In this video I have a look at a 2001 Nissan Sentra that was dropped off with a customer complaint of "battery and brake light on." It didn't take long to find out the vehicle was not charging. Also Eric and Vanessa contemplate if overalls are the next best thing to wear!?
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All right folks, we got the 2001 nissan 2 0001 in new york. This is wild 126 571 lady says the brake light and the battery light came on and we can see that's the case. If i take the parking brake and flick it up and down here. We can see that intensity of the light changes, but the battery light stays on uh.

Now she dropped this off last night right about quitting time. I was only able at that point to verify that it was not charging and i can show you so i put the charger on it. Uh yesterday before i went home left it on semi-nuclear, so the 2 amp setting, let it charge up fully. So we could do some proper testing this morning and we can see we are at 12.74 volts dc.

So let me go ahead and fire it up make sure it is still not charging and we can. Hopefully you guys can see that that's the case. There 12 point whatever it's at 12.27, definitely not charging and i went ahead and grabbed us a wiring diagram. It looks like a pretty simple alternator system, so let's have a look at that.

Of course. It's always our initial shotgun approach, our gut feeling like hey, it needs an alternator put an alternator on it, but how embarrassing would it be to pull one on and then have to make the call to your customer and say hey? I was wrong. You need more money, so we're going to avoid that phone call and we're going to do a couple, quick checks. So let's see that unplugged looks like she is she a double plugger nope she's, a single plugger, but that wiring harness goes down to the air conditioner.

So we're gon na have to make our checks right here. So, according to our wiring diagram, it must be internally regulated, so we've got our big hundred ampere. So this is the big the big hockey wire right there and then it grounds through the generator case, and then it appears must be a fusible link there, and then we have a green with black wire that runs to. It must be the gen sense wire because it goes to the s terminal and that just runs off a fuse.

That appears to be full time powered, and then we have the one that runs through the charging lamp circuit, which we don't even have to touch that one on the l circuit uh, because we know it works because the charging lamps on, but we can uh. You know quick, like a bunny, do that. Let me turn the key on folks. Okay, so we're going to be looking for a green with black that's going to be coming from a fuse.

A 10 amp fuse so we'll generally front probe that and we'll go on the ground. We can see that we're pulling some big current through that bay. That's a four amp test light now the other wire for the light circuit. Well, i guess we could prove it.

Let's go see if the light should be out technically and the light is out. So it's right next to that surface engine soon light. So if we ground that circuit, the light should come on, we can use a low amp test. Like you excuse me boys.

Let's make sure our test light works, it may even light this test slate. It may or may not, oh and it does okay. So this this test light it actually lights because it pulls less current than the bulb that's in there. But we know that this circuit's intact, simply because the charging light goes out with the unplug and it comes on with it plugged in now, there's always the question of you know: we've got to do a voltage drop test from here to the positive battery and then From the negative battery to the alternator case, but you can't because it's not charging and you can only voltage drop circuits that have current flow, so i'll show you a little trick me mom taught me every shop in america's got one of these piles sitting around get It pile carving pile now, not not a good joke.
Uh make sure she's turned off all the way if one of the other ding dongs in the shop used it last and then we can simply test the actual alternator we're going to hook this right on the alternator case negative and then we're going to take this One we're going to hook it on the alternator positive, okay watch your amp meter. Now this is protected by a fuse or a fuse link. 100 amps. So then we're going to take uh hold on standby.

Sorry about that make sure you got a good connection there and, as i was just saying, this is protected by 100, amp fuse or sometimes a fusible link. So don't go too crazy. But let's put like 50 amps on this little fella and that's gon na we don't have to do a voltage drop test because if we can pull if we can pull some big current through this baby, then we know the circuit's intact got to go careful because The old carbon pile will put it right to it right, there's 50 amps there's about 75 and i'm gon na back back off, because i'm sure i can go to the point. It blows the fuse, but that tells me our ground.

Integrity is good. It tells me the power wire from the battery to the alternator is good everything's good, the alternator's junk, whether it's you know the internal regulator. Whatever the case may be, i don't care because we don't rebuild them, we replace them. So now i can confidently say: the entire circuit is good.

The engine block ground is good. The wire coming from the battery to the output of the alternator is good. Has the ability to carry at least 75 amps? So there's no more question. We know the belt's on and not slipping.

What else? Can it be baby? Okay, we got approval from this lady. Let's give her a call. I did locate an alternator uh, not from napa, i believe or not. They didn't have one which not a big surprise.

This is a 2001 unheard of in the prny we're gon na hook. The battery negative, we'll get some tools, looks like a piece of cake we'll get after it. Let's see, what do we need looks like a 12 mil a 13 inch there. We got to back the belt tension off looks like she probably should resolve some of these oil leaks too.

Let's get some tools: yeah she's a 12 there there's a manual tensioner on this system here kind of old school. That's a pulley right down here right by the alternator that should be at 12. Also, let's see, maybe it's a 14. that must be 14.
12 doesn't fit. However, it fits there. It should fit here. Also, obviously make sure you take the battery loose.

I'm not really worried about breaking the top of this alternator because we've got the new one so that little plastic below it. That's all cracked out now it's all cracked out, let's see spin, that off make sure your battery's unhooked. If it isn't, you get a little spark show if you don't possibly blow a fuse that could be difficult to get or or something else uh. What was i going to say, fusible link, which is a pain to change pain? Let's just just try to avoid it.

Let's see i'm going to get a pair, i want to unplug that ac compressor down here folks just going to reach down there with a pick and push depress the uh tab on it there. If i can, if i get to it wearing a thunder, is it down there? Let's see come on, i can push it and pull the connector at the same time. That would be great, ah negative, positive. So there we go just this way here.

We can get this harness up, so this plugs into the ac. I was just reaching out over the pick and pushing on the release. Tab. I'm gon na grab a 14 mil here.

I'm gon na go right down to that. Pulley here see, if that is, that is a 14 mil baby, we're just gon na crack this loose, and then i think it's probably like an eight millimeter or ten millimeter that we're going to need to back it back off. Okay, so there's that so that's a 14 and it does look like i have to show you where that is. Let me get a, it must be a 10 ml.

Let me get a 10 mil just show you where i'm going to go here. Folks, it's actually eight millimeter and it's that little stud that sticks out right there and then the pulley i took loose. Is this pulley right there now the elevator pulley? Let me point to it: because gets you wondering it's this pulley right here so take the nut loose on the front of that you just got to crack it loose. You don't take it all the way off and then this down here.

If i get my finger pointing to it is the stud that we're going to be backing off with our 8 mil. It should be as simple as that. Once we start backing this off, it's probably going to get kind of loose, we might even be able to spin it with our fingers and that's going to back that pulley off loosen up our belt tension here for us all right, not the most convenient thing to Record here for you, so i'm trying to show you i'm trying folks looks like the original alternator, too huh, or at least, if it's been replaced, it was replaced with a nissan one. It's a little slippery down here, so we'll back this off just far enough to get the belt off say i am able to do it with my fingers.

Just barely there we go put a little extension on it, something that's not completely covered in grease. Okay, so we've got that backed off. I think far enough to do what we need to do. Stick this somewhere, so we won't lose it slip our belt off just barely baby there.
She goes we'll leave that lane right there and then the bottom bolts on the alternator uh is somewheres. We're gon na have to give it the classic reach around it's down. Here i don't know what size it is. I'm going to guess we'll try a 14.

we'll see if that's it just kind of got to do that. One by feel feels like it is we're on, or at least we're onto something. Oh you, mother, love, it love her. Where is it now? Try this again get up on there get your arm in a position.

So when you slip you get a good cut nope. I don't like how that feels. He wants to come off so we're going to get both hands in there, so we can really get injured. Nope, i don't like how that's doing i'm going to grab a six pointed socket uh, probably a 14 deep, come out here and get a ratchet.

Let's 14 millimeter six points get a couple clicks on it. It's kind of nice working on a vehicle like this. That's a it's southern, so it's not all rusty and b, it's all oily, so most stuff's not seized up, which is really fantastic. Okay, so there's that bolt uh, presumably the one that holds the alternator on.

Let's see, is she wiggly nope? It might not even be the alternator bolt, but it's a bolt from down below we're gon na. Take the upper one out here and then i'm curious if it may be worthwhile just pulling the upper bracket off to give us a little more room, which i think we're going to take this off to get it out anyways. So we'll stick our 12 on there. We'll give her a yank and then we'll just take this whole bracket off right up and out of our way, we'll set that to the side.

Stick this bolt in it will keep the nut that we got off our positive post there. Is she wiggly, oh yeah, so we must have took the right bolt out the bottom. We don't want to break this. It looks like a coolant sensor here, so we're just going to unplug.

It give us a little bit more room and we're gon na pull up and we're gon na wiggle come on come on. You got ta, say some stuff like that. Come on baby. He feels a little more tight.

Oh she's a is you a double bolt? Instead of oh, i hate you, i hate you, i want the flip. I think it's got a bolt on the back side right up against the exhaust manifold awesome. Not really now we got to get a wrench there's a bolt on the back side, which looks like it's a son of a bee to get to 14 mm. Let me go get a wrench.

It's tempting, as it may be, to get up in that joint with a ratchet wrench. Don't do it because you might back her out right up against the manifold um and that just lovely how, in the flip, do we get in there do we have to? We? Don't have to pull the ac compressor to do this stupid thing. Do we i'm just sitting here singing the praises of working on an oldie? Now, i'm mother f in the thing, be an auto mechanic. They said it'll be fun.
They said: okay, we're on the boat, we're on it with a stubby. Of course. You've got no power, we got no power, we've got the bar. We've got the bfh, we're going to go right on the end of the wrench, make a little impact action.

Don't you pop off that thing now, because i will cut you with the torch, come over here again, a little bit too stupid. Can we reach it with this? You can but you've only got so many degrees of rotation with 12 points. I hate my job today. Hey: hey, that's uh! Let's go underneath and have a look.

Oh look at that! We're on it! Oh and it cracked loose! Oh, do do i love my job today. We're going to attempt it with the long shanky quarter. Inch drive in a 14 mil, probably not enough room negative ghost rider. Oh you, god.

I hate my job. Let's see here, i'm gon na have to move you go to the odd now we got it cracked loose. This is wicked. Convenient even get up in here with a stubby, get that back on it, i'm hoping if we crack it loose a little bit more.

We can spin it out with our fingers all right. Still, i got the power. What are you pansy? Let's see come back in with the old bar routine: okay gosh, it's like a wuss bag, really nice. If that thing was uh, you know like slotted or something let's see here unless he's coming loose, but give me a break mister.

Remember that thing i told you not to do we're doing it. The non-reversible ratcheting, stubby wrench, it's the only thing that makes sense going in full, no mercy. Reversing could back it right against the manifold, in which case we're completely screwed. I just freaking dropped it.

Take two i'm going in no mercy. Oh this sucks man, there's uh! I thought about looking at service data here, we're obviously skipping a stack um. Of course, there's not enough resistance on it. I think to use the ratchet portion here.

Barely oh, come on dude i'm gon na f-bomb right on youtube seriously. I am we're going with the long ratchet wrench and uh as we proceed here. We're thankful for god's mercy, grace and forgiveness, because when you're done getting this bold out, you're you're going to need some just just for the record, i might have to pause the camera here again for another moment, hallelujah i'm gon na need my my renewing of my Mercies tomorrow morning, greatest side face on this third is born. The other bad part about that good part is the fact that we got to put it back in free tip friday, for you stick the bolt back in before you slide her down.

It's tight she's tight to the cat. I know it's a lot of whining and crying, but i'm gon na go like that now, when you tighten this up, you're gon na have to give her a little bit of beans because here's the adjuster so to speak. So this piece here takes up the slop in the bracket. This way here there can be some discrepancies in the in the bracket, the cast bracket down there and also in the housing of the alternator.
So when we tighten this up, you know it'll pull this metal piece in so too bad. They didn't put that on the front side where the bolts easy to get to, but we're going to take, leave the bolt kind of half wiggle it out here and then we're going to very gingerly set her down and she goes just like so i'm gon na Stick the front bolt in because i think it'll help guide us if i can find it there. She is so we're going to get that one started just to hold the alternator still because it's going to be a pain in uh. To do that back one.

I do want to reach down here a little bit slip that in a little closer i'm giving it the old two finger tickler trying to get that bolt to start there. I might have to wiggle the all-nighter. I believe i believe it started and then we're going to get after it with the ratchet wrench in this direction. We were just we have an earring.

What that looks like what happened here were happening. I turned off the camera, believe him um. I explained the fact that you're gon na have to really rely on god's mercy and grace and forgiveness when you get this all-nighter out, because you're gon na needle it all right toss the camera a little uh, a little square section, all right looks like you got The new one in yeah baby, oh well, it's not the hard part's not over. I just want to see if this is going to hurt or hinder us here.

It looked like it hurt already. Oh, this didn't hurt this ain't, nothing girl! So let's go like that. There that's not going to help us we're going to leave her wiggly like that uh where's, our ratchet wrench we're gon na get after it with the 14 mil i'm not gon na. Let you guys suffer through me with this one.

I'm gon na take and talk to the very love. Do you need to talk to me? No, i just can't see what's up yeah, it's uh just sitting here having some reflection just remember some other mechanic has it harder than we do right now. Okay, that helps you know what you know. Sometimes, when i'm like, i hate my mother effing job, i go watch the pakistani truck channel and let me tell you what boys, if you haven't gone on the pakistani truck channel kudos to those folks over there.

It's all about perspective. It is all about perspective. You know, i knew this uh. I got this.

I know this guy who uh he works out three times a week. He reads: two three books a month has sex three times a week, yet every day he complains how bad prison is okay. So it's all about perspective all right, but when you watch the pakistani truck channel, i tell you what boys it just blows. My mind uh, the stuff that they can accomplish.

So when i worked with my old man when he was alive, we used to stretch trucks like that, and you know uh, you know, do in frames and then we would, you know double frame and stretch trucks and do truck bodies and outfitting and stuff like that. So i'm quite familiar with the process and the type of job it is even having all the proper equipment. You know massive metal breaks to make the frame rails, magnetic drill, presses everything and then to watch what these guys do with their feet: yeah wearing flip-flops and what are the togas or whatever it is that they wear the you know, whatever they wear over there, the Nightgowns or whatever it is, i don't know what they're called they look like nightgowns light gowns for dudes. It just blows my mind, man, i'm just like, but the nightgown thing you actually you actually might be a little jealous of that.
I am a little jealous there. Let me tell you what folks so there's this guy, we see about every sunday there he wears cover off uh old guy. You know, like it's overalls. Overalls cover i'll cover you overall cool yeah.

Well, you know what i'm saying and i'm thinking like that's as close as a dude can come to wear and like i'm gon na get you some like a dress type thing like kill. I guess i guess what i'm getting at is the overhauls look. They look. Freaking comfy, they are yep and they look amazing, and i think i want to try some the overalls right overalls i wouldn't determine they are.

I have these they're fleece. They look like a whole other level of comfort. They look amazing simply because you don't need a belt and you don't need a shirt. I don't even need a shirt on underneath them and i'm just thinking like man, i just got ta, you just got ta own it.

I'm thinking and just just do it. You know what, if it doesn't matter what people say about you and you're not worried about that. I'm thinking overall, is the next. The next best thing to comfort it.

Just i don't know, maybe there's some overall wearers that watch our channel. But what do you think miss uh yeah we could. We could get two pairs then we're around together. Of course, i'm i'm probably going to wear a shirt with mine, but well, if you didn't get the videos, if you heard of me, that's on youtube, but you can go without the shirt.

I'll go without a shirt and we can. We can have matching overalls. We can we're like i am you know over the hill. Now we can start doing those old people things.

Oh right, yeah, that's it sweatpants with like our dog head embroidered on them. Oh no you'd have to have your dog and then no no. I remember my parents yeah, i got the meds, they got the matching sweatpants and the matching sweatshirt my mom and dad the little dog on it chrissy's a little happy yep. I want to say my dad even had her name painted on the driver's door on the passenger rear door or something in one of his trucks.

Chrissy, i'm like. Oh, my gosh. Sadly, when that dog dies all right, i thought yeah cause. I remember it said like sunny on the driver's side shirley on the passenger and then like chrissy yeah who's, chrissy yeah.
That's probably you don't have any children. No, we do. We just didn't paint their name on the truck thanks, dad appreciate it anyhow yeah. So the overall put down in the comments uh folks, section huh.

I don't think i'm too afraid to wear the overalls. I mean not not really a thing of afraidness, it's just i've, worn, rustlers and a t-shirt and boots. Since i was about 13 ish what'd. You wear before you were 13, then yeah, i remember, went through a thing where i wore clam diggers for a while what the the long shorts, oh the long shorts the wheels like george cancer, we always call them clam and then during school there, the mc hammer When he came out so i did some hammer pants for a little while, but they weren't me my buddies did the hammer pants.

I tried the hammer pants. I listened to the mc hammer, the vanilla ice that guy and uh. I did all that stuff and then i just went back to listening to classic rock went back. Did you listen to it before that's in the classic rock? Before you listen to m.c hammer and eyesight, i tried to figure it out.

You listen to classic rock. I listen to classic rock and 90s country. Of course it was the era of 90s country and my mom was a big randy. Travis fan, oh so, which you know.

I listened to some of the songs that i remember me and mom listening to it, i'm just like those aren't great songs like yeah they're catchy, well, they're, not great songs like so anyhow. So that's what i listen to and that's kind of what i still listen to today. Randy travis, not well some randy travis, it's too bad with that fella. To be honest with you, oh yeah, it just goes to show you can be as rich as you want and still be miserable af yeah and be an alcoholic and everything else.

Even though you think, like you know what, if i was only rich i'd, have it all i'd be happy but yeah? I can't buy you that, but it can buy you a boat to pull it. It's like a kid's theme song, one of them yeah one of his theme songs. He didn't even know what silver bullets were, but he knew that money could buy him when he bought his boat. Then we had to explain to him what silver bullets were.

Not only women drinks that beer, but he understands the song now so anyhow, that's it so so in your next video. Are you going to be wearing some overalls overall? I don't know. If that's, i don't know, because you're going to get some funny looks because we're not farmers you're, just like the mechanic. Maybe it's the mechanic who wears overalls, that's yeah, but you can start a new trend there.

Oh could be. I think you got to be like sexy, though, to like get to be a guy, a shirtless guy with the coveralls, because you're kind of like you can either be like. Have a real fat belly and a southern draw and wear them with no shirt. Or you can be like super chiseled and wear them and if i think, if i wore them you're just like that weird guy, you know what i'm saying you're just like can't talk you're making this awkward.
Does that make sense to you? I don't know. I'm kind of i'm okay with awkward. Oh okay, we'll take a vote. I might even put out a poll.

Oh well. Now you need approval, just go for it. I would totally be wearing. I wear things that i'm comfortable in and i know you do it.

I'm like wow, how great would it be to be able to wear a dress and not be judged still be a dude there's a lot of that going on. I know, but i'm just saying still be like you know, still be a guy. I think your overalls are as close as you're gon na get yeah because i'm thinking like unless you go live in like another country where they normally wear them. Yeah, i kind of want to go to pakistan.

Those guys look comfortable, but i see you wearing dresses and i'm like man that does look comfortable like this cooler yeah, i'm thinking. That's what i'm thinking not cool like hey, she's, cool, like hey, that's she doesn't look hot like sweaty, depends on the dress. Comfort. Wise though i think i'd want a long one, a long flowy one yeah.

I don't think i'd, be a mini skirt guy. You know, because there's always that possibility of that whole thing going wrong. Just you wait. You definitely want to take that shirt off with your overall bun.

No, but i won't be able to keep you under control either. I need a screwdriver. We have a screwdriver there. Young lady over there in the top right hand, side first set of small drawers, uh phillips head about maybe eight inch here or anything about eight inches long early phillips would be great, though perfect and uh.

Thank you. Wow! That's eight inches huh good job that, let's see here boom, look at that she's snugged up that's on the belt is on. We still need to set the belt tension, so i'm not going to tighten that pulley yet, but we're gon na make sure it charges. First, we'll let her run a second, then we're gon na tighten the belt appropriately.

Would you be so kind as to fire this little guy up there old girl? I just una memento. I got ta snug that up now we don't need to snug it up. You're good i'll hold it okay, yep ready. Where are you? Can you see me 14.3? Go ahead and shut her off there you go, ladies, so she's a charging.

So now one hook dancer misses over, doesn't play a trick on us. Try to grind our fingers up. We're going to be using your classic a belt tension and deflection gauge and we're going to do about 80 psi on a used belt. Let's hold her close here, stick her down here and then we're going to give it oops got to make sure these are kind of tricky to use in confined areas that are set up in the middle of the belt.

There push it till it clicks very gingerly, pull it up here, we're gon na look and see where we're at 50 60. Seventy five about almost eighty. Let me just double check this again. Sometimes these you got ta do two three times make sure you get the same readings.
There were just a whisker over 70. one more time for the for the people. Let's see where we're at here we are at 50, 60, 70, somewhere between 70 and 80.. I'm gon na call it i'm gon na leave it, so we got lucky on that one and then what we'll do is i'm gon na reach down, because this pulley might actually straighten up a little bit as i tighten it and actually add a little more tension.

So i'm just going to tighten that up. Then we can double check the deflection on the belt because you don't want to just go by your gut. I mean, i suppose you can, but you definitely could shorten the bearing life of well everything on the serpentine belt. So now that that's snug i'm going to get down here, we're going to get after it one more time make sure it gauges all the way down.

Let it click pull her off nice and straight and we are at oops, must be. I didn't flick it right. It's a little too high, not high like smoking, the reefer high just too high up on the belt, and there we're at 50, 60 70 and a half somewhere between 70 and 80.. We're still good.

I'm happy you're, happy customers calling we should be good wow. Probably that was a pain in the neck. So that's it folks, i'm gon na hook this up we're gon na run the charging system through its paces, we're gon na test. The battery make sure it's okay, which i think it probably is.

It took a charge fine, but we're gon na double check it. Oh snap, on guys here time to go, get violated right. He misses off he's got a sign on. It says it's consensual.

After this step, right on his first step, when you walk on the truck it's kind of comical this way, we give the lady a little printout, there's all our vehicle info on it. Let you know about the battery the charging system, cranking normal charging, normal loaded and unloaded only 186 millivolts of ripple, and there we are. We can staple that to our receipt. Let her know the elevator is good.

Uh, let's go see if this resolved the issue with the battery light being on grab your dongle when you're in here this one, not your other one like this. Oh turn that off brake light battery light and they are both now out fantastic, and i guess that's it folks other than the dilemma of whether or not to wear overalls. They do look comfy. Let me tell you that and uh.

Well, you guys are sitting here. All comfy heading down to that comment section get comfortable down there with the keyboard. Leave the comments, the questions, the concerns, the insti, the facebook. It just remember viewers.

If i can do it, you can do it thanks for watching.

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  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheKurrgan1 says:

    Overalls.. Mrs O too.. she wants a shirt have her do one of those short crop 1mm below bust shirts for the tease factor, gain 400k subs instantly. Hey I dont make the rules..

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Wise says:

    pockets at the chest gives you room for little tools like tire gauges, valve core removal tools, flashlights for instant looks, tiny screwdrivers and others….

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Earl Richardet says:

    I always enjoy the repartee between Mr. & Mrs O. Such fun, although you need to make up your mind, is she an Old Girl or a Young Lady??

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars penny pincher says:

    At least we have the proper PPE here. Wouldn't get cought at work with sandles

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Sparacio says:

    I love my overalls but I'm old

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt G says:

    Gotta love the Eric O-isms
    "Get your arm in a good position so when you slip you get a good cut"
    "We're gonna get both hands in there so we can really get injured" 🤣
    "Two finger tickler"

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael O says:

    I used to always wear overalls when working on cars, for about 20 years in a Panel Shop! Almost every Mechanic from when I was a Kid wore them over here in Australia.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Butler says:

    My 1991 Nissan Sentra had the alternator fail in the late 90's. It never turned on the battery indicator light while it was running. What was crazy is that the brake system indicator light came on. My wife got stranded and I had to go figure out what was happening. I put in an Advance Auto lifetime warranty alternator and the brake indicator light went out. About 30,000 miles later the alternator started growling and slinging grease out of the front bearing. Warranty replacement 3 times before I got one that didn't blow the front bearing at about 30,000 miles. I later had a secretary where I worked ask me to check the brakes on her Sentra because the brake warning light was on. I could smell the burned out diodes in her alternator before I got the hood up. She had just got the car so the dealer replaced it under warranty. They called me to ask how I knew it was the alternator without even seeing it.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JT Keesee says:

    Hey there Dr. O, just wondering about those 90° box wrenches you are using here? Also I asked a number of videos ago about those kiwi pliers you use all the time for fuses. If you have part numbers or even name brands I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars penny pincher says:

    The 90° wrenches you used on the tensioner and alternator bracket. What brand are they?

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul westerhaus says:

    In todays world you can just make your own gender

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars watajob says:

    17 years on the railroad. They're great. But, you can gain 20 pounds and not notice.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matt c says:

    Some timeline with mc hammer

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Wise says:

    one transfer case replacement and vehicle on 4 jack stands while testing the used transfer case and finding out that at least the front passenger wheel bearing is dry or the passenger side bearing in the front diff is bad, and that the front U-joint on the rear drive shaft could be bad because of the little wobble you see, but all the gears in the same year model and model class transfer case you are using may or may not have a bad output shaft and bearings… but at least it still goes forward and reverse with the wheels on the ground….

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matt c says:

    Lol i would of been changed the gloves!!!!2😂😂😂😃

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matt c says:

    Them other country's are crazy crazy!!

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matt c says:

    You're wife taking about it got a little ruff. Lol every day buddy!!

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matt c says:

    Is crazy how much i can relate to you're struggles!! Lmao work on a2018 kenworth t680 paccar. Lol

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars athhud says:

    I like my overalls, but I can only wear them in the winter with a thick shirt and ain’t no way I could go shirtless with them. There is just too much chaffing on the nips from the bib for me. My grandad has sworn by the short sleeve Dickies coveralls for decades. They are definitely comfortable, but I prefer thicker fabric on my knees.

    Those Pakistan boys definitely do some amazing work. There is nothing they can fix with an arc welder and a grinder. I’ve watched them weld teeth back onto ring gears and patch up basketball size holes in an engine block. I don’t know how long their repairs last, but I’d be willing to bet their customers are glad if they can just get to the next stop. As someone that has done more than my fair share of river dance welding in flip flops, I have no shame in saying that those Pakistan welders/machinists/mechanics are tougher men than I am….

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maxpower says:

    Overalls are awesome do it!

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dallas Dorrington says:

    Hey Eric O, you had me laughing my head off watching you change out this alternator in this 2001 Nissan Sentra/Pulsar as I own the RH drive version of this same car. Same engine as well. I am on my 3rd alternator and it' 's a very common fault for them to fail at this amount of miles. My N16 series has 432,000km or 268,000 miles on the odometer on the same engine 3rd gearbox. I fitted a new 100amp alternator to have it fail 600 miles later. I was pissed because that rear bolt is a pain to get to. I found that a wire inside the unit on the voltage regulator had a dry solder joint and caused the new unit to fail. "J" hooking and soldering the wires fixed it and 1 hour later I was back on the road.
    Love your videos as you make me laugh with some of the jobs you do.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Floyd ervin says:

    Eric o. Im with ya thos men dreses do look comfy but couldnt wearem. Coveralls yeah. Thos are comfy

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rick601a says:

    I wonder why a bad alternator would make the brake light be on. I didn’t know they were connected. Unless low voltage in the cluster logic was acting crazy.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MarkD says:

    Overalls are not a great sartorial choice unless you have them tailored. ‘90s country 🤣🤣🤣 Country is so corny. Best Regards

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shuken Flash says:

    Several of my friends have decided their ultimate comfort, around the house attire is robes. They all love their robes now and swear we all need to get our own and try it.

    Though I doubt a robe would be very good shop attire, haha. Might as well give the overalls a try, see if you like em

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerry PEAL says:

    Ah the joys of spinning wrenches !

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave O says:

    If you don’t have the right tool to get the job done, you may be the Tool.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jacob Foxworth says:

    You should definitely switch to overalls. I have a couple pairs and they are pretty comfortable especially after you've washed them a few times. They're so easy to work in, they usually have tons of pockets, easy to use the bathroom. They rock. You could also be really cool, and one strap it. Just wear one of the shoulder straps and leave the other loose. 🤣🤣

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ben Cwiklinski says:

    Speaking of old Nissans in the PRNY, I saw a 2nd gen Altima on my way to work yesterday… I was shocked

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brandon says:

    If you don’t have on overalls next time you upload, I’m out.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bigtruck57 H, says:

    I can just see it now next episode 'Eric O in Pakistan hammering frame rivets with the boys" in overalls, it'll be great… And I guess we shouldn't complain about being in prison Hmmm. Perspective. Had me on the floor rolling 🤣🤣🤣 and like Rainman says, don't forget to remember to have a great day everyone. Greetings from Lake City 🇺🇸😎🌴

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Slinksundew 1 says:

    you’ll see stuff from the late 80s still everyday in south carolina

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Litscher says:

    I am reminded of the removal of a BB Mopar starter, caged in by header tubes, on my 68 Bee. The eventual removal was followed by a starter chucking contest.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Mac says:

    Coveralls were my Dad’s favorite.. and let’s just say, that a shirt is not the only thing you can leave off.
    I’m 42 and I just bought my first pair, and started wearing them, more to keep my clothes from most of the mess, and so far I really like them. Thinking about getting a short sleeve ones now.. but so far I’m keeping the undies on! I wrote all that thinking about coveralls not overalls, so there you go. As a carpenter I used overalls for a long time, and for sure they are nice for freedom of movement and pockets up high, but they can be irritating too.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Hull says:

    Don't do the over-alls/cover-alls….
    How would we judge you without a reference?!

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Fairleigh says:

    Over the hill?? Maybe in another 40 years. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Seamas Righ says:

    When I'm wrestling with stubborn car fasteners and parts I often use salty language for the therapeutic and morale boosting properties. One of my favorites is "SHOSTAKOVITCH!" Sounds really bad but it's just a composer's name. Try it.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars freeyesmaybe says:

    I love to wearing my vintage polyester jumpsuit from the 70s

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Chiodetti says:

    Hey! Try the bibs! No belt, so ya won't have a sweat line! Might be warm in the winter time.
    Can see you and Mrs. O wearing them now. Just don't have Mrs. O "dress" like the woman that does the "Biker Stuff" channel. That woman is one-of-a-kind!