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DIED on Bridge! PT2 Project 1995 Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Mechanic Stranded! Project Jeep Breaks Down! 1995 Wrangler 4.0 4x4
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Need that! Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We are going to do a little bit of work on that particular blue slash green. Jeep Cherokee Sport Uh, forget the year but I need to get the keys out of this screen Jeep Cherokee Sport I think they're in the ignition I think it's that one that's the one Yep. I Had a kind of an epiphany the other day after we diagnosed the the white Jeep over there project Jeep as having a bad fuel pump I went hey, this Jeep is kind of doing the same thing that jeep was doing. so I disconnected my fuel pressure regulator.

Oh, by the way, um, the white jeep was still waiting on a fuel tank for it anyway. Uh so I want to check and see if this Jeep has a fuel pressure problem just like the other Jeep did because the way it's running is nearly identical-ish to project Jeep Wrangler and since Jeep things will be Jeep things uh, couldn't hurt to find out. So what I'm going to do is toss this uh pressure gauge on this Jeep and we're gonna see what kind of fuel pressure we have because I think that that is the issue with this one as well I had this Jeep in a video previously I I Hack welded the exhaust back together, we put an O2 sensor in it and I think there was a couple other things we did on this trying to get it to sort of run. None of those were very successful.

So uh, we're moving on to actual testing at this point, So let's see here if this is gonna work or not powering on. Oh by the way, hello everybody, good day to you and we have no fuel. It's better Any good I Don't think we have anything? Do we have no power? We have nothing or maybe not okay. it's running and it's running at 10 pounds pounds of pressure.

Yeah yeah, we got a fuel pressure problem on this Jeep Now I'm a guy Troy this is his other Jeep he uh he put a fuel tank in this Jeep once upon a time but he said he installed stay running. He said he installed uh the tank and did not not replace the fuel. uh pump assembly didn't understand why I wouldn't wouldn't have done that but cheap things you know. Anyway, let's swing this into the shop and throw it up on the lift.

The Hood's still open so we're doing this one is Ventura style as well. We're gonna put on the lift. We're going to pop that fuel pump assembly module out of the tank on this one and we're going to inspect it. That's also going to give us an opportunity to check that O-ring seal because this Jeep was a leaking fuel out of the tank.

Now unfortunately, the Tank's full and uh oh whoa, she's trying to drive away from me. The Tank's full so we're probably gonna spill a little bit. A little bit of fuel out of it is what it is. but I Kind of need to get this one fixed because he wants to take the uh, the other Jeep off the road for a little while and drive this one around.

Dang, let's back this up some right about there. Yeah, he wants to drive this one for a while because this one is a it's more manageable in town than the other green. Jeep So we want to see if we can get this thing back to life. so let's set the rack dude up in the air, pull the fuel pump out.

What's cool about this one is we don't have to remove the actual tank because the module is in the side, so that should go quite quick and swimmingly. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Let's kick our lift arms into place I Need a light? There we go. Let's get this thing up in the air some and my light just died.

That was effective. Let's get this guy up in the air a little bit and uh, get that pump popped out of here and then uh, we'll see what it looks like on the inside. we'll check the pickup sock and make sure that that thing is not clogged and then we'll toss the new unit in. I've already ordered it because it was local and it was cheap and the time is running out to get a delivery today.

So I figured I would I'd order it and if we were wrong, I'd just send it back. So uh, pumps on its way should be here soon. That's good over here. I'll go ahead and take my my gauge back.

We don't need this here anymore. actually. no, no, we'll leave that there for later. Okay, now since the uh, the Subscribe button has been canceled this week and we're replacing it with a like button, let's go ahead and tap that like button right now if you like this kind of content or if you've been here before.

if you haven't been here before. um, and you don't want to tap the like button right now, just watch the video and then after you like the video, let me know that you like the video again by tapping that like button down below. Moving on up. Oh my.

God No, it's not. That's cool. I think it's all right. I think it's fine.

Yeah, you're good. You're excited. Worry about it. Yeah, that back one's not though.

Hang on going down. no your side the one you're standing on right now. So since we're gonna adjust that one, I'll make your front one over here more better or see he's checking my work and I'm checking his work. That's what we're doing.

It's called teamwork girl that one doesn't go out any further. I Don't think Nope. as far as it goes now. I'm good.

Let's pull it in a little bit towards you. Yeah, fine. then they're both good. Moving back up, you clear all the way up.

Troy My good man, where's your shirt? Hey yeah. get rid of that nasty white T-shirt Amanda The viewers are getting mad at you. Plus I'm getting mad at you I Spent a lot of money on those things. You gotta wear them so you look pretty and shiny.

not with that thing on. You know? Now they're gonna get mad at me for berating you for not wearing your shirts. Grown man, tell them how to wear his clothes anyway. So there's a there's the front of the tank that is our pump module.

We got fuel lines. We've got the electronical connector. Uh, go ahead and disconnect that if you would, sir. Yeah, hmm.

you need a fuel filter. There's actually one in the trunk of this there is okay. We'll put that in in a minute. Uh, what? I Need to go ahead and get a hold of is a locking device to unlock this ring right here.

and then we're going to spill a bunch of fuel everywhere and then we can pull this module out. So here I'll grab I'll grab the drain, you get the screwdriver and pull these uh, post clamps off. Okay, sweet. okay.

Troy's got the hoses. Nearly disconnected. Nearly. Yeah.

struggling. It's okay. Yeah, don't break the module because we can't get another one. Oh, look out.

wasn't ready. Yeah here. failed. That's gasoline dripping everywhere.

That's not okay. it's only 70 bucks in gas. Whatever. Yeah, well.

no. I can do about it. Hang on a sec. We need to plug that back up real quick.

I don't like What's Happening Here I Need to do something about that? Yeah, All right. Standby. Okay, we have an idea. I Found a bunch of plastic hose here.

leaking. Um, put that. let's see how to do this. Yeah, try to drain that out and spray some brake clean through it.

All right? Uh, use the um. use the spout. like the straw on the brake. clean.

That way it's not just in your face everywhere. Breaking that out. and then we'll drain this gas into some of the gas cans. That way we can have a shot at reusing it because I'd hate to dump out like 800 worth of fuel.

That would be bad. Okay, we've got one fuel can. This one should be enough. It's mostly empty-ish We'll try to drain the fuel into that can, put that over there, get off them there, drain the fuel from the can from that, uh, that spout that's leaking.

and then when we're still going to spill a boat. note of it. But at least, uh, at least we have some to recover later. Okay, let's get that business in down in the tank, and then up here.

Gonna do the honors. Sure, go ahead and pull that tube off and I'll plug this tube in see how this is gonna work here. You ready? Wait wait wait wait. I mean the light of fire? All right.

Go for it. Unplug it. one two three. Ah, plug it.

Here's gas on my face. That's a nice fit too. Look at that and it's leaking. It was a nice Fitbit leaked.

cool. See if we have fuel Give me fuel. Give me fire. Not yet.

No down. What are you doing? Don't take it up. Stop. Okay, that one's full.

We have to transfer to a new one. Look inside of it, make sure it's not full of love bugs. Don't ask. Yeah, any bugs in there.

Oh spilled it all on the floor. Cool I Got some gas for my lawn mowers. Nice I mean this is a lawnmower. He didn't get it.

Yeah, he didn't get it I did. But there we go I need to unliquify all that fuel on the floor so we should just make it evaporate. I'll use the assault blow gun to, uh, accomplish such tasks. Oh, it's been a long time since we played with this toy assault blow gun in action.

All right. Enough screwing around that's spread out enough. It should evaporate with some uh with some quickness here. Good.

We're still draining, That's nice. I think two of these would be enough. It's probably siphoning out of the bottom of the tank now. I think that's what it's doing because 10 gallons is.

it's what. Is that? A 15 gallon tank? Well, we take it down to 10. That's at least the halfway point. It's kind of where it needs to go.

Oh five gallons? Yeah, yeah. let's just take it down to 10.. Well, that was a giant failure. Like moments after we just said that it overflowed I Guess it had more fuel or filled faster than I thought.

So let's wait. Go up higher. We're doing this So wrong. Oh my.

God Right Down Down Down Down Down Dude. we're gonna die. Probably we're gonna. we're gonna burn down.

Get that thing out of here I need to blow gun this away again. Oh this is so bad. I'm gonna stand out in the parking lot. Yeah, you should run There we go.

All these Shenanigans are causing this to compromise safety here. It's not okay here. Let's pull this out now. we can stop the siphon.

Is there still fuel coming out of the hose? Yeah. I think we had a siphoning effect going on. That's cool. There you go.

Take that away. please. Now we can take this. Uh, we got one more hose to hose line to remove.

but now we can. Uh, we can get this pump thing out of here. We'll hide that up there. One more.

one more hose plant here. Here's our hose clamp tool. Let's get that guy unscrewed. Fun! Come on there.

we go. Come on. Holes Clamp. Come on.

Hose clamped. It's on there. It was a tiger toy. Very toy.

All right. How many players? Yeah, When when the rubber starts to squirt out through the grooves in the hose clamp, you've made it too tight. so you just kind of want it to clamp on it. not, uh, not, liquefy it and then extrude it through.

That's the word of the day. it's extrude. We're not supposed to extrude the rubber through the, uh, the hose clamp or plastic for that matter, because because, yeah, we're just not. Come on.

Tri Flyers Seriously, yeah, let's just try this with two hands. I'm off leverage and prying and you know what? I grow impatient. Problem: Yeah, okay, that's the pressure side. really.

Hmm. I don't like this Jeep anymore. Oh yeah. last time I worked on it I didn't like it either.

Now this time I'm swimming in petroleum product. Okay, never gonna like it. Alrighty, now the way that this fuel pump module is fastened to the tank is with this, uh, little ring. right here.

there's a like a notch or a tab. There's a tab and there's a tab and that ring engages those tabs and secures this unit now. I've got to turn that ring in order to get this off. You see here I've got a pry bar against it.

Um, all you guys like to get mad at me for that because you think I can throw Sparks and make the thing blow up? But no worries because I'm just going to use a rubber Hammer That way it won't generate any Sparks and then we won't blow up. I'm just going to tap this guy around very gently. now. either we've estimated properly and enough fuel has been removed, or we have not estimated properly and there's still fuel behind this module, in which case, that's going to dump out all over us.

So fingers crossed. We'll see what happens here or not. Wait, Why is it every single time that a fuel pump fails If the tank is full. Like what is this and why and who decided that fuel pumps only fail on a full tank? I'd like to meet this person.

I think I found the leak. that uh, that ring is not centered. No, it was dangling down some. Here's our pump: module.

Looks like the pickup sock is not clogged like the other. Jeep that's good, shouldn't be. It's brand new tank right? Yeah, so it's been replaced before too. That's this is concerning to me now.

Hmm. good thing you got another filter because we're putting this pump in. I Don't know. Well, we don't know how to test it and we're not going to be able to figure that out.

So we're changing this. Wait, Didn't you put one of these in? Did you put this in? Nope. You just changed the tank, right? Yeah. okay.

I Thought about putting a pump in it, but well, we needed to. Just because it's kind of shiny looking doesn't mean it's not bad. We're putting a new one in there anyway. Put that right there.

Gross. Okay, let's uh. let's get this thing apart and slap the new uh new pump on it. Mr Troy Yo would you let down the Yip and uh, grab that fuel filter that you said you had the heat.

Yeah, let the heat down. Yeah, Well Troy is changing his filter. I will change the pump now. I'm quite annoyed over this because like I said before, I ordered an entire module and uh, turns out that it when they went to pull the order it was out of stock.

That was 10 days ago so they canceled the order. Okay, I get it if things happen. The problem was is nobody bothered to call us and tell us or email us or send a fax or drop them over here to tell us that the order had been canceled. So we've been waiting for this pump for nine days and it was never on the way and that's the kind of thing that just makes me not want to order stuff from you anymore ever again, even if you're the only person that has it.

because now I can't trust you to do your job. Maybe my standards are too high? That could be it I need an eight mil to, uh, pull this thing off to slide it down to unconnect this pump. Oh and by the way, clogged fuel filters ruin brand new pumps and that was a 10 mil, not an eight. So much information.

One time let's pull that thing off and we can pull our little Clips out. it's our electronical connector and then wiggle this guy out and this has been changed before. This rubber is in good shape but it's getting changed again. Shoe: What did I do with my pump there? it is.

got a new rubber. Take this transplant that over to our hit a bracketry right here. it's gonna fit not even close, not even gonna fit I guess I'll use the other one. that's why I don't like to do it this way I Prefer to just change the whole module.

Yep, let's see a new pickup, sock and a little snap ring washer thing. This is important to keep the sock attached. so what we'll do is pull the plug out of it, slip that thing on over down, secure it into place. take our little snap ring thing.

it's not a snap ring. I Forget the name of it because I have brain fog something fierce. Push that guy down there. we go.

Now we're attached. Sock is good. let's pull this off, plug it in like so and then we'll secure the hose. You have the dirt daubers in your Jeep I'm not surprised.

Whoa. Let me see that right over here. Inquiring minds want to know. We found a dirt dauber nest in the Jeep looks like a walnut from this side.

Throw it over. Yeah, that looks like a walnut. Okay, yep. eat it, my boss.

See what happens? I Eat it. It's good. I bet there's plenty of protein in there. If you were starving, you'd eat it.

It's true. Clip that back in this ground. came off pretty easily, didn't it? I'm going to re-ground this ground. Interesting.

Yeah, okay. let's just lob this guy off and put a new end on it. The reason I'm doing that is I can see a lot of corrosion on the copper inside of that. so we're just going to cut that back.

and uh, get a new Fresh connector on there where the wires are not corroded. Come here. Actually, there's still kind of. They're crappy and dark in here too.

You know what? laziness is not working out for me today. We just gotta go full on here. I'll change the connector since I have a new one. Why not get rid of that? Yeah, there is a new one in there shoe.

Let's just uh. put new ends on this connector. We'll use this one present. What is it? Oh, that is that that old filter.

The old filter oil filter. did I say that I could have I do have Rona brain. It's very possible that that's what I said. Okay, the metal right there is looking okay.

but the good ground, especially for a Jeep Get out of here. This thing doesn't reach the dudes, but this wiring harness does not have enough wire to reach the plug. It's like almost there. Okay, I'm getting annoyed by the second.

Just can't win. It's like almost enough. Look at that, barely barely enough to not reach. No way here.

Okay, let's try something else. We'll cut this wire off. reuse this which is not even what I wanted to do Troy's back there stealing my jokes. He just chucked a can of brake clean at me like you can't steal my jokes.

You got to get your own jokes dude. mine are not going to. uh, it's not gonna work out for you. Hmm, try this here.

Strip this one back some now. I've got plenty of wire to deal with. It seems to pass almost all the way through. Stick that one in on the other side.

give it a crimp. no, give it another crimp. I Don't know if this is heat shrink or not I don't think it is. Doesn't need to be either.

So I'm not going to heat shrink it and we'll plug that back in right up here. So far so good says I Okay, so pumps installed. We need to put uh, a little rubber thing back on and this one's not going to work. It does not fit shoe.

We'll use the old one which does fit. This is why I wanted the whole module. Thank you Part store for dropping the ball. appreciate it cost fuel pump clickings very good.

Okay, let's get this module back in the tank. Is it pretty yet? Did you get, uh, did you get filter in there? No Okay, let's get here. You work on that and I'll work on this. That's the plan of all plans I Think got up here.

slap. Oh, the float came down. give me your float, do it inverted and then snip it in and down. I Think it goes this way, right? Okay, so we had a leak here before and I believe that this, uh, rubber seal was a little bit off so you seemed to hold on to it.

Only put this in position to make sure it stays in the groove that it lives in or throw a bunch of grease on it so it stays sticky. Yeah, see how it came down right here? That's not gonna work. Uh, crease. I'm gonna put grease on it I'm gonna put a filter in.

Okay, so I got a little bit of grease. It's just actual grease bearing, grease or whatever general purpose. Grease and I'll put a little bit of that in the groove where that seal is supposed to hang out and it should be sticky enough to keep that O-ring seal in position here. Just throw that on there.

It's okay. if it gets into the gas, the gas will dilute it and uh, well. it'll be just fine. It says I that's it right there.

Where's uh, where's our lock ring? Oh oh there it is. lockering coming in. There's still grease on my phangie. This is hard.

Yeah, stay. I need to get the grease off my finger. It's not working. Seriously.

All right. if you can't see prairies and whatnot. okay, the ring is started. Where's uh, where's the pry bar primarium? It couldn't be that far away.

Did you put? did you put the tools away? You put them away while we were working on them? Yeah, you did. They were in my way. You: Oh, they were injured so you put them away. Yeah, don't worry guys.

no explosions because that would not be a very good video. Fuel tank ring click There we go and units installed. Now we need to plug it in and whenever Charlie gets around to putting that filter on, we can start things. the engine.

What do you think you gonna do it? You can do it. Okay, let's get this. uh, pressure side of the fuel line installed. First, plug that guy in, wiggle it on, Get on there.

It's a tight squeeze. Very tight squeeze and now it's stuck. What have I done? I'll cut you off again. Give it back.

Okay, so that was the problem. Here's the solution: Lubricant. Now our hose will slide exactly the way we want it to. Yeah, especially if you wiggle it from your side to side.

So we're all get on there. and then our return hose. It's on the small side like. so we're good to go here.

Begin: Hose clamp clamping action. Now it's real easy. Turn the screw, not too much. Again, we don't want to extrude the rubber through the clamp.

We just want to squeeze onto it some. There's one line. Here's the other one right here. Screw that guy in.

the fuel filter is nearly installed. I might need your assistance. Yeah. I Have to do it.

Yeah, Okay, I'll do it. Let's see what's going on here. Question is: is there too much of this nipple showing? No, No, that's fine. Oh, it's fine.

That's fine. Okay, there's never too much nipple showing. Uh, redacted, redacted that one's getting redacted. Let's plug this thing back in this way.

Come here. Please come here. Why not focusing on what I'm doing? There we go. Torque Zip Tie: You got a zip Tire too.

Yeah. And zip Tie this. Uh, these hoses are lines up or whatever. Yeah, just put one get one around in here.

White zip ties? What? rookie, Nobody uses white zip guys. That's sacrilegious Good. That's good. Yep, then we'll cut that off later.

Okay, let's get out here and see if we have fuel pressure now. Yeah, we should. Oh, that was bright. Let's see Fetch in the flashlights.

there's one. Here's one. Jeep Coming down, you want to do the honors. All right.

All right, let her down. begin Jeep Descent Now all the way down. you can go a little faster. It's not super heavy so you don't have to be like extra gentle with it like you do with the bigger trucks.

Yeah, yeah, because it only weighs like 30 pounds. Okay, back under the hood, you guys sit right here and hang on and watch that gauge and I will go bump the Heat Hey, change the oil change right now. If you're gonna drive this around, get so. let's shut her back down and then use your razor back up there.

we go. Keep your powering down All right. We've got fuel pressure and it did run way more better or it's got to be good. Um, do you want to use some BG stuff on this? You could.

You could use it. Definitely. you could use it. Look at that.

that's super crusty. Clean the valve train up a bit. In fact, I might actually use the the BG engine restoration kit on this later. It's like a three gallon kit.

Where what we do is we we dump the oil out, change the oil, drive it around, and then, uh, give it a couple weeks, we'll dump it all out again. We'll dump in a gallon of product with a new filter. We'll sit and let it run for like 20 minutes, dump it out again, put in another gallon of product, put another filter 20 more minutes, and then another gallon of product with another filter 20 more minutes than an actual oil change after that. So we get like five oil changes and three of them are all cleaning, prep, cleaning products.

Wow, We'll do that later. So what we can do. Here's what we'll do since we have to do the valve cover gasket. We'll pull that off after this oil change, and we'll check the condition, see what it's looking like, take pictures of it, what not, Then we'll do the full engine cleaning system restoration stuff.

Then we'll pull the valve cover off again, and then see what it looks like on the second time around. Sweet that and that will be a very good video. So anyway, what we're going to do is we're going to clean this out and do an oil change on it. and that's going to be that for now.

But now you know what's in store for the future of this four liter engine. That's going to be fun. I've been waiting for a good candidate to run that cleaning stuff on and I think I think this is the one because if I blow it up then I don't have to care because it's just his Jeep I'm just kidding I'm kidding bro. I'm kidding I'm kidding.

I would very much care if I blew it up I'll just take the engine out of your other Jeep uh Anyway, since the Shop's been reorganized I don't know what's going on to the Vault of viscosity, what we'll do, we'll use the regular product first. it's my Epr. Ah, there's some. Throw the one of this in there some more cleaner here.

Dump that in there and let it run for like 10-15 minutes. All right and then just change the oil like normally I've got a filter over there in the box somewhere. All right guys. Well I'm rambling on and we're going off on some crazy tangents.

So I'm gonna go ahead and close this video all right now. I'd like to thank you guys for watching this video. As always we we hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let us know about that by tapping that like button down below.

Drop us a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Blue Project Jeep.

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    My experience has been that the pump rarely fails when the tank is full. It has usually failed because people drive their vehicles with less than enough fuel to cool the pump. Then, when the pump fails, they think they are out of fuel and put fuel in the tank. It doesn't start, so they actually, for once, fill the tank, to ensure that there is adequate fuel in tank. When it doesn't start, they call AAA, and then, us!

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    Shops like this are why people wait so long for repairs… they hate trusting shops. They claim "their" book time is 7.2 hours. Alldata is at 2.5 R+R. Pump was $120 AC delco from Chevrolet. I am still blown away.

    If I didnt have access to alldata or know anything about cars I would have never known better. I imagine this is not the first time this has happened to others as well. This fuel pump on a C4 come out the top. An experienced tech can do this in an hour. Personally I feel like the 2.5 hour book time must include a lunch break…

    I want to thank you for showing people their ARE good shops out there. I am so greatful that you use this social platform to show people the good, bad and ugly of automotive repair. All truth. Respect.

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    This way you can stop the flow. All you've got to do is pull a coloum of liquid into the hose with the pump, once you get a flow you shut off the ball valve take the pump off and move the gas can out of the way you only put about 1 gallon in it.
    Now the gas is out of the car on the lift and in a storage tank the other car or spair gas tank. When your done with the service on the car on the lift you can put the other car on the lift and put the gas in its tank back into the tank you pulled it out of. This way you don't have to deal with a full tank of gas when you change a fuel pump. You let gravity do its work and the liquid try to find its own leval.

    And the customer gets his gas back thzts been filtered twice.

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