, everything assembled and that's feeling pretty good with a stocking. Z Engine: Yeah, that's a lot better. Very good.

Okay, powering down? Uh. Parking brake. Where's our parking brake lever? Let's give that a tug. Oh yeah, that was very quick engagement.

Okay, rear brakes are now properly adjusted. Let me Slither my way out of this hole that we're in here. There we go. Very nice.
Okay, let's get the wheels back on this thing. We're going to let her down, fire it engine back up again, and then we're gonna check out that AC system. All right folks, we're back on the ground and get a reach down in here and pop an easy. Hood Let's re-expose our engine compartment on our Chevrolet and get to, uh, get to work on.

Diagnosed from this AC issue Now looking back on the part one of this video when we did the initial inspection I Found some green dye right here on that uh, that valve now I Learned after the fact that this system was recently recharged and everything was all copacetic. But again, we learned that it, uh, it bled out and uh, stopped working effectively overnight or over like two days. So we're gonna get the machine on this, recover everything, see what's in here that's a leaker, probably change out some fittings, recharge it again, and maybe I'll go over it with a UV light or perhaps even the snipper to see if I can't find any refrigerant that's uh, leaking out of this system here. Unfortunately, it's just a 134a system, not a one, two, three, four YF system because those take too long rolling, rolling, rolling.

keep that AC machine Ronin Not giving up my day job I Know I can't sing all right machine powering on powering on now that one's already on. How about that? So let's grab, grab our hoses here, get these guys connected and we'll begin our process. See high side what we got going on here? Kick please. There we go.

a couple turns and let's check our gauge. System is empty. There's nothing here. completely discharged.

All right. I'm gonna head over and grab my service valve right now is that one and then we're gonna need some of the big needed big ports I Don't know if I have a GM Service Port here. All right, we're gonna need a straighter valve tool. Let's get the Schrader out of the low side fitting first.

We'll give that a quick inspection. We can't really see into it and I can't put any oil in there because if it's sideways orientation so I can't really confirm whether or not this is a leaker, it probably is. It's also not coming out. it's not okay.

Come on man, what are you doing? Please come out. Well, there's an easy way to solve this little issue since I can't see that I need to move it to a position where I can see it. so we'll just take the line apart right here. kind of.

Bend this one up some and then I can see what's going on with that valve that does not want to come out like we're committed. Now it's got to come out. you come disconnected. Yeah, there's a boatload of dye in this thing.

Okay see, and it's still doesn't really want to come up. I'm afraid to bend it I don't I don't want to do that bending. It's not going to work for me. That was a colossal failure.

Come on. valve come out like I I Think it's all the way unthreaded, but it just doesn't want to back away. I don't know what the deal is. All right, All right.
So I'm kind of pulling this thing up a little farther than I want, but it's somewhat flexible. I can sort of see the valve now. it's in there. free spinning, but that the core just does not want to come out.

I I Can try to get a hold of it with some needle noses here. Maybe that'll do it. This thing is deep in that hole and it does not want to come out. I almost think that that Schrader valve broke in half while I was in the threads.

I don't see the uh, the tip of it where it gets depressed to open so it's something's broken off on that valve. The real question is is can I get it out or do I have to put a line in this thing? if I can't get that to come out, we got to change the line. Let's try some straight on needle noses as opposed to the uh, the angular ones. If I can just get a hold of it I can pull on it some Maybe Maybe I can get it to come out of there.

These don't fit too big. Getting frustrated? Come on you. Oh yeah, I got half of it. That is half of a valve.

Okay, yeah. look. there's some of the threads right there. This is never seized.

There's anti-seize on this. Yeah, somebody knew they boogered this up to deal with that. See if I can't see down inside that hole right there? Yeah, that's negative. I can I see the other end of this? uh, the Schrader down at the bottom I Gotta try to dig that out next.

Alrighty, so here's the deal. I've been toiling with this thing for a while and I can't get the bottom side of the service port to come out or the straighter valve to come out. We were able to extract this top portion right here, but the bottom portion is still stuck in there and the thing doesn't want to come out. I've uh I've stuck some uh, some Torx drivers inside of it and I can get a hold of the piece of brass that's in there and I can turn it.

but I think it's actually in there past the thread. so I can't get the uh, the threads to catch and sort of replacing this line. Really the only thing I can think of to do is to attempt to actually drill that out without damaging the thread. So I'm gonna try it because the line for this is about a day and a half away and I really don't want to wait I'd like to get this car like fixed and done and out with almost no parts.

I'd like to only put in like one part on this part because that's kind of the theme, but um I I really have no other option here I've been like I said, been messing with it for a while and it's not going anywhere. Next up, I'm just going to try to go in there with a drill bit, see if I can't drill that outer diameter away, maybe flush it out with some air and then, uh well. we'll see if it's gonna work or not. So I've got an airline here and it will extend in past the valve area.

so whatever. whatever Jewel shavings I do create I can just kind of blow in some air from this point and it should kind of backflow and uh, and flush out any contaminants that might end up inside of that. So it's risky. Um, but uh.
the downside is is I'll have to replace the line I got to replace it anyway. So I'm trying to save it. We will see. I don't know if it's going to work or not.

it might. let's try it out. That bit appears to to fit Okay, let's see what happens here. It's gonna work or it's not.

so I Hope it works. Beginning drilling now. I've never drilled an AC fitting out before and it's not going to work because the thing's just spinning I'm gonna push it real hard. it's not even taking a bite out of it.

That's silliness. Much silliness. I Hear noises? Something's happening. Oh I think it bit in.

there's some metal in there. blow it out some. okay try again. Drilling continues.

Oh, it went through all right. No way. I got it kind of came out but I don't know if that's all of it or not. that might just be the little threaded area right there.

Uh well, let's blow that out. Venturi I think I got it all out of there. but there might have been a piece that went down inside. That's kind of concerning.

Let me see if I can't put this new valve in, see what that does? Get tightened up? Okay, pull that new valve out so the threads are still good. sealed all right. Okay, so I am of the opinion that there are some pieces left over inside of that tube if we examine what. Oh, I dropped it.

Hang on Terrible. Got it all right. Here's what we've got going on so far. we have a new valve as an example.

Here is the old valve that we had to tear out with the needle noses and this right here is the section of the old valve that I had to drill out. Now we are missing the area where the seal is and it looks like the bottom seal section right here. So that tells me there's still some debris left inside of that. Fabian said I'm gonna have to, uh, probably disconnect that hose somewhere else and blow a bunch of air through it just to blow out that debris.

It's no longer inside of the threads or inside of the fitting. It fell down into the hose so we got to get that stuff out of there. so that operation was kind of of a success. Uh I need to detach this line right here from the compressor that way I can blow air into it and kind of back flush it out because whatever I drilled out.

it must have fallen into that hose as soon as the as the drill went through. So I'm gonna risk it. There is a filter just just past that filter. I've got to make an attempt to at least.

uh, blow this out as best I can come off I say oh, there's a clip. hang on here I'm doing it all wrong there. That's what was holding me up. that guy.

those are usually missing. Okay, so here's our line running down to the compressor and then it comes out right over here at the condenser. So I'm going to detach it down below onto the bumper at the condenser and we'll blow it out from there. Oh let's see here.
Yeah right. That one. that one right there on the bottom. That's the one.

Let's pull that guy out and we'll try to blow that line. It's going to blow through the compressor, but as it exits the compressor, it's going to come through this line right here and hopefully it'll blow all that debris out of the hole. when I uh when I put the air pressure to it we're going to see or I'm gonna put you guys up here to keep an eye on that and you let me know if that piece of metal kind of flying out or not. All right.

crawling back down. We're gonna get under here with a fishing wrench. See what I can't do about uh, trying to back flush this thing out of here, trying to not spend a bajillion dollars? All right on kickage. That's good.

Come out bolt, come out right? So all I need to do is pump some air into there. It's going to go up into the compressor and then out through that line and hopefully it will eject those pieces of the metal of that valve. It'll shoot those things out and then we're good to reassemble this. and uh, fingers crossed, it won't have any other leaks.

All right Troy is going to help us out. He's going to stand by right here and watch to confirm to me and to you whether or not that piece of chunk of whatever comes flying out. I'm going to go down below, apply some air pressure and hopefully it will blow that thing out. I Expect that that piece of metal only made it to like right around here somewhere.

it couldn't have gone all the way down. So let's see if we can't get that thing to come out here. You hold your hand in front of that and tell me if you get hit with a like a lightning fast speed piece of metal flying. okay I'll let you know if I get cut all right you just you.

Let me know if you get shot with that thing. We'll figure out what to do next after that. Okay, okay, good plan. Got aircon out.

No, not really. Nothing really. nothing. It's a bunch of food.

Why not working? Try it again. Stop you feeling the air? No, not really. Okay. that was a failed attempt to figure something else though.

Thank you sir. Yep, looks like I have to detach this line at the compressor. That makes this horse a different color now, doesn't it? Because I can't really reach I don't think I mean I can. It's it's not that far.

he's being lazy. All right. let me get down there and uh, get that thing removed I need a uh, that'll do it and a 13. look at that.

Everything's right in front of me. Perfect. All right. let's get this line all the way detached and we'll flush it out.

I'd say this job's really escalating quite quickly. I've disconnected right there. That's the uh, the high side pressure switch and I'm reaching around the line I know you guys can't see I'm on the manifold bolt a bolt this assembly to the manifold. We're just going to pull that out and remove the entire assembly.
It's been unbolted from both sides and well. I've got to take it out anyway. whether I replace it or repair it. So let's just get to it.

Come out, come out. I Think that's good. Almost ratchet that bolt out the rest of the way and this little guy will come free. Come here.

Bolt Come on. I'm getting my knees are getting locked here. There we go. Uh, what's this thing stuck on? I Don't know.

it's stuck on its own hoses. That's what it's stuck on. They're all intertwined slightly. No worries, it's coming out.

You will come out of there. Come on, Manifold. This is going to be interesting to put back together. It's got all these bends and turns and things of that nature.

All right. So that piece of metal should be in here somewhere. So let's get it out of there. How about that air pressure? Well, it's blowing.

Okay, well, if it was in there, it's out. now. that's for certain. Okay, let's uh, get a new valve inside of this thing and then we'll get it reassembled, recharge, and we'll go from there finally.

Okay, new replacement valve. Let's get that guy set up and I dropped it. Not okay there. Do it the easy way.

We'll let gravity do its job, tighten that guy down and give it some clickage. That's good to go. Now we've made certain that this manifold has no debris in it. I've got some new O-rings on the compressor side.

I've got a new o-ring that goes on the hose side over here on the car. so that's going to be this seal and then the one down below is getting a new o-ring but it's not here yet, so that's that's our old one. But that's not going to prohibit me from reinstalling this because I can just reach down below and uh, get the next o-ring in position. So let me get this thing maneuvered back down into its home down there and we'll get it all bolts back together.

Oh, come here little thing there we go. That is the correct position now. I did Bend this line ever so slightly this one here. So once I bolt that down to the compressor I can just go ahead and bend it back.

That's kind of going to be the plan here. compressor bolt coming in I know you guys can't see I can't even see no one can see but I can feel it and you can hear me. So I suppose that will have to be sufficient. Let's go back in there with our ratchet.

set that up for tightening. There we go. Okay, socket wrench coming in, twisting that handle until we get full tightness action. It's a really cool tool.

It ratchets no matter which direction you turn the handle. Oh, you can just kind of rock back and forth with it. We go. it's becoming secured and clickage right there.

All right, that guy's in. So now we're just going to flex this downwards ever so slightly up until the point where this bracket meets its uh, little hole right here where it plugs in on that little clip. Let's see here a little more. Let's get you nice and lined up right there.
That's good. Beautiful. We've got a new gasket right here so I can go ahead. get this line reconnected to the manifold line, plug this guy back in right there.

Good to get this guy tight pickage There we go and we need to get down below. but I'm waiting on my gasket to arrive. I Suppose I can go ahead and put that air box back on at this point and we can get that high side valve over there changed out. You can do that while those replacement gaskets to arrive.

I Just ordered them. so while those are in route, we can get this thing back together and get the uh, get on there. please get it all the way on there. What are you doing there? we go.

Tight squeeze. This whole air box assembly thing is a tight squeeze. It does not. Uh doesn't move around easily.

There's our clip, put the clip in that's secure and I need some screwdriver, tighten up our clamp down here. that's the throttle body clamp There we go and this one over here on the air box. Okay, now we need to take this service port off of here, but that's going to require some special tools. I'll say what I mean can you find the replacement? That's it right there.

You can see it's not exactly how many sides is that. Eight sides requires an eight-sided cycle spot. Fastener There's a special socket I Think that's it. Special socket that fits onto those uh, surface valves.

Tight squeeze too. Anyway, this is the socket I need to remove this old valve from this line and then again, same socket to get the new valve on. Slip that on like that. Okay, so no re is necessary, but if I attempt to put a ratchet on this to turn that thing to break it Loose it's going to twist up the line.

so I'm just going to bash it with an impact. watch it spin right off. Watch this. just like that.

Beautiful, nice and easy. And I will repeat with the impact to, uh, get it reinstalled. Come out. wiggle, wiggle Wiggle.

There it is. It's already got an O-ring and some thread lock on it. Let's get it started here. Pocket just like that and we're still give me back my socket.

Please back to me, that's it. Tight fit. Okay, let's try this. There it goes.

Got it? Okay, so at this point, let me get uh, my high side fitting reinstalled. Click view on. Open that up and it's a waiting game for that gasket to show up. Leaved the gaskets.

It was uneventful I Went down there and laid in the ground, rolled in the dirt. Got the gaskets on. So next up, let's get this machine connected all the way. We'll fire up the vacuum pump, pull the system down into a vacuum.

We will conduct the vacuum test, which means we're just going to let it hang out while it's down inside of a vacuum and we're gonna check it for any leakages if, uh, if we achieve vacuum on this and then the gauges starts to tick up ever so slightly, that's going to let us know there is in fact some kind of a leak. So we'll set this to vacuum test on a 10 minute vacuum proceeding. Foreign on the thing that is uh, 29 9 inches vacuum. It'll begin the test and then we can verify whether or not there's any other leaks on this.
In the meantime, I'm going to fetch the UV light. There we go and we can just give this thing a quick glance with the UV. If there is any dye like right there, you see that die that's on the fitting, It's going to grow, grow, grow. It's going to glow like a super bright green.

So we're going to crawl down below the bumper and just kind of take a look at everything we can see that's a little green right there. except that's the radiator. Uh, looking into the front I Don't see anything. No green action here.

No green action here. If we see any traces of dye that could indicate a potential leak, that Uh has been missed I don't see anything up there. Condenser looks good. the uh.

the light shows kind of white on the camera, but it is in fact a very deep purple. It's a black light ultraviolet so the condenser looks good. Let's see if we can't see the compressor. A little bit of dye on the compressor from when I was touching it.

Let's see now. what. See all that splotchy bit of business right there that's not actually refrigerant dye. That's a corrosion.

This uh, corrosion is almost just as reactive to the die or to the light as the die is all that up there that was caused by me when we took the manifold off. This was the bottom part of the line right here. So what we see here, that's not really much to worry about. I Think we're good with all the external components.

We'll let the vacuum test tell the rest of the story and if that's uh, it's gonna hold a good vacuum. We can go ahead and recharge it and see how the system performs. Hey, look at here. Leak Detection Passed we're holding vacuum.

Let's go ahead and initiate the charge. We're ready to rock and roll with this thing trying to make it cold. What is our specified amount of refrigerants? It looks like it's going to be 0.41 kilograms or 0.9 pounds. And since we're operating under Freedom Units Here we're going to go ahead and we're going to charge this under pounds.

not a Poe system. sorry European types. didn't mean to rub in that freedom unit thing. It's Fourth of July week.

It's Independence Day week for us I Get to say that again. Charging: Come on Zero. Zero point nine pounds refrigerant and we'll do that on the high side. Why not? That's standardish protocol.

Beginning charging Now there we go. Ready to rock and roll. High side's taking the charge. low sides coming up a little halfway done already.

This is going in quick. half a pound, 0.6 pounds. All right looking good looking good. Now since we're doing a uh high side charge I don't need this low side on.
Let me check that for some leak action here. If it's leaking, it's going to leak a lot and I don't feel it or hear it. Okay, put that guy back on real quick. I Do want to get a pressure reading after we get this thing started and cooling 0.8 pounds? Yep, give it a minute.

0.886 pounds refrigerant almost there. Let's head on into the cabin, reaching on and starting the engine. Let's get our thermal meter installed in the center vent. Powering on.

Let's go recirculate. I Heard the compressor click on close equalize hose compensate. We will go ahead and host compensate. Our pressures are looking good about 175 PSI on the high side, right around 40 on the low side.

This is good. See the radiator fan is Fanning that is critical to get some airflow over the condenser. otherwise they won't be able to pull any heat out of the system and it'll just heat soak and saturate until it no longer blows foam and that would be bad. See hose comp is almost finished.

We're uh, we're nearly ready to to disconnect socket plug and I need I think I lost it I lost the cap for the low side. never mind, it's over here on the machine I didn't lose it. Okay, we are all set getting struck the meat to disconnect the hoses which I will promptly do low side disconnect. I'm not going to add any dye into the system because there's already plenty in there that one doesn't even.

that's not it. Oh one, let's try this one. I'm gonna screw in. said not a chance.

Well, we can at least do the high side on. Good to go here I Pulled one out of my Surface kit. That one's definitely gonna work all right. Pickage Catfish Okie Doke so caps are on.

Service ports are changed, the line has been blown out, system's been recharged, pressures were looking good. All right. let's power down our drop light. Get this thing out of the way.

we're gonna close it up, back her out, and hit the road I Want to see how these brakes feel and then we can reevaluate the AC system performance once. Uh, once we're out on the road, see how this thing is going to do for us? Feels cooler? This is good I Love it. Crank windows. That's how it's done.

That's how you avoid selling 80 000 cars. Put in basic amenities not super high-tech Bluetooth windows that communicate with your brain chip so they, uh, they go up and down without you actually thinking about it. Yeah, that's the future. Let's not run over that CV axle down there.

See that? Oh, we cleared it, backing out I Don't know where Troy went. he was just standing there. Hope I Don't run him over. Okay, we're clearing the wall, clearing the door, clearing the fan, clearing the axle, clearing that door, and the other fan and the lawn chair.

We're clearing everything. We're good to go here. Backing out is the auto. Center Bent says we're down to just over 60 degrees.
It's not perfect, but it's also not 100 degrees and with an ambient temp of like 94 degrees today I can settle for 60 while stationary. Okay, so the first thing I'm noticing while driving is we don't have that sinking pedal anymore. It's got good, fast and responsive brake pedal action. That's because the shoes do not have to take up all that space in the drum.

Good. Let's give it a break. Event: Oh yeah, brakes feel great. Very nice.

Nice firm pedal making it right. yellow light and our thermal meter tells us we're in the mid 50s. What? 58? It's not horrible. All right guys.

I Think this one's good to go. We've accomplished everything that needed to be accomplished and the only things that we had to spend money on with regards to Parts have been a couple little gaskets and a Schrader valve plus a little bit of refrigerant. Not too shabby for a no parts repair that's two days in a row we had a no parts repair. We had the fuel pump from the first video and then we had the AC in the brake system.

uh on this video. So that's three operations. almost no parts. Saving some money.

All right. Hello shop, We can see you I think I should advertise for the shop on that billboard right there. What do you guys think? Is that a good idea? or is it uh, kind of lawyer in the comment section down below. Anyway, guys, we've just crested the bridge I'm headed back to the shop.

It's the end of the day, almost five o'clock Don't know if you can see that. Check that thing out about to wreck the car anyway. I'm gonna go ahead and close this video right now. I Will do that as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video.

Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If You guys did enjoy this video. Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there.

especially about that billboard. And most importantly, See you. Don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the video in the Cobalt end of AC and a brick job and a fuel pump end of transmission.

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