It’s Finally Here!!! Gale Banks Monster 4” Exhaust LBZ DURAMAX 6.6 @Banks Power
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Hello everybody! good day to you and good day to me this is the day that I've been waiting for I don't have any customers here today, but I do have my bank's exhaust system and uh in the shop. It was delivered yesterday last night when I got home and I'm super happy and now I'm going to take a day for me I'm gonna put my exhaust on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado with 217 0.38 miles on the clock I'm gonna put it on my uh, my big rack the 12 000 pound rack. So I need to learn how to how to sweep that crazy angled corner to uh to get it lined up and and we're gonna see if we clear the air compressor that is next to the front door. Oh I see a cute little kid poking her head out. uh-huh she knows better I'm gonna have to close that uh that swinging door right there. I think I'm gonna make it. Yeah, we're gonna make it. I uh I insist I'm gonna do this one shot see how this works. Just gotta clear the wall in the door. All right, we're hard over to the left. we're gonna make it I Think we're going to make it better than last time. actually I'm too far over backing up. Check the camera, make sure there's no kid back there. Good, it's a kid-free Zone This is the most intense moment of pulling a vehicle in ever. Oh I'm running into the wall. yeah, awfully close it. I See it Wife unit? say hi hi I'm gonna run it over. Yeah thank you. Thanks. All right, it's working. I Do have a lot of space on the passenger side. That's good. Moving on in. All right. and I think right about here is good. All right. Parker Seattle Powering down the rack is set. Let's check this. Frame Flex I've got a uh, what is it a 90 gallons I've got 90 gallons of diesel in that tank. about 800 pounds or so plus the weight of the tank. Let's watch this thing. Flex I was talking to uh A-Rod with power stroke Tech Talk with Bayrod. uh last night and I told him about that. He couldn't believe it. Watch This Is it here? Hang on I'll let it down. You can see it again. Moving back up. Watch this. All right? That's enough fooling around. Let's uh, get this thing up in the air. We'll get the old exhaust off and the new exhaust on. Now there is something I Want to be clear about that. Banks Kit does not delete anything. There's no emissions delete stuff in that bank's exhaust. I Realize it's a scary time for diesels and it's a scary time to do anything. uh, regarding modifications to your diesel. But public disclaimer right now and everybody can go away with their fluting nonsense. I'm not removing any emissions components with that Bank's exhaust kit. Disclaimer over and let's set this down on the locks for safety very slowly. Escape Uh, no, that lock didn't work. that's not there. Hello, let's go down to the next one. Oh, not even is that it There we go, that's on the locks now. Okay now. I Feel better? Oh, that's a lot of weight flinging around up there. 9 000 pounds actually. All right. So I'm Gonna Save the tip and reuse this tip because that's actually pretty nice when it's clean. So we're gonna take this one off and keep that. uh, we're gonna lose all this piping right here. Uh, this Muffler goes away. and I've got piping all the way up here to this section so it looks like that's a band clamp. We're going to unbolt that. uh, we're gonna reuse these hangers right here. This one. this one. that one I can't see. there's my light, that one right there and uh, probably one more or two more in the back, so looks fairly straightforward. I may have to cut this off to get it over the axle. Maybe not. we'll see. I'll go ahead and unbolt everything first and then lose. Uh, lose the hangers and we'll go from there. Considering that this has never been removed in 217 000 miles, we're gonna spray some lube on there and I think there's another clamp? yeah, the one back here on the uh. on the tip. There we go. All right, let's go ahead and see how easily this is going to come apart. Loud noises? Okay, there's some more of that Alabama play and yeah, that's stuck on there. Pretty good. Okay, more loud noises. I'm gonna give this some linear impacts to see if we can't break the bond between uh, the tip and the pipe. Nothing crazy? Nope, not yet. Oh, it started to move. Okay, we're getting somewhere more. Lube I Think this is going to take a little longer than I had uh, originally guestimated. We'll see I do have a Sawzall after all. Oh I wonder I Have an idea. Let's see if I can rotate it with a band wrench if this is gonna fit. Yes, rarely use tool, but when you need it comes in handy and that's a negative. not turning fail. Yeah, it moved okay. I guess I just need to work this a little bit until it comes off your hair. it's moving. foreign. about a quarter of an inch. Ding fries are done. a half inch foreign noodle arm. All this for just the tip. What is this? Come on. yeah, we're moving now. and no, it's not denting the tip right here. It's good. Come on now. dang, he's wearing me out more. Lube that was a lot of Strokes Well, it's starting to dribble here. Hang on. All right back at it. Not yet. there we go. Yeah, oh, it's stuck I was wrong when I thought it was halfway there. That was very wrong. There we go. Come on. almost please. Oh no. as far as it's going, man, enough to make a whole video. just about my tip. that's uh, this is taking too long. Thank you thank you. Oh yeah, all right, got it. Okay, let's put this thing over here. we'll put that back on later. Wow. Taking a break All right. So for those uh, those rubber exhaust hangers there we go I have a tool for that. It pushes up against the rubber part and then it pushes it or pulls it rather off of the uh The Hanger portion that hangs out. You'll see. Check this out. There it is. there's the rear most hanger. I'm gonna give it a little bit of lubricant and this is kind of a larger one. I Hope this works. It presses that rubber hanger right and off. Look at that. No more pry bar There we go. Okay and we repeat. moving forward on the on the other hangers. get that one there. a little bit of lube. easy peasy, foreign I lied this one's uh, binding. there we go. I moved up to the front right here and I'm gonna loosen this clamp because uh as I take these hangers off, this thing should start to free itself and hopefully I can just wiggle it out without having to uh, hammer it or torch it or cut it or any other, uh, escalated levels of operation so to speak. Whoa. Gravity. Look at that caught it. Move through the Matrix In case you were wondering if there's an Amazon link for these wrenches down in this video's description. Okay, Hanger number three, lubricate it and this one, it's gonna. It's gonna drop down. The exhaust is gonna drop down once. I Pull this one off. There's already a good bit of tension on this. Take the weight on this side guys and it's coming down some. that's about right there. I'm out of order I put that rear clamp back on to hold the weight I need to remove the clamp that's above our heads real quick because it's starting to uh to stretch too far and I don't want to tear it I Also went back to that tailpipe and secured it with a bungee so this thing can't fall. I Don't want to tear any of these. uh, these hangers because I don't want to go buy more. These ones are still in good shape. Okay The Hanger on that. I Reinstalled all right. And now for the bungee cord. Okay, it's loose. Let's try to scooch it back and see if it won't disconnect and we're We're free. Gonna hit you guys in the head with an exhaust? No, Maybe. Yes. Hope you're okay. Now the instructions I Read them last night just uh briefly for for fun. Uh, they said I had to cut this off I don't think I do I think it just comes right out. Nice. There we go. Oh, that's a heavy right here. Actually, things okay, so it's all removed. Let's go ahead and start putting these sections in. I'm pretty sure I can figure out where they go. there's only four pieces, something like that. I'm just gonna get the hangers on and then we'll start getting pieces fit. I need a I need lubricant for the shaft actually I'll Lube the hole and then what come? what are you doing? It's not spraying. Oh no, there got it. It's dribbling on me there. It slides right in. Beautiful gravity, exhaust, gravity. all right. I've identified this piece with the slant cut to be the uh tailpipe. so let's just squeeze this one in right now and get this piece out of the way. Just slide this up into here and stick it in. it's a little hanger putting it in dry again. What am I thinking there? Wow, right in there. Okay, that's our that's tailpipe, that's in. Okay, we've got the next section slid into the tailpipe. Let's get some lube up here on our hanger. There we go. We'll connect the next section. None of these are straight, but once everything is kind of fitted together, we can. uh, we can maneuver things around and get them done. Get them straightened out. Words: Okay, let's try to get the uh. the muffler fit next. trying to see. Okay, it's got an inlet marking and an outlet marking. so we're coming up. This is the outlet side. slip that over our pipe. There we go and I'm trying to mate it to the other side. Bear with me. I know you guys can't see foreign together please. All right, break time. Okay, next piece, it's this little angle piece that makes meets the forward pipe tight squeeze. There we go and we go ahead and try to join this up with this next piece here. Maybe foreign? Yeah, there we go. Got it? That's pretty okay. So far so good. kind of all in place. All the pieces are there I'd seem to get them fit a little bit better and then we'll put the clamps on. There we go. Alrighty, So uh, after a lot of wiggling and maneuvering and tapping I think we're just about in position and everything, all the pipes have clearance. We're pointed the right way. This one needs to come. I think up a little bit, but I'll start from the front, work my way back. Actually I'm going to start from the middle because I have a uh, a clamp slash hanger right here and this is going to be my starting point. So let's get this hanger on. We'll make our first connection here, then we'll do the band clamps out front and then we'll move to the back, straighten out the tailpipe, and uh, that'll be that. We'll be done. Let's try it out. Okie dokes a little bit of Lube in there, again, some on the shaft. Perfect. This is going to go think like that or something like that. So go this way. um negative. Now let's just see I'm thinking thinking it goes like that and if I'm wrong, you guys will tell me in the comments there. another yeah. we'll give these a couple clicks to Snug it up. Nothing too permanent just yet while we're here. I'll put this clamp on here. Let's go ahead and disassemble this clamp. so I can. whoa Parts Gravity It's cool I See where it all went? No worries. Anyway, let's go ahead and get this guy on there. dude. I need a tool for that? No sense in stressing out the flanges. Whoa. That was cool. Two Nippex is to the rescue. There we go. Slide that on washer. I could have slid these on during uh assembly but I didn't So so there loud noises and again, I'm not going to wrench down on it until everything is lined up and confirmed. Foreign. So good. Got everything bolted in? Looks like we have clearance everywhere. That clamp's tight. that clamp started moving back a little bit. That one's secure. We have clearance. Yeah, that Hanger's taking some weight. Let's see that Hanger's got some weight and the only thing it's touching is the leaf spring right here. But that's no big deal because the axle is hanging and once the weight comes down, the spring is going to move up. and uh, that exhaust tip is gonna be free of obstructions and there won't be any rattles I think fingers crossed. Um so I got that tip that I spent all that effort on and it completely escaped me that the factory exhaust is a three inch and this one is a four inch. So I don't get to use my tip? yo? Yes, there is. Yeah, it is because I don't want it either. It has to go. That's the yeah, it's it's been decreed. I Talked to Uh, yeah, I talked to her about that. Oh perfect. Yeah, we're not allowed to store stuff up there I know. Perfect. That's where it goes. All right. See you man. Okay, um well since we can't use the tip, I'll uh, let's put that over here in inventory. I'll figure out something to do with that later. Um, well, not for the moment. I think I'm waiting for and I'm sure you guys are waiting for. Let's let this down and starting with the engine now. it's probably not gonna make the wooshy sound because I have to have the uh, the veins where I have to have the ECM tuned. So the veins in the turbo operate appropriately to produce that sound. but it still should make some nice but uh, well. let's get it on the ground. find out. screen subscribe button. we're gonna come off the locks and we're gonna bring her down. Silverado Coming down slowly. No, all right, let's see a contact. All right. All right, let's see what we get. starting is the engine I Like it. Okay, that's pretty cool. It's not horribly loud and uh, it's got a little bit of tone to it that's perfect. See what I say yesterday? I Gotta keep it classy. Okay, not obnoxious classy. but I will get this thing tuned a little bit and we're gonna have that nice whistle that throaty transition into a whistle sound I do want that? Let's go ahead and restart this and I'll check it for some leaks. Moving back up. Thank you! Okay listening for leaks grinding you guys feeling for leaks? Negative: Check over here negative and what's called? Yeah, that's pretty good too. There's a little bit of a leak there I don't like this clamp. I'm going to get a larger one that's a that's not really working. it's pinching the pipe a little bit, but I can live with that one for now. All right, let's get out of here. Okay, let's back this Beast out. and uh, take for a test drive side squeeze. but that's okay. it's like maneuvering the Titanic but hey, if I can fit this thing in here, I can fit probably anything that's a pickup anyway and a little forward and to the right, we'll wake up the backup camera here we go looking good, we're clearing the door hard over and we are out of here. All right here we go. put the windows down so we can hear it. The exhaust notes nice I Like it, not too much, but you can tell it's a little throaty. Sure, Happy Birthday three months too late for me. All right, all right guys, it's gonna bring this one to a uh Swift Conclusion: I'm gonna head down, drive a little bit more, swing back to the shop. just uh, recheck it one more times for one more time for leaks and clearances and now we'll be good to go. So uh, that being said, as always like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that. Bye tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video then uh, give me some feedback on what I could have done more better and I'll try harder next time. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the transmission and powering down.

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