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Cheese Keys again. Honda Keys It's happening again. The same thing as a couple weeks ago. I Have a jam packed full parking lot with all kinds of stuff and the wife unit mobile again has a check engine light and it's the morning indicators and it always happens and the kids are on the way to school.

I Don't comprende what the deal is anyway. 2014 Honda Odyssey 187 184 miles forward Collision System Failure: check engine light is on not flashing Lane Departure warning Track Control warning something's going on again happening. Z Hood You know I'm making the crucial uh, less expensive auto repair mistakes I Think with this see once upon a time about a year ago we went down uh to Key West and same thing happened, had a bunch of misfires, found out it had a bad coil and then we put a coil in it and it stopped doing that. and then what? three? Four months ago? No, not even like two months ago, another busy day just like today and check engine light again and needed another coil.

And I have a sneaky suspicion that we need yet another coil. See, my problem is is I was doing this one at a time. Uh, contrary to my own advice, normally when there's a coil failure, my logic is is all of those coils were living in the same environment and if one coil is failing, then it stands to reason that the other coils are not far behind. I'm just speculating I don't know what's going on yet but I think it's got another bad coil.

so I I didn't follow my own protocol and now I'm paying for it again. Kind of. We'll see what our codes say. p0303 cylinder number three misfire Okie dokes power this down and where's my hood Blue release pop into the hood? Here we go.

Now What? I don't recall grinding noises is if I've already replaced a coil on number three or not and I believe number three is again on the back side I think one is back there I think number three is that that cylinder hang on. Loud noises and I can't see I think that is the number three coil like right in here somewhere. that guy I think now I know it's not a spark plug because I've already put a set of six plugs in it about a year ago. so I'm like 96 confident that it's not a spark plug issue.

but uh, I don't know about that coil. So let's uh, let's dig out number three and uh, we can see if that one has been replaced or not. I like I said I don't remember if I did that last time. Hmm, we're gonna move this inside because of grindy concrete Granite chopping up sounds.

it hurts my crane brainium restotting Z engine. Let's get out of here. Um, trash cans in the way. Is that okay? I Win I Win Yeah, that's better.

There we go, less sound power down. Hello Hi May I Borrow your computerizer. Thank you. All right So what we're gonna do here is I'm gonna copy the VIN number and we're gonna go up and open the all data.

Hmm ringer for landline phone? How about that? Let's see my all day time. How do I do this? Resume your journey? Awesome! Okay, we're going into repair and we're gonna go and paste the VIN number right here. It's going to populate the vehicle and then I want to search for firing order F I R I J did I spell that right. Sure did.
typing and spelling and recording is difficult. A Ignition coil specs I don't want that I just want firing order or cylinder identification. Oh it didn't give me the right chart. Okay here, let's just try P0303 that's the code Stone Degree misfire.

Yep I need to know which cylinder number three is. Tell me now. it's not telling me. It's telling me that the spark plug is the problem though.

I was wrong. How about procedures, remove stuff, blah blah blah. Maybe the pictures will show me where's the pictures? Nope. Well I couldn't find it in all data to save my life.

So I Googled the stupid stupid thing. And according to uh, the majority of all these graphs, number three is in the back. That's the one I thought it was so we're just gonna use I didn't want this. Forearms are bad, all right.

So the number three cylinder is the one that I thought it was. Let's go pull that coil and see if that coil is in fact a new coil or not a new coil I think last time I did number two or the one in the middle I really don't remember. So here, let's get rid of our cover again. Unkick the covers goodbye and turn that on.

please. she's helping. There's a button. you push the button.

Oh, push the button. There you go Newman's and then we can turn it. Check that out. See that this is cool too.

We have I got a mirror with a light on it because I need to see which one of these I'm trying to see is it didn't help. Now that light's not helping, we're turning that off for now. No no no no no no no no no. can't see what I'm looking for.

You guys can't see either. It's ridiculous. All right I give up on that plan I'm just gonna reach in there and take number three out. which is yeah, that thing's kind of way back there I feel the there's the bolt right there I can feel the bolt and I've got the connector look right on my fingertip here.

Hang on. Unconnect. Yeah, there's our connector. All right.

We need a 10 millimeter and I'll fish that bolt out of there. It's actually a nut. Uh, I Can't help but to use those terms interchangeably. 10 Milli where did you go? 10 mil click All right.

So we're gonna do a lot of feeling around and not so much looking because uh, we can't see. Uh yeah. extension on clicks. Got it all right.

That should just be hand tight. Now reach back there and get the nut off. There she is I don't know I Feel like this is a recently replaced coil. my uh, my spider senses are indicating to me that oh, it's stuck that um I think I already changed this one last time I don't remember.

you guys remember the survey says I can't see it. there's a hose I'll push that hose aside. Hang on bear with me fellas. this is.
this is harder to do than I thought and what is this? oh, it's hot is what it is. Yeah I already changed this coil once. Is this a re-failure Okay I'm gonna order another one. Yeah I already changed this one once.

This better not be a defect Okie dokes I've had a replacement coil show up I bought the same one. it was a import direct just in case. just in case this thing is, uh, faulty. I can send it back.

Um. Lube lubricant Lube Where's my Dielectric I See it there? It is right there. It's hiding behind the brake. Clean.

found you. Hmm. Part of me suggests that perhaps it wasn't the coil, but if it's not the coil, it's not the spark plug. What is it? I Don't know.

Let's pop this new one in and find out. I'm sure it's going to run just fine and then oh I actually I don't know I don't know what it's gonna what it's gonna do I cannot predict future. Get in there number three coil. it's that heater hose kind of blocking me up.

Come on there. get in the hole. There we go. All right now I do need to plug this in before I connect it or before I seat it fully because that connector is hard to to line up.

The whole unit sits recessed behind this uh wiring harness. Steel Oh click. Nope. non-click there it is okay and I need to line up the stud with the hole in the coil and then we can bolt it down.

Good to go. We've got our 10 millimeter nut around that guy down and I should just keep spare coils in this car. No, no I shouldn't say things like that. That's bad.

If your car needs spare parts to be reliable then maybe you need a new car or a better mechanic. No, that's terrible. I just said that. Uh, one more turn clickage right there.

Okay restarting the engine. Is it going to live sure powering on? Uh-huh So far so good. Let's get back into our scanner tool here. let's see if I can't monitor some misfire data real quick.

Like feels good data Misfire data More Steam Looking around, looking around, here's my misfire counts. We've got zero current misfires on number three and it shows that there were some misfire events that were previously logged. Let's put it in gear and actually put a load on it and we've got zero misfires. Okay, back in park I'm gonna go ahead and clear these codes again and looks like I'm sending that coil back uh as a defect.

clear coat. No no I don't want to see them again I Just want to clear them. Clearing Clearing Clearing Clear Codes begin clearing. Now up.

it won't let me engine running I Gotta shut it down some of these. You can get away with clearing them while engine's running. it's it's a bad habit, but it's a habit nonetheless. Let's try again.

Clearing Clearing again, Continuing Codes cleared, restocking Z engine and Nod uh, we have still failing. Why are we failed? and let's try it again. Oh you know what? I bet it has Collision system or Active Radar or whatever code stored in another module. So I need to clear all the modules so we're going to clear all codes read by a code.
scan ignition off or on engine off. yes, satellites linking up in outer space collecting data. This is how I get through my day. Seriously, it's like stupid noises and catchphrases and stuff like if I'm not entertained then uh then I become evil technician and that's never good.

Nobody likes evil technician. You guys have seen them. The guy that just looks at you like you're looking at him because he's working on your car and he sees you seeing him and you see him seeing you seeing him and you think it's okay and he's just like, don't talk to me. Yes, you've seen that guy.

You I know you've seen him. he's at the tire shop. They're everywhere. the world is full of angry technician.

See that's why I'm in a good mood or I try to be most of the time I'm trying to do that Gandhi thing you know, lead by example like we live in a world of suck sometimes like Chevrolet Avalanche bolts and it's either a comedy or a tragedy and we can choose to live in a comedy or a tragedy. So I choose to, uh, live in the comedy because you know in a tragedy, the hero dies at the end and and nobody wants to die at the end. I have no idea what I'm talking about today. I'm I'm losing it like I'm totally losing my brain.

It's over. Is this thing done yet? See, this is how you turn an evil technician. Wait all day for your scan tool. Um, okay, everyone got a stuff to ramble on about.

I'll be back when this thing is done. Stay right here. Don't go anywhere, just checking in to make sure you're still here. This thing is still going.

It's taking its time to clear all the modules. beard. Ah well. I suppose while that thing's doing its thing I can come out here and do my thing and kind of put this back together a wee little bit.

Let's see the pegs, plug into the little rubber things right there. I'll just put this cover back on cover. Clinkages? Um. I'm gonna line up.

what's up yo? Get in there there. nice plastic screw. There we go. let's see.

Hey, are we done yet? Yes. 22 modules cleared. How about that? That's a lot of modules. Okay, power down, foot on break, restartings the engine and now we have no more warning indicating indicators.

This is good. All right, that's a successful operation for the time being. The misfire is no longer misfiring. I Really hope that was just a faulty coil, which actually surprises me because it was a fairly expensive unit.

Either way, it's getting sent back don't cost me, except it wasted some time is what it is. No big deal. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this little short video out right now. As always like thank you for watching this video.

hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think about repeat failures in the comments section down below. Let me know what you think about my Diag process and most importantly, do not forget to tap that like button and to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later! End of Honda Odyssey 3.5 V-tech All right.
Watch this. Watch this learn. Come on, get out of here. your van's done.

Oh Yes! I'm backing out Seattle I think I'm in trouble for that one guys. Yeah, I might be in trouble for that one Whoopsie error.

98 thoughts on “No time for this. reloading parts cannon! 2014 honda odyssey 3.5”
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    If its still continues try, it could have too high resistance or could have a gap in the middle of the conductor itself.

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