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All right? So I'll go in here with a little pry bar. we'll just press against the that little gasket. Oh really, that hurt. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! I'm glad you guys are here! I Know I am super glad to be here.

This thing is a 2016. Toyota Highlander I Believe it's all-wheel drive, it has approximately 97 783 miles on the odometer. It was here once upon a time before starting the engine and I had recommend a valve recommended where it's a valve cover, gasket replacement and some spark plugs and it has returned for uh for service. So we're gonna go ahead and swing this thing into the shop, get it backed into my corner rack and we're gonna get started now.

My guy tells me that he heard some brake noise I think out of the rears and uh he wants to do a little bit of Maintenance stuff on it. Also, the primary operation here is going to be uh, the valve covers and the spark plugs on this engine. I'm still waiting to hear whether or not we're going to change some of the coils. Reason being is this V6 engine has like an intake manifold that goes over top the rear Bank of cylinders and in order to get to those coils and spark plugs, you have to pull that intake manifold off.

So uh my protocol is and that many people are in agreement with me. since you're going through all the labor to pull that apart and those coils tend to be a high failure rate item past 100K we uh we may go ahead and drop in the three new coils that are hard to get on the back tank of cylinders, but we'll see the coils are not, uh, not particularly cheap for this car. so uh, it may put us at a price point where it's not advantageous for us to do that at this time. but uh, we're gonna find out.

so stay tuned because this is going to be a very interesting engine repair video. Oh yeah, real quick. Side note: on a personal level, the pollen count right now is absolutely murdering me. So uh, I'm a little nasally in my nasal congestion areas and it has affected my speech uh somewhat and uh and I have a nasty headache I Can't like it is what it is, but it'll be over soon so we're gonna move on.

We're gonna Park this guy right about here I think that looks good? We can go ahead and set the rack. let's get started parking. Ziato powering down all right. Toyota Let's see what we've got under our Bonnet Here let's see what we're working with.

Looks like we have our V6 engine. It's a 2gr Fe that's the 3.5 liter. Really good motor here. Let's uh, shed some light bar on the subject here.

Powering on surface of the Sun mode engaged. First things first, let's get our cover out of here. Pop that guy off. Come here cover and uh, there's our 3.5 meter.

Now As I was saying earlier in the cabin, we've got three ignition coils right here, and then the other three. Those are on the rear cylinder head and they are covered up by this intake manifold. So because of that, and since this takes a little bit of labor to replace, it would be advantageous of us to go ahead and just swap those coils out right about. Meow.
Okey doke. So getting started, we need to pull this upper radiator cover off. We're going to pull this, uh, intake, snorkel off, air box lid, disconnect the connectors, remove the EVAP lines, and once this stuff is disconnected from the intake, we'll go ahead and unbolt this intake manifold. That's going to give us some access to, uh, what's going on behind it.

Then we can disconnect and unbolt the valve covers, Pull those guys off, change the gaskets, change the spark plugs, drop in some new coils, and then go from there. So fun! Fact: These Toyota Clips are particularly interesting. You have to push the center down on them and then the clip may be extracted. See that? Then when we go to reinstall them, we have to reset the clip, push it back down, then we can reinsert it, and then push the center part back down.

I Don't know why they chose that particular design. Aesthetically, it's fantastic, but many people try to pry these apart from the top and they break them. So if you don't know, now you know you know See that one can? That's gotta go? Come here. Yep, all the Plastics has to be removed.

There we go. Okay, first piece of plastic has been removed. Let's move on to our intake snorkel right in front of us. Next, we'll get this thing unbolted, 210 mils, a couple little hoses, and I think there's a hose clamp down there somewhere? Okay, let's pull these guys out on kickage.

There we go. Disconnect this guy. Set that aside. let us begin disconnecting some of these components.

Oh, that's stuck I Don't want to break the sniffle off. That would be bad. Let's pull our air box lit out. PCB Hoses goodbye, don't need you evap hose goodbye.

Hose clamp disconnected and we pull our oh, got a wire back there? No worries, we'll just pop this clip out of here. Become disconnected. Please thank you There we are. Okay, just to clear some space, let's pull this air box out.

Come out Air box. Those are some kind of crusty feeling threads, a little bit of rust on them. There's our filter unit and there might be another bolt back there. one right here.

I See it? I See you yeah? I Couldn't reach it. Be it all right, Is there another one? another? Maybe. No, No. just a rubber grommet.

Here we go. Okay, let's disconnect our throttle body connector here because I'm gonna have to pull the throttle body off so I can reach behind it and uh, disconnect some brackets that are back there. So this throttle body I think it's got four Fasteners in it? Pull these guys out. There's also engine coolant running through this throttle body.

and uh, rather than disconnecting the coolant lines, I'll just disconnect the entire throttle body. Set that aside. there's our gasket. Set that aside.

one more evap hose. We can just tuck all this stuff down in this uh, this location here and get it out of the way like so we have right here. One more PCV hose that's positive. crank case ventilation.
Slide that thing off and I can start reaching back and trying to locate those brackets. There's a connector. Let's lose this thing. Come on.

Connector: No. Got it. Okay I Feel one bracket and I don't think the bolt is in it? Not sure? Let me pull these upper bolts off first and we'll try to wiggle this thing around. We'll see where the uh where the Fasteners are located.

Got two 10 mils and the rest of them look like uh Torx or heads hex bits I think a T30 will fit nicely. Too tight, too tight for my little impact gun. This is fine. I have a ratchet Break It Loose with the rashes so you're gonna cut off.

Yeah. kind of corroded. Made me nervous I Just had a Subaru flashback. It's not okay that one there we go.

Come out one more. there we go. Got those aside. Okay Now where's that bracket? I Feel one here I think and there's one.

Oh I got the other one there. It is okay since you guys are gonna be able to see what I'm doing I'm just going to reach around this thing. pull this bracket apart Okie dokes I've got one of them here and the survey says there's one more over on that side. Over Yonder Come on, that's the last one.

There's only two bracket bolts on the back of this. I think the last one coming out right here or the second one rather. got it now. I should be able to sneak this intake out.

Come on out there we go. Okay, we've got our vacuum line brake booster hose right here. Let's pull that thing off the off the booster on the firewall. Now we can set this guy aside so there appears to be another bracket right here hanging out.

so let's pull these bolts out. Can I reach that back one? Sure can. Dude, let's see, there's another one right here. Looks like a 10 mil.

This guy to come out. Very nice. There we go, You know I Had better smarten up here and lock off these intake passages just in case. Stick some blue towels in there.

cover those guys up. That'll prevent uh, destructive components from entering the engine. More importantly, it'll prevent them from going in. and I don't know about it? I mean if it goes in there, that's one thing.

But if it goes in and I don't know about it, that's a whole another type of problem that I don't want to have. so we're not going to do that anyway. Let's go ahead. get this wiring harness disconnected from all of its brackets and whatnot.

and then, uh, we'll pull the coils out and then pull the valve cover off. That is the plan. Come on. Now there we go.

Another can't push that clip. It's hard to get to these. Come off. There we go.

and there's another one back there for. uh, looks like a BBT solenoid. That one's being stubborn. Come on.

Cliff Become unclipped. Can't force it. You'll break it. There we go.
And then we've got the three coils. Let's get those guys disconnected. I'm pushing the clip with one hand and then using the little pry tool to just push the clip off of the coil. We're not prying it with a any large amount of force because again, that will break things and we don't want to break things.

we're in business for fixing things. Breaking them would be the antithesis of uh, what's going on here and that is the vocab word of the day antithesis. There we go, that was disconnected. We'll just kind of shove that harness down and out of the way.

You just stay back there. There we go. All right. All right.

looking a little farther back we have a bracket here which is kind of not in the way, but it kind of is. I'm gonna pull that thing off and then there's another one right behind it. That one actually is in the way here. Let's get this one out of here and then we'll get the big one there.

That's the one that was attached to the intake manifold. This guy right right back here. Pull that off and I'll keep the bolt with it that way it does not get lost. Now we've got three coil bolts below the ignition coils.

We will find our spark plugs, but uh, I'm not going to pull those until till later. there's one coil come out. Come all the way out there we go. number two and uh, numero Tres right there.

Okay, so we're almost in a position where we need to. uh, or we can take the perimeter bolts apart to remove the valve cover. However, there's this oil line right here with a banjo bolt on it. I Need to disconnect that thing next here.

We'll just go in there with a wrench I Believe that's a 17 and it is. Crack that thing loose. that's a oil supply line for the VVT solenoids. I Think now there's a Crush Washer on the other side of this banjo bolt and I need to make sure I don't drop that and lose it.

So I'm keeping my finger on there so it can't go anywhere. Pull the bolt out. Set that aside and what's in the middle of that? There's something in there I See it? Maybe like a screen or something like that. There's one of the washers.

Set that aside. Let's pluck that other washer out so it cannot get lost. Come here, other washer there. it is.

Whatever's in the middle of that I think it was a screen. Yeah, it went back and it's in here right now. I'll get that later. Okay, all right, let's get after all these 10 millimeter perimeter bolts.

Next, we'll get this thing unbolted and just make sure nothing else is hanging us up. and then we can remove this unit. Foreign I Can't reach because there's a oil line in the way. but I can Flex it oil.

Let's compete. Come here, Little 10. there we go and some more of them in the back I Can't reach those yet. We'll get this one over here.

I'm breaking protocol and doing the hardest to reach ones first shouldn't be doing that here at this. Uh, PCB line is getting kind of awkward. so I'm gonna pull this thing off here as well. It's in my way a lot.
Okay, so I can't really see what's going on back here. There's a flashlight, can't see what's going on back here much so I'm just gonna operate by feel and uh, we'll see how well this works out. Come off all right. Another see here? there's one I Feel one over here in the corner.

Let's get that one off here. It comes very good. Wonderful. Another one here on the side I Can't see it but I can feel it There it is.

You can't see it. Yeah, you guys can't feel it. Your only hope to understand what I'm doing is through my calm and soothing narrations. Where's that other one at? There's a couple more here I Know there is.

Here's a ground wire. Let's disconnect that. I'm gonna put that bolt back in its hole. so I know exactly where that one went and then right behind it there's another 10 for the valve cover.

Let me pull that one off. Oh I lost it I had it I found it I lost it. they're off I cannot reach any longer. It's a deal.

Maybe maybe I don't feel it. but here I feel this one. I'll just move to one that I can feel that one's out Now Where's that one did I already get it. Is it not a bolt? Hmm I don't understand.

Maybe it's a different size. Okay, well hey, here's one. Here's one right there. I'll get that one.

This one is for a bracket for the wiring harness. Let me pull that one off. There's got to be another. Yeah, that one's a 12.

Okay I See what we're doing here. We have different size bolts on the same valve cover that one on there I'm gonna click you. That's weird. Maybe that's the deal with the one in the back.

It's a 12 mil, not a not a 10. Survey says correct. Okay I think that might be the last of them. Let's get under here with a prying device.

see if this is going to crack loose or not come disconnected. No, it's not working. Oh that's on there. good too.

see it Flex does not want to release. All right? So I'm in here kind of feeling around and I found what's hanging me up. There's a bolt right here in the center of this valve cover because they're holding the unit down. Let's get that one out, man.

So what I don't know is if there's any others. but let's go back to giving it some pry action here. but that's it. Come free.

And it did see that I knew something was hanging on to it. Now what we don't know is if there's another one somewhere, feels like there might be. oh my glove is stuck hey new. I think there's one more.

Feels like there's one more in this back corner somewhere. but I I Really don't feel one back there? I Don't know. Let's keep wiggling it. No, there should be something there.

There's got to be it's it's right in that corner. I Don't get it. I Don't know. that's weird because there's there's too much play in it for it to be a bolt.
Oh there we go. Oh I See, there's a dowel pin. That's what it is. There was a dowel in there.

That's what. Uh had us nice and hung up like a little dowel pin to align everything. Come here. Valve cover come out.

Wow. This thing's squeaky clean. The very squeaky clean motor. Look at that.

Very nice. Good job on the oil changes now. I've introduced some dust into this engine from all the dirt that was here. Let me wipe that down.

It's fine, not hurting anything. It all gets rinsed out, bottom of the crankcase, drained out, and anything else ends up in the filter. Get rid of that sealant. Get rid of that sealant.

Wipe this down. Get rid of all the dirt that was built up at the gasket surface Here to you. Wipe that down a little bit more out back. right here there.

Nice and squeaky clean. We like it like that. Alrighty, so normally what I would do is uh, go ahead and re-gasket Uh, that other valve cover gasket and I would just reassemble that at this point. however, my parts are not here yet for uh for that side.

So I'm just going to go ahead and continue out with this assembly. We're going to pull this front gasket off again. A bunch of little connectors and clips and uh, things of that nature. This one's going to be much much easier to disassemble than uh than the other side because I can reach everything and I can see everything.

Come on. and I don't have to. uh, give this engine a bear hug just to take things apart. Come off these switching hands I can't do that with one handy.

I Seem to have reached some type of limitation regarding my one-handed abilities. Don't break. push, push, wiggle. There we go.

That was a tough one. They get dirt inside of them and then they, uh, they don't want to come apart. Pull that clip up just a wee bit. Don't break Toyota clip.

these are notorious for snapping off when you try to, uh, disconnect the Toyota coils. It's just a thing that they do. I'll come back to that one later. Let's get that one off of there.

Come on there. we go. one more right here. Let's try this again with some.

Precision Instruments pull that tab up There we go. and of course this. uh, this last one right down here. I'm gonna pull the tab back There we go.

Good, good, good, good, nothing broke I Don't like breaking Toyota coil clips. It's one of those, uh, like regenerator things. You broke it, you buy it and I'm like it's not my fault. that's what they do.

They break anyway. babbling on. Let's get the injectors disconnected and then figure out what else is holding this thing up here. one more.

Right down there, you can't see what I'm doing. We've got this connector come off. Come on. Seriously, why don't you slide off? I'll break you I'll break you like you're an ignition coil bolt connector.
There we go. Okay, so I'm not gonna be able to move this entirely because it's attached down there to the alternator and there's another connector all the way way down at the compressor. I don't feel like taking that off. Plus I can't really take it off over here on the right.

so what we're going to do is just kind of work around this thing I need to get the air gun out I want to blow some of this dust off that way? I Don't introduce some dust on the backside like what I already did. and then we'll go ahead and pull all these bolts out of this thing and remove this cover. and couldn't hurt to engine cover this back cylinder as well. A lot of folks think that if stuff gets in there, it instantly ruins the engine and that's not the case.

See everything you see that's covered in oil. That's all the dirty side of the engine. all that dirt and debris and dust and sand and whatever else that stuff ends up getting washed down into the crankcase. Okay, now as it's washing down, it passes over zero critical components.

It just it runs down the clean side of the engine of the oil system on the engine is actually what is happening after the filter see oil is picked up from the sump from the Uh, the pump and it's pumped into directly into the filter. as it leaves the filter. that's when it passes into the block and it gets sent off to the Uh, the main bearings. After that, it runs up top to the cylinder heads gets sent to the camshafts, the VVT, and any other components.

So no matter what, all of those critical specified components inside the engine are always receiving clean oil unless the filter's clogged and then it starts bypassing or something and then we, uh, that's a different story, but for the most part they're always everything is always going to have clean oil. So the reality is is any kind of contaminants that go into an engine. For example, I could I could dump some dirt right here into this oil fill cap and as soon as that engine starts, that oil is going to wash that dirt straight down into the pan and it's going to get picked up and pumped straight into the filter. So there's actually very, very minimal risk of damaging anything by having some dirt into the engine.

Now, if you leave it there and never change your oil, that's going to be a different conversation, but small minuscule particles of debris are not going to cause critical engine failure. It's just it's not going to happen. If that were the case, there would be blown up engines everywhere at every single quick lube shop across the country. Yeah, oh, come off.

Banjo bolt. Oh, let's get this thing out of here. We don't need you. Well, I mean we do need it, but not right now.

Here Comes Our banjo fitting for the soil supply line. There's that filter. Yes, this thing is still in the uh, the other valve cover, but that's the filter going to the BBT solenoids. I'm going to make sure to clean those out though, where or where.
it's actually more like a screen, not so much a filter. Let's get this, uh, Swatcher out of here I have Replacements But that doesn't mean I'm going to lose these. Okay, now all we have left are these perimeter bolts and then I can pop this uh, this cover off of here show. Change our angle of our camera.

Dangle here a little bit, start pulling these guys out. Find a place to put my Fasteners here. There we go. Mole.

That was the 12.. there it is. Come here. 12 millimeter.

Seriously? Okay, I guess I have to break that one loose manually as well. on kick. No or not. Okay, put some uh, some weight behind it here.

There it goes. Got it. That's tight. That was a super tight.

Like a pack of Tiger's tight Or like a gaggle of tigers. There we go. A gaggle was the last time you heard somebody say that there's another one. Is that one gonna come off? Yes, it is Beautiful.

Okay, back to our tens. I think those are the only two twelves. Next, another off to the right. There we go.

Can you guys see you can still see? Kind of. Yep, there's that one. Another one up here and Uno Mas right there. Beautiful.

Now I Know there's a dowel pin in this somewhere. I Think it's probably on this side. so let's get behind there with some pry action and start to work this cover up. Did I just hear thunder? hey? Caster Troy was that? Thunder That's cool.

Yep, there's the dowel pin right there. I See here, let's apply some foaming lubricant to that dial pin right there. Maybe it'll come free? Maybe it won't. Who knows.

Find out in a minute. Let me get behind this cover somewhere else and we'll pry up on it some more. All the little pry flanges are hard to reach if I get my center bolt. Yes.

I Did Okay, yeah, we'll just get under this thing wherever we can and just kind of work it upwards. Every time you move it, it's wiggling that dowel pin over there. Oh man. I Forgot one look at that look at that.

that's a that's a destructive uh oversight right there. I Could have gotten Violet with my pry bar. Seriously? Why? Why must you fight me? Why see seven thousand foot pounds of torque here? Let's see what we got. Unclick you? Oh, come on.

Nope. Need bigger tools? That one's not dead. Not gonna work. So what we need is a bigger impact gun or not.

turn it up to three. There we go. bigger. Anvil Bigger impacts, more reverse torqueages.

Okay, now it's moving a little bit better. See that this is good. working that, working it, working it. I think I Just dropped a flashlight somewhere.

more wiggle action. Okay, let's move over. I Want to try to get underneath that little dowel pin and get this thing uh, removed here. Come out and wiggle.

Wiggle wiggle. Please come out. there. He goes got her? The Wiggles Are highly effective, extremely effective, excessively effective.
Well I Don't know about excessively. let's get out of here. Come out over there. Let go gasket.

Oh no. A gaskets hung up. Half of it stayed on the cover, half of it stayed on the cylinder head. All right, that's two covers removed.

Put two gaskets removed. pull the spark plugs out next. okie doke spark plug socket coming in with an extension. It's on the electric ratchet.

Wow. let's crack these guys loose and back them out. Kind of rough. They've never been out.

that's why we got here. Looks like we've got some denzo iridiums. A little bit of wear on the end. not horrible about right for 90 something thousand hundred thousand? Dude, pull this next one out.

Similar condition. Plug number three. here we go. and again, very similar condition.

so let's compare with. uh. one of my new plugs here pulled out the denzos. I Have ordered Ngks also laser Iridiums similar in construction size shape.

All the good stuff, even the same color. These are good okey-dokes Go ahead, let's get these spark plugs down in their home Here We'll get these things tightened down and apply some torqueage. We'll go ahead and get the rear ones next because I'm still waiting on uh. valve covers crush the Crush Washer leakage.

There we go. One down, five to go. there's Numero Dos. We'll get her started.

Send it, not a full send. It's like a slight sander. If You full send it. When it bottoms out, it can actually uh, torque the Fastener and break or Torque the socket rather and it can break the spark plug which would not be okay, especially on the cylinders in the rear.

We don't want to break that then. I Got to do it again and I don't want to. That was in trigger control Nick right there. All right.

Three down, three. Go. let's move out back and make the remaining three. Oh I Dropped my socket.

no worries. I've used a shorter extension on this rear side because, well, there's no space for the longer extension. Decided to shorten it up to a six inch. skip these last three out of here.

Oh, socket stayed there we go. Similar condition as the others. Set that thing aside. Come on out.

Socket Stain. This is that crappy extension. It doesn't lock very well. It's a Mac Tool and it's been around for a long time.

Kind of worn out. fun. Come out please. Very nice.

Last one, good to go. Three new ones are prepped. Slide those down into their homes here. and uh, reverse procedure.

Two left. All right. Let's get that one down in there, crushing the Crush Washer the seal kickage. There we go.

Last ones: These rear plugs are hard on the back I Don't like them foreign. a little bit more. Okay, got it. Give me back my socket.

Thank you. Very good. All right. Okay, well I'm kind of in limbo until I get that valve cover gasket.
We go check on that I'll be right back. B5 Full thumb attack. The pile of parts and none of that rhymed. These appear to be my valve cover gaskets.

Very good. We've got spark plug tube seals, perimeter gaskets. We have some little O-rings that I believe seal off the passages for the Vbt solenoids. There's four of them, two on this head, two on that one, so I'll make sure to replace those.

We've got replacement pressure washer washers for the oil supply lines, so let's go ahead and get these things set up with the new gaskets and get the covers reinstalled. We will. uh, we'll do the hard one first, the rear most one. Get this computerizer out of the way.

that's crankshaft seal. Let's get that out of the way. We don't need that. See, these are my intake gasket that came with plugs.

We'll get those later. All right. let's get rid of this. Don't need that gasket now.

I Need to bend these little tabs out right here and pop these. uh, spark plug tube seal gaskets out. Those have got to be replaced. These things get become or become very brittle over time and they'll leak oil down into spark plug tubes and cause misfires and that would be bad.

These appear to be easier than the Nissan's the Nissan little Tabs are, uh, they're plastic and they break off. These ones are metal and they Bend I like these, bend them back. I Don't even know why these are here because the tube seals are pressed fit into that little bore right there. So it seems kind of a waste to have these tabs here.

but whatever's I'm not an engineered. Those are critical. Do not forget them. So now turn this thing over, go in here with a pry driver and just tap out these uh, these seals right here and then we can clip it and then drive the new ones in.

Okay, so I'm gonna go in here with a little pry driver, get it set up on that uh, that Rubber seal and just give it a couple. Taps Knock the thing out. It's probably going to come apart, maybe a little. Yeah, it's coming apart.

some. No worries. just tap it on out. Some of them are easier.

I Know there's this one's a particularly easy. Again, the Nissan ones. You gotta bash them. These ones came out with, uh, extreme relative ease.

Good. Now we'll unbox the new ones. Get those things set up in the holes perimeter gasket. This thing apply a little bit of Rtb sealant and uh, get it all back together.

There's one number two. It's important that these are faced the proper way. If they're upside down or inverted, you won't be able to get that to spread past the spark plug tube seals. and that can be frustrating.

These are looser than I Thought they just kind of press down in there. That's not what I expected. Okay, that works though. I Guess these fit somewhat loose.

Where's my pliers There they are. Put our little Taps back, bend it, bend it some more. or no. no, we're not bending it.
We're flexing it. That's what we're doing here. flexing with a hammer. Okay, spark plug tube seals are installed.

Let's get the gasket on next. Then we'll go over to the Head, get the O-ring gaskets on, and then get this thing uh, put into position. Now let's see. according to the gasket, we've got a 90 degree Bend here.

That's a relief for one of the bolts. Let's find a 90. There, There's one. There's a 90.

but that's not it because that relief does not fit. So let's find our next 90. there we go. This is how it fits.

kind of loose. I Don't like that if they're too loose when you invert this thing, the gasket can fall out and if you don't notice, it'll leak everywhere and that would also be bad. That's just to help the seat the thing just a little bit better. And voila, we're good to go here.

So elsewhere in the hardware kit, we've got these uh, four figure eight looking gaskets. These are the ones that are going to replace these gaskets which we found right here stuck to the valve cover. However, we don't place these on the valve cover because this is the flat surface. We have to place those in a recess that's back in the head, so let's take two of these with us.

We'll run over to the cylinder head, get these guys in position. Those are gonna go right here. See that right there and right there. And those seal the passages between the Vbt solenoids on the valve cover and the actual actuators right here and right here that are on the camshaft.

Without those there oil pressure won't make it. So those camshaft actuators, you'll have all kinds of valve train problems and that would be bad. So this is prepped, ready to go. The block is almost prepped, the head is almost prepped.

I Need to get some sealant for this area right here. and one more little dab on another area right back there where you can't see. The reason we need some sealant is because this is one metal piece and this is one metal piece and there's a hairline crack in between and we just throw a dab of silicone down that way the oil can't Wick along that crack and then leak outside of the engine. All right.

So I've got a mirror and a little bit of a RTV sealant that's a room temperature Vulcanizing Oh I dropped a bunch of it. Hang on. Gotta redo that. I Had a nice little, uh, nice little glob on there for an easy transition.

There we go. Let me get in the back here and uh I will place that sealant on a little Gap right there. That's what we're looking for and then a little bit more right here. One more little dab that's not enough I want more? There We go right there.

We don't need to go crazy with it, but that should be fine. Okay, the sealance is in place. valve cover is coming in I Don't need any sealant on that side of the head so we are good to get this thing set into position here. We need to mine that, uh, that oil hose.
over here for the VVT system and what else am I getting hung up on wiring harness. It's always a wiring harness in Toyota Land They're everywhere. They're on everything. spark plug, tubes.

Let's line up now. Here we go. Just like that. I'll get this center bolt started first.

that'll draw the thing down. there we go. I Also need to mine those dowel pins and make sure that those pins actually slip into place. If not, it'll just Flex the cover and then cause a massive leak.

This also would not be okay I Don't want massive leaks. We're here to prevent leaks. Okay, let me go over here and check the dowel. make sure that that's in good shape and the survey says it is not.

The dowel pin is not in position. so I need to back this bolt off a bunch. Flex it some wiggle it some, tighten it some and then hit it with a hammer. some.

No seriously. I'm not kidding. I'm going to tap that dial in see that a little bit of taboo tap tap action. All right.

I did steal that one I did steal that. That catchphrase I did you got me? But it was so fitting Wasn't it Tappity Tap tap. Okay I'm gonna speed this up and enter super high speed lightning fast motion while I get the rest of these Fasteners installed and torqued down come out all right. So we have all the perimeter bolts fastened down.

Let me reach in here and get a hold of that ground cable. There's a ground a ground lug right here see that and that bolted on to the top of this cover. So I'm gonna get that thing on. So I don't forget, let's get that guy in place.

Where's my 10 in my hand? There we go. tighten down that ground wire. they're so often. Overlook Those ground wires click and they cause so many problems if they're not on.

Okay, let us next connect the oil supply line to the valve cover. We've got some new crush washers here for the banjo. There's the one for the outside. There's our screen that goes into the banjo and we're gonna slip that through the fitting, drop the second Crush Washer into place without actually dropping it anywhere, and then we can feed this into the valve cover.

here. There we go. slide that in, get it threaded, and we'll tighten this guy down. You need a 17 mil? Let's put some torque on that thing.

crush the crush washers tight, squeeze right there. Different tool here. I'll use the offset ratcheting spline Drive see how it's got that little bit of an offset that's going to help me clear the the line right here and then I can properly apply torque. Okay Crush washers are crushing so far so good and click.

There you go. Okie Dokes! Next up on the to-do list is going to be to get this harness uh, roughed in its position and I say rough because I still don't have my uh replacement coils I've learned that those are not going to arrive today. So we're going to do what we can. That's a coil connector.
That's one. We'll do what we can for now and then. When those coils show up, we can. uh, we can slap those guys in.

so we'll get everything else connected and plugged in as it should be and we'll just hold off on on the coils until they arrive. Works for me. Okay, next up, let's get the fuel injector connectors reconnected. I have a bad habit of forgetting those until the last minute.

It's never okay. This one that should go there. Why do I have a nut on that? What have I What have I done wrong here? Because I know that that goes there. Oh I know what? I know how this works? Hang on I confused myself I forgot a bracket.

So let's pull this thing back off that stud. I'm all the way off. please. No one-way connector I almost stabbed my finger.

Not okay. I'm off you Leverage it's not working. None of it's working I can't get the thing to come off there. This goes on here.

That's that's what we do here. that goes there like so then the nut goes on, then the thing goes on over the stud. That's what I did incorrectly. Let's get that guy threaded in looking for one more Fastener back here.

Where is it? Is it a 10? or is it uh, 12. That's a 12. that one goes there. There we go.

So we got two 12s and a 10 left. Let's get our 10 right now and click and then put that thing back on. That's where that goes. Just like that, let's get the two 12s, get that one tight and then this one right here.

Beautiful! Okay, so with the exception of the coils, uh, there's not much I can do back here on this back valve cover. I do have one bracket to install there, but the coils are not present yet so we must move forward here and I guess we'll just go ahead and set up that front valve cover next show. Let's get on the tools off of my Fender cover here. and by the way, I did rinse out those cams on that back cover before putting everything back together.

I've already cleaned off the gasket surface on this head right here. I need to rinse this front side off because you see it's got, uh, it's got little hairs on it. Little Fibers from the cover is what it is. coming in with some oil, we'll just pour us some uh, some new motor oil on top of our cans here that's just going to rinse off any debris off those friction surfaces so they don't become damaged and that's all going to get washed down into the crankcase and then I think the majority of it's going to end up getting a dumped out when I pull the drain plug and anything left again will remain in the oil filter.

There we go, a little bit on the chains. Why not? Yeah, Yeah, all right. So we've got our two little blue gaskets here. Let's get those guys in place.

You guys stay. And now let's go ahead and get this remaining cover re-gasketed and uh, we'll get this big bolt without missed. So similar procedure as before. Bend the tabs out, pull the uh, the seals out, push the new seals in, and then, uh.
perimeter gasket, and we're good to go. Bending action here. Flexing: Yeah, we're still flexing. We're not bending.

Flexing action. Lots of flexing. Good, good, good food. Okay, let's give this a flip.

See if I can't push these out by hand? Uh, maybe. Nope. Need a hammer? Try Driver Hammer: come out please. That one was a little stuck.

it was more a stalker or that was good. Flip it again. Holes are nice and clean. Let's get our new ones pressed down into their pore.

You couldn't see because my big hand was in the way. sorry I am terrible camera man what it was I was looking at my work and not looking at. uh what you guys are looking at. It's hard sometimes you gotta do both at the same time.

Comes in, that's all three Flyers Firestars: Bend These little tabs back but I couldn't break them off. but there we go. even and flush looking very good. Okay perimeter gaskets.

Next, let's go ahead and find that 90 and I believe there's 190 here and the rest of them are not 90 so this is self-explanatory. There we go. Very good. Slide that thing in its little Groove stay in your groove.

Yeah, they like to come out as you move along. It's good. Set it down, recheck and that is good to go. Let's put some sealant.

uh on that cylinder, head over there and we'll get this thing installed. Oh, facial error? what? I neglected. Don't want to double guess at that. that would not be okay.

All right, a little bit of sealant right there. It's kind of a lot a bit, but it'll be okay and a lot of bit of sealant right there There we go. Good, Good, good, good, All right. Cylinder head, smash, valve cover.

Let's get you maneuvered into your home, minding the wiring harness that I'm about to get stuck if I want to do that and I'm navigating around that, uh, oil supply line again. it's kind of a tight squeeze. Slide this over those spark plug tube seals. This is good.

Those have seated quite nicely. I think we're there. How's that owl looking over here? Not exactly seated just yet. A little bit of hammer action and just like the back side, we'll just give this a little tabs and seat that dial up here.

That's good. Very, very good. And then there's one more. There's another pin right up here on this one there.

wound the bar. Okay, let's get all of our bolts started and again, we'll go ahead and walk around. Get all the Fasteners in. We'll bring them to torque.

We're gonna do that in super high speed, lightning fast motion because it's just a bunch of nuts and bolts. Okay, bolts are in. Let's get them seated a little bit. Some light duty impact down here.

foreign, so those are all tight, indicating that the dowel is in fact seated. We're actually rather the Uh. cylinder head cover is seated onto the dowel. Semantics and things of that nature.
Anyway, Let's uh, let's get the fuel injector connectors reconnected. Just gonna be three of those guys. Still, no coils. All right.

Get on there connector. There you go. You can't really get these things backwards. They don't have enough wire to, uh, let you connect the injector to the wrong connector.

Uh, this one doesn't want to go in. It's my fault I'm not aligning it properly. Okay, let's put that harness on the bracket. This harness on its bracket.

He's so annoyed to connect position sensor right here to connect one more bracket over here to connect. and then we've got our banjo over there. Can't forget the banjo bolt. Okay, let's move over here so we can get a better view on that.

Okay, here's our fitting with the screen one: Crush Washer Pull this thing back some. get the second. Crush Washer And there we go. Let's get this guy tight.

Begin threading now. Come on please there. Yeah, that's better. Okay going in again with the ratcheting spline wrench.

Let's get this thing tightened down and then, uh, find something else to move on to starting to get to a point where I'm at a standstill without those coils. This displeases me. I guess I can do the front coils because those ones are going to stay. We can keep those if the ones in the rear that were, uh, we wanted to change.

Okay, it's getting tight a little tighter and slip. clickage. There we go. Okay I see a connector that's a straggler and uh, let's see next.

Uh, well. coils. That's all we got. Oh, there's another connector straggler.

Oh, ground wire, missing ground wire right there. I found you. No matter. I will connector you I'm gonna go here or here.

I think it went here. It does Now or no. No no, no, no, no, no, no, no no no. I'm very wrong.

It goes here. It's already a bolt there. Error, error, and judgment. All right.

So since we're running out of stuff to do, let's get some dielectric in uh, in these coil boots here and we'll get the front Banker coils on. Slide these dudes in right? Yeah, another and we can get these connected as well. That one. uh, where's that other wire there? It is that one.

Then we've got three more 10 mil bolts that hold it down. Those are still hanging out up on the dash wiper. cow wiper Dash up there. you know what? I bet secure these things all right.

Good to go. Oh I forgot I forgot two of the 12 mil Fasteners Row: can't forget those. That would not be okay. Actually, there's three I think yeah and one more way over here in the corner.

There it is. beautiful. One harness bracket right there. dude.

All right folks, here's the dealio. It is 4 50 p.m in the afternoon and I still do not have any coils. so uh, I guess what I'm gonna have to do is just save the rest of this for a Part Two video. Um, the coil should be here sometime in the morning, maybe late afternoon.
Once those coils show up, I can drop them in on the back side. We can re-gasket the lower and upper intake manifold. get that bolted on. Get the PCB system, the EVAP system, the throttle body, all that good stuff reconnected in the meantime.

I guess I can go ahead and spill and fill the oil. You guys don't want to see that. So I'm going to skip that part. I Do have some other knickknacky items that we're going to do on this car, but I think I can save that for the trailing end of the part two because we don't have that much engine work left over on this.

uh on the top side here. So uh, tomorrow's video that's going to bring the final assembly of the engine plus some tear down and some other components and maybe a couple maintenance items. Let's see how that goes. So until then and as always, like to thank you guys for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in a transmission in a day in a Toyota in division work into valve covers. Adios Sayonara! Aloha And goodbye.

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