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Right! Sunshiny day. Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome to this wonderfully sunshiny bright floor. Today we've got going on here. headed back to the shop.

I'm gonna try to do some work on actual cars this week. I've got a Ford Transit it's got a leak and CV axle seal I'm headed in to go get that replaced today. I'm trying to squeeze it in amidst all the Demolition and deconstruction that's going on in the shop. Uh, got a lot of stuff torn down.

The place was an absolute wreck. I Spent pretty much all day yesterday recovering from the first two days of demolition, as well as trying to clean up the mess and organize the place. so I can actually work again because I cannot. Uh, I cannot repair cars amidst a pile of rubble.

It just does not work that way unfortunately. So yeah, I kind of feel like I'm out of business this week that I spent the first two days tearing stuff down, spent the next day cleaning stuff up and today I think it's day four? it's Thursday of the week. yeah and I'm just trying to trying to get all this stuff back together. Man, it's getting a little rough out here.

I'm kind of glad I filled up my auxiliary fuel tank in the back I added a that's an extra 800 pounds back there and this is definitely a low traction day. so I'm glad to have the extra weight. Yeah, see. The issue with the dually in the rain is there's twice as much surface area on the rear axle, which means there's less pressure placed on the road surface from the tires and the axle, and so you're more prone to slippages.

In low traction conditions, one would think that twice as many tires gives you twice as much traction, and that's kind of true up until a point. But in a low traction situation like water, that that can actually work against you having the extra tire. That's why a lot of the off-road guys like the mud. The mud.

uh, what do you call them like? the mud riding guys? they, uh, they run skinny tractor tires instead of big wide fat tires because the big wide fat tires will just sit there and slip. But the skinnier tractor tires? they'll dig into whatever, uh, whatever they're driving on and give you a little bit more traction. so sometimes less is more. Yeah, there's a lot of water going on here.

You see the folks in the Middle Lane over there they are. Uh, they're kind of throwing a wake. That van up there was spewing a bunch of water out earlier. Blood waters? Yeah, it's an undercar pressure washing system pumping easy Hood Heavy.

Alrighty, back at the shop. I Got the joint opened up, the rain has subsided. Let's go out and fetch that Transit van and see what's going on with this. uh, leaking axle seal and uh, and we'll go from there.

I Do believe we're gonna do a brake fluid exchange on this also that was requested. We're working on the new View flooring Incorporated Van This is the local flooring company. Shout out to them. Thanks Lawrence for bringing us the van not sponsored I Just feel like as a local business I should support other local businesses.
Anyway, this 13 Transit van has 121 810 miles on the odometer starting. Z engine ring Oh I Hear a power steering noise? Hear that? That was fast. That's not what it's here for. but I'm gonna go ahead and look into that.

got some brake fluid? We're gonna need a little bit more than that to do a brake fluid exchange though. And what else we got here? Looks like we got our output shaft seal. Definitely a Ford part. This is good Motocraft Part number Three Sierra Four, Zulu One, One, seven, seven, Alpha Alpha You can't see.

it's a little dark. that's the I believe the CV shaft output seal that goes in the transmission transaxle backing out the auto. now. I Do believe that this axle is kind of a bear to remove, but uh, there could be a shortcut that I'm going to try to employ I was talking to A-Rod from Powerstroke Tech talk last night and uh he's a it was after the live stream and uh he's a Ford Tech he's done plenty of these things and he told me there might be a cheat to get through this a little faster than normal.

So I'm gonna see if I cannot employ said cheat during this operation. Let's get this thing racked up. You see, we're going straight in on the uh, on the little rack parking. Ziako starring down Now I Remember from my last little Transit that there is no popping of the hood down here.

We have to use the ignition key to open the hood. It's a it's a Transit thing. We pull up the little blue oval where they Circle their problems. There we go.

That's how we pop the hood half of it. where's the other half now? I'm over here fiddling around trying to find the release and I didn't read the directions again I only remembered half of this. You turn it once that way, turn it twice that way and it's not working. Hmm, oh, there we go I Just gotta pull up on it.

Okay now remember so what do we have here? 2.4 no, No. two liters, two liters of four cylinder, four power. Now if all goes well with this, this is going to be the first car that I get to use my Bgpf7 brake fluid exchange machine on and that's really cool. But before we get into the maintenance stuff I want to do the repair action? So uh, let's go ahead and see what I can do about that axle seal.

Let's see what our brake fluid condition is looking like in there. Yeah, it's green. That's super green. Yeah, there's some corrosion going on in there.

It's not good. Let's also take a peek at this. uh, power steering fluid. see why we're making noise because it's low? Okay I'm gonna look for a leak while this is up in the air.

Oh what if it doesn't have an axle shaft leak? What if it has a power steering leak and that's that's our issue. I might want to check that first before I start pulling axles out of this thing. See right there. All right.

Moving on up. black subscribe button. we have lift contact. Let's just double check everybody make sure we're nice and safe looking.
Good. That was good. That one's good. All right.

You know I might need new view flooring to uh to fix this concrete after I destroy it later on he's the concrete guy I don't like doing concrete work. not in Forte it's lights in here too. Yeah. I've got two more outside same as these.

uh big LEDs right here. so I can add 60 000 Newman's to this area. Maybe a skylight or two would also be beneficial. I Do need more natural living here.

the uh the comments and the viewers have indicated such things to me. Okie Dokes, let's go down below and take a peek at her nether regions. Uh, First thing we will notice is there's an absence of a skid shield and that's really cool. It's less stuff for me to have to remove, but we're not looking for that.

We're looking for fluid. There's some that's red also. Yeah, maybe it is a seal leak. Yeah, look at that.

Let's see if I can't smell it? No. I can't really smell what it is, but that definitely looks like transmission fluid. My uh, my sense of smell is not very keen these days. It's a post-covered side effect they got me.

Well, this is odd. I don't really see like a power steering leak. the uh, the steering gear looks good. There's no, uh, no fluid coming out of the boot.

Uh, the lines look okay. I wonder where the fluid went? Hmm. odd. Well, either way, let's go ahead and fold this wheel off and get started on.

uh, on this Axle removal. we've got to pull the outer shaft and then we have to pull this inner shaft right here and that will allow me to pluck this seal out and then drop the new seal in. Okeydokes. I'm gonna let this down to a more manageable height and we'll get started coming down.

All righty. First things first: let's pull the wheel. Get into this thing right here. Foreign.

So good. This is good. Okay, let's see what we have going on here. We've got to pull the CV axle out.

so we've got to lose the axle nut. and what I'm thinking is I'll just pop this ball joint loose and then I should be able to just swing this entire strut and knuckle assembly away while simultaneously pushing the axle through the bearing. and I should just be able to pull it right out. Yeah, that that looks easy enough.

Let's try that first. Well, there's our first flashlight down so we'll pull out our cotter pin. don't need that anymore. Looks like a let's try a 21.

Oh I grabbed the wrong socket and it's 22 so we're good to go Unticks, put that back some real quick to protect the threads right there. Okay, what I need to do? We'll go in here with this. uh, tie rod puller. it's gonna push up on this stud and we're going to try to push the stud out of its uh, home in the control arm Here, back up a little bit so we can see Pokedex there, see if this is going to come out of here easily or not.
Oh, that was easy. came right out Okay, well I did not think that was going to come out that easily. but I've been uh, known to be wrong before once or twice, but just the first time. Whoa that was a finger Smacker moment.

Oopsie, put that back where it goes all right. Axle nut is next in the chopping block. That's going to take 32 millimeters socket. loud noises.

uh no serious things on there. Okay, well it looks like this is going to take some elbow grease. I'm gonna take uh Luna elbow grease I don't need any Grease do this manually. Take that chisel and put that in the slots of the rotor to hold the rotor and I'll try to break this loose with a ratchet.

Yeah, it is going to take some elbows. mine on Click. Oh what? Okay, that's not happening. We need more leverage.

I'm gonna slide this ball joint back in to hold the spindle knuckle and then I can put a little bit better leverage on this. Oh, don't pinch my fingers off. Get in there again please. I Love my job so much.

Twice. All right, let's back up some. We're gonna need some space. This is where you guys get, uh, you read out on me for a breaker bar.

So I'm gonna do this with my ratchet. The problem is is I've broken all my breaker bars doing this. but what I have not broken is uh, it's my ratchet. Many many foot pounds of reverse kicks.

There we go buddy. Look at that thing. All right, that's loose. kinda.

yeah, that was easy. Okay. I'm gonna thread that nut back on to protect the threads. Axle went through no problem.

Foreign. still going I don't need it but I'll let it refill. I'm sure I'll need it later. Perfect.

Okay, one more time with that ball joint. Let's get that thing apart again and I should be able push this axle through, pull this uh, strut and knuckle assembly out of the way, and then extract the axle should? Here Comes All right, let's scooch in a little bit closer to our intermediate shaft and we can remove this outer shaft from the intermediate shaft and then we'll pull the brackets off. So what? I'll do I'll just get right behind this thing and just cut a pry on it and it should pop that axle right out of position. There's one slip slips, you're gonna come out or is this, uh, not a two piece.

This might not be a two piece. Well tell you what. I'll do change of plans yet again. rather than fighting with that because it didn't uh, seem to want to come out with these, I'll just go ahead and unbolt it and we'll take the intermediate shaft out at the same time as that outboard shaft.

I've learned to not fight the universe. It always wins. Look, come here, not come here. No, not gravity.

Not right now. It's okay. that wasn't the nut that was the bracket. Okay, that's loose in it.

Good slide out. Yep, it's going to come out and the axle is going to the intermediate shaft is going to come with it. I mean oh, that's so bad. a little failure.
trans fluid failure I was under it when it let go. Hey, it's on my leg. Not cool. Glad I Bought uniforms now I have a change of clothes here.

Hang on I'll be right back there. Okay, crisis averted. look I'm shiny again. got new Duds there Yeah, that was.

that was gross. Look at that that was that was running down my leg. That is not cool I didn't I knew I knew better than to do that rookie mistake. Hang on.

Let's undo what I just did to myself. Fluid's in good shape though. nice color. Here's always a bonus here there.

All right, let's uh, let's try this again without dumping uh, fluid all over me. Two axle extraction. Let's roll this guy down here. catch almond droppings.

So again, I'll I'll just pry this axle out ever so slightly until it departs from the transmission and then uh, we can pop that seal out and then drive our new one. Yeah, look at that. Oh, it got on me again. Come on, Come on.

What is this Not my day? It is my first day I don't know what I'm doing I've been uh, been out of business for like a week trying to get back into the swing of things here. you know? Okay, let's see what I can't do about getting this seal out of here. I've got a sealer remover. Many of you of you are aware that I like to just use pry bars, but you get mad at me for that.

So we're gonna try the steel remover this time see how it does. As you can see, there's not much working space in there I can't really get a good angle into it either. Pry bar. That's how we're gonna do this.

This is why: I Like pry bars, remove gravity to remove seals so I can get into it from a good angle and then a plastic Leverage You know it comes right out in pieces. Yeah, insert foot and mouth. All right. A little part of it's out.

going back in up more of it's out getting fluid on me again. All right. just my day, isn't it? They got me There She Goes and I'm I'm fluid soaked again. Yeah, let me go take a shower.

Be right back. Okie Dokes We've got our new seal unpackaged. it's ready to go back in. It's a ow oh no, the engine blocks riding kind of close to it and I had intended on using this socket as a seal driver.

It's a rather large seal, but it's uh, I can't seem to get clearance for that socket here because there's a engine in the way. Hmm, okay. well that makes this seal a different color, doesn't it? So flashlight. I'm running out of lumen boy and this is obviously going to be a uncomfortable situation here.

I'm beginning to not enjoy this job just a little bit and I'm gonna enjoy it when it's done. Yep, ate some more fluid. No, No. I wanted to conduct this all right.

Ford Guys, what am I doing wrong here? What's the trick? just? uh. hammer it in. Is that it? Try again until it works. Foreign dead blow to the rescue.
I Have no other choice. See and again, it's not seating over there. That's this isn't what our. I'm in a bad spot here.

Covered in trans fluid. Tools are covered in trans fluid. The trans is running out of fluid to be covered to cover me in. and I've got this seal halfway in.

Look at that, you see that. let's try this. Ding text message not right now. Phone: I'm busy swimming and lubricant.

lots of it. Um, it's entering my armpit. Oh yeah, it's in there. It's way in the armpit.

Come on. Yeah, all right. I think I think it's seated. Now that was.

that was annoying soft. Hammer Saved the day. Dead blow. Could not have done that with a Uh with a non-dead blow hammer.

I Wonder if there's like a special tool to do this with because there's no way a steel driver can drive this seal because of the clearance issue right here. Very odd. Not uh, not easy. I I didn't didn't see that coming.

Anyway, the Steel's in there. Let's go ahead and start. Uh, sending this axle back into its home. Pretty simple.

Slide it in, give it a twist. The taparoo goes right in. All right. before we get out of here.

I Want to clean up all this nasty on this thing? Let's give it a quick hose down. Get all the red dribblies out of it. especially. uh, taking care to clean off these engine mounts right here because they're covered in lubricant and petroleum products and uh, rubber do not mix well.

so we're gonna get that petroleum off this rubber mount. get all the drippings off that way. When we go to inspect this later for leaks, we know if it's good or if it's not okay. let's flip this around 180 and go ahead and put the Uh the bracket back together for this axle.

Okay, we'll put the bracket back up and then two nuts, one nut dualist nuts I Have a visitor I wonder if it's my fuel pump for the Doge Click times, two kicks Okie dokes. Let's back out of here and go ahead and get this axle back in. Tighten down and then we'll put the ball joint back together. pull this guy back forward again, back forward and slip this uh axle shaft back into the bearing.

Come on you There we go. straighten her out. Some actually comes through all the way. please.

Now I Can uh, get this ball joint back into position? Come here. Pry bar, Get in there. Beautiful. All right.

Let's get our axle nut back on, tighten this guy down, torque that later, and we'll get the ball joint next. And where's that uh Cotter pinhole? A little farther there it is an Okie Dokes new PIN coming through. Maybe there we go. Take this guy, we'll Bender around.

Okay, that's good to go. Nice and safe. Okay, we're good to go. I need to uh, add a couple quarts of trans fluid to this and set the Uh.

set the level next. All right, let's let this thing go a little bit. Transit Coming down, we're gonna check the top side for a dipstick and a fill hole. Uh, there may be plugs in the side of the trans.
there might be a dipstick I I Do not know. but I'm gonna find out. Let's see what we've got here. Oh looky, lucky me, he's got a transmission dipstick that makes my life easy, much more easier.

Oh dipstick. Gravity starting. Angry Power steering. oh that's so bad.

Hang on. we need to throw that up. so this thing shuts up. Yeah, that's that's horrible.

So bad. Quiet down please. I Find it odd though. I Couldn't figure out where that glue went to.

As soon as all the bubbles uh, come out of solution on that, it'll shut up. Okay, now that we can hear ourselves, think straight, let's check that trans fluid level again. What do we have here looks like? Okay, yeah, now we're showing low. Okay, that's that's better.

funnel action. There's gonna be no pouring things into that little hole. it's not gonna work. and that red funnel is not gonna work.

So we're just gonna have to use the big uh yellow funnel here. Okay I don't have any Merc on five so I have to use my BG bag in the box. This is the Primo level fluid. really good color thinking I'll do I think it's about two-fourths is what I need I'll pour some and then stop and check it.

go Oh I need to let that settle tube has a bunch of fluid running down the side of it and it's skewing my dipsticking test results: Look at that foreign right here at the max Mark at my finger I'll give it a few more minutes and we'll recheck uh one more time I Think all righty Finalized fluid recheck real fast here and we can lift this up and uh, check it for a leak. The level looks good. we're right here at the max. Mark Okie Dokes Let's go ahead and raise this thing back up and we'll check it.

uh for leaks at that shaft seal I Don't expect to find one but you never know. Moving back up, yeah, that looks good. See what we got going on here and we are dry I see no redness. very good.

I Will count that as a success now naturally. I'll need to drive this and then do a recheck I can do that later because I need to go ahead and move on and do that brake fluid exchange. However, you're gonna have to wait until later for that one because I'm going to make that a separate video because it's uh, the procedure is worthy of a video all on its own. So that being said, like thank you guys for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this video and if you in fact did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in deferred Transit.

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    Tie a rag around your wrist. stops the fluid from getting in your armpit.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wheelmonkey00 says:

    wide tyres are good for acceleration, narrow are better for braking IMO

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C More Butts says:

    @Rainman Ray’s Repairs. Ray, if you are not getting a “do de do” phone, at least put it in your new intro or maybe an outtro? Is outtro even a word?

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gary DeBro says:

    I am missing the triple-tone PA system ringtone….

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jon T says:

    Liquid gravity is a real bummer. Much success to you and the family unit. Stay Safe

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Wes Hutchinson says:

    Looks like you distorted that seal installing it. Hope it don't come back for implied warranty. Strange you change your clothes and shower if you get dirty during the day instead of after the workday is over. You related to Howard Hughes?

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rofa Time says:

    Little tip, if you have oil stains or a pool of oil on the floor, take a shovel of cement and sprinkle that over it. It absorbs the gunk wonderfully and can then be swept up easily. 😉