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It's a traveled its last mile. It will never function again. Hello everybody! good day to you! Welcome back! Uh glad you guys are here! I am super glad to be here I am back at work I have uh been on Hiatus for a few days I was actually in Southern California for a separate function but the Stars aligned and I had the opportunity and I took it to meet and hang out with uh Gail banks at Banks Engineering That was like a little side quest that we were on while we were there. I uh I went on this trip with A-Rod from Powerstroke Tech talk and I'll make a video about it later on.

but I am back today and I've got some stuff to get started on uh, it is Sunday today and I need to get the drivetrain out of this Miata I've got an entire parking lot outside I've got meetings scheduled next week because I'm trying to bring some people in to help us out around here and I want to get things kind of rolling before the week starts and I want to get a few loose ends tied up I got a lot of them done before I left, but there's still some things going on that I need to get in motion and that's what we're going to do today. So let me get this place opened up. We'll get this Miata lowered down and we'll get that engine and drivetrain yanked out and then I can get back to normal operations. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video.

opening. Z Hoods all right all the way up and compressor powering on initiating ventilation systems now. I Probably could have done this when I was over here, but uh, I'm doing it right now. Oh, real quick before we get started.

Uh, you guys were asking me in the shop update video about these: Vents and fans. Uh, they are junk. That fan is junk. That fan is junk.

I've tried to turn them back on. uh, they throw Breakers and Sparks and everything else. Additionally, This Hood right here is rusted out to nothing up at the top. So even if I did get the fans running, they would just pull air from wherever randomly, thus negating the purpose of this funnel type of hood thing.

So I've tried to save it. It's got to go. Same thing with this wall right here. It's not attached to anything.

I've tried to save it because it's a good boundary that's also got to go. The closet is gone, the six seven is out of the closet. I'm freeing up floor space, but all that stuff up there is, uh, no longer going to remain. uh, part of the structure.

Here is what it is. Can't help it. Oh I Fixed the floor by eye. I mean Larry Larry fixed the floor.

See what we got going on here? We tore up all that divot where these drains were filled full of concrete. We've smoothed things out and we've got to come back one more time. Smooth it out again. Uh, do like a float coat on this and then blend it and then the floor will look like that floor over there.

So what's going? What's cool about this is: I don't have to worry about putting it back together so we're just stripping this thing down I Don't care if I need to use the Sawzall Let's go ahead since this is rear-wheel drive. Got a four cylinder up front transmission driveshaft some exhaust this thing right here. Let's go ahead and start pulling out the drivetrain stuff so we can disassemble. take the mounts off.
Uh, we'll unhook the motor mounts from down here, drain some fluids probably not in any of this order, then we'll let this thing down. We'll get the Hoist out, chain it up, and it yank this bad boy out of position. Thinking about taking this apart. there's bolts that are smashed in so let's unsmashing clearance.

That is really cool. I'm about to have a whole lot of extra oh camera gravity I'm gonna have a whole lot of extra Fasteners when this is all set and done with. So I'm gonna bust out some magnet trays and use that to keep uh organized here while I strip this thing down to Nada Spinning disassembly. Now we've got 12 mil bolts here.

those will be useful later. Oh, the exhaust is falling out of it. Okay, it's disassembling itself. Uh, some cases.

Falls I'm gonna go over here. All right. So far, so good. Looks like that muffler is just dangling back there.

Let me take that thing off. Next, Looks like just two more bolts nuts. Oh, the angle of my dangle is not working in gravity. Hang on.

All right. I'm out. All right, getting a little overzealous on the impacts there. I Think foreign.

Get rid of that here. Let's spin it around. We'll get the front uh, front bolts on this exhaust and just pull the whole pipe out. Extra hardware for me and it's Deuce Very good.

And heck, we're almost there. Spin it around one more time. Got one little rubber here. goodbye.

Nice. Well, hey. take a look back here. It appears that the Collision has torn the CV axle right away from the differential.

See that there's our inner workings. We've got three little bearings and they're gonna ride inside these three little grooves in there. See that? It's how we create our constant velocity rotating axle with a pair of a pair of those types of joints. Okay, next up, let's go ahead and pull this uh, this stabilizer bar thing out of here and get that out of the way.

we're going to move up to a half inch impact and we'll pull those look like 21 or 22 mils. Pull those out next four fasteners for me. Let's see if things fall. Hmm.

stay there. That thing had a lot of movement in it, so I'm probably gonna have to put some kind of support there before. I fully remove this so let's get the rear ones. Yeah, it's trying to fall apart, no worries.

I will defeat gravity with Jack Stands Right about Beer is good. There we go that goes there. Spin this guy down and this will hold up the rear side of this drivetrain while. I pull this little whoa camera gravity well.

I Pull this little bar thing out of here I'll tell you, magnets just don't work like they used to do they that last Bolt Pull that one out. there's one. Well, not really. and then there's another one in the back.
Let's go out back and get that last one stableish. Oh pry bar here. we'll just raise this up some. Why are you coming out? Yep, Pry Bar, let's go.

Okay, let's move out back some and get this drive shaft unbolted. We'll pull this thing out next. We've got here. One bolt up top, not one nut.

Um, that was high velocity. Oh, there are bolts. There's nuts and bolts. How about that? Good.

More hardware for me. Whoa there you guys go again. So you guys are safe because you keep falling I don't want you to get hurt. Oh and whatnot I Don't think I can put all you guys on insurance.

It's not gonna fall out, it's a have no fear come up please. There drive shaft removed. Alrighty so moving on I Want to go ahead and get the uh the motor mounts disconnected. Uh, we can see one of the Mounds right there behind this air filter.

or sorry oil filter words: there's a there's a bolt right up top right here. Yeah, you can see it's right there that uh It Bolts this thing down to the subframe I need to get to that bolt. Uh, there is one right down here which I already took off. but uh I think because of the angle that it's at if I try to pull it, do a straight up pull on this engine, they'll just get stuck because of the stud.

So I'm going to employ a tool that I bought Once Upon a Time and actually never used until now. so we're gonna see if this is going to work. It's a Pneumatic flexi head uh, impact gun not sponsored. it is an Astro Tool uh 1833 is the part number.

It's got a flex head pneumatic tool. like I said I've never used this but we're going to try it out today. So I bought this thing from the tool truck but I will check and see if there's like an Amazon link for it and I'll put it down in this video's description in case you're interested in such air tools paddle operated ring rings. This actually might do a good job.

Let's find out. Dang If it makes life easy, it's worth it. So what we'll do is we'll sneak this guy in there and get it on the uh on the Fastener I Know you guys can't see. maybe from this view over here.

Let's see here. All right. We're on. see right there and nice.

hold it right out. Okay, it fit, see a normal impact wouldn't fit in there, but that one seems to be designed for such things. There's our nut and let's try our luck here on the other side and maybe go through the fender. Well right here.

it's gonna be two hands on this one. I Think because I don't even know plastic out here. Come here plastic goodbye. Okay, yeah, there's the nut right there.

Maybe we can shine some light on the subject here a little bit so we can see what we're trying to see. Okay, there's our nut s get on there. Oh no, it's it's. running into this converter right here.
No worries, we'll do a suicide wobble type of situation. Yeah, so we've got a we got a wobbly ratchet with a wobble. Drive Therefore, I'm going to call that compound suicide wobbles. Yeah, work.

By the way, when you're doing sketchy stuff like this, close your mouth in case it flies off. You don't want to break a tooth. That would be bad. Cool.

That worked. Come here. Not bad. It's not an end-all be-all but it definitely has its uses.

We'll leave that over here on the closet. Six seven. Okay, moving around to the front here. I Don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea, but I'm gonna take this hey girlie once you get here.

Okay, so I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea, but I think I'm going to strip the cooling package out of this as well because I wanted to keep the wiring harness on that engine just in case I need it and I don't know what it connects to up here. so rather than trying to fight with it from the top, I'm just going to take off everything that we see because that'll probably be easier. Hardware Foreign. Like I said in the first video, this is a Chop Shop Miata They're pretty good.

Go ahead and roll the drain bucket into here. There it is. and uh, you can open that up and see if there's coolant in the system. Okay, just a screwdriver should open this valve up for us.

Crack that guy loose. Is there any coolant in this? Yes, there. Oh there it is. Yep, it has coolant.

Let it ride. Okey doke. So while that thing's draining the last of its drains, let's go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Raise this thing up off the locks.

we'll set her down and I'm gonna go ahead and discharge the AC because it may still have a charge inside of it. I Don't know. We're pretty much done with everything down below except for probably some connectors and knickknacky items. So uh, it's come up top and continue to, uh, tear this thing to Pieces See what we have here? Uh, we've got a rock.

don't need that. Just put that right outside. We don't need you. Okey-dokes up top.

Let's get this jump battery out of here. I'm gonna put this on a charger. Maybe it's savable. Uh, good parts, Valuable good parts.

Please show that to somebody. Get rid of that. Get rid of this big old box of lead. See, there's a battery box and pull that out.

Salvage Two more fasteners. There's one that's a good one. Never hurts to have 10 mil. Oh another.

is that it? Nope. what? There's another one, but it's outside of the thing here. Hang on. It's like oh bye.

that's the last one. Foreign coming in. Let's see if there's a charge in this system or not that gravity don't need that. Anyway, we need nothing.

G Powered on all systems activating and the survey says do we have refrigerant? Let's find out. Uh, negative. it's discharged. Okay, don't need the machine.
goodbye? Okay, let's go ahead and pull the intake. We'll get rid of this stuff. The connectors, tubing. this looks like some PCB stuff.

Let's get rid of that. It's broken. Cool pocket screwdriver action. So release clips on this guy were broke.

You take two, there's one clamp right here at the throttle body. pull that guy off. some wires are hanging this thing on that didn't make much sense did it Hanging this thing on words disconnect that. this is the emissions stuff and Tube here there, slide that off, leave that connected intake tube.

Got it? Okay, let's lose this air box. We're not gonna need that I Don't know if my goal here is to get the engine out or get all the hardware out. Yes. PCM another Bolt I'll probably hang on to the CCM just in case we need it for the motor swap.

so we're gonna extract this thing next. I Think there's four Fasteners and a wiring harness. Unclip this guy from this Shield thing goes through. Contrary to popular belief, these plastic Clips can be removed without breaking them one more and I have achieved.

GCM Freedom There we go. kinda. I've got two connectors here. Let's let's get those guys off pocket screwdriver for the win.

Get rid of that one and that one. wiggle this guy out. Come here is our control unit. Suppose I can maybe remove this plastic tray I Think that's completely unbolted now.

Mostly it's wrong. One more. All right. Come out.

Hey kiddo, what you doing? Come here. Okay, moving around to this way we've got. uh, let's take the surge tank off. We'll pull the power steering fluid out of its Reservoir and strip all this stuff down.

Then I'll pull that cooling package out. Why not? This is like an I Do Cars episode except I'm stripping the whole car and not just the blown up engine. Shout out to Eric What's up Dude. There we go that's unbolted and sling you over there.

What else can I take out of here? Start pulling hoses and stuff right in front of us. This is our first AC connector. Let's pull that guy off. Wiggle you out.

All right. That goes there. and we need to lose this connector. this little bracket here.

Get rid of that. Okay, so the condenser is free on one side. How about the other side. Where's that other line at? No, No, no, no, no, no no no.

I think it's down. not that one. Where's the other one? I lost it. It's lost.

I'll find it later. Switching gears again. I'm just gonna keep removing things that I find. This is the uh.

the hose right here. Going over to the surge tank. let's pull that guy out. Get rid of its connector.

This is like the ultimate feeling back of the onion wiggle. Come out of there. See, this is the downside of those. uh, the non-worm gear driven type hose clamps.

You can't get them to come off. I'm gonna start cutting things. That's what I'm gonna do. Just chop it all to pieces.
broke the radiator. All right. That's over with cool. One less thing.

lose that one. All right, that surge tank is disconnected. We'll put that aside. get rid of that.

We go. Okay, we're gonna back up some. Get the bird's eye view and I'm gonna go ahead and put this in super high speed. Lightning Fast Forward Motion as I go ahead and pull these wiring harnesses off and some more of the supporting equipment here because this, uh, this is going to take a little while.

Enjoy! Foreign steering line off next. So I need to evacuate all the fluid. It's got a vacuum fluid evacuator here. It's actually for oil changes, but it'll work for this.

No problems, stick that in there. Begin suctioning. Now there it goes. Fluid coming out going into the tank.

so we'll suction all that out of there. and I can pull these hoses off, suction out whatever's in the pump. which actually I could probably do that through that. Bolt hang on.

changing directions going for the pump out too. Yeah, foreign y bits put in there. so I totally could probably do this the junkyard way where I just chopped this thing to pieces with a saw I Thought about it earlier, but for some reason, it's just like not not in me to destroy things while disassembled. I don't know.

spent too long fixing things. can't break them all, right? So we got a lot of stuff stripped off of the top of this. I've I've got an alternator wire down there that I can't really get to. It's kind of more trouble than it's worth.

so I can unbolt that later? uh, like I was saying I was trying to excuse me I Was trying to get this cooling package out of here and we're mostly free except for like, this line right here and our hose right here. So let's pull off this, uh, this last radiator hose and then we'll get that line unbolted and then this thing should, just, uh, just drop free right here. It's gonna be a two-handed operation I can't get the clamp to unclamp, give that a twist a little bit more. Come off now.

I See why junkyard guys just take Sawzalls to everything I probably should just be doing that I really should. Oh, how private are? you? Don't tempt me, you're good. Got it There We go. We've got a hose here.

What's this thing for? That's uh oh, that's the other AC hose Okay, found it I knew it was here somewhere. Squeeze that guy out. just wiggle it and this whole cooling package is, uh, is about to fall out of there. Move this aside here.

we'll back it up some and I'm gonna read: oh, spilling and dropping radiators and stuff and we're stuck on something. There's uh, looks like power steering lines right here and right here. No worries. Back to the pliers, some clamps to get rid of those.

Give it a wiggle. Yeah. I'm about to start cutting stuff apart. I'm getting tired of this.

There we go. There's one making a mess spinning. a fluids keeps spilling every time. I Take something apart.
Cheap cooling package. Freedom. Okay, throw some paper on there. Adam Sandler's Style there you go.

All right. No more wetness, sleep all right. There we go like it never happened. All right, let's uh, let's go back.

up top. I'm looking around a little bit and I've got uh, there's this one wire right here behind this throttle body and I can't get to it. So I'm gonna go ahead and pop this throttle body out of here as well. It's kind of in the way.

let's unbolt. This guy should just be four bolts. There's three that's kind of crusty in there, isn't it? It's not looking good. Hope this engine's not junk.

Oh well, yeah, that's all four of those guys. Come here, might need those for later. We'll put those up there on the windshield. Yeah, there's our TB Let's see.

we'll unplug this thing from from its coolant line and then I can reach that uh, that little wire down there. Kind of not really. dang. that thing's buried down there.

Hang on here you guys. We'll set you down over here for a minute. Okay, I got this thing out. It was difficult.

Took two hands. so I think everything is disconnected for the most part. if there's anything left, I'll see it. So now I need to figure out how I'm gonna chain this thing up and uh and pull it out of here.

Okay, now it's time for some, uh, some destructive action here. I'm done playing nice for stuff in the way that needs to be removed and we're going to remove it right now. starting with a Uh with a chain I need to get a chain around this engine I've got one over here, but it's way way way too long. See that thing down there.

We don't need that much chain. we only need this much chain. so I'm gonna chop off some of this chain so it's more minutes. Engage Safety Squints Now okay, flip that and one more cut right off.

Wrong. Got it? Okay, so here's how I'm gonna do this one into this chain is going to run through this little eyelet Loop thing right here and I can bolt it on and then the other side and now we're gonna do this without breaking stuff. Hook it here I'll run the other end of it down and I'll hook it around. uh, one of the studs on that exhaust manifold down below.

Let's climb down here. get on the creeper, see what we can do about hooking that chain up. Moving on in. yeah, you can't see I can't see.

so what we'll do Loop that around. uh, it's a stud right here and I'll throw one of the exhaust nuts on it real fast. That's perfect here. We get a little light on the subject so we can see what we're doing.

Put a washer over that and then just one of these nuts should be Okay, that's fine. The real question is is can I pull the trans out at the same time? it's either going to work or it's not. If it doesn't work, I'll just get the saw back out and just chop the car away. That'll be fun.
In fact, I actually might go ahead and chop this cross member out right here that way. I can just lift it up and then bring it out some. So back up top, we'll run this guy right through the loop and I'm going to get it as short as I can without causing it to, uh, put a side load on the valve cover. I'm gonna try to pull this out without removing the cover figure.

if I run this to like right about here, that should be good. So I'll run a bolt through it with the washer, another washer so it can't slip through and we'll stick the nut on. There we go. That's what we're looking for.

Okay, let's go dig the engine hoist out. move that and yes, that is a food service cart. but I've repurposed it I Found that on the roof of the building that I destroyed that we are standing in. Punch back, rolling, rolling, rolling, all right Roblox Electrical power lines.

There we go. We let her down some. it's a little too high up and we can hook it in. We'll start to give this some up action.

right? about? not enough. It's good slippage. Engine slippage. All right.

it's moving all right. It appears to be kind of stuck I give it some more up and I'm just kind of picking up the car. so let's uh, let's pry bar the engine mounts and see if we can't get them to come free from the studs. It came up a little bit but then it kind of stopped.

what I'll do, we'll go in. we're going through here with the pry bar. try to work that out. see that she moved a little bit a little bit more up action, more pry bar I may have to take those mounts Loops a little bit more.

it's uh, kind of stuck in there a little bit more. Come on, motor mount let go. Oh there he goes. There he goes, she's out.

It has become loose sweet. Let's go up a little bit higher Miata Engine come on out a little bit more. wiggle it some. I'm gonna put you guys up here.

you are now on engine Lift cam. That's how we're doing this. So I'm gonna give this some up and then when it gets stuck I'm gonna give it pry bar if it stays stuck I'm gonna get the saw I don't know what that was but it broke. wiggle all right.

we're stuck again. More up. Okay, we're getting getting past that little uh, cross member thing. let's pull back some back this way towards us.

still stuck I think we're more stuck all right quickly. Okay, okay, yeah, let's get the safety Squints back on. I'm just gonna go ahead and chop this little crossmember thing out. We don't need it.

It's in the way. It's coming out. okay, very loud noises. Give me that in the fry bar.

all right engine. you're coming with me. free again. I'm just gonna go ahead and try to walk it back.

some will have more clearance here. Bear with me, it's almost all the way free. I think there's like fuel lines or something hanging on to it I Don't know. I see the problem.
There's this coolant line right here and that's bolted to the frame I Need to unbolt that thing? That's what's uh, what's hanging me up here? See that guy? One bolt right there, one right there on this little tube. Let's see if I can get this guy out on clicks. there's another one I'm using Extreme Caution With the uh, the concept of sticking my fingers down here, it's things like to let go unexpectedly when there is a potential energy that's been built up. come out of there.

Okay, now we're more. Freer Let's back it up some let's meet you back. Okay so I just took a like a visual look around everything. There's nothing left holding this in.

so we're going to give it some more up action and start pulling her free. She's real tail heavy because I left the transmission on I might have to separate that later, but the idea was to get this thing out torn down out of the way and then we can get rid of the rest of the car, free up some some parking spaces. Yeah, tuck that in right there. That's good.

the whole drivetrain assembly now I need to level this out somewhere a little crazy aren't we? So what I'm going to do is we can come around and hook a ratchet strap or something to this tail shaft and then connect it up here and just ratchet strap it up and that'll help to uh to even out this uh, this drivetrain because it's like way back. So what I'll do is we'll hook our ratcheting side here, chain the hook, pull that thing down, wrap it around the tail shaft, and then ratchet this thing up to make it level here car in the back of my my cranium trying to get this done. Not about there is good. Now we've just got the three points of contact and that's not working.

not working at all. This is uh, what's this problem oh it came off okay I'll try it again, We'll wrap it around, hook it on, and then hook it on a second time. Why not? Now we have technically Four Points of contact. What do you guys think? Is it three points or four points? Maybe it still counts as three? I'm gonna count this as three other way.

we're pulling the assembly level. Kinda okay. Still stable right? We need a little bit more up action and then we'll pull around out. almost clear.

My engine keeps spinning. Okay, here's what we'll do. I'm gonna go let the rack down some and the car is going to drop all right. We're so excited.

Down sketchy. it's always sketchy. That's how it is. Thank you.

Don't fall. Big Balls I'm running. You should do foreign. Oh that's the that's the hood prop.

Oh the hood prop caught the bottom of the transmission. It's uh, it's not cool like that. out of there there. Woohoo! All right, she's out.

I'm Gonna Roll this over and park it next to the six seven before I move this anywhere I need to let it down some more because all the weight is higher up and it just makes for an unstable platform. So we're going to bring this down as far as I can and then it'll be safe. and then I can roll it around if I turn this sideways I can set it on the legs. Try that.
That's good. Yeah, let's try that right there. Go down a little bit and not really how I envisioned that, but that's pretty good too. So we're good engines out.

Trans is out now we can pick up all this junk, scrap the car. We don't need this thing anymore. It's uh, it's traveled. it's Last Mile it will never function again.

Nice knowing you Miata All right guys I'm all done here I need to uh do a lot of cleanup because I made one heck of a mess and uh, we're gonna go to get this thing out of here I might make a video dragging this out I don't know. maybe I will maybe I won't anyway before I start rambling as always. like thank you for watching this video. Hope you guys enjoyed this destructive uh extraction, uh procedure.

This is not normally how it would be done if this was a car that was going to stay on the surf in service I would not be chopping cross members and cutting stuff. it's uh, this is just a removal operation in order to get a hold of the part right here. So I have no fear if I ever change an engine for you I won't do it like this unless you want me to. So anyway again it is.

always. Thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of drivetrain removal.

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    If you had an engine leveller on the crane it woild have come out much easier.Plucked a V6 inline out using one easy as.

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    Remember the old movie called six pack with kenny rogers
    What i would like to see in future video is a six pack type tear down of a car or truck
    All the way down to bones
    Timed of course unedited
    Be like your first annual tear down olympics
    That would be so cool to see and fun little event as a charity to help fund people that need work but cannot afford it
    That would be awesome if you could put that together and all it requires is one weekend and planning on your off day

    Ps one request to all this
    Gotta play the music to six pack in background on loop while working on these things if you choose to make an olympics out of this❤🎉

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  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Marshall says:

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  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

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  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars russell bennington says:

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