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Surprise surprise chevrolet truck month continues everything that i do this month is a chevrolet chevrolet truck oh. I can't fit this must be a tiny person's car are your seat. I need to move it oh it's electronical getting old this truck is here before it's been inspected before we're just here to do the work the right front constant velocity axle has flung out all of its grease due to a torn boot and we're going to replace that right now so stay tuned. This is going to be a good video.

Why is the hood open that's not okay um figure that out in a minute. There we go that looks good parking seattle and powering down. Oh you know what i'm silly. That the hood thing distracted me.

44. 278 miles on the odometer man. I'm playing super catch up today. I also forgot to tell you guys good day to you and good morning and good evening and good afternoon and whichever one of those applies to you okay now that i got all that good stuff out of the way we can get to work powering down.

You know normally i would pop it into the hood right now. But someone already did that let's go find out why let's see 53 liters. I see no reason to have opened this hood okay goodbye okay silverado moving up that's really close that's really close oh we have frame contact though all right let's check. The other side okay good this one's not as close and we do have frame contact over here all right here you guys keep an eye on that.

While i raise this up all right. We're good very nice. Okay. Okay.

Let's indulge in a little bit of impact gun cam. That was fun okay. Enough screwing around let's get to what we're here for okay. Now we can see the cv axle right here.

This is a four wheel drive axle runs from the hub. Into the uh front differential and the constant velocity joints in this axle protected by this rubber boot. And then encased in a bunch of grease. Now.

This rubber boot has failed it's got a crack in it somewhere. And as this axle is rotating. It's flinging all the grease out everywhere getting this uh nasty covering up everything. And we don't like that so we're going to go ahead and pull this axle out and replace it with a new one okay first off let's go ahead and pull this axle nut off of here.

Oh loud noises almost killed. The battery on that one one thing. I'm dealing with right away is i can't really see my nuts. Because there's just too much lube here so let's wipe off some of this excess there we go i didn't get all of it off there's still a bunch on the on the back side here.

But i guess that's enough for now okay so here's the plan. We're gonna remove this nut from the upper ball joint separate the ball joint from the spindle that's going to allow the spindle to kind of move forward some when i'm able to move it well not really forward. It's going to go away from the center line. But once i'm able to move the spindle.

I can then slide this back. And then slide the axle out of the steering knuckle and bearing and then remove it from the differential housing ooh that's lubricated my flanges won't grip it nope nope come on okey doke so with some careful application of linear impacts to the top of this knuckle right here i should be able to send shock waves through that enough to break the bond between the ball joint slash stud and the steering knuckle. I'm going to use the pneumatic tool rather than the uh the analog tool because i don't want to miss and hit you guys with a with a hammer that would be bad loud noises that was violent all right push the axle through some see if i have enough space to clear it i may have to take the tie rod off. We'll see in fact you know what i am gonna have to take this tie rod off.
So. I'm just gonna do that right now well that worked out rather nicely here. Let's uh maneuver. This axle out now come on oh.

It's all over me. Why there. I know got a good thing. Going with this air.

Gun. Let's let's not stop. Now. Turned up kind of high let's just power that down so there we go freedom all right so i've switched out to a more sacrificial glove those orange ones are really nice.

But i got a feeling i'm not gonna be hanging on to these for very long. So i i switched out to the white latex. Yeah cause these other ones are gross. Don't come out of what no no no you're not gonna make me take the lower ball joy enough to get this axle out that's not gonna happen no it's not yeah see what i mean look at that not okay.

So i think i've got an idea this still is not coming out of the spindle all the way so i'm gonna go ahead and unbolt this uh inside joint and remove it from the axle housing that way i can move around some more and then i can maybe generate the space. I need to get it out of here. I got a built in wobbly socket spin. Oh come on there.

Oh. It's stuck give me back my socket to be fair. These are 16 millimeter. And this is not a 16 socket.

It's a 5 8. Socket. But i don't have 16 wobblies in three inch drive. I'm over here doing my job.

What are you doing you don't need to lie now. I don't you're right i don't need to lie i i could have said i'm sleeping this coolant hose thing you want to show me what you're talking about because i can't pull it up the way you uh. We're not document find it because it's not a listed card in the labor guide. That's why i said it just takes an hour.

Because you gotta pull the intake off it runs between cylinder heads. There's there's a metal pipe. That goes between two cylinder heads. And then the rubber hose that comes out of it it goes to the radiator.

Okay. Do you have any kind of holes or bends. Or anything. Or is this going to be a straight line and the metal part between the two heads is metal and then i think i said it was metal twice the part between the two lines you need it's all yeah.

The dude's got the hose. We just need labor to take the intake off oh. He's got the hose. Yeah.
He has the hose okay. I didn't know that i didn't write it down. I guess i didn't read that for our brand that price everything on the ticket. So oh okay yeah.

I just need labor for that you guys we gotta bought the hose because they're for the flavor for an hour. But we still need a pressure power straight pressure hose in the racket video. We need power steering hose rack and pinion and um put an alignment on there uh. I think that's it take me to that hour and take manifold gaskets for the the one thing.

Yeah. There we go now now we're on the same page and cooking with crisco and stuff now how the heck do i get this uh this thing out of here you are bothering me axel. I would like to remove you now am. I really gonna have to pull this lower ball joint out to get this axle out of here.

I think i am yeah look i just can't i can't get enough non wobbly action to get it to come out. And i need i need like four more inches. Maybe just maybe if i shove it in all the way and then turn the whole deal over this way it still isn't gonna work yes. This is not i gotta.

I'm gonna have to pull the lower ball joint out no way come on no i mean i could i could take the bearing off some and man. I'm just trying not to do all that yeah. I'm not gonna do all that i'm not taking all this apart no it's just gonna it's just gonna do what i said. I don't have time for silverado games.

Now we're gonna just fight to protect. I'm gonna win. This is a fun little jigsaw puzzle kind of operation here so so i think i almost got it even though. I might be doing this the hard way the next task is to get this joint out from between all the rest of the suspension stuff here.

I'm gonna do it i'm i'm in too deep. Now okay so it comes up from the bottom forward around that and then up and over and in and then up again and then through the hole and then back in okay. Don't forget that that's the order of operations guys. The struggle is real you can't do this by accident.

I don't think that this part fits inside of this box. This is the box that they gave us. It's a gm part well let me rephrase. This is the part number.

We ordered it's usually the parts guys don't send you parts that you didn't order they sent you what you did order or what they think you ordered. And what this is this is the inside shaft. It goes into the housing that's that piece over there. We don't need that piece we need this piece.

So uh. This one's got to go back slight delay that's fine. Though murphy's law is what it is i'm i'm used to it i'm like totally used to it right now or by now my wife asked me why i'm such a cynic and i'm going because if you can imagine. It's going to fail.

That's the way that it's going to fail like everything. And i mean everything is just this is the way it works. It's predictable. I really need to learn how to like air.
We'll just go ahead and seal this up like factory. So i'll never know there. We go. Oh.

I can't operate. The tape. Oh yeah. Good as new dokes.

After x. Amount of time having passed. We have a replacement cv axle. So let's uh maneuver.

This thing ever so carefully back to where it goes all right let's see here. I believe my memory tells me this goes in like that in some more hit you with a hat that goes down and then we flip and flop. This over this direction. Yeah.

That's how this way now. It's got to shove this into there and then we're good to go. And it is going to fit. Because i'm not taking this all the way apart.

We've been through this already that's how it went almost almost a couple more almost and it's in oh brute force. Yeah yeah we're getting somewhere. Now okay. Let's gather our attention off to the right.

A little bit. And we'll start putting these bolts back in to mount the axle to the flange okay this guy. It's gonna get lined up like so so hmm good all right loud noises time for some quick action. So excellent.

Let me just hit this other side one more time for good measure. You know they were tight and i knew that but i i just had to hit him one more time okay let's get the rest of the stuff back together upper ball joint you go in there. There's my my nut. I lost my nut redo.

Here it is i found it sitting on the left arm. I put it somewhere where i wouldn't lose it and that is where i lost it come on couple threads. Let's go i'm missing. It.

Nope pry bar. Need fry bar okay. Let's try this again with pry bar. There we go that's what i wanted it's just loose enough to make using the wrench.

Annoying and it's just too tight to do it by hand it's like that sweet spot of fastener purgatory here we go for full clickage. I'll just get it from the back side over here like so for all you guys okay. I should now like to install this bracket right here that's the brake line bracket. Which comes with the abs line clip.

There we go and my 10 mil can't find the hole. There it is oh wait hang on there's an axle nut. Too we gotta get that gotta get the axe on that cannot forget the actual nut click click no seriously i'm not kidding. It's gonna get an actual clip all right we need a screwdriver to stop the rotor from rotating like so and beginning actual pickage.

Now there we go that was good all right everybody you have just witnessed firsthand the replacement of a front cb axle. In a chevrolet four wheel drive 1500 silvery radio hope you liked this video. If you did like this video. You guys know the drill by now let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

That's what lets youtube and myself know that i've done a good job here today and if youtube thinks i've done a good job. It's far more likely to recommend my content for whatever yours. That's good for them. It's also good for me non clicks silverado coming down clock release getting.
Descent now so as i prepare to torque these lug nuts. I will thank you again for watching before i go let's also remind each and every one of you to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later come in soon finalize lugging up did i get that one sure nope. I missed it you.

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