In this video I bring you along as I swap out the rear sub frame in this 2015 Nissan Altima. It was originally brought in with rotted and snapped rear lower control arms. Due to the overall condition of this vehicle it is a away better (not to mention cheaper) plan to swap out the whole rear sub frame with a southern unit. Bobby's down in Alabama got us a really nice sub frame with everything we needed to give this junker a new lease on life.
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That folks got us to 2015. Nissan that's the Ultima I think we had it in a previous video where we showed the lower control arm here being broke off and the other one not being far behind cracked all the way around. I've got us some used parts to throw on there I was able to get us a whole used subframe assembly cheaper than we could get just control arms and I think we're going to have a lot less problems and we have a lot nicer parts to put on. I Got it with both knee assemblies.

so we've got the whole Knuckles and you know, brake rotors, everything there. The shipping company bashed the heck out of the Uh back in place which kind of sucks, but we'll deal with that. The Salvage Yard I Got it from a guy named Bobby Well, it's not. that's not his name, it's the name of his shop is Bobby it's down in Alabama A great guy to deal with.

He sent me pictures of it before sending it and and the backing plates were mint. It was on the crate good, but the shipping company was pretty shady so it looks like they dropped a bunch of stuff on it. But anyway. I think we need to drop the exhaust.

Get that out of the way. Um, take the wheels off it. We're going to hook the brake hoses and hook the brake cables, unhook the ABS wires and then I think it's a matter of just unbolting and it should be a whole contained assembly. Drop it down, pop the new one in, and oh, unhook the shocks.

Gotta do that too. So let's get after it. Boys In order to take the exhaust off, you got to use the right side of the socket number one. and then we've got to get you know cross members off here if you will beat the Sonic at about.

see if they want to play nice hopefully sir on the floor. Perfect. All right. Fantastic.

A couple more to go. All right. we've got this little guy right here. You can get fingers up around here.

Uh, there might be a 12 actually. Oddly enough, those other ones up there were 13 millimeter socket. Kind of weird. Got a Nissan foreign not today to get a socket to get that one off there.

we'll be using the Mac Tools 12 millimeter Rbrt socket. Check them out on YouTube Damn the Rbr2 guy. This guy. Okay, I think we'll leave the rest of the exhaust hanging for right now.

we might spray with some Panther P We gotta fire up Dick and cut those nuts off the front up there. Take the dub d ude see if we can't spring up here on the hangers. we got to get the front side of them hangers, but reduced it back. see if I can reach up here and get in front of it too.

So the nuts here on that flange are pretty well gone. The studs look to be in good shape or good enough shape, So we're going to see if we can't just cut those nuts off. We're gonna neuter this little guy gas going here. Come on.

Beck It's been off for a week. been on vacation. There we go. Sun Oh I Missed you rust.

These are binded pretty well. so I don't know how good we're gonna do. This is foreign. All right.

let's grab something sharp and pointy. Come on a little fella, there there's one. I gotta get light I can't do anything. Hmm, let's say we might have to cut a little more I think I was just wasn't as generous on this side here.
Yeah, let me give that just a little. Nick Now that we have the nut loose, we should be in good shape. The other stuff turned out good, but now that we have a little air space there from whacking on it, should be able to cut it off a little easier. Now we should.

A good shape. there's that? Yeah, all right. So we saved the studs. Everybody should be happy.

I think I just burnt my nose though. Put some slack, fell down on my glasses. Not too bad. minor bird.

we're gonna put our safety specs back on. We're gonna give these just a little tickle with air hammer just massaging I Want to get this to crack loose here? All right? that's all. Wiggly I Wanna I'm gonna throw a stand under this. We're gonna make sure that the rear Mufflers are loose in their hangers and then I will get my guy Joshua slide her straight back and set her on the ground.

All right. we'll leave that there. for right now, it didn't work out like plant folks. We'll come back here with my bar and give it a little wiggle and the whole mess hit the floor so it's out.

Uh, in the rear mounts are a little looser than I anticipated. We're gonna spray this little panthe P Parking brake cables or under There underwear under. there part of them are I Don't know if we can actually unhook them from down here? Don't try. It's gonna be a little noise doing an AC Service over in the other Bay take these off.

It's all about trigger control. Nice and easy. There you go like I say I don't know what we can see from down here. Probably not much.

It's uh, so we're gonna tear some stuff apart on the inside, which that's fine. We'll save that for last. what we'll do. Um, because when I had the guy said in the subframe I asked him if you'd unhook the cables and he did and that was really nice of them.

and I think they're bolted on on the inside anyways. a couple bolts so we'll probably have to tear some stuff apart. We'll unhook them the rest of the way down through here and then, uh, we'll just chop it off. We'll put our new cables in and then when everything else is done, we'll go up on the inside.

Foreign. We'll figure out what to do with that later. Problem is, everything's so Rusty You know there's there's not much we can do here. Uh, maybe we'll figure it out later.

We're going to bypass it for right now. Uh, actually. yeah, we'll just leave it. For the time being there, that was easy.

We've got these plastic bits here. Wow. not doing good. We didn't look that Rusty didn't look that.

Rusty There's one. we gotta do the same thing. on the other side. there's another one over there.

This is hiding the bolts that we need to get to. It's got a little dirt in there. what do we got going on there? Oh, we got another one more here. Front right in my face.
Nice dirt facial. Now we need to see if these bolts want to play nice. Yeah, we got a 21 millimeter. I Don't know if you guys can see, but we're up here on the subframe stud.

Looks like it's going to want to play. Give her a Sprint to the WD on them dreads. So there it is. That's the beauty of this little guy.

Is the subframe bolt if you will. Bolts are all good. We'll try these little fellas here. 16 and then we'll use the extension.

Keep the torque down. the no mercy reversy I'll take this off. We will leave the nut up on here for safety. It's our safety nut.

We'll stick this somewheres and we won't lose it right here. On this side with bolts, same thing on the other side over here. Come back here to the rear. that one appears to be loose.

We'll give her a little. Spritz Looks like it has some pressure on it. Perhaps from the spring? wrong way. foreign.

For a minute it's going to come off. but like I said, it looks like it has a bit of pressure. Let's go get the other side done. All right.

That one's off. It's like these little guys all right. Yeah, foreign. Just in case there's any water in there, we'll get the tires out of the way.

they're probably gonna be stuck I swear I Got everything today. not really different than any other day I guess So putting nut on there, we'll give these a whack. These are usually pretty stuck. Oh never mind people.

do not stop. Pull the grenade pin over here. it's gonna be a little pot I guess probably if you will. Wow.

Oh, not too bad. not too bad. Expected a little worse. That's why I have my safety glasses on.

Okay, there's that. Let's unhook our brake hoses. we should have ABS Wire let's get that undone. ABS is right here.

There's that. Here's the main connector for both rear wheel speed sensors. All right. Good.

It's not crusty. It is hooked to the subframe in one other spot here, which I think we're going to make light work out of that I can't see the back half of it, but I will in a second. Hey, we can see it now. Get the wiring harness flipped around here.

I'm not even going to bother unhooking that piece that I just cut off. I'm just going to shove the wiring up above here once we get the frame down, I'll unhook it the rest of the way and then this wiring for the wheel speed sensors that can stay right on the frame. So all we have left to do now it's nothing. we got to get.

uh, brake hoses and get the Jack under here. like I say it's probably stuck. Well, no, this front. this front subframe came down on that side.

This side feels stuck so we may. We may have some issues, but we have a cutting torch and determination so we'll get it off one way or another. Let's unhook our brake hoses. make it a little better for us.
Does it a little bit if you got a weak stomach, turn your head. oh yeah, we don't need the light anyways. we're going to pinch that brake hose. Keep your eyes closed.

wrong size right away. What we got here out of the 13 as I think 12 right here. That's real smart I got a catch pan. but here we are.

Come on baby. There we go. That hose is off. We'll put our banjo right back in here.

There's probably a washer on this side still. I'm guessing yes sir, there's that. We're gonna put that back in the caliper. We'll leave our hose pinch players on there, so make sure you shy away.

don't look directly at it. Suck up the floor a little bit so we can get the transmission jack out here. We've got that holding up the subframe or at least underneath there for the time being. Take this off from all the rest of them.

There's that one. The rest of these should be just finger tight. Whoa. Let me go grab a stand.

I'm gonna stick it under the front. just make sure we don't tip the car forward. We got it back quite a ways on the list because I anticipated this a little bit. I'm going to grab a stand of safety and stick it under the front because when we go to put the new ones up or the new frame up, the Springs are going to have a little more pressure if you will because the control arm is not going to be half ripped down.

So let me go grab that standby. Foreign. This may or may not work. Take a little bit of pressure off the Jack here and she's stuck on that one.

Pretty good. Let me try air hammering straight on that stud because it just has rough rust build up around the bushing. See if we can't just vibrate a little? Yes ma'am foreign. Thank you there it is.

Little son. Easy peasy, Whammo! there's our new one had Josh helped me set it up here new and used one of these guys found self do like say this is from Bobby it's in Alabama I'll leave his information in the uh description. The guy was pretty awesome. Usually when you deal with salvage yards they suck 95 percent of them.

I've dealt with enough of them. You know they're absolutely the worst people on Earth to deal with. I Asked him if you could save my parking brake cables and he did. I asked him if he could save the ABS wiring and he did.

He cut it off on this side of the plug I asked him if I could have one with good backing plates and they were. however, like I said, the guy with the shipping company absolutely destroyed them. Bonds are smashed, tops are smashed. He had a bunch of junk Lane on top of it in the back of his truck so that kind of sucks, but they're good enough.

I Hope that we can beat them straight. not the delivery guy but these here so we'll stick it up in. He did save the brake hoses for me also. uh if we can get ours unhooked the nut.

So we're going to leave this right here thing looks like it's got brand new pads in your orders on it despite the fact that they're a little rusty. One trip around the block they'll be like new. so let's get her ready to go in. I'm indecisive at this point is if we're going to put it in with the springs or not that had a fair amount of pressure on it I Don't want to take a chance, knock it off the lift and being that everything is, you know, loose on this or able to come loose.
putting the springs in after the fact might not be too big a deal. He's got a really funky style lower control arm so we might try it and see where we get. If we can get to the point, we can stick a nut on the bottom of the stud here. We'll be okay, we'll leave the shocks unhooked while taking the bolt, and we'll get the ones out of the car.

We won't screw around the brake hoses just yet, but then we'll uh, we'll get this baby slid up in there. So let's get started. That's the plan. This is where that other wire clip was that I cut off with the cut off wheel.

so that's for our abs. I'm gonna come up here on the body get the metal bracket that we chopped off off there. so it's just that little bracket that way there we can plug our wiring harness right back in. I'll leave that tucked out of the way.

Let's Buzz our shocks off there. That's gotta be so nice working on Southern cars. Oh, stop the springs on here. put the insulators on the bottom, see what things feel like, and then make a judgment call from there.

foreign I Want to make sure all of our studs are going to be lined up I Want to make sure that the Springs are sitting down in their mounts correctly? they are. Orient There is an orientation to them. all right. You just give a little walk around make sure everything looks good.

I'll be I Don't think we're gonna go any higher with the jack I think I can get a couple of the front nuts on which if we do, then we can set the car down on a jack stands, push it right up. You know what? I mean? You know what? I mean dude. All right, there is that one. There's that one.

Let me just buzz them up a little. I don't have the full bracket on there, but we got those nuts right. Take that nut back off. I'm going to put the bracket on the passenger side driver's side driving should be able to get the one on this side.

Now there's that. that'll kind of hold it, but we do what we have to do all right. We'll leave those kind of loose. Let's see about getting the studs rest way up on the rear here.

You can't do something sketchy unless it involves a block of wood. So we got our stand out here: I Don't think it's going to take a lot of pressure to push this up. Find out here in a minute. Watch out for splinters I Think we're doing all right right? Feels okay? then I'm high enough to do what you needed to run this up a little bit.

Suck an old car right down. Awesome. All right. we'll hold that right there for a moment.
I may even be able to get the one on the other side. Let's say, All right, move our block which has no more pressure on it. That was easy. So now, I remove I removed transmission Gap And what we'll do is we have to put the you know, the plates and stuff on under here.

but now that it's mostly secure, gotta push that up all the way. As far as I can, we'll take that off a good pair of Spritz and we're gonna have to go through and do this to everything. you Ding dong, Look at this guy. Here's a guy.

I Can't think here's a non-thinker for you folks. Stick that there. move our black wood. Foreign.

A lot of people are glitter clattering down in the comments section. Why didn't I never sees all the studs and everything. Uh, one reason folks. this vehicle will never have another rear subframe ever.

We'll go through and torque down the factory specs, but that's the reason. Um, it's a waste of product really? Because this baby is pretty Rusty As you see, and that's just a simple facts, this this subframe will Outlast the rest of the car. and to be honest with you, if it ever gotten an accident where it got swatted in the ass end, it's going to be totaled because of miles and rust, so it's not really worth putting extra effort in. I Guess we'll do the same thing on this side here and then I'll just continue around to the other two on the front, get those done as well once we're all done with this.

gotta take it over on Josh's side there when he gets freed up today and do a wheel alignment on it. No, we're missing the boat here. The ones that, uh, oops, the ones that hold the parking brakes on and then I don't know if we can get this thing off or not without breaking it. Probably not.

It's missing that plastic. Shield There, there's one. where'd it go? There's two. Uh, let's break the right hand side off just to see what it's made of.

These plastic, uh, retainers there. Well, two out of three didn't break this pulling on it. There's no way to get behind here for kind of a one-time use deal. Let's just see if we do better on this side.

Hey, none of them broke. Look at us go. So we've got all three retainers on that one. Yippee skippy because that's one we needed I Don't know what its purpose is, but that's where it goes.

I plugged our ABS wire back in there. click that back in the bracket. These are the bolts that we just took off that frame here for the parking brake panels. I Don't know if that's it.

there's that. we'll get that buttoned up here. Freaking truck drivers. Yeah, this thing's beat up.

pretty good. It's better than what's over there though. I'm gonna take a work of these for a little bit folks. Um, got a couple other jobs here I Gotta get knocked out of here.

Let me let me work on kind of straightening these up. I I bet this one. this one was shoved right straight down in behind the rotor I kind of cried out there with a screwdriver. I'll see if I can't kind of beat them halfway straight.
it's going to be better than you know what they had which was nothing so these ones were pretty low and we're so I'll work at that for a little bit. Other than that, I think we're we're doing pretty good I never did pull the shocks off, but we will because the shocks they sent with it are like brand new. Um, so yeah. I'm gonna work on this for a little bit like so I Got a few other things I gotta take care of here with Mrs o and then we'll get back at it and see what we need to do.

as far as parking, brake cables and getting that run all right. Luna Come here one more time. Come on, we'll let Luna inside and that's it. That's where we're at folks.

I'm gonna work on picking that up and then beating that tin straight on this sink. Let's see here we go folks trying to figure out where we left off a crazy day to try to make a video. We're gonna pull these rear shocks out. Just a couple of nuts up in there taking a 13 millimeter socket I give them a little Spritz down before I went and eat lunch when everything's kind of fit together here for us I think perhaps we left off with straightening out the backing plates which they straighten out way easier than I thought they were gonna.

It didn't turn out half bad. Uh, let me grab the new shock of new used ones over there. These just appear to be in better condition. Thank you.

Customer paid for him. so there's that. We're gonna get a nut started here in our socket the same left or right so we don't have to worry about any mix up there that's not started. We'll grab the other one and then I looked at the brake hose.

I think instead of opening up, Pandora's Box here if you will, we're gonna just hook the original brake hoses back up because if we start messing with this stuff. so now we're looking at brake lines and everything else. so just put this on a torque setting. Numero Uno There there.

go back, check this off all right, Then come back, loosen them up, and then torque them the factory specs. Obviously we'll get our Safety Stand We got a block of wood right here. stick that right under the head of the rotor, start lifting this up. I Think you should not get too light in the back end here.

Yeah, we're off the lift pad over here, but we should be okay. Let's get that started. 19 mil on the Okie Dougie 18 mil. Sorry.

All right, we're not going to Snug that up. We're gonna leave that loose because I'm gonna set it down. put a Jacks in under this little guy and we'll tighten that up. Uh I think we did a video of doing shocks on one of these.

So same process. Once you've done that, we're going to remove this banjo bolt. Make sure you put everything on the floor. There goes their socket.
wiggle this off. Make sure you get both your uh washers so you don't have one accidentally stuck on there. Got a banjo bolting our OG brake hose feel for it back here. It's got a little packet needs to line up in so make sure you line it up, you won't be able to tighten it down if you don't trust me, make sure you use new crush washers and all that stuff.

All right. we'll snug that up lightly. We'll come back through torque that spec, remove our brake hose pliers and now you can open your eyes. If you had them closed the whole time, everything looks good there.

We're gonna have to bleed them out. We're almost done boys. I'm gonna bust out our Old Vic again. So this is that parking brake cable.

That or the bracket that we couldn't get off. There's a little metal piece under here. that house is a stud which is held on by rivet. as you can see right here it's a back side of the rivet.

I Just re-rive it in this one to keep it from spinning, but to give us a little better chance of success, we're going to heat it up all right now. We'll Museum back there and she should come right off. That's what we're hoping for. Usually a tournament colors will come right off.

Thank you sir! So now we can stick this little guy back on. It's well. it's got a lot of dirt on it, insulated on the top so you can't really see. But um, so yeah.

Anyhow, that's an easy fix. Oh let's see what way did this thing go I Think it went like this. There She Goes Yes sir, Uh, let's see oh that a little tin plate with that going there first. I don't think so.

Well, I'll turn our cables up through here. that goes there. This one goes here with that 10 mil go. Gotti there's that one.

There's that one. I'll go grab some more of these nuts. Foreign. Make sure we get all those factory specs I Can't forget the plastic dirt collectors back here these put back on.

I Think what we need to do now is go up inside the vehicle and find where these parking brake cables go, see what kind of job that is I don't know if there's a bunch of crap inside the car or not, but I've got a figure that out and then forget about that. Why am I not using a power tool I don't know I had this in my hand when I was walking by I guess so there's that. I'm gonna get the plastic bit on the other side. Don't really know their purpose either, but they do hold a lot of nice dirt.

but yeah, they've got them there. and then that little plastic shoe we put on there and breakwise though. um, some people might be questioning about the rusty brake rotors. Those will clean up within like a minute of driving and I'll pull wheel back off to prove it to you in case I'm wrong.

but they should clean up. Okay film. Yeah, you're using film. You're on film.

Wow, you're on the camera. We're gonna take and bleed out the brakes here. We're gonna remove the little rubber cap. Switch hands with you.
Oops, let's switch hands with again. eight mil if I Grab the box end for a little cover on there or a little over here. You ready? Miss though. Down? Sure.

Oh hey, it's that guy. Oh down. looks like we got them. How does it feel baby? Yep, you can give them a little pump there if you like.

See if they feel amazing, push push down a little bit harder. make sure they're good. They're good. That's good.

Oh, that's nice of you to help us too. There miss though. I Tell you what. Nissan is usually like the Chrysler of the Imports but they did me a solid on this one.

Look at this. The back end comes off from the center console here because I'd wiggle in the center console. I'm like how the Thunder do you remove this thing I Took all the personal belongings out of the center here thinking it would screw down. Uh, no screws in there.

I was like, well, feels like it's on the side which it is like wow, we gotta pop this cover off and wham bam. That's what we need to get to right there. So let's see if we can just get to it and do it right here without pulling the whole countertop. I'll make it about a bazillion times easier.

Oddly enough, Service data did not have information on removing the cables, which I thought was ridiculous. They said c exploded view with torque specs so they had a picture. Uh, but of course. just you know the cables.

Nothing else we might have to do. We really have to take that bolt out. We have to take I don't think it's gonna pick up past it. We have to take the bolt out.

It actually holds this, uh, center console in and then there's one. We're just going to shove that down through the hole in the floor here. We should be okay. it's back here.

under the carpet. You can't quite feel like you're probably supposed to pull all the carp out and everything to do this. Uh, let's see here folks. yeah.

I'm gonna have to move this seat ahead this bolt here I don't know if you guys can see it, it comes through from the other side. This is impeding the cable from coming up all the way. so let me do that. I'll get that unhooked.

We'll go underneath and yank them suckers out. foreign up in there. that one's shoved up in there I Suppose we could just put the rubbers on right now. that goes Wally Riding this scooter that bought one of them Chinese Kimco Scooters like I Don't know, like six or seven years ago.

Anyways, every year man, he's ripping that thing I think he's got his money. he's worth out of it. All right. the rubbers are in I Guess we can throw that tin on more right here.

I Don't think we're gonna have any problems with them cables inside. there's one. there's two. buckle my shoe I Forgot to order the new nuts for the for the exhaust.

so I got them coming from Napper some ten by one, two five. They look like fine threads. super fine thread. Well now the hard part.
the semi-heart part is hooking the cables back into the little donger up in here. you can get one today. It's kind of nice. It has a spring that holds it back for you, which is kind of nice.

There's one side. there's one cable. see if I can give this one the old one-handed handy here. oh I'd use two hands I cheated my baby that went down.

They do have a little alignment Peg on them. Foreign. got that up in there? Put both of these on I Don't need to need to move here on my ratchet click click and clickety-click bolts back in here here. Oh yeah, a little fella.

Oh yeah. I'll pick you up a little bit. Oh, we gotta plug this little guy back in. Probably an interior antenna if I had to guess if I was a Gambling Man It does have a proximity key, so that's probably what it is.

Usually they have one near the back of the vehicle. There's that. We'll move our light, We'll line it up, give her a forward and that's it. It's in, it's done.

I'm gonna put some of their junk back. there's my socket. Let's see. It's kind of hard to see in a minute.

Yeah, stand there for just seconds. Oh, that's good. Oh I got a bolts in it, so go ahead. You should be able to spin those right now.

All right. I Have my guy Josh gonna give me a hand putting that exhaust back in and uh, still waiting on Napa Starting my life. We'll get these little cross members back in. We'll come back through with a torque wrench and get those in just a minute.

There it is folks. Uh, as soon as these nuts show up. I Don't stack any uh, ultra fine metrics. Kind of sucks when they have three pitches.

you know, um, fire threads look great on there where we cut the we cut it off with torch. No casualties at all, so enough should ZIP Zippy zap right on those piece of cake and then oh hey. Here Comes Napper Now so now the old Chevrolet and we'll throw our tires on it. We've got the Blake Blake's bread.

We bled the brakes. Try that again. I Filled up the brake fluid, made sure that's full. We'll take it for a rip to burn the rust off the rotors and then we'll cycle the parking brake a couple times and then I think that's it.

Then we gotta line it up. When Jesse gets done, he's doing a water pump over there on the Mustang so when he's done with that, we'll get her lined up. but we'll go for a drive first. Let's see if these will work.

Oh, it's a little dark up here. I'm gonna Spritz a little fluid from my nose Yes I know it's on the exhaust. I'm not doing it for rust proofing properties I'm doing it so we don't go just dirty dog trying to run those babies in. You know what? I mean that phone has literally ring since eight o'clock this morning.

Non-Stop Clickety Clap. Don't talk man. Just like someone got a little closer to the oil pan one day. huh? We got a little ding dong in there exhaust design I Don't think we've forgotten anything.
Got the plastic jiggly bits back on there and a plastic bit here. Got our cables. Everything is secure, even the one bolt that was being temperamental I bolted the exhaust bracket back on. there.

exhaust is intact. Backing plates don't look perfect, but they're pretty pretty good. I think we've got them been out. Good enough for good enough for the girls we run with.

Got our shocks on, they're all torqued. The spec brake hoses are on. Got this one? I'm gonna straighten back up. it's got some ding marks in here a little.

New York Rust on there though. you'll never know. Sub frames tight so we need to take it for a shake down. We're going to double check our banjo bolts when we get back.

make sure they're all good. I'm going to spray this off with some brake parts cleaner where we got some brake fluid on here. make sure it's all clean and dry so we can identify any new leakage and that's it. Let me torque the wheels on and go for a rep.

I'm gonna need a phone just in case nobody likes walking. I left the hubcaps off the back, torque the wheels to factory specs. We need to pull the wheels back off so we will receive that. uh okay, it's got a little text too.

I see bells on Texas answered uh When I drove it in, there was a little car with the squiggly line so the traction light that was on and the uh, no key detected light was on also and crack key ID and cracked. yeah and stick the key up here and push the button with it. but that's the way it was if I drove it in and then that little guy was on when I drove it in initially. Also, which is your traction button here? Oh no, it's not.

I assumed it was something to do with something else, but that was what was on when I drove it in. Brakes feel good. Snap back the seat up a little bit here. it works fancy.

Here we go. let's go burn this rust off. I'll just do our normal break room here. quiet I Thought it'd be lost.

louder than they are. Brake pedal feels really good. Tests on our parking brake All right. that seems to function so it's down we're gonna appear Wheels straight now.

let's see if we could I think it's ticked off to the left a little bit, which it will be anytime you change your rear alignment, changes the thrust angle of the car. I'd say not too bad, but we'll get the back end straightened up. Drives pretty good. Like I said wheels just a tiny bit to the left.

not too terrible. Brakes are smooth as butter. They look like they're brand new. They might be might even say it's a pretty good score.

Oh and the little traction light went out that wow, Real observant there Eric I Don't know when it went out sometime here, but brakes feel good Everything Feels good. Parking lot blow a donut. Oh, we always squeaking the tires together. All right.
let's just pick it up. Double check it. make sure all of our winds are high and dry and all that stuff up in the air. wheels are off, rotors are shiny.

uh Chinese are going to be for the time being. lots of Pat on like I said, they may be, they may be OEM even maybe she was a low mileage car I don't remember. Let's look on the invoice. it's like cleaned up nice.

It's got lots of pad. Our calipers are nice and free I did check them before we put them on if anybody's questioning that. um I'm gonna go through popper it plugs out, check the adjustment on our parking brake. let's have a look.

Gander yeah they're hoses. That one's nice and dry. That one's nice and dry all right, so we should be in good shape. I'm just going to have Josh line it up for me.

We've got adjustable uh, camber and toe in the rear I should check. maybe that one's I don't know if that one's loose or not. It's kind of interesting that Cam's turned upside down. There's a little bit of damage right here I Don't know if that's from a forklift I assume.

but either way I'm too worried about it because we're going to throw it on the uh, throw it on the alignment rack so that's it that's fixing your uh, lower control arm on your Hyundai is that your Hyundai your Subaru it's your uh, whatever the whole thing is and he sing it it's in the rear control I made a Nissan so I'll just take towards for cutting this one in half through her in the scrap bin turning in for short steel. as long as the scrap bed doesn't see our aluminum Knuckles it'll be in good shape. That's it folks. that's pretty well it for this one folks.

uh I got the uh, that's where I bought that thing at guys a shop named Bobby's uh Bobby's the grandpa uh he's not there anymore. it's run by another guy a little Mom and Pop shop in Vince Alabama on the route 216. you guys know where it is Highway 216 Alabama give Bobby's a call. um he was really great.

let's say uh most of these places you call and deal with are absolute A-holes 95 of salvage yards you call I don't know what their deal is but they hate talking to people and all I want to do is I just keep calling I just call, call and place guys to jerk hang up call next place so you get someplace good. that's what I do and uh landed on this guy and the price was right and it worked out really well and he shipped it like I say it was cheaper than buying two of the lower control arms uh from Nissan which is what this ultimately needed was two lower control arms. however you know the brakes were jumped back there and the back and play. everything's Rusty you know and every boat you touch is going to break and they're going to be stuck in bushing.

So this was the most feasible way and it was the most economical way for the customer too because I assume it would take just about the same amount of time to piss around with you know, bolts that are stuck and putting bushings into. Knuckles And you know if they want to do the backing plates now you've ruined both wheel bearings trying to get them off. So I just stopped the snowball and just did it this way. if this had bolts holding the subframe in or the rear, you know the Cradle whatever you want to call it I would have tried to get those bolts loose before I quoted the job because that's the big.
The big problem here in the Rust Belt is the bolts that go up into the unibody. They can be a huge you know problem to get out, so be cautious what you're doing. Um, but this one with the studs. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy I Don't have anything else to say.

I'm gonna put the wheels back on it. park it outside to my guy. Josh Can get the alignment done, then we'll ship it down the road. Whatever was going on with the traction light has resolved itself and uh, that's it.

I Hope you guys can resolve your problems at home and have some time to go in that comment section to leave a comment, a question, a concern look for us on the entity in the Facebook banana. Tick Tock Scumbag saw they're stealing our stuff. Uh, but that's okay, we'll get them someday. And just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it, Thanks for watching! Thank you.

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