In this video I bring you along as I check out a customer complaint of "no a/c" on this Nissan Altima. It ends up being a pretty easy fix once we gather a little data. -Enjoy!
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Hey there, viewers welcome back to the south main arts channel. That's our 2014.. It's the nissan! It's the ultimate! It's got the big two five and uh. It's got no ac and it's hotter than a mother lover out, and you know how hot that mother lovers can get whoo.

It is roasty toasty today 95. It says here in the dash uh what we're gon na do. He told me that he had a problem with the ac, but he said it was kicking on too much so he pulled the fuse and uh, and that was it and then anyhow he put the fuse back in it before he brought it here and apparently now It doesn't work at all, so that's what we know so i'm gon na pop into uh - and i tried to ask a few questions about that. You didn't really have the answer for me, so i just want to pop in here and just see.

Are we getting the command? You know everything look like its function here, a lot of times. We can see the pressure switch and stuff here. So that's what we're gon na do. I'm gon na look up ac here.

We go ac relay ac signal, ac pressure. That's odd, uh! Let me start it up here. Folks, you push fine so down here on the hvac. Let me show you the ac button here that appears to be normal.

It's not blinking at me or anything. So that seems to function. You know on and off, but what's weird, if you look at the scan data scan data is not changing there, but what's weird, what sticks right out to me is the oh. You see that ac pressure sensor.

Let me turn this off. It's hot. It says zero! Volts uh, which that's weird um. If it's a three wire sensor uh, it should never go to zero.

It's gon na have a range you know half to four and a half volts. I would assume so that's kind of bizarre um before we even go any further. We'll see if we can find that little guy, i don't think, there's any more ac stuff here to look at now. I don't think so.

Um. Let me poke around here for a minute. I didn't see anything else, useful uh in scan data, so we're just gon na do a little lookie check out the components, maybe push the schrader valve. You know stuff like that.

Don't push a schrader valve you ding dongs uh, let's see so there's our compressor lives down there. Just kind of a little visual inspection see if we can see the that pressure switch anywhere, so there where it goes into the cabin comes down just try to identify some components here. Real quick, like must be the uh, oh yeah, that other line runs underneath all that business over there. Underneath the electric power steering still don't see a pressure switch.

That's interesting! Is it on the uh on the old hvacker. Sometimes that's the case. Let me stick around the uh core out here: wow i'll be depth. Where is that little fella? I think i see you and there it is well.

I don't know if i'll be able to get you guys to see that and hence intense so there she is. There's our pressure switch. I think when i look in there with the light, i think i see something that i don't like, so we're gon na pull these little clips out here. Ping alright got 250 some thousand miles on that one.
Try this one again come on little fella there she goes only broke just a corner of it and uh. So it's been around the block a few times come on baby. There we go. Will that get us to it? Let's see, i want to bring you along in case i'm right.

Do we want that one? We want that one, let's go see here. I thought i saw some green. Let me make sure you're in frame. Nobody wants to miss the money.

Shot could be wrong. Oh, no, i'm right! We didn't even need this. That wire is gone. Come on.

I should have brought the 90 degree picker huh. Look at that folks, so the wires broke. I thought i saw some green dust laying on the edge of that sucker uh stand by folks. It looks like the pins inside that switch look good, but yeah she just crowded off the back, but i start looking around here and i see some open wires out of this harness there uh, but anyway, we'll uh, tackle the problem by hand, looks like gon na Be a little field trip i'll, be right back, we got tornado warnings, i'm gon na have to haul that's the fastest trip i've ever made.

So we'll put you pull out a bat yeah we're supposed to have some nasty, hail, tornado and high winds. I guess you're saying uh in this connector for what it's worth. I should have brought you along, but i wanted to be quick like a bunny uh, apparently so what i did to find out where the connector fits is. I looked up a pressure switch for this on the napper website and this pressure switch nissan uses on everything.

So the first nissan car i walked to was a the smaller one in these, not the ultima, whatever the sentra and it's like boom, it's right there boom, i cut it off, and hopefully it's right that didn't even look. I didn't even take a freaking picture. Oh yeah, look at that. It's the right one.

I think the wire color is different, but how about uh about this? We don't want to tear the whole stinking front end apart on this car just to get to this harness and that's as far up as we can pull it. Of course, it had to be in row freaking 16 way on the back. 40. wait hustle um! How about we could probably just make the repair right here there were some teeny tiny wires.

Let's do it now i feel guilty for not taking you guys with me. Let's see, i just wanted to cut that back a little bit, so we can expose expose these little fellas where there are some teeny tiny wires. I don't even think i can get them with the strippers. I mean we can, but i know if they're like 24 gauge or what they are, but man they are tiny.

Now, let's see we're going to leave a little bit extra, so we know who's who here all right. So those are all soldered heat shrink down there. Now the big dilemma of trying to get it taped up everything looks good. I double check to make sure that we've got it going all in the right direction, so we've got a little tape here.
On the end of the pick classic trick me ma taught me it's a mini roll on a stick. That'll at least get us taped up down here on the bottom side there, but we can't get our fingers in give it a little bit of protection. Anyways get it up here where we can actually tape it using the scotch super 88 best stuff on the planet. Snap-On straight pick, you can use any street fig boom.

We were right so that uh pressure sensor works. What does 1.28 volts translate to as far as pressure and you've got as good as mine? Let's see if the ac works now, according to this she's on, i heard the old clap out here of the old clutch kick on where's that it is down boy, you guys can't even see it. I can't even see it down at the bottom, but i heard the clutch kick in we're not feeling much coldness, so i did hear the clutch engage fan just kicked on. Let's get some gauges on it.

Oh it's only about 74 degrees. Out of that center vent, our compressor is working. Our pressures are a little low. I'm going to take i'm going to evacuate it we're going to see what we have in there for refrigerant.

I'm thinking not much or it is quite low. I don't know if it's ever been serviced before, not to be honest with you yeah, with only about a 20 degree difference between inside and outside air. We like to see somewhere around 30, at least so we'll draw it down. Uh see where it's at get our charge make sure it has a proper charge on it and then check our cooling system performance at that point, but uh yeah a lucky find on that sucker huh, we don't find broken wires.

Broken wires find us that doesn't even make sense, but we put this back together, super thankful for wilbert's. Being so close. I think i often lose sight of how big a blessing that place is especially for nonsense. Stuff like this, you know so yeah she's.

Only about half charged only took out eight ounces um, so we're gon na take i'm gon na put a little oil in it. Here we only took out about a half ounce, so we'll just put a half ounce back in there and then we'll take and get her charged up. We just want to charge on low side and uh so 0.52 kilos and then we're going to start kind of like say just a smidge over 90 out right now, but expect us to be in around 60 or so we see it where we're at here 50 That 67, oh no, it's 57. beautiful! Now we're just going to head back to the shop i'm going to take and make sure the.

Let me turn this thing down here. I want to make sure that the condenser is good and cleaned out. Usually i take the blow nozzle try to go across them when i can make sure that's cleaned out, radiator's cleaned out make sure it's got. You know real good air flow and then i'm gon na go along and check for leaks with the old sniffer and see how things are doing in that department and also just free tip for you, when you're putting your caps back on the system, make darn sure You've got the o-rings in the caps they're, you know part of a part of the system that seals so just a pre-tip.
I guess i don't know uh this many miles on. I don't know if this fella's ever had the ac serviced on it or not. What i've noticed doing a you know yearly service uh for customers on cars is that most cars are about, i would say, a half ounce to an ounce a year. It's not uncommon to see them.

You know i'm talking like brand new cars. You know they'll have the ac system service just as a normal service to make sure that it's completely charged. So you know oil doesn't start to accumulate in the evaporator and things like that on a thermal expansion valve system and i've noticed that it's not uncommon to see. You know like this half ounce to one ounce.

You know loss so to speak, uh per year right or wrong. I don't know, but that's just been my observation, so perhaps this guy's never had this ac system service. I don't know i'll have to get a hold of him, but in uh either way. I'm still gon na go over it go with the little sniffer uh see if we see anything all the common spots.

You know the crimps on the hoses uh connectors where they hook together. You know ac compressor body seal everything like that. So anyhow, it feels wonderful in here and i don't really want to get back out, but why don't you get back out into that comment section the questions, the comments, the concerns, the nc, the facebook just from our viewers. If i can do it, you can do it thanks for watching.

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